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    AW is now Putin Approved! http://armoredtalk.com/2015/12/22/putin-approves-armored-warfare/
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    & What a wonderful day Finally DEAD-free
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    I am going to fucking beat someone if I can't get cabled internet soon. Like seriously. There will be blood.
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    [LOTI] EU Leprechauns Recruiting!!

    Guys - was really good to play with those who joined PFU for the campaign. Didn't get to know all of you as well as I'd have liked, but thanks for your help, and congratz to those who made it into the tanks. Best of luck for the future, Sylvan
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    New 9.13 map: Pilsen

    I liked it the only time I got it as a KV-5 in a tier 9 game. However, as a mechanical engineer, the bullshit utility fan setup drives me bonkers. It has no ducting to the inlet (which is...possible), appropriate ducting from the outlet, and random ducting to the top of the fan where there is no outlet at all. GRRRR!
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    The Monkeysphere

    http://www.cracked.com/article_14990_what-monkeysphere.html Stumbled upon the above article a while back. It's a really good read, highly recommend it.
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    FV215b: Underrated Gem?

    No fire extinguisher
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    <balance> <byVehicleModule> <name>ussr:T-54<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A63_M46_Patton<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>germany:E-50<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:R53_Object_704<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G44_JagdTiger<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>usa:T95<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>germany:H39_captured<weight>7.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:ISU-152<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>germany:Ferdinand<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:T28<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:MT25<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>germany:VK2801<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>usa:T28_Prototype<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A14_T30<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G65_JagdTiger_SdKfz_185<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>france:F36_AMX_AC_Mle1948<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>france:AMX50_Foch<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G71_JagdPantherII<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>germany:JagdPz_E100<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>germany:E50_Ausf_M<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A83_T110E4<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A85_T110E3<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A84_M48A1<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:Object268<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:R87_T62A<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>france:AMX_50Fosh_155<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>france:Bat_Chatillon25t<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>france:Lorraine40t<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:SU-101<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:SU122_54<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:Object263<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB24_Centurion_Mk3<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB70_FV4202_105<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A89_T54E1<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>usa:T69<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A35_Pershing<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>china:Ch01_Type59<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>china:Ch01_Type59_Gold<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB22_Comet<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>uk:GB71_AT_15A<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>usa:A36_Sherman_Jumbo<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>china:Ch17_WZ131_1_WZ132<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>china:Ch05_T34_2<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>china:Ch18_WZ-120<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>china:Ch19_121<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB72_AT15<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB32_Tortoise<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB48_FV215b_183<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>france:ELC_AMX<weight>14.4</weight></name> <name>germany:G26_VK1602<weight>14.4</weight></name> <name>france:F15_AMX_12t<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>usa:T21<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>china:Ch15_59_16<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>france:AMX_13_75<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>usa:A103_T71E1<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>china:Ch16_WZ_131<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>china:Ch02_Type62<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>france:AMX_13_90<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>germany:Auf_Panther<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>germany:VK3002DB<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>germany:Indien_Panzer<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G91_Pro_Ag_A<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G89_Leopard1<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:Object_907<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:Object_907A<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>usa:M60<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>germany:E-25<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>china:Ch14_T34_3<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:Object_430<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:Object416<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:A44<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>ussr:T44_85<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>ussr:T44_122<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>ussr:A43<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>germany:VK3002M<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>china:Ch24_Type64<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