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    Achievement get: Full Dark Purple!!! After two years, 11.000 games, multiple promotions through leadership ranks and a fuckload of gold spammed I've now completed what I thought was impossible for a 46% pubbie. GG WoTLabs, thanks for all the help! ^^
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    They offered me 20% dicount on an expensive adapter to make my brand new headset work as they had specified on their website that it would 'out of the box'. I offered them my humble opinion. Headset was like 60 euros, adapter is 30 euros AFTER that amazing 20% discount. Bitches better have my money, shit is going back to Denmark!
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    Victory! Battle: Highway Vehicles: FV215b Experience received: 1,730 Credits earned: 96,908 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, High Caliber, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "I Class"
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    GUYS ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!! Half-Life: 3 Official Screenshots
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    Shameful Sealclubbing Display

    this just in, seal clubbing clans exist in other news, we have a name and shame thread
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    Humble Bundle Star Wars

    Hoo boy. https://www.humblebundle.com/star-wars $1 gets you X-Wing Alliance. That is all. If thats not enough all for you, there's very little thats bad in this one. Cut me teeth on Rebellion back in that day.
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    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    Thanks for everyone who watched, gameplay is kind of shit atm because I lost my feel for the game a little but soontm I'll hopefully regain it. Special thanks to @weenis for the dank host!
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    Shameful Sealclubbing Display

    So apparently there is a clan dedicated to seal clubbing. But don't you think that if you are going to be proud of something you should be good at it?
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    Going for third mark on 215b. 4600 avg dmg today. 20% winrate. Arty just loved me to death, literally. At least I had fun, amirite?
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    Read this, went home to play. First game full pen 50 100 turret face, side pen Panther I, rear pen on Panther II. Sadly all low rolls, but still hilarious. Especially with the cursing from the Panther II. Ended with 5k damage. Second game was a straight yolo on Pilsen to put on into a WaffleEhundo. Low roll again, but totally worth it even though half their tanks came back to kill me (I drew 2 tier 10s, 2 tier 9s, and their arty away from the front because I'm such a big threat).
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    Same answer as before. You have to outplay them on the minimap. Know where they are, avoid putting yourself in a bad situation, and turn around if needed. Even with good concealment they still have a short torpedo range, so you should be able to avoid their torpedoes unless circumstances force you into a blind gap or something. If you know there's one nearby and you're its target, there's little chance they can do anything to you if you're making them chase you. They either have to launch torpedoes that will die out before they catch you, or come close enough to be spotted and shot.
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    MS office

    Sounds like your school's MS office uses a different encoding than your laptop's (ex. ISO vs Unicode). Best solution is to open up the file at school and save it with an encoding compatible with your laptop, something like saving .doc instead of .docx because back in 2007 people are still using Office 2K/2003. Something happened somewhere along the line where you "lost" the ability to read files with certain encoding is my best guess.
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    Need advice for my new PC

    http://www.hardocp.com/article/2015/06/24/amd_radeon_r9_fury_x_video_card_review/10#.VtipbTWVPu9 This is a test setup using a Fury X and a 3770K, capping out at 411w in FC4. Since you have a 6700K add ~40w to the cap (basing on this review only because it's the first thing that popped up on google for me), bringing it to ~450w on stock. This cuts it awfully close to the power limit of your 500w brick, giving you very little OC headroom before hitting the power cap. BeQuiet units are fairly reliable from the reviews so I'm not worried about it blowing up, but you are pretty much wearing the tightest, skinniest pair of jeans you can find with so little headroom. I said 750w as a precaution since most PSUs run at their peak efficiency at around 50% load, but you can do away with ~650w and still get a decent amount of OC headroom if the unit isn't entirely shit. Start with this Seasonic M12II 620w and work from there, as long as the manufacturer has a good reputation of PSUs AND the specific unit doesn't have too many complaints they should fine. JG is a great site for PSU info and reviews: http://www.jonnyguru.com/
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    Never fix this now.

