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    Just Won World of Tanks

    Thats it, i did it. end credits rolled by, I can confirm, Serb's face is in the end credits. Life goal accomplished, Burda's unlocked I will now go to the nearest hospital and cure everyone there that has cancer, new calling in life. Special mention to this amazing team, could not have done it without them. Basically, IS-7 team kills bat-chat arty, JPE100 team kills IS-7, and the rest proceed to argue the rest of the match, while me and T-54 wrecked one flank
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    Putin's Boner

    i think ive got doublecancer
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    someone pls tell me if im crossing the line soon
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    Exp DMG [Before release] Guess

    Its gonna be high. Really high. Like over 9,000. Playing those tanks will bomb your over-all WN8 so hard you'll wish you'd played arty. You need to do like Kewei tier 10 damage at tier 8 to even get 2500 in those tanks. Its gonna be fucking crazy. But if you make your DPG really high, you'll automatically become a good player, or something. Reminder: no matter how much you type, publicize and explain, no one will listen or remember. Not that I'm salty and jaded or anything ;-D
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    Exp DMG [Before release] Guess

    Why does it matter? Its initial values will be placeholders, and final values will be determined based on population results.
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    I've always maintained the opinion that feetfood is proportionally worse@forums than any other individual/group/ethnicity. In other news pc has been finished, is nice not having a potato for once.
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    Everyone Has a Price

    If it's a game and of so little consequence, why cheat? Shouldn't I care if someone playing cards with me is cheating? Or Risk? Or if the guy at my D&D table is fudging his dice rolls.
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    Exp DMG [Before release] Guess

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    Just Won World of Tanks

    The Burda's medal is my most cherished achievement too. I screenshotted, printed and framed it. May even tattoo it on my chest. Fuck sky cancer.
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    The Creation of QB
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    Annual Santa-avatar/signature transition o7 aqua
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    How to play WoT... have Bob Ross on in the background
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    Everyone Has a Price

    The player base deserves a slap for pretending rigging isn't cheating.
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    First ever Pool's medal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv430eU_a3s
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    BIGGEST FUCKING HUEHUEHUE EVER: http://journal.sjdm.org/15/15923a/jdm15923a.pdf
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    Here is another sheriff game, STB-1 http://wotreplays.com/site/2322953#kharkov-crabeatoff-stb-1 I was giving PattonInMyPants a hard time about getting stagnant and bogged down in his mediums in some previous games. So I put up some STB. I thought this was a pretty textbook game of medium play in the corridor meta. I can't really use my gun dep in the places the fight bore out. I was a little more cautious than I would be if I wasn't in a sheriff tank. I could tell the T-10 and T54E1 in the middle were waiting for me to make a mistake, because they stayed dark a long time after that initial skirmish middle (when I let myself get spotted on the W flank. But I had been lecturing Patton on keeping mobile in his mediums and not getting bogged down. So I hit and moved and then hit and moved again. Pushing hard when we had advantage, drawing attention and then falling back to put out some more hurt. In a non sheriff game, I would have cleared the M46 in the N, and tried to circle behind to keep that momentum going. But since I knew I'd get solo yoloed if I did that, I kept with the groups and tried to draw enemies into our TDs. And it worked! Once the game was wide open, I figured the 268 was something I didn't want flanking us, so I took a long drive and killed him. With better shooting I would have simply had him first shot, but I juked the follow up. (I should have penned the IS-7 earlier, but I'm bad at aiming). I then skirmished the T54E1 a little, but didn't trade as well as I wanted. Note that I made him play MY game though. The STB isn't a great sniper, but its better than the T54E1, who relies on spike and needs open shots or closer distance to force trades. The STB is hard to hit behind that rubble. I could have traded better though. Knowing that my presence on that flank would no doubt attract gentleman callers, I disengaged and prepped to relocate. The 183 was lurking, but didn't win the camo game. I couldn't risk him 1 shotting me though, so I exited carefully and got back with my dudes. They were still hungry for crab, but got tossed salad instead from our JpE. Oh well! Then easy clean-up. Bully the light stuff and out drive the fatties. Stay mobile my medium friends.
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    You're just too bad so stats are afraid to show in this purple paradise. j/k, just wait for few days, it might take some time to fetch your stats.
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    T-150 ...