>japan:Chi_Nu_Kai<weight>14.4</weight></name> <name>ussr:SU_85I<weight>14.4</weight></name> <name>germany:PzIV_Hydro<weight>14.4</weight></name> <name>usa:A80_T26_E4_SuperPershing<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:Object_140<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>germany:Pz_Sfl_IVc<weight>14.4</weight></name> <name>germany:Nashorn<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>germany:Sturer_Emil<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>germany:RhB_Waffentrager<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>germany:Waffentrager_IV<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>germany:Waffentrager_E100<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>germany:PzV_PzIV<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>germany:PzV_PzIV_ausf_Alfa<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>japan:Chi_To<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>japan:Chi_Ri<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>japan:STA_1<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>japan:Type_61<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>japan:ST_B1<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:R104_Object_430_II<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:Object_430<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A86_T23E3<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>usa:A95_T95_E6<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:R109_T54S<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:M24_Chaffee<weight>14.4</weight></name> <name>usa:A94_T37<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>usa:M41_Bulldog<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>usa:T49<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:R107_LTB<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>germany:G103_RU_251<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A102_T28_concept<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>germany:G105_T-55_NVA_DDR<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A101_M56<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>germany:G106_PzKpfwPanther_AusfF<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:T95_E2<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>japan:J18_STA_2_3<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB70_N_FV4202_105<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>france:F69_AMX13_57_100<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>france:F69_AMX13_57_100_GrandFinal<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>france:F68_AMX_Chasseur_de_char_46<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:R111_ISU130<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB83_FV4005<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB81_FV4004<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB80_Charioteer<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB41_Challenger<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>uk:GB45_Achilles_IIC<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>uk:GB19_Sherman_Firefly<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>ussr:R112_T54_45<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>france:F71_AMX_30_prototype<weight>72.0</weight></name> <name>france:F72_AMX_30<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G109_Steyr_WT<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>china:Ch26_59_Patton<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G112_KanonenJagdPanzer<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>china:Ch25_121_mod_1971B<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G113_SP_I_C<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>france:F73_M4A1_Revalorise<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G114_Skorpian<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A106_M48A2_120<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>japan:J21_Type_91<weight>5.0</weight></name> <name>czech:Cz01_Skoda_T40<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>ussr:R122_T44_100<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G119_Panzer58<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:R121_KV4_KTT<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB87_Chieftain_T95_turret<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>ussr:ISU-152_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A103_T71E1_IGR<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>usa:T69_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A36_Sherman_Jumbo_IGR<weight>21.6</weight></name> <name>usa:A35_Pershing_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>usa:A84_M48A1_IGR<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>uk:GB72_AT15_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>japan:STA_1_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>japan:Chi_Ri_IGR<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>japan:ST_B1_IGR<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>germany:G65_JagdTiger_SdKfz_185_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>germany:E-25_IGR<weight>32.4</weight></name> <name>germany:Ferdinand_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>france:F36_AMX_AC_Mle1948_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>france:AMX_13_90_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>france:ELC_AMX_IGR<weight>14.4</weight></name> <name>france:Bat_Chatillon25t_IGR<weight>120.0</weight></name> <name>china:Ch17_WZ131_1_WZ132_IGR<weight>48.0</weight></name> <name>china:Ch19_121_IGR<weight>120.0</weight></name> </byVehicleModule> <byComponentLevels>2.0 3.0 5.0 8.0 12.0 18.0 27.0 40.0 60.0 100.0</byComponentLevels> <byVehicleClasses> <lightTank>1.0</lightTank> <mediumTank>1.0</mediumTank> <heavyTank>1.2</heavyTank> <AT-SPG>1.0</AT-SPG> <SPG>1.08</SPG> </byVehicleClasses> <modulesWeightMultipliers> <vehicle>1.0</vehicle> <gun>0.0</gun> <turret>0.0</turret> <engine>0.0</engine> <chassis>0.0</chassis> <radio>0.0</radio> </modulesWeightMultipliers> <bySquadSize>1.0 1.0 1.0</bySquadSize> </balance> This is the raw data as of 9.13. My eyes are doing the shimmy right now from reading my own handwriting, so I really don't want to be staring and crosschecking the list. It will be great if somebody can crosscheck the data with the existing wiki page and summarize what needs to be added/changed (even better if you can update the page), otherwise I'll try to get it done by the end of this weekend anyway.