    Never fix this now.
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    JT Hype train

    solo pub monster *drools*
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    HE pens are not that rare, but it's not like HE is your only choice - some people get a lot of work done with the HEAT rounds, and I think it's fairly easy to get at least one pen every other game. There's more to the T49 circlejerk than that though - the fact I can just take my hands off the wheel and leave it to rngesus is relaxing. While this isn't specific to the T49, I also think it's nice that I don't have to go into battle with any expectations for myself and, thanks to weighting, MM doesn't expect anything of me either. On the other hand, chinese lts and the T-54ltwt were like the epitome of boredom for me. Sure, they perform better, but why not just play one of the faster meds? It's not that different, and it's not like you'd ever bring a light out of the garage if you really cared about your performance anyway.
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    @sr360 you just wait for EVERY chance to post yourself killing @Zeven
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    They only seem OP because these destroyers are hard counter to BBs without escorts. They become pretty vulnerable as soon as CAs or Gunboat DD drivers sees what's going on and make an effort to spot them. Yes they can out run CAs and other DDs with engine boost, but this is where you play the mini-map and chase them away from caps/strategic positions. If you have enough cap pts or caps they'll have to come back at some point and the longer you can keep them away from the cap, the more likely you'll be able to win. In general I'd advise against chasing running DDs because they'll just open up the distance gap until you can't spot them and then they'll just swing back around and torp you from an unexpected position, Chasing them also shorten the distance the torps have to travel to reach you (thus increasing the effective range of their torp). I would just let them disengage and patrol likely vector of re-engagement and make them come towards you. It is much harder to stay concealed when the DDs are on the offensive than when they are trying to disengage; also a DD coming at you is easier to hit than one that's running away.
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    Prior to the current "Carrier Renaissance" inspired by the devs, I had a hard time avoiding detection by plane, because experienced CV players were constantly pushing their fighters around cap zones, lighting up undetected ships and making the ninja life miserable. Now, pfffh .. these guys are trying so hard to coordinate their 3 and 4 squadron strike packages, that they can't be bothered to actually help a team with the small things, like spotting destroyers sneaking at the edges of a CAP or a group of BB's. I was having a field day with a Cleveland, Myoko, and 2 x Nagato's, sinking the Cleveland point blank coming around an island and the Nagato after several torp runs in front of them. Once the enemy CV had eradicated our CV's strike package, he sent a fighter to hover over me and the Myoko worked me over pretty quickly. Poor CV assists and all strike loadouts + Kamikaze R = pain for BB's atm, probably looking at a shift to Cruiser meta again to counter it I think.
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    Sold: 'Type 61' successfully sold. Received credits: 1.923.300. Spent gold: 30.
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    Dude, this. We're doing wedding planning right now, so every time I hear those heels over the hardood floors coming to the office I know I have a couple seconds to find the nearest bush or hard cover to hide my tank for what I hope will only be, like, 60 seconds. It's gotten to the point where Warships is the game of choice when it's "fiance danger-close" time.
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    Status spambot pls go and stay go

    Status spambot pls go and stay go
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    First 3-mark get

    First 3-mark get
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    Personal favorite moment with the t49. On hill on Mines with an M103 passing below. Peek over and dump a shot into his engine deck for 1037, he proceeds to burn to death because fire extinguishers are for the weak.
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    Just got chat-banned on Junker's stream for talking in all-caps. Apparently Junkers has half-retarded mods.
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    What did YOU pen in the T49 today? I dunked a Mutz from 300m in the side for a 500+ kill shot. Then shortly after made sweet rear love to a T28 for 1,024. Next match I took a 50 120 for non-consensual 883. All giggle worthy.
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    The second best time is now. - And you might as well, seeing as you'll never be as good as me (except Carbon, no h8 pls).
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    Shoutout to ZuluFoxtrot. We see each other in a random pubbie game this morning, toon together, get 4 kills each and BIA, and he cleans up ending with 1510XP raw in his Cromwell.
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    I may or may not have messed w/ downloading and uploading files during prime time NA to encourage my wife to agree that we needed a better connection
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    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    Tryin to stream some 113 but I had a long day at work, might ragequit fast http://www.twitch.tv/x3n4
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    New Youtuber? (Not Me)

    I got to the point where he said "dont be a dumbfuck"... BITCH YOU HAVE HIT SKINS INSTALLED YOU ACTUAL SHITTARD. You do not have any right to call someone a dumbfuck while you're too fucking lazy to learn the simplest armour models and were too lazy to create your own style of video so you copied someone else. Not to mention by the time you've finished installing your mods and working out which ones are crashing the game, the next patch is about to hit and you'll have to start over.
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    pretty sure X3n4 has you beat in every category right now
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    even better
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    Crusader Appreciation Thread?

