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    Mission completed! Reward: Vehicles added: T 55A (100% crew sent to Barracks) Slots added: 1 Took long enough!
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    T-54 AP only 3 mark Quest

    Hi fellow tankers! Everyone nows the reputation of the Heat-54, ' its OP ', 'heatspammer tank' are popular opinions about this tank. But what if you take a different approach. I am anti premium ammo, before you start whining , let me explain. I am gonna keep it short. Gold ammo breaks the balance of this game, it shifts the meta and makes certain tanks unbalanced, either OP or useless. It also changed the mentality of wot players , they feel 'entitled' to pen everything. Now, I dont like gold, but its in the game, so I use it. What grinds my gears is people saying soem tanks are shit without gold. One of the most common tanks here is the T-54. I call BS! So I took the challenge, I got the T-62A and 140 without a single shot of heat. Now , I am gonna prove you can do well wih AP only. I am gonna get 3 Marks on this tank, or thats the plan. So, first off, I have a 4 skill crew, full camo, bia, I run optics, vstabs and rammer. I also use a big repair kit, automatic fire ext and food. The target damage is 3559, that is damage + maximum of spotting/tracking. The big question is, how do you reach this without gold, the answer is: totaly change your mindset. You need to have a different playstyle, always looking for flanking, running away from frotal engagments etc. But the most important part of getting 3 marks without gold ammo is the assist damage. You will do less damage with AP only, so substitute this with more spotting and tracking. Currently I am at 92,07 percent, with 3240 combined. My last session of 37 battles I was averaging 2338 damage and 1363 assist, which is 3701 combined. So I am on the right level, I just need to keep playing like this. The key is consistency, I had 5 games with only 2 or 1 shots of damage, those drag you down alot. You need to minimize these bad games. I still have to learn that. I will report back after each session and report how I did and what I learned. I hope I inspired you to look at this tank in a different way and try some new challenges. Brumbarr
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    Farming credit in style

    Farming credit in style
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    Probably so tomatoes don't look in one direction and fire in another.
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    I agree the Viets were handled too softly to begin with. Here follows what i believe may have happened: He figured he needed to treat them nice and entice them to stay, so they could spend some money and make his budget look good. Of course, no investigation was done as to why the Vietnamese server was closed down, so he didn't exercise due diligence and protect those customers who were paying. Only over time when the figures were coming in from accounts did he realise that the Viets were actually making money off the back of WG and doing anything they possibly could to get as much out of the game as they could. His failure to crack down on the Viets alienated his customer base and they began to leave. The bottom line was seeing a bit of a slump. The only thing that saved his bacon and the server for that fact was the migration of Japanese accounts to Asia server and marketing in Japan following the Girls und Panzer hype. He doesn't seem to favour any particular region now as far as sanctions are concerned. But the damage was done. The Viet players will have to live with the stigma their actions have brought upon themselves. In my mind they caused so much damage to the community and the game, i will never forgive them, nor will i forgive those that should have, could have, but ultimately didn't protect the player base from the scourge that the Vietnamese players brought. For me, there are two histories for Wot Asia, before viet, and after viet. In his latest post, i think he is just throwing a cheap shot at those who derided him and called him out on his ineptitude, rather than actually coddling up to the viet bossom.
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    I can already feel the balance