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    And the greentard, never flitting, still is shitting, still is shitting On the thread of the forum about his inability to whore And his stats have all the badness of a tomato that is ripening Ripening for a day in the pallid hope that he may be something more And his WR stays slow and as low And as low as it was before. Quoth the purple. "Cry Sum Moar"
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    It's been a while since I made my last commander/crew skill related thread. Since by now it's been established that crew skills are a VERY important stat to making a commander good, I'll have to narrow down who "the best" commander is. Already just looking at my old commander ranking thread, you can tell there is no "number 1" commander. This time I will assume you have at least two of these commanders unlocked and which one you want is not obvious to you. I also assume you have a loader, since that is generally the number 1 reason to pick them over the increasingly redundant arty commanders. So crew skills increase your crew attributes by 10%. 10% better aim time, accuracy, reload time, acceleration, basically everything your crew is in charge of. As long as you have a loader at the very least as a secondary role for your vehicle, picking one of the crew skill boosting commanders is a no brainer. But since not every vehicle has a loader and each behaves differently and some benefit more from certain perks a commander offers, there is no number-1-no-matter-what commander build. Though I can of course argue the pros and cons of each commander. In case you don't already know what skills these commanders have, read this thread. Viktor Kirsanov Starting off with Viktor, he funnily enough went from being probably the best commander, then being nerfed to being the worst commander, and now is probably a very strong contender for the best commander. His crew skills are kind of specced for MBTs since both his tier 2 perks imply you can take a hit before you need to roll back into cover. But since both of them are not very useful even for MBTs it doesn't exactly make him a super specialized commander like Sabrina. The main reason to pick Viktor over the other 2 is also the main reason not to pick him. His tier 1 perk makes you reload 10% faster on top of your 10% crew skill boost for a combined total of 20% from the commander alone, and his tier 4 perk can let you aim in 10% faster. The catch is that both of these perks have... well, a catch. For the reload boost you need to fail to penetrate the enemy to get the boost, and for the latter you need to damage at least one module. Granted, even MBTs will bounce each other fairly frequently at high tiers and will often plunge into a module or two, so you practically get these boosts at the same time. But that's the drawback: neither of these bonuses apply if you don't meet their conditions. There's also the fact that his tier 3 perk is literally useless. Since overmatches are no longer in the game, you can't make any use of the (already useless even if it worked) bonus. His tier 2 perks that let you pick between faster repair time or more module HP is pretty useless, but almost every single commander has one or more completely useless skills that are compensated for by good skills. In this case you should always pick more module HP in MBTs, and anything else that will ever have anything broken and in need of repair will usually either be dead long before its module HP runs out, or it just got tracked and likely used its repair kit to pull back anyway. In short, it's meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but the commander as a whole lets you look past how useless these skills are. If you want these in a short bullet point format, reasons to use (and not use) Viktor over the other 2 commanders are as follows: + Only commander with both a 10% crew skill increase and a 10% reload boost on top of that + Also the only commander with a 10% crew skill increase and a 10% aim time boost on top of that + More module HP when people spam HE at you or when arty clicks you - His reload and aim time boosts are conditional - He is generally worse for non-MBTs - His tier 3 skill does absolutely nothing Maximillian Koenig Maximillian is one of the two other commanders that most likely won't be available to you if you're new to Armored Warfare. So once again, if you don't have him or Anthony Diaz, you might as well just stop reading and put on Viktor right now because he's the best commander you can get, hands down. Max is probably the only commander with more useless skills than useful ones while still managing to be very competitive. As far as things go inside an actual match, a 10% crew XP increase or a 10% reputation boost do nothing in the battle, but rather outside of it. He makes up for having 2 "useless" skills by having 3 good ones. First there's obviously his 10% crew skill increase, then there's his 20% increased turret traverse after being spotted, and the 40m view range increase. You can put him on any tank really and he won't do bad, but he's really at home in a light tank or an AFV. The 40m boost and the 20% turret traverse increase are very useful for camouflage-reliant vehicles, the former because more view range obviously and the latter because it basically is sixth sense that activates immediately after being spotted, rather than the 1.5 second delay it normally has. Neither are much use for an MBT, but the turret traverse can help when you're being flanked and the view range can give light vehicles a nasty surprise when MBTs spot them. Obviously Max is the best choice when you're grinding a vehicle, be it for locked reputation or for getting through a painful/slow grind faster. So while his skills don't have an in-battle effect, it can be very useful outside of a match. That might be your main reason to put him on if you so want and I would say that's as good a reason as any. + The only commander (out of these 3) that's better for non-MBTs + One of only 3 commanders with a view range boost + Exceptionally good for vehicles you're grinding - Most of his skills do little or nothing in an actual match - Is more jack-of-all-trades-ey than the other 2 commanders Anthony Diaz Anthony is the last of the 3 commanders with a crew skill bonus. He's even more exclusive than Maximillian because you could only get him by signing up for the game very early after its conception. Other than his 10% crew skill boost, amazingly Anthony actually manages to have the worst all around crew skills out of the 3, but has a very special upside that comes with one of his unique perks. Almost all of his skills are centered around the crew, injury to them specifically. Almost all of them are conditional skills that rely on your or the enemy's crew being incapacitated and then his bonuses