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    I would just like to point out that, as someone who lived in Japan for 2 years, they think grown ass men watching anime is really fuckin creepy, even more so than the average American thinks it is.
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    The weeabmin is dead

    Long live the weeabmin.
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    The weeabmin is dead

    Are there actually any people who think this didn't go exactly as Solo planned? Holy fuck, who the hell did this to my Avatar? ^^
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    4935 over the last 82 with M48. Balanced tank is balanced
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    Don't reroll, cherish your XVM camo.
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    The weeabmin is dead

    So thats what you do when Never is away... Use a weeb to take control of the forum and ransom it going back to normal for some money. Well played, well played. It was a ruse, but an elegant one.
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    How to play Prokhorovka hill?

    I find it quite the opposite as @cpraf104, but I agree with @Mureke about the crossfire. In my opinion the northern base has advantages on the hill and I go there mainly with medium tanks and support heavies (mainly 50B). I try to get to the hill as fast as possible and first I check the railroad campers from the bush in the upper left corner of F0. If I can't spot anyone for 3 seconds I immediately go up to slope and stop in the bush. That bush gives enough camo so the tanks which peek from the southern base won't be able to spot you and if you reverse a bit, you can actually shoot them. I like to stop the moment when the bush gets transparent, so when enemy tanks peek, I'll have time to reverese enough, aim and shoot them and still not get spotted. From this bush you can still spot the railroad and you still have cover to shoot at thoose campy players. If you are on the slope and you get spotted, you can just reverse, and the town will cover you, along with thoose little "bumps". If you are on the slope, you can shoot the mid players, if you are in that bush on top, you can shoot the hill and mid, too. Mediums with bad gundepression should take the middle from the northern base, too, since they would be hardly able to use the slope to their advantage to stay in hulldown. From the southern base you actually have to go up the hill which makes you extremely volnurable to the mid players. Putting a light or a medium in that bush close to the southern part of the hill (sorry, couldn't describe better) will stop the people from north to peek and you can have advantage, but I don't see this used too often, because most of the lights will spot mid or the east. If you are on the hill and you get spotted, you are basically fucked if the enemy has some players in the middle. It doesn't really matter how fast you can get up the hill if you can't really do much when you are up the hill. You can't peek to spot/shoot the enemies on the slope, because their railroad campers -which you can't spot from hill- and mid players will just rip you. Actually I remember 2 games from the last couple dozen when I went to the hill from the southern base. Once in a CDC in a T10 game and spotted 6k from that bush, and next time with a Bulldog in a T9 game. That being said, the key to win the hill is to cooperate with guys in the middle. You spot for them, they shoot thoose targets and vica versa. If you have no one in the middle, you are fucked. If you have no one on hill, you are even more fucked. PS.: Excuse me if something is unclear, but 1st of January morning is not thebest time to write essays in English
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    Happy kurwa year B O I S

    Happy kurwa year B O I S
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    The weeabmin is dead

    god damn it i got rekt by weeb shit
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    The weeabmin is dead

    Deluxe WoTLabs Conversion Plan: Stagie 2 - CrabLabs The Crabmin cometh. Prepare for crabing! KANI KANI KANI KANI brb crablabs mascot need get
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    First game of the new year and yep people are as salty as ever. TankityTankity for not being able to read and throwing me in front of the enemy instead of playing the game. For reference. Oh look a fail platoon. Guess it's gonna be a bit harder to win. Why can't I get out of the way of the enemy guns? Oh Meanwhile: At least he knows how to block properly It's ok he's though he's totally sorry /s
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    Happy fucking New Year friends, may your 2016 be prettyfuckingfabulous/10
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    Oh fucking please do it! Yeah... Hope. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway faggots, I hate new years, because it reminds me I've put off living for another year. At 23:55 on the 31st of December 2012 I made a resolution to find a passion, work my ass off at it and to make it valuable to earn money out of. I found it in 2014, and have worked on it since. I asked for help in this thread and got a rough idea of where to start thanks to @DingBat and later on, more advice from @OOPMan. I bought some books and started teaching myself how to programme from scratch. Have a few other books in a different room that I'm currently reading... It wasn't always easy, and it still isn't, but bit by bit in 2015 I studied hard and learned quite a lot. In the greater scheme of things I've barely scratched the surface, but it's the little wins that keep you going. So in early 2016 my resolution is to finish the first step of what I started and make my ideas (that I currently also have written out in various use cases and use case diagrams) actually turn into cash. Then I'll actually have my own freedom (not just a 9-5) and hopefully start to live a little. God damn that first sale will be sweet. Koel, I wanna know more about what you meant by that money focus/time thing... Feel like it's relevant. Happy next digit guys!
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    my goal is to stay alive until next year
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    Ponies were victorious. Fuck Roku. Fuck weeaboos. Fuck anime.
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    The weeabmin is dead

    *joins forums for website i check my horrid stats with* *looks around* *sees recently a war has happened* *isn't sure what to do* *scurries away*
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    Fuck it, imma be the good guy, sent friend request. Next time i see you on, training room and plats if you want
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    I think I'll use all the salt that was farmed to start a public marine aquarium. But I'm still going to charge you all for admission
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    New years are overrated

    New years are overrated
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    T54 Help

