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    Do mods help with calling?

    Tree-down certainly helps.
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    Sixth Sense would still be my first skill on a Maus. If you think there's a better skill than sixth sense on anything that isn't arty, you're wrong.
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    ehh no. Always have 6th sense as your first perk; always. The only tanks where 6th sense isn't as important are skycancer, in which case you make BIA your first perk, then have 6th.
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    Trust me, the ability to know when your tank is spotted is MUCH more valuable than slightly better crew performance or slightly faster repair speed. You maybe thinking only about the situations where you are brawling, but you also have to worry about the times when you are having to carry, and in a carry situation 6th sense is priceless.
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    What I don't get is why you are only now just getting 6th sense. That is literally the very first perk I have on all my tanks.
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    I wont bother bolding the "uh because" quote as its already been addressed. Your replies were hostile, whether intended or not. Negging is part of this forum, it is what it is. Take it and move on rather than make a big stink over it. All you accomplished is getting more people irritated and negging you. You definitely could have worded it better. Defuse rather than escalate. So ill attempt to do just that. So lets just calm down here and let it cool down and continue without just insults back and forth Could have said: I dont use 6th because I am a brawler. 6th doesnt really provide any benefit in close quarter situations where youre guaranteed to get spotted anyway. Why do you suggest 6th? And then gotten constructive feedback from there, instead of criticism and more negs.
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    1/4 of the maps finished for the new map thread/article, hype only like 20 more hours of work i guess
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    Chieftain, FV215b replacement

    On the FV215b vs E5 debate I can say that the current E5 has the higher potential both in terms of winrate and damage. It's way harder and more compact, handles arty better and is more flexible due to it's speed. In my opinion the only heavy with a higher damage potential than E5 at the moment is a full gold 50B. The E-100 vs FV215b are about equal I'd say. E-100 is probably better at winning games (only played it for like 20 games recently on another acc) while the FV is a better damage dealer. Apart from that you play all of those the same anyway: Yolo the place where most of the enemy health will most likely be and kill them before they kill you. It's heavies after all, I don't think there's a lot of skill involved in playing any of these apart from some nuances (mastering E-100 turret angling so they are enticed to shoot but still bounce, picking corners for fighting with your E5 so your tumour is hid while sidescraping/poking). You do the same thing in different ways so it's mostly your preferred playstyle that counts and which decides your favourite: E5 through being an allrounder and having the best overall armour scheme, E-100 through health, alpha and raw armour and FV through health, DPM and gun handling. Agreed.I don't want the FV to be replaced, either. It's kind of unique and fills a nice niche currently (just look at lineups in competitive play). On top of that I think it's a really fine tank for the current random meta, what you lack in protection you can make up to some extent through your raw health+dpm advantage over almost anything.
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    Sixth sense is the most overpowered skill/perk in the game and can win you more games. Having the extra bit of view range is really nice late game, but I would much rather know if I am being spotted myself than being able to see a bit further even in a brawling heavy. Late game, in a carry situation knowing if that last enemy has spotted you in a 1v1 or whatever the situation is is much more important than the ~6m-10m of view range you are getting for having sit awareness and/or recon.
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    Bear simulator bois, aka Siimcy's wet dream come true
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    still waiting on that anime meeting fam when are we going to learn the real world applications?
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    Found this video by ramjb and thought some of you here might be interested
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    Maybe you should work some more on the "Serene" part of your IGN, like Tobasco said, you get warned and you acknowledge and move on. It's pretty much accepted as common knowledge that a certain demographic has dragged the trust level of the community down, but making any but the most subtle™ implications to that effect on the official forums is gonna get mod attention, everyone should know that too.
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    So i just ate around 6 to 7 lbs of buffalo wings, still have no idea of how im still alive. This confirms mexican stomach OP?
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    Sorry to break it to you - 6th sense is a must on all tanks.
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    Chieftain, FV215b replacement

    Best drink to have while pointlessly arguing that the 215B is bad? Bleach!
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    HEWI75 (KV-4) : <MissNurkie[FAME] (Ru-251)>, follow me! HEWI75 (KV-4) : Help! HEWI75 (KV-4) : Attention to sector K8! Proceeds to get circled by VK2801 and promptly taken out by a Lorraine. If only you had followed him and protected him of his own mistakes. He had the perfect plan for winning but it was left unhatched. Monstrous damage though. Good game! I should whip out my spearpanzer more often if I didn't suffer from tomato syndrome recently.
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    What did I do to deserve this