start rolling. The thing is, crew loss in AW is exceedingly rare. Just for reference, as someone with around 2.5k battles total in closed and open beta combined, I have only had crew members die on me maybe 7 times total. So both your own crew or the enemy crew dying is something you'll rarely ever see happen, and as such most of his skills are useless by extent of this. On paper, he does have some extremely juicy boosts such as 20% better accuracy and 20% faster reload both for 20 seconds, but they rely on one of your crew members being knocked out, and having your crew knocked out is bad. But this is where Anthony's trump card comes from: his tier 3 perk. Once per match, a crew member who is knocked out will immediately be revived. Since crew injury is so rare and the few instances it does happen Anthony will revive them, you can basically get rid of the first aid kit in any tank you put Anthony on and in return you can put on an extra repair kit, or even better, Energy Drinks. Energy Drinks give you an extra 5% crew skills per battle, though it also costs 20k per battle. But unless you're struggling with credits, you should be more than able to break even every match without premium. Arty especially can make the most of Anthony since neither Max nor Viktor really benefit from any of the other skills they provide, minus the 10% aim time boost from Viktor. + Completely negates the need for a medkit and thus allows for Energy Drinks to be equipped + Only commander (out of these 3) which is good for arty specifically - He is very exclusive and can't be acquired anymore - He has very little use on vehicles that don't see crew loss (well protected MBTs) or just die too fast to suffer crew damage (everything else) - The use of Energy Drinks cuts into your profits in exchange for match performance So, to sum this all up, what commander is the de-facto best? 1. Viktor is, all around, the best commander. Sure, his skills are conditional, but they are not hard to meet at all and give some very nice bonuses on top of that. However AFVs and SPGs mostly will not see that much use of his reload boost, as the former will almost always penetrate rear armor and is very vulnerable when reloading and the latter can only get (rare) HE penetrations for the skill to activate at all, but does benefit more from the aim time boost. The fact he's not exclusive also helps make him available, and is the only commander that can provide a 10% crew skill boost if you're a new player. 2. Maximillian is better for vehicles you're grinding and is more useful on light tanks, AFVs, and TDs, because one of his skills let you immediately know when you're spotted and can easily save you from damage you would otherwise have taken thanks to the 1.5 second delay. He doesn't provide any other "concrete" stat boosts other than view range though, and for most vehicles view range is either a luxury they don't always need and for some others it's not worth putting Max on over Sabrina, especially since most AFVs don't have loaders so they can't see the biggest benefit out of putting him on. 3. Diaz is very specialized: on one hand he can't get the juicy (albeit conditional) 10% aim time and reload boosts that Viktor can get, but on the other hand getting rid of a medkit does give you an extra 5% of everything your crew is in charge of, and is always active unlike Viktor's skills. He's probably the worst commander for lighter vehicles though since crew damage is even rarer in lighter vehicles than it is in MBTs. So I dare say that in my opinion, Viktor is the all around best commander on offer. Sure, under condition X on map Y in vehicle Z it's better to have another commander, but if we could all pick and choose every condition of our match this would all be a whole lot more complex and intricate. So in general, regardless of vehicle type, Viktor is usually the best you can get your hands on.
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    By the way, L-BUN finished ahead of F15. I am sure Koel had a massive laugh about that one. Who needs a spot in F15 if you can join the L-FEW subclanu ... Sorry ... but this thread was getting boring. Time to stir shit up again.
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    Thanks for the kind words, we should have been higher up the ranks but we struggled a bit, I hope we learn something from this and next time we will be higher up where the air is thinner. In the end we managed to reach the objective (top 50 so tanks for all our active players).
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    Better that than the "Torpedo bomb me pls" unicum WR stats would give.
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    100% 8.6 The 8.4-8.7 era was the time of the greatest change and longest lasting impacts on this game. I really cannot fathom any other patch with the same depth of changes as these. The obvious things like the arty re balance stand out; which had such a profound chance on both Pubs and competitive play and was the birth of nearly all non-jge100 high alpha guns. Scouts were re balanced in this era inc German lights were all tiered up and we lost the t 50-2 and t50 (scout MM was introduced); tank companies died during this time laying the path for TB and other like modes; the ammunition changes re heat were huge for lots of mid-high tier tanks and lots of tanks lost a lot of their allure. Remember when accurate tanks hit tanks and not weakspots? The Sigma changes hit literally every tank in the game more often. The faster tanks became a whole lot worse now that their traditional prey could reliably hit them at far greater ranges than before. Another point was that this point was the start of the remove/rework maps (see agent orange). Sevrogorsk came in, DR and something else was taken out and various encounter battles were changed etc. This had to be the most influential era besides the creation of the game for wot.
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    I feel like this is -OP starts screaming in a coffee shop -someone walks up to him and asks him to please stop -he then proceeds to laugh hysterically and say that he trolled them
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    Moderation tends to agree with those interesting opinions though. We give you the benefit of believing that you are weak troll that is barely worthy of attention. But, good, you're annoying, so we'll deal with it. This is a warning. You can stop shitpoasting and start posting normally, or you can leave the forums on your own accord. If that does not work, we'd be glad to help you.
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    My Play Progression Story