    GLD will help to minimize exposure when dealing with HE spammers, which have some horrible accuracy. Deny them the shot altogether, instead of denying them as much damage
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    Everyone Has a Price

    I dropped a neg on you. I'll not go through all the others who think the same way. No reason for a neg war. Feel free to reciprocate. I wanted to explain it. That being said, this is one of the saddest episodes I've seen in WoT. It's not world shaking, and no real need to get all emotional. But it is simply stupid. Taken in the context of a pixel tank game it's complete and utter crap. Generally I tend to agree with "good" players in respect to this game. How they play, how they take responsibility for their own actions (irony here). I like that this site has a majority of straight shooters. However, my pixel tank persona is fucking dismayed at the asshattery on display from the supporters of this game rigging. I should not have been surprised by this, but I was, and that's my problem. Now I'm wiser and very much less impressed by this community. That's the real shame of it actually. I have no illusion these words will resonate with the riggers. Doesn't matter really. But it has to be said, because supporting weakness is no way to be.
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    Putin's Boner

    Somewhat tanks and anime related. This deserves it's own thread. Don't know how strict mods/admins have gotten in my absence, inb4 instalock.
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    Putin's Boner

    "just neg me, i have to many upboats," - Victrix 2015 "You forgot an extra O on too" - Victrix 2015
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    only 90s kids would know
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    Which tier 9 to get?

    Pretty much this. Tier 9 game play is going to see some radical changes in the near future, it has to. Save those credits and grind out as many vehicle lines as you can. There really isn't a rush to get to tier 9 at the moment given that there is no real endgame, no clan wars or official tournaments.
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    This game mode is a huge failure and the player numbers support this. Even with the T-22 as carrot for people to run after barely anyone is playing this on EU. WG should do what every guy who has heard at least a semester of economics would do: Write rampage off as sunk costs and leave it in the game without further developing it (so the handful of people who do enjoy it can still play it), instead using the resources to fix more pressing concerns. Haven't heard anyone say yet "wow this domination mode is a lot of fun, it really has kept me playing this game". On the contrary, how many people would try WoT out again/play more (I for sure would play a lot more) if arty would finally get fixed? Exactly. WG keeps allocating resources to the wrong places and lately their unfortunate decisions have started to pile up, at least in my opinion. Their stalling on important gameplay related issues like XVM, arty and overall vehicle balance doesn't make it better. You get the feeling they're a bunch of procrastinating teens instead of a properly lead enterprise.
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    Its weird how far this tank has come and the topic just shows it... Not all that long ago, the E5 was considered to be pretty meh during the TD/arty shitfest that was pre-8.6. Following that the meta slowly shifted towards a more brawl/linear combat type and the E5 started to perk up a bit again as it had a rather nice blend between a heavy and medium which kinda suited the meta. Now its regarded as one of the most powerful tier 10s and everyone is on its hype-train (which saddens me a little but oh well...). I never tried it with its new-found glory as an armoured giant and probably never will... Actually if I went back and played it now people would roll their eyes at my 1400 games and think I played those all post-buff. What a padder
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    Ikea desk? Did saffee get you a discount?
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    Just Won World of Tanks

    well played.
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    http://youtu.be/egcXvqiho4w what in the actual fuck
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    Just Won World of Tanks

    You know how you really win this game? You quit and go to the gym. - But only after achieving #1, like me, lel oh lel.
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    that moment when you are given a 750GB HDD by someone for free who doesn't want it any more, and you are currently massively struggling for space.
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    Make sure to use big words, and insults like "Your mother is a garage slot"
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    I love wotlabs chat

    I love wotlabs chat
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    http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.com.au/2015/12/massive-ban-wave.html Remember kids, it's okay to name and shame on the oshitful forums as long as it's WG doing it. If you do it you'll be banned because HypocriSEA.
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    [LOTI] EU Leprechauns Recruiting!!

    Like a true german.
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    How do you aim with arty?