    I think I read it that in one of the books I bought about the game. It works differently in the Blitz version, as do many things (no radio for example). There appears to be a crew for each tank but once a crew reaches 100% a message pops up to tell you that crew can now train other skills for use on all tanks of that type, or something like that. I get the impression the PC game is way more deep than Blitz and look forward one day to giving it a whirl but I have much to learn before doing that.
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    you know, I looked at it and my only real observation is that a LOT of your team went 1. You could have been more useful on the 0 line but with 90% of their team over there, I think you would have died pretty fast anyway. In hindsight, you made the right call. In the match, I would have said you fucked up by going 1 and not helping the team in 0. BUT! Your team completely narfed on the deployment. The 103 went mid with an is3, the other IS3 went... to hide in a corner. the 0 line consisted of the E75, T10, the E4 and the IS7. your gun would have helped a LOT over there, but I think you would have died anyway. The arty nommed the E4, and thier E5 killed the t10 with ease. and it was a 0line steamroll after that. So given how fucked your teams' deployment was going, I think you made the right call in game to carry the win. "Observations of a Green shitter"
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    what makes the TVP good is the ability to drop 1200 dmg in like 4 seconds, then bugger off for 20 and do it again. Unicums that find those small windows where they can do that and not take damage are why it gets the names people give it. Doing a full clip between RU med reloads and then doing it again 20 seconds later killing them let you get insane amounts of damage played right.
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    Anime is cool A N I M E I S C O O L A N I M E I S C O O L N I M E I S C O O L I M E I S C O O L M E I S C O O L E I S C O O L I S C O O L S C O O L C O O L O O L O L L~
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    Who even aims for weakspots when you can just "22"?
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    Chieftain, FV215b replacement

    Or expecting Star Citizen to launch...
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    As for quitting WoT, I have done so several times and typically for the same reasons. At some point, the BS just becomes too much to bear and a break is needed from the game until they do something new with it. Gold ammo is a mechanic that's beyond retarded in a PvP game and even more so in one that claims to be e-sports material, arty is hilariously dumb for many reasons that you all know and I already did a long post about how WG has failed to create a decent understanding of their game (first Popular Post ). There is a pretty good PvP concept buried in there but it's just hidden under a giant pile of RNG, gold ammo, one shot kills from the sky and poor map design and mechanics explanation. Pubbies will always be dumb but the pubbies in WoT/AW are on a level where not even the dumbest from other genres can follow because we're talking about a lack of understanding even the most basic mechanics. If you were a scrub with slightly salty tendencies, why wouldn't you think that wins are tied to the MM when your Matilda is a destructive behemoth of Godzilla proportions vs tier 2-4 and completely useless against tier 5 and 6 to the point of getting one hit killed? That there isn't a decent effort to balance lower tiers and no tutorial to explain matchmaking and other things is just some sad shit in the long run.
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    How to play middle road on lakeville.

    I still wonder why people think the middle on this map is potent. Short of someone lighting the south crossing there isn't exactly much usefulness being in the middle at all. You run the risk of getting blindfired or even instarekt because EVERYONE knows where you are if you managed to light them. I always hated Lakeville because I thought middle rekt the city which implied it was the only viable play, but wow that shit is the epitome of inconsistency. Damage runs out fast and you're stuck with opportunistic shots into gaps you can't force without the enemy exposinh themselves. Go to the city in anything that can pen what you're facing. You are more in control and the middle sideshot angles are easy to deny, along with easy spots on them as soon as you pushed the city with no real way for them to get out. I always get pissed off seeing a 50B sniping from middle because it is so more useful in the city. Games are more consistent due to an actual fight, you're being more productive in terms of winning and that's really all you can ask of a pretty bad map to begin with. The bushes are planted in the middle to work as camo but they are the only bushes there meaning people will know where you are.
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    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    10 games with the Skoda T-50, was my second session today after I had to take a break from the cancerous morning games. 5438 DPG. I'm now around 4k DPG again (dropped below 3.8k at some point) and pretty close to the third mark. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pcutxhsqrrx6hr3/replays%20Skoda%20T-50_2.zip?dl=0
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    naming: self The feeling when 3 people say hi to you, and then your wife interrupts the match and you lose all your hp while alt tabbed and then throw the battle before it begins.
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    I would like to be considered an honorary member.
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