    Wanted to do something special for this since I have both learned and now started to give back to this community. I finally made it to 1,000 posts here. So in honor of that, here is my progression (From a green/blue in VPG to a purple in OTTER) as best as I can remember. (This is made with the assumption that you can shoot with good accuracy and understand guns and weakspots). I think I registered pretty much right after finding this place, so end of Nov 2013. At that point I was blue recent or so, with only an E-100 and JPE in my T10 selection. I read some of Wotlabs articles to figure out where I was lacking And realized that it was my lack of survivability tactics (overextension, losing brawls, etc.) that lead to me dying most often. (This is primarily with heavies at this point; I hadn't yet transitioned into mostly medium tank play) To overcome this, I focused a lot on memorizing ideal angles for the tanks I was driving, weak spots of all tanks, armor profiles to know what shells can pen and which ones cant. I recommend using Meltymap's MathMod sights for this, since it gives you the exact pen of your shell (including compensation for pen reduction over distance) next to the armor thickness of wherever you are shooting. Gameplay wise, I stepped up the mental pace of how fast I do all of my actions, from checking the minimap to looking around me constantly. (Those that have watched my replays will notice how much zoom-spam I use, this helps with keeping me on my toes.) In doing this at all times, whenever I get into a high-stress situation (i.e. 1v2+ tanks) I can always be aware of my position relative to the others and where the best place to be is. (Useful guide: http://wotlabs.net/articles/brawling-guide/) After doing this with a combination of cutting back on my aggression (You can't yolo in every tank, even if it is a top tier. Slow the pace of the battle down, and focus on outplaying opponents rather than just beating them with a massive stick.) I reached purple for my recent (\o/). After reading more metagame discussion and the praise for the RU meds as well as wanting to get more into CW, I started going up the 416 line towards the 140/62a. At this point, most of my knowledge of heavy tanks was of no use, so I had to figure out how to play medium tanks. In comes kewei with his article of improvement (http://wotlabs.net/articles/getting-better-world-tanks-brutal-simple-timely-way/) and I decided I would take up that challenge. I started playing a lot of mid-high tiers solo, and each time after I died I look back at my plays and figure out where I made mistakes (losing hp, bouncing shots, etc.). I kept on that for quite some time, as well as starting to get into tournaments a little bit (weekend stuff, mostly low tiers). The tournaments really helped me in learning how to play in a unit, sharing hp and focus firing important targets. While most pubs are morons, if you can take a shell to keep one alive, they can hopefully do another shell of damage and make your life a bit easier. You can start to take control of the pace of a battle when you play aggressively, making sure you are using the most of your tanks capabilities (dpm, armor, spotting) as often as possible. Force the trades to be favorable by baiting shots into your armor, or making enemies miss shells. The safest time to shoot a target is when they are on reload. Coupled with this, learning the pace of battles across the entire map is a very good way to start winning flanks and matches more often. You have an overmatch? Be aggressive, yell at your pubs to push harder. They are remarkably good at yoloing, allowing you to stay more conservative with your own hp while shooting enemies. Your flank is weak? Dig in. Get in the best position you can while still being able to shoot. Force the opponents to expose themselves in the worst possible way while you buy time for the rest of your team to hopefully do something useful. (If the other flank also fails then you are pretty much screwed). (http://wotlabs.net/articles/understanding-game-flow/) At this point I stagnated in my own gameplay for several months. Holding a purple recent, focusing on grinding tanks up for CW rather than improvement. Then BUBLA started and I got inspired to improve my own gameplay to one day be good enough. I had the 140 and 62a at this point, and I started focusing on figuring out how to start farming damage to get those pretty purple numbers. (http://wotlabs.net/articles/damage-farming/) Somehow I end up talking with Diastant about it, and he decides to take me under his wing in my own goal (thx m8). Platooning, him yelling at me whenever I screw up, and watching replays of his give me the information I need to get better, but one thing that has stuck with me is something along the lines of "If you want to get better, you have to WANT to get better. Analyze your own gameplay, and always