    All right, let me throw my hat in the ring. First off let me preface, I play arty, but mainly the "higher splash" arty pieces. As such I don't really care about direct hits, only about doing as much damage with HE as possible (I never really use AP/HEAT all that much so these tips might not apply for you). Secondly, I do have all of the Tier 10 arty, so I am a least a bit knowledgeable. I'm going to try to list some tips for arty in general below. 1. Don't use battle assistant (well I don't anyways as I can't get the hang of it) unless you are actually trying to thread a shot between houses, holes, bridges, etc. I've found that BA really throws off my perspective and makes it much harder to lead targets. With experience I could probably find it useful, but for right now I don't and I don't recommend it. 2. At the start of the game, look at the mini-map, tank composition (both teams) and where your team, in particular your fast tanks are going. I highly recommend noting a tank that is, in particular, appears to be going very far forwards and has a high chance of lighting the enemy. Once you see that start to happen, immediately pre-aim where you think that person will get spots. This is a good way to whack someone early in the game, especially as they are not yet in any type of safe position and are most likely driving in a straight line to get to their destination. 3. Be patient. I know in my T92 it takes approximately 20 seconds to adjust and re-aim at a new location. Just because your target when dark, don't immediately shift to a different one. If there is an ally nearby who can potentially spot them, I would recommend waiting several seconds to see if that happens, if you don't want to do this, then I would recommend doing a blind-fire and then re-positioning for a new target as you reload. 4. Always keep your gun firing! This also leads to another point, don't xvm snipe! Your main goal is to put as much damage on the target as possible. Holding your shot for a specific person, or constantly readjusting, lowers the number of shells you are lobbing downfield. I've been in multiple games where my T92 gets off 6-7 shots while an arty with a much faster reload (such a Lorr 155 50, 261, etc) only fires 3-4 shots. Additionally, know how long it takes to aim in and be prepared with a target the instant you are loaded. I mentioned that the T92 takes about 20 sec to aim right (45 ish sec reload). What I do on maps likes Steppes, is I drive for 20-25 sec at the beginning and then rotate towards where I believe my team will light the enemy first. That way, the instant my shell is loaded, I'm aimed, have a target, and the enemy is down 800-2000 HP. This differs from arty to arty, but always try to be aimed on a target whenever you finish loading. 5. People like to be consistent. The hardest people to hit sometimes in arty are the 41-44% players. Why? Well because they are so erratic, you can't predict exactly how they will move. Most people when they go to shoot, roll forwards, aim briefly and then roll immediately back. As an arty player you can account for this. If you are nearly aimed on someone and you see them roll forwards to take a shot, aim slightly behind them. By the time they take their shot and begin to roll backwards, they should reverse right into your shell. Likewise, if you see someone start to roll forwards to take their shot, aim at the point they typically stop to aim, as they begin to aim in the shell could hit (and possibly track them) greatly disrupting them. Keep in mind, that if the person's target dies, instead of rolling back, the enemy tank might continue to roll forwards, especially if that was the only tank they were engaged with. 6. A DAR sight can be helpful in leading moving targets. With my T92 I really like engaging moving targets, mainly as the splash is so large I can hit nearby and still do 600-700 damage and track an enemy on a miss. DAR sights have a series of concentric "rings" that are clocked for 15/35/etc km/hr. If you know the approximate speed of a tank and the size of the rings, it allows you to fairly easily lead your target. 7. Be cognizant of popular cover spots. If you see an enemy in the open, dodging and juking, and slowly working their way to an area, especially one with a good camo/sniper position. You can preaim that area and wait till they area few seconds away before firing. Chances are, the last few meters they will try to beeline for that spot and your shell has a good chance of whapping them as they get into cover. 8. For TD mode, your arty might not have the best depression which can greatly limit your ability to defend yourself. One neat trick is to actually reverse your SPG up a small incline, this allows you to use your significant elevation instead of your, usually, shitty depression, to try and hit a tank. 9. Equipment/shells. Arty is very RNG dependent (but it does take a bit of skill), to hopefully reduce the chance of RNG fucking you over I highly recommend the following setup. GLD, Rammer and either Vents/Camo Net/Binocs. This equipment is set up to reduce your awful aim time with the last piece helping to give you a better chance to either hide from the enemy or spot them first to get off that critical first strike in TD mode. For shells I would highly recommend the gold HE shells if your arty has it. The increased splash radius helps immensely for those times you miss your target and need to rely on splash. It can easily increase your DPG. Lastly for consumables I use repair/medical/food. The food is a given as it helps your reload and aim time, the repair kit is in case a LT manages to track you but you can still shotgun if you repair fast enough, and the medical kit is in case an enemy arty splashes and kills the gunner/loader. I know some players swap out the medical kit for gasoline to improve mobility, this isn't a bad idea as well. This setup is incredibly expensive, I hardly EVER break even in my T92 and routinely lose 30,000-100,000 depending on the damage dealt and if it is a win or loss. Make sure you bank a lot of credits (and patience) before trying the arty missions. 10. Although it is kind of buggy at the moment (or was at least), "x" is your friend. In arty, traversing the hull gives you a shitton of bloom. To try and counteract this, hit "x" to lock your SPG from accidentally rotating when focusing on a target. When initially zooming in on an area, I highly recommend you first adjust so that your gun traverse can cover the majority of the area you think enemy tanks will be, or will be moving to. Nothing worse than tracking a tank only for you to have to readjust your hull as it left your gun traverse range. I highly recommend if this happens and you don't HAVE to shoot that particular target that you instead look for another that still remains in your arc. Another tip about re-positioning, granted I haven't used it in a while is this. If you hold the RMB you lock your gun in place, if you then traverse your hull, find out where your gun is placed and then release your RMB after your center reticule is very close to your closed-in pips, than you will only suffer the bloom related to your hull traverse, not hull + gun. This can be very effective if you rotate and the reticule ends up very close to an enemy tank (takes quite a bit of practice) it can, theoretically, cut your aim time when re-positioning by about 1/2 but is fairly tricky to do. I don't have really any replays (as no one really likes to watch arty), but I do have a couple in my T92 on wotreplays. Whelp nevermind, they are all at least a version out of date. This is one of my more impressive T92 games but you can't exactly watch it :/
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    T-22 Mission Discussions