    Don't rely on the turret armor of a t-54. You shouldn't be playing a game where your confident when hull down with it like you can with a 62a. To be most successful with medium tanks you need to have a nice balance of passive/aggro gameplay, or to sum it up, smart gameplay. Playing a t-54 when you're top tier is going to be drastically different than when you're in a lobby with a multitude of t10s. Top tier t54, you can get away with playing very aggro as the armor is going to be good enough to be fairly consistent against the tanks you're facing, just be smart if you're trying to play a hull down game against t9s with higher pen guns. As for t10 games, getting initial spots or just taking a good position is crucial to get some early damage in and establish some control over an area, but you do want to be much more mindful of the tanks you're peeking against and, this is just a general rule, don't be afraid to ditch an area when it's obvious that you will get overmatched and die; use its speed and camo to your advantage. Honestly there is no special way or tricks to playing a t-54 or any other ru med, they are about as close to straightforward medium tank gameplay as you can get. Also, don't use statistics like that to get an idea of how you should be playing in it, even at 41 games the sample size is near meaningless and you shouldn't attempt draw any conclusions from what your dpg/win rate was in the first few games.
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    Ziddy and I have a place lined up in Washington. Going to be moving in within six months, which is super exciting for me.
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    Happy new year soon™ @Zinn @Gashtag @Jshellster @FullGore @It's_Matra @Gasgadur @koel76 @Sergeant_Fgt @Britzz @TAdoo87 @vernl @kariverson
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    - keep my job - lose weight - get cosmetic surgery - ask my grill out - get laid... or perhaps hugged for starters
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    Arty is fair and balanced, it is a critical part of WoT gameplay that prevents camping and stagnate gameplay
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    94.89% on JP2 marks!!!!!!! WG PLS!!! HAVE FUCKING MERCY!!!
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    [FAME] Deal with it!

    He's welcome and he doesn't need10k battles to join because he's not rerolling for stats. Imagine if we had a skirmish raid team with a core of strong NA players who could farm the 4AM defence time shitters every fucking night. A glorious thought! Fun fact: The top 7 players in 4 week damage on EU are all in FAME currently.
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    How to play Prokhorovka hill?

    I have a rep illustrating how I play hill from the North side (it's totally useless from the South, always go middle from that spawn). 1. You can get early spots and shots on slow heavy tanks/rail camping TD tomatoes. In the rep I get a shot on a T34 being spotted by a light. If you go really close to the little bump a couple of meters in front of me it's like a ~400m distance to the crossing which means you can also spot that yourself. Also you have pretty decent hulldown there, if someone's camping on top of the rails and you're in a soviet med you can engage. 2. When you go up I take the double bush from where I can spot tanks cresting if I move a little to the front and shoot them unspotted if I move towards the back. Also you can only get spotted from the town or if they already have someone on the hill, it's an easy farm towards the middle usually once you established your position and they don't have tanks on the hill. 3. If they play the hill aggressively and take it with T10 meds or something it's usually the best to fall back towards your bushes next to the rail somewhere in C/D6. You can't really engage them when they took the hill because you'll get lit and shot in the side from people in the middle. Gotta clear out the hull first before you can advance further. If it's a long and drawn out game and you assume that you won't get them off the hill in any time soon you can go all the way around and relocate to the middle now. 4. If your team is advancing on the hill it's not a good idea to attack from the top as you have to crest the ridge. Go down and through town advancing along the rails. You can get sideshots there and if you play the bushes and distance to the enemy smart you won't get detected. Enemy tanks on the slope should be distracted by your advancing team from the top and the enemy tanks in the middle should already be pretty low because you had continuous shots on them from the hill without them being able to fight back. I think from the North going hill is the superior way to play because it's easier to be active in the battle whereas from the middle you force yourself into being passive from the start. You're also somewhat more arty safe because unless they take the hill themselves you'll mostly remain unspotted. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0ce94p9q4qvpin/Prokh_hill_north.wotreplay?dl=0 This is like the ideal battle except that Cent. 7 fagtard caps with 0 damage forcing me to go very aggressive in step 4. Could have been an 8k game if not for the cap.
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    We Shall never Forget... #WeebLifesMatter2016 Also watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgai9tYzEQc
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
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    hai I has quesiton who pointed you here so early on? geif them a cookie also welcome to seallabs
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    The weeabmin is dead

    Sleeper agents, bois.
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    The weeabmin is dead

    I shall rise like a sexy phoenix some day!
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    http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/announcement/13-happy-new-year-%E6%98%8E%E3%81%91%E3%81%BE%E3%81%97%E3%81%A6%E3%81%8A%E3%82%81%E3%81%A7%E3%81%A8%E3%81%86%E3%81%94%E3%81%96%E3%81%84%E3%81%BE%E3%81%99/ XD
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    There is but one task i must perform: Quit World of Tanks.
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    Write the correct date on papers Disregard females and acquire currency Call weenis a faggot more often and beat Peregrine the Traitor even more in pub games.
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    You're right. Let me try. Fuck off. Oh lol I enjoyed that.
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    - Go to Japan a couple times - Visit the Pretty Cure and Gundam stores - Maintain weight and try to hit a 6 plate PR on the deadlift while wearing an anime singlet so I can post the video on wotlabs - Maybe get second job for extra funmonies
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    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    Or you can be THAT guy that plays randoms while the bonus is up and you get to do earning and the spending at the same time. And then you come when spammed with +1 invites. And realize its actually +1 +1 +1
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    The weeabmin is dead

    Roku may not be a badmin anymore but the Crabgurl will live on!
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    Happy new year guys!
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    The weeabmin is dead

    maybe if anyone made good content we wouldn't be stuck pandering and preying on idiots fear of anime for interesting things while at work .
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    We have victory, because God-Emperor-Solono wills it! SOLONO WILLS IT!
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    PSA: Never is away for a while

    Dear Leader, Solono and his henchmen are taking over the forum in your abscence. Their chosen weapon: anime This is Solono when you left: (but with sunglasses) This is Solono now: Update: Money prevailed and the fire is out
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    The War On Anime

    one could call this a re-butt-le
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    The War On Anime

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    The War On Anime

    I should push a button. Several valid options. The three on the right are most appealing. But lazy....
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