    What did I do to deserve this
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    It's painful to read the amount of negative comments posted EVERY DAY in this Status blog about bad pubbies. Yes, we all get that you take this game (WoT) 10x times more serious than they do, and that you are 2-3x times better on average in any given battle than they are. That neither makes them stupid, feckless or willfully ignorant - it just means they do not care as much as you do about performing well, and they never will. Complaining about their perceived stupidity is like complaining about the weather, and since they don't read this forum, has the same overall effect. I respect your skill and determination, but not your degradation of others.
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    It would be really nice if FV4202 P was just an old FV4202 with 20-pounder gun and a bit worse armor.
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    LFC 2600 60% recents

    Didn't they die?
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    The perception of cheating is influenced by their belief that cheating has saturated the server. Of course its easy to say lol no its not saturated, the problem is miniscule, but in their minds, it exists so everyone must have it. Its an attitude problem.
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    My tier 10 stats sorted by winrate. I 100% endorse FV215b, and NO, I do NOT want a Chieftain instead of the 215b, the layout is what lets me outplay retards on corners with the 215b. Rear turret is a plus, not something negative, as long as you know how to take advantage of it.
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    You guys are fucking brutal. Till today the whole 6th sense first is news to me. Now that I know, thanks. Damn that's genius!
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    5.4 might include Radar.

    No, most DDs are firing from beyond 10km at that tier and 20s of being spotted isn't a problem at that range. Also why is the forum so broke on mobile?
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    This is how I have a 4 man RU Heavy crew skilled. If this was a dedicated IS4/260 crew I would have commander trained on sit. awareness, but since it is my IS-7 crew which has an extra loader that is also the radio operator I have the commander with recon. Also JOAT is awesome for when you want to drop med kits for food
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    So to get slightly back on track, trade Recon for Sixth Sense. Since you have BIA automatically, Sixth, Repairs, then either JOAT or sit aweareness. Arguing that 2% better vision skills are better than sixth on a heavy really won't get you far into the discussion. On one hand you are saying you use the tank to brawl, so you don't need sixth, but then why would you need 5% better view range with both Sit awareness and Recon.
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    Got kicked from RELIC friends, what do I do now?
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    WGLNA Scavenger Hunt

    This is what I have found so far: 1.Himmelsdorf 2. Conqueror 3. Wallhacks 4. Ruinberg 5. Masterpupil 6. T110E5 Bonus: Prokhorovka
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    Has it occurred to you that I might know better?
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    getting called a "statpadder extraordinaire" while grinding my SU-100 by a reroll in a Kv-1. Priceless
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    Chieftain, FV215b replacement

    So of the other three tanks the FV is the one best able to stay in touch with the E-100 damage output in a straight DPM fight? I dont get the point at all, Im pretty sure no one has been trying to sell the FV as the best tank in the tier, but you keep putting up graphs that show the FV performing solidly, even if it isnt the overall best vehicle. What exactly are you trying to prove gehakte? That the FV is shit and we shouldnt play it at all, or that the FV isnt the best tier X HT (a point you could easily make by just reminding everyone that the E5 exists)?
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    French TD Thread

    JP2/Jagdtiger would be better.
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    [LOTI] EU Leprechauns Recruiting!!

    Aw dude. Hope everything sorts it self out soon mate. Oh and, hello again! It has been a while!
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    I remember leaving Rel_2 because they took this trash player in, it seems he is still just as trash. (After I killed him in the previous match and he started bitching) norsewolf (7:39:27 AM) rigged fucking games Nightmare_Luna (7:39:30 AM) lawl Nightmare_Luna (7:39:32 AM) youre a joke norsewolf (7:39:39 AM) enjoy your free wins norsewolf (7:39:45 AM) 2k population Nightmare_Luna (7:39:45 AM) enjoy your free losses? norsewolf (7:39:46 AM) lol norsewolf (7:39:50 AM) 2k population norsewolf (7:39:59 AM) ur good at a dead game norsewolf (7:40:11 AM) game is rigged in your favor Nightmare_Luna (7:40:13 AM) and you still play it, go grats? norsewolf (7:40:15 AM) cus you have high w/r norsewolf (7:40:19 AM) so you get better teams norsewolf (7:40:32 AM) game is rigged Nightmare_Luna (7:40:36 AM) you have the logic of a 45%er Nightmare_Luna (7:40:44 AM) who in the fuck let you into simp? norsewolf (7:40:58 AM) que into the fucking game so i don't have to play with you anymore norsewolf (7:41:05 AM) fuck off Nightmare_Luna (7:41:08 AM) madcuzbad norsewolf (7:43:28 AM) you in a game yet? Nightmare_Luna (7:48:36 AM) already carried one Nightmare_Luna (7:48:41 AM) you lost another yet? norsewolf (7:49:34 AM) thanks norsewolf (7:49:43 AM) "carried" lol norsewolf (7:50:03 AM) i can have normal games cus you fucked off norsewolf (7:50:04 AM) thanks Like seriously, who even let this guy in?
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    Chieftain, FV215b replacement