    The problem is that the reward is an (atleast on paper) OP tank, which will also be very annoying to play against. if the reward would be M60 or Faillowe, it would be ok, but now ``cheating`` means you get an ``op tank`` ps: solution is to ban all offenders a week, remove all the completed missions + block the chance of getting it awell. And make a statement on portal that from say 1 december on everyone cought rigging will be excluded from any future campaign (not onl T22, but every single way of obtaining reward tanks, including cw tanks and IS6 like missions) if that means alienating a part of the playerbase, so be it, better fair, clear and straight, as this coward weakling shit were there is not much punishment and WG acts like pussy`s, they also banned people in the past permanent for relative minor crap, so why now so afraid?
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    Everyone Has a Price

    The last two weeks have seen the rise and fall of what is undoubtedly the largest cheating scandal in the history of WOT. Across clan, language, skill, and any other player divides, the tanks players have united to plunge themselves into a massive and shameless conspiracy to rig T-22 missions. The point of this thread will be to examine the factors that contributed to the precipitous decay of respect for the rules and for each other in the vain quest for a somewhat average pixeltank. This thread is not for praising those who abstained from cheating, as though that were an accomplishment, nor is it to shame any alleged mission riggers. Except for NeverLucky, who, while not unique among the hundreds of mission riggers I came across, distinguished himself by somehow missing the bloated TS channel full of coded names with which we have unfortunately become accustomed, then proceeded to our scrim room and drunkenly berated those present. You are the worst person. 1. The Process In a scene from the tinfoil hatted pubbie's greatest nightmare, hundreds, if not thousands, of top players have congregated in TS channels in a rigging scheme involving networks of platoon count-ins and cross-team collusion. When platoon count-ins fail to secure a quorum of riggers, the entire platoon network simply exits the battle and tries again. Combined with low server population in rampage/domination, platoon networks effectively eliminate pubbie interference to fulfill any number of difficult missions. 2. But Why? In conversation with several top players involved in this cheating scheme and other less-well organized mission rigging, I have heard numerous rationalizations for the behavior. Every single one of them boils down to "Wargaming Owes Me Easier Missions." a. "Wargaming Owes Us," or how players forgot about KingAlphyn: Some players believe Wargaming owes the playerbase more easily-fulfilled missions and see the T-22 as a broken contract between WG and the players. But if this were true we would expect to see widespread support for irrational beliefs about what WG owes us in other areas as well. For example, is illegal mod use acceptable if I really hate the vanilla GUI? Doesn't anyone remember that guy who really didn't like the stronghold boxes system? There is more than one way to be competitive, and choosing your battles wisely seems to me to be a way to win more and increase the net communal benefit (see OP analysis). Right now, this is the most beneficial strategy for those of us on the bottom of the pile. We adapted within the constraints of the mechanics, and now it's your turn to adapt in turn by whatever means you care to, brosephs. - Worst enemy 2014 / Voice of reason 2015. b. "If I Don't Rig Now, I'll Never Get the Tank," or another way to say I am not good enough. Some players believe that the lower server population of NA (esp. USW) will result in a death spiral for the T-22 missions. As fewer players rig, pubbies will have to wait longer and longer for matches until they lose interest and the mode becomes uninhabited, dampening a non-riggers long-term mission prospects. But the game is going to die in 2-4 years anyways. How do you distinguish this belief from some dumb warpacking pubbie who wants to get overall green WN8 before the game dies and can only play a few times per week? c. "I Can't Do the Missions but I Need Every Tank." Some players are only here because they want to collect tanks and playing World of Tanks seems like an okay way to pass the time as they improve their collection. WG seems to have realized this by releasing a sequence of useless and expensive premiums but has bucked their own trend with T-22. Perhaps stranger than the community-wide cheating scandal is the mystery of why this tank was offered at all, given WG's penchant for arbitrarily hiding "completed" tanks from the public (Chieftain, 121B, T95E6, etc.) 3. Conclusions The last two weeks have laid bare how willing we are to cheat for a pixeltank prize. They have also soured friendships and exposed not only the irrational rage you might expect from a game populated by young men, but also a near universal hypocrisy among top players. I am still waiting for someone to explain to me why the unicums cheating to get a T-22 are anything but a fractal view of the useless pubbies cheating to improve their stronghold. I expect a great many of you to disagree both with the extent of the cheating as I have explained it and the rationales I have given. I look forward to reading your responses.
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    How To Crew Yer Tank Right.