    I can already feel the balance
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    mfw map guide has 10 maps done and it's over 5k words
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    I desperately want to go home from work and play The Division. I have missions to do, stuff to loot, weapons to mod and shitters to kill, ain't nobody got time for RL.
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    Lol Elite. He was on my team 2 days ago when I loaded into a game full of shitters. 'Yeap looks like I have to carry fucking scrubs again' 'Do not insult players' 'I was insulting the team in general' *shuts up*
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    Lol the offishu forums. Perhaps we need some missions (emissions?) to liven things up? Here's some ideas: The Incinerator - Receive multiple warnings from different WG representatives for the same post. With Honours: Second warning is from Tan. Sustained Fire – Receive three warnings for three different posts within 10 days. With Honours: Thread is personally locked by Tan. Trump made me do it – Receive a warning for racially based comments regarding Australians or New Zealanders, without referring to any other country or race, even indirectly. With Honours: The post is up-voted before warning is issued. Alter-ego – Post exactly the same content on both forums and receive a warning for that post on the official forums, and, receive >5 Up-votes for that post on Wotlabs. With Honours: The post includes the words FeetFood, phaggit, and budgie-smuggler. HT15 – Get perma-banned for insulting Reaps on the official forums. With Honours: Appear to be a member of a non-Australian clan at the time. Please note: alt-accounts permitted.
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    980ti Darwin Awards https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/561041-980ti-darwin-awards-help/?page=1
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    Eh, not really. Some of us played over half our battles before that medal came out.
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    Pretty much. It's basically a bunch of people admitting that their cannons are really short, but claiming that the great girth still makes for incredibly enjoyable penetrations.
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    Most of the poasters here are shitters anyway... :P
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    So in other words this is Utopia?
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    Seeing as I wasted nearly 3 minutes of my life making this gif, might as well post it more than one place.
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    AT 2 appreciation thread

    Tier 5: "Haha, look at this guy with 1k games pushing Lakeville valley in a T-50! His ignorance of the basic characteristics and flow of the game is still delightfully amusing even if a minor detriment to the team's success as he is still innocently inexperienced!" Tier 10: "HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHY THE FUCK IS THIS GUY WITH 30K GAMES DRIVING INTO THE FUCKING VALLEY IN A 13 90?!?!?!!!111" *PUNCHES A BABY INTO THE SUN*
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    Let me provide some insights into being a noob, since apparently, once you reach purple, it's all forgotten and everyone is a 2 brain-cell, mouth-breathing, can't-count-their-balls-and-get-the-same-answer-twice, Westboro Baptist church, vote-for-Trump, moron. Note: I'm a purple in other games past and present (TF2, DAOC, Tribes, etc) so I know high level play. I've played and called on comp teams. In other words, I get it. I've been in your position in other games, just not in WoT, yet. 1. The Vision mechanic makes sense on paper, but applying it in-game is something entirely different. I can't tell you how many time's I've been shot by invisible tanks, since I don't know every inch of the map and don't realize a spot is a bad spot until I've been there. I'm learning, but mostly by trying to watch videos that discuss maps and personal experience. I can't mimic what they do in videos, until I learn the WHY behind going to a particular spot. 2. Expert knowledge of maps and tanks is a HUGE advantage. I know some of this information, but there is still much to learn for me, even after 2K battles. Until I learn this, I will always be at a disadvantage, so playing conservatively makes sense. Not camping for 7 mins in the back, but also not rushing out early to "good spots" makes sense for players like me, since we likely don't have the skill in this game to hold that spot, use it correctly, NOT get rekt by better players that know a spot that gives them a shooting angle on me, etc. As we get better, we start moving to those spots, but how some players that literally know everything can't understand this, I'll never know. 3. Not every noob is a mouth-breathing, moronic shitter. Some of us are actually trying to learn the game, despite the seemingly ubiquitous shitheads in chat and in the community. So I guess I'm just a bit confused. All purples in this game just started as purple. Zero learning curve? Perfect play, the minute the game was installed?Or maybe they all figured it out within 5-10 games? Maybe they spent countless hours memorizing the wiki prior to even installing and had players like Taugrim show up at their houses and work out the strats for every sq. km of each and every map? Because I don't have any of that. What I do have is a brain, that I'm trying to fill with information and practice applying that information in-game and I get to put up with asshats daily that feel that anyone less than purple should stick to T1 battles until they go purple, then start working up the lines. I do understand that noobs can wreck a game, but honestly, how else does anyone to learn? What's really amusing/frustrating to me is the players talking about the game slowly declining, yet treat people like it's a fucking crime to be new to a game.
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    T-54 AP only 3 mark Quest