    The shit talk is real. I like how you ignore the 'general consensus' stated in this thread, and literally every single purple except @GehakteMolen who has commented that this tank is great. You clearly can't be reasoned with
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    I believe this place would be better suited for you: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/
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    These aren't Koalas. Koalas take Warnings as a badge of honor. Everyone else treats it as a glove-slap to their face, and to their honor. What surprised me is that it's not Brolone; Brolone's really sensible in that thread. I'd like to think the denier is just playing devil's advocate, but I suspect that it's more of short-sightedness and not giving a damn about the community or the game. Just because it hasn't saturated pubs yet doesn't mean it's not driving away players. Cheating itself isn't as much of a problem as the perception of cheating; it either makes people quit the game, or empowers people to play with cheats themselves since they think it's the new meta. So uh...it's still a worse Tiger I a tier higher?
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    Why would wasaabi want to turn WG into the bad guys? Inaction in a battle where they have few weapons is at least understandable, but silencing critics would just serve to further separate them from the community.
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    It will go 35 really really fast.
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    Sit. awarenes +3% Recon +2%
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    Check out the Minion Consortium! It consists of three clans: M-I-T, M--M, and BAKED. If you read the "Looking for a Clan? Click Here First!" thread you saw that we Minions have a reputation as a solid training group. But don't ask us, WG NA recently did a spotlight on M--M. Feel free to stop by our website (http://m--m.enjin.com/home) or our TeamSpeak (m--m.enjinvoice.com) Hope to talk to you soon!
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    StarWoT http://coub.com/view/9r249
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    Chieftain, FV215b replacement

    I think in this case we're talking effective dpm (dpm + first shot alpha) which is 3,158 vs 3,000. With a rammer+vents/BIA you get 3668 vs 3,416.
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    NA guys rerolling on EU -

    why topic so ricist and its only for "NA guys"? so ironic its started by a girl! where do i raport?
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    French TD Thread

    "Armored" my ass. It was freaking OP before it got nerfed to ground in an update, just about everything got wrecked on it rendered it useless hence nobody plays it anymore. It's a tank I'm happy about that it's in the enemy team because it's pretty much free damage. Sides are overmatchable with some guns, rangefinder is quite big so hitting that isn't a problem, it's not as mobile as it used to be, the gun handling is pretty trash so is the reload. Rather drive an Obj263 which is way better than the F155.
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    This tank is amazing because it has something very few tanks in this game have...ammo choices that reward good decisions and skill! And its better than the British AP/APCR/HESH choices because HE always does damage (as jacg noted on the first page). However knowing what to load has been a major challenge for me - about 30 games into my T49 journey I got an Ace tanker game...and I was unhappy. Unhappy enough to send jacg the replay and say "how am I fucking up, I feel like I could have done so much more". I then got a mini lesson on T49 shot placement and ammo selection that I am going to try to expand and archive here in this most excellent post on the funnest tank in WoT. There will likely be several revisions of this post, and I will try to incorporate comments from other derpenthusiasts. My loadout is 15 HE and 7 HEAT, with no gold HE. I would consider switching 1 HEAT shell for gold HE as a cyanide pill ala Deathpig. I have no idea about the applications of a higher splash, although I can promise to collect experimental data. Despite the long reload, the tank has limited ammo counts and I have run out of both types and had as few as 3 total rounds left. If you shoot every reload you run out of ammo in 7.3 minutes! But now on to the meat of this poast... Basic penetration guidelines Basic aiming guidelines Detailed penetration zones for HE Detailed penetrations for HEAT Triple Over-Match options HEAT and HE do not overmatch. User error.
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