question yourself." I spent most of the summer figuring out the most important thing to getting those pretty dark purple numbers: flexing. (This counters the previous statement of dig in, but they are at 2 different levels of gameplay) Most of the maps in WoT are quite large, and there are always many different flanks you can choose to attack or defend from. Is your flank failing? Estimate about how much time it will take you to run into safety, and then only bail when you have to. If you bail early you are missing out on the opportunity to deal damage, if you bail late then you will lose unnecessary hp or die. If your flank is winning then the other one is likely failing. Stay at the front and deal as much damage as you can while (again) estimating how much time it will take you to flex back to an ideal defensive location and how long you have until the pubs get to the cap or in an open area near it. They are attracted to circles like moths to a light, so expect to get lots of shots in while they yolo. I watched a lot of streams at the same time, mostly of Barks_Internally (http://www.twitch.tv/barks_internally) (I learned how2Leo from him). Zeven ( http://www.twitch.tv/zeven_na) also helped me with learning how to stay calm and focused during games. Tilt really kills your performance. Playing should end up being natural rather than constantly hard work. Since then, I haven’t had any major improvements in my own gameplay, but it has been more refining my games and moving more into subconscious play, as well as learning other playstyles of tanks. I still have a fair amount of total derps, but those are compensated by more games at a very high level. I can win most games solo now (64.7% over 266 battles from VBA), and I am more aware of what mistakes I make. It is also a lot easier to just zone out and consistently put up high numbers than it was 6 months ago. For those who are still lost in methods of improvement from lower levels: REPLAYS REPLAYS REPLAYS. Watch some extremely high level games in a tank you want to play, and then play 10 games in a row. On the flip side of this, play a batch of games and upload them. There are lots of people willing to review games instead of playing (much less frustrating) including myself. Analyze your own gameplay. It takes time because each match is different, but eventually you can see flaws that can be eliminated. Try and avoid PM’ing purples asking to platoon because that is all they will treat is as. Instead ask for an hour of platoon mentoring, because then both of you know what is to be expected. You may get a lot of no’s, but after you get a yes there is a lot that can be learned from constant, live gameplay analysis. Gashtag also asked me to include how to maintain a high level of gameplay, so here is my short bit: Listen to music (not the shitty WG stuff that speeds up at random places to encourage you to push, even if it is at a horrible time). I listen to Nightcore whenever I’m in mediums because it helps with fast paced gameplay, but if I’m playing heavies I might change to Blackmill or something to just relax. While you should still analyze mistakes you make, don’t get too focused on stuff. If you had a horrible team, accept it. Those happen. Yelling at dead pubs has 0 use other than making you more angry. Most of the time I just report any 0 damages as bots and move on with my life (feelsgud.jpg) If you messed up, stay on the surface of it. Try and think of what you could have done differently, but don’t dwell. If you start getting frustrated, take a break. Make some food (my personal favorite), watch a YouTube video, read a chapter of a story, w/e. This game isn’t worth getting worked up over, so play something else if you want. Pay attention to how matches are going. If they are all very fast paced, you may want to focus on only high-dpm mediums to stay at the front of the damage dealing line and cannibalize as much as you can. If pubs are going very slowly and campy, play either heavies or lights. Carry engagements the best you can, and focus on not overextending. Matches are 10-15 min long, so you have way more time than you expect to make something happen. Forcing engagements can be useful, but only if you have a lot of backing from your team or are in a tank that is capable of doing it single handedly (E-100). Lastly, focus on just having fun. If you aren’t having fun, then something is wrong. Playing better=more fun, so rather than improving your own pretty numbers/colors look at making yourself feel better for getting those massive carries. I wish you all the best of luck this year with your own improvements. Big thanks to _Dia for getting me started on improvement, Article Writers for giving a wealth of information to absorb, and especially Neverwish for putting this whole operation together. ;3 /)
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    A few questions