    Imagine gold ammo completely disappearing, hello my lovely E5.
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    Its a circle jerk where you don't have to reach very far and everyone blows their explosive load every 18-20 seconds. (seriously where is @Rexxie I could not put in more double entendres if I tried, and if I know one thing, its that he loves a good tank circle jerk and a good dick joke)
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    actually its not utopia, cuz Reaps. and Feet.
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    Til Tanitha fucks right off, the server will always be mismanaged (rip Conana) Tan was, and always will be a weak and indecisive manager and we as the players will always play second fiddle to which ever cash cow crops up.
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    Whether Jon is deceased or not, his absence isn’t going to slow the cascade of cataclysmic events plaguing Westeros. Take Lord of Light priestess Melisandre, who expresses her crisis of faith to Ser Davos, one of the only other survivors of Stannis Baratheon’s foolhardy pursuit of the Iron Throne. Meanwhile, the followers of the High Sparrow have clearly lost their patience with Cersei, who responds to their promise of violence by saying, “I choose violence.” Last but not least, warg-in-training Bran Stark has an up close-and-personal encounter with the Night’s King that clearly surprises both of them. Step right up and roll the dice, folks. A major piece might have been taken off the board, but Game of Thrones is only just beginning. MUSIC!
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    Hallo, Wotlabs!

    Hi all! I'm a long-time player, having played since beta and a long-time lurker of this fabulous forum. I lost interest in this game for a while before the first airing of Girls und Panzer, which renewed my interest in tanks. World of Tanks will always be an important game to me because of the continual learning curve and all the great IRL and online friends I've made! I only played clan wars for the first campaign with NTR and learned just how hard it is to be competitive, especially at tier 10 (which I had, and still have, not much experience in). As of now I reside in my dear casual clan that has existed from beta, PZMOE, where sometimes we can get all the lazy NEETs to play some fun t6 strongholds and regularly participate in tournaments. I'm pretty confident in my mechanical understanding of the game and am always seeking out more information, though obviously my application is a bit lacking... That is what I'm really trying to work on at this point of development and really why I made this account after all this time, to get more involved. Nonetheless I hope I can help add to the discussions around these parts! Tank it easy!
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    T-54 AP only 3 mark Quest

    That's what I was alluding to. The OP is using a full-AP loadout, and with the most recent series of armor buffs to tier 8-10 heavies, 201 pen is just anemic.
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    AT 2 appreciation thread

    Talking purely from a statistical standpoint, every source I can find clearly shows the AT-2 as stupidly overpowered. I think the introduction of the Japanese heavies hit it quite hard, but christ, look at this curve: Like the rest of the UK TD branch, it feels like the AT-2 was simply forgotten. It's flat out one of the best T5s for 95% of the playerbase, and even for unicums I'd only put it as the third or fourth best, behind the KV-1S, O-I Ex, and mayhaps KV-1.
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    T-54 AP only 3 mark Quest

    It's not that the tank is "Shit" without gold. it's just so much better with it. When i'm forced into fighting heavies. (E100's, now E5's) why should i not load gold? I just never understood the mentality that we should limit ourselves, knowing when to use which ammo type is a skill.
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    ARAM is actually super fun though since there isn't an emphasis on farming minions over and over again, you just get straight into brawls from the word go. Wouldn't say it's like Rampage since people do actually play it too
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    I hardly even get 3k damage in high tier games. That game was worth 29k+ WN8.
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    T-54 AP only 3 mark Quest

    One example of WG's fine balance would be T54 with AP versus O-Ho. T54 rolls 201 mm on average, O-Ho is 200 mm all around the front.
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    And with 220-230mm AP and the current gun handling that tank would be fine, if thed 'd remove the HEAT completly and WG starts to do something about corridor meta.
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    1350 for 1 mark, 1900 for 2, 2500 for 3 are what vbaddict has. Holds relatively true in my experience. Recall that involves assisted damage as well, and the T49 is pretty good at spotting and really good at tracking. With optics I don't see how getting less than 600 assisted on average would be your baseline, so subtract that from the mark DPG thresholds and you've got the direct you need to do. HOWEVER, the T49