    It was never double 0 skill @Wanderjar the girls have 0 skill BIA and 1 FULL 100% first skill AFAIK. So yes if you get a girl crew, pick a skill, drop perks/skills -> they drop to 100% SIA 0 skill + xx% 1st skill unless you use gold.
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    dont do that to my eyes please

    dont do that to my eyes please
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    As far as raging goes, I've never ever resorted to anything racist, its just not something I'd do (can be a bit of a grey area when - by coincidence - something like race just happens to be consistent. I'll make sure that when I rage I do it with the appropriate amount of class, subtlety and decorum as befits Kac. I can't be doing too much wrong (right?) though because I very seldom get after game pms. ..either that or the audience is a non English speaker / afk / Bot.
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    by not in game? You can go to your profile on the WoT Website, or use the app they have.
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    Morning imagery

    Went for a walk, took some pictures, hijacked thread.
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    [FAME] Deal with it!

    Its ok to have many germans in one place, unless you have an austrian leading them.
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    [FAME] Deal with it!

    gril since 12:30 we've had two credit bonuses and we were playing with 2 T8 SHs for multiple hours, farming them credits and getting that dank influence. The early bird catches the worm! Time to rid yourself off that blue in your stats and apply bruh Thanks for the random negrep @_DeathWing_, FAME has always appreciated the haters. You ran into us yesterday or what?
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    TL;DR - After years of contemptuously ignoring me, WG is now scared enough to promise to do better. I figure this is a victory. Lolwut? You are gonna make some abusive wifebeater a great bitch some day if that's all it takes to make you happy after years of disdain.
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    This was gonna be posted in official forum, but i figured it wouldn't survive long enough for people to read it. Those who know about it will know what im talking about, those who don't..... Well, it aint your business. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/420066-skirmish-7/#topmost - - - - - - - In case ya'll haven't gotten this through your thick skulls yet. WG is doing this purposely to make you quit playing Skirmish. You see, WG fucked up, they are giving out way too much gold in Skirmish and is affecting Silver league and CW. But you know what? admitting that Skirmish is ruining eSport(same guys responsible for both) is kind of like slapping yourself in the face. No.... no... no.....They can't do that. But what they can do is, introduce communism. Making absurd rules on seedings that negates majority of skill in determining how much gold you make, this will make the good players rage (as you all have been) and hopefully stop playing Skirmish and bring eSport and CW back to what it was before you can make 10000 gold a week in Skirmish. What, you really think WG is stupid enough to think that the new rules will make Skirmish more fun? Hell no, they are not that stupid, this is just their way of discretely saying "Fuck off" to all of you top 10% players. Btw, you think WG've been manipulating seedings just now? You know my secret on winning the type 59 in the Chaffee race and all the other WG tournament events? I change my team name to something retarded like "503rd Armored", "need 2 more to register", "PvP team 1" everytime. And guess what? Perfect seedings. LPT: In most jobs, its better to be incompetent than to be wrong.
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    Best Tiger I Players to watch?

    Because you should never be in a situation where you need to spot for yourself in a Tiger H beyond stock view range
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