    No, it's a fact. Tiny maps + tons of MBTs + MBTs being OP as shit + camouflage system being shit + camouflage system getting worse = "We're watching the statistics of high tier MBTs very closely :)"
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    Win 8 For Strongholds and CW

    With WN8 in pubs you can have a small argument as to why it's relevant (it is, but only a little). However if you pick based off of damage (or WN8) people will stop doing important things (I.E they might focus on damage, not on winning, not taking hits for their team mates, and not going back to reset). The only real way to judge how well someone is improving is to watch them play and see if they are making less mistakes and doing more helpful things for the team. In Clan Wars I'd rather have someone who did under 1k damage but spot the entire team or got the crucial reset than someone who hides behind his team mates to farm damage.
  20. 2 points
    Why is that rude? You guys are in the top 50...he is congratulating you.
  21. 2 points
    This tank is hard to master
  22. 2 points

    T-34/100: All the 'Meh'

    Top Engine only offers 20 more Horse Power and is only used on the 34/100, so Im skipping that Because the T-43 is worse than the Panther
  23. 2 points
    Taking a look on some clans. Look at bullshit of subclans these guys have: Red_S(and whole alphabet of subclans), CS Army, BIA & PMHC. Top kek.
  24. 2 points

    Win 8 For Strongholds and CW

    What is this win8 you speak off? Also SH and CW is about teamplay, not damage whoring. No heavy would want to be the one that leads the charge.
  25. 2 points


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    Unlocked the Leo 1, and while I can't say I'll miss the Prot, it certainly made me better at squishy tanks, relocating, etc. While somehow achieving 2 marks and unicum wn8 in it. Farewell.
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    Shaming these subhumans who have nothing better to do in their lives but TK me(and miss 5 times in the process) Also onetrueleader, or cancer, whatever. You have shit posted in about 100 of my status updates without prior provocation, trolled, entered the TS i was on to shit talk to me and attempt to get sympathy after I raped you in a match. What is your problem?
  28. 2 points
    Let us just stop this now, shall we? Shit ytroll is shit, so let us all save time and just leave him alone. Also, pretend this text is red. :3
  29. 2 points
    We don't laugh at you because we are better at the game than you are. We laugh at you because you are absolutely hilarious as the sperglord you are. Damn right we are proud of ourselves, we have the ability to not sperg, which apparently you lack. Almost forgot: you are bad and you should feel bad.
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    [FAME] Deal with it!

    I am glad FAME won. At least the last stage prevented this campaign from becoming a pure activity contest/influence grinding challenge. The 3rd phase required consistency at tier X which we probably all agree is a far better test of skill than autoaiming in T37s or hardcamping O-Is. All in all a solid campaign: the influence abuse was retarded and the utter irrelevance of how high your clan placed (no gold rewards!) killed competition in the last stage. Nevertheless I had fun. As for WGs EULAs, several clauses are likely to be declared void if someone actually went to court. However individual claims for missed playtime/a removed premium tank are low value claims which makes persuing them an inefficient use of your time and money. What really would be interesting, though, is to see a consumer protection organisation challenge WG's EULA ... By the way, the double-punishment might not be a problem. Ne bis in idem is a principle of criminal not of civil law. Moreover, WG EU could just claim the initial bans were an intermediary reaction until they decided on a final solution for the increasingly wide-spread rigging problem.
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    FCM50t play style

    As someone who has played more than 800 games in the FCM, here are some insights: It's a fairly versatile fire support tank. It shines when you have at least one platoon mate that can be the brick heavy (i.e. IS-6). Second line doesn't mean snipe from afar while your teammate is engaged in a corner brawl. Second-line can mean getting right into the thick of the brawl while communicating with your platoon mate over voice chat about who fired and when. You have 1500 HP. Use it wisely. Reliable gun with good pen, above average gun-handling and acceptable accuracy. Snapshotting at ranges below 200m can work and is a tactic you should often employ when getting into the corner brawls initiated by your brick heavy platoon mate. Good DPM means trading 2 for 1 in brawls is not difficult if you can limit exposure to multiple enemy guns. Another reason to not play like a sniping retard all the time. Some armour to bounce low-pen guns. It's not unusual at all to bounce < 170 pen guns with a bit of angling. Good speed and agility due to power-to-weight ratio. Like everyone knows, it's a fat medium. And believe me, it's gigantic so get used to getting shot to pieces if you're not properly using cover. It's hard to miss a tank the size of a barn (albeit a mobile one). Tank shits out credits due to its super cheap shell costs (250 or so IIRC). APCR is also not extremely expensive with 259 pen and the reliable gun means you won't make too much of a loss. Good rammer. Why do you think it's called FCM 50T? Good viewrange (400m) for vision control that can be great in late-game. NOTE: It's not a front-line, super carry tank. Solopubbing with that typical low-ish medium alpha and huge size will be painful at times as you will be confined to second-line sniping due to lack of reliable or competent brick heavies to anchor crucial positions. However, platoon up with an IS-6 (or 2) and you will be winning lots of games with your flex ability and good fire support role (where the tank excels due to its versatility)!
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    Dafuq? The purpose of metagaming is to make the most powerful lineup. Picking a Škoda or OI because you need (crew) exp on it is not metagaming. Meta is, for example, picking a few tanks that counter OI or Škoda because you know that you are likely to meet several of them. This. We don't have problems dismantling OI teams, it just costs a lot of credits.
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    WG needs to change stronks to encounter battles. Fastbois is still best for credit grinding. Playing 2-4 min battles is much more efficient than two teams camping in heavies for 10+ min only to draw it out.
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    Everything you post is shit. Permaban pls.
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    You are bad and you should feel bad.
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    The shitposting room is here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/
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    @ze germans: http://www.twitch.tv/rhoxylol Apparently its the new place to troll for now, gotta have smth while the gypsy is on holidays Its actually interesting to see how somebody plays with sub 200wn8. @FullGore already achieved a perma for calling out analgladiator
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    Nerds of Steel

    We want calories and macro nutrients - italian food sucks for that Here's what I ate today: Breakfast (~6am) 2 eggs 3 whole wheat bread + spread cheese 2 glasses of milk 1 Apple ~(9am) Greek yoghurt 1 banana Orange juice special recipe of mine with ground beef, salad and half a baguette ~ somewhere pre workout Delicious meat recipe A drink I don't even know the name of Self made protein shake Post workout Greek yoghurt Chicken breast Some rice with a dish I throw together of random ingredients. some random drinks And it's now 8PM and I didn't eat dinner yet. I'm already pretty close on carbs and micro nutrients. I can't even get a lot of food for dinner. @Haswell you should learn how to eat from me.
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    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    Fucking work is tiring me out so much I'm a casual and I barely got time for this game during the week between all the other things I like to do but here's 15 battles on the M48. After that last one where I just bounce/crit every shot I decided to not play on, ain't got the nerves for this shit any more. Teams were not that great, especially on Lakevill. Fuck that map. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ul82e4vm8qcyki5/replays%20M48.zip?dl=0
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    Win 8 For Strongholds and CW

    SH+CW aren't part of your session stats either. If you want to judge how someone performs you have to watch him: does he listen to orders? Does he use his hp well? Is he shielding others when full hp, is he hanging back when low hp? Does he count enemy shells well? Does he push properly? Does he know standard spotting positions? ... The only metric that matters in regards to sh is the box-count. The only metric that matters in CW is your gold income.
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    Ranked Season 1 (well, two)

    I'm afraid the reason you lost that was because you weren't alive to fix the stupid pubbie errors. Stupid pubbies happen on both teams, but it's absolutely critical that you survive into the end game in order to make the game winning plays. They almost always happen late game rather than early game.
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    Most tanks in game get bigger engines than they used IRL, but WG doesn't seem to have any specific pattern with increasing speed. I wouldn't put so much thought into it as "bigger engine than IRL = higher speed than IRL". If WG feels like changing the speed they will. If they don't feel like it, they'll keep it as is. Half the shit WG changes makes no sense at all. Just look at MM weight for mediums. Half are weighted as meds, half as heavies, with no rhyme or reason to any of it.
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    Apparently you have 8 battles in the Kolohousenka.
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    T-34/100 get. Feels pretty bad, but we'll see. I didn't expect it to be slow, so that's a downer. The pen is nice. T20 pen is nicer. As is T20 gun handling, T20 mobility, T20 camo, T20 gun depression, and T20 view range.
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    [LOTI] EU Leprechauns Recruiting!!

    Probably because your config is older than time its fucking self!
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    Clearly you haven't been on WoTLabs very long or followed this thread at all. As Carry said, get out.
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    Now we just need some for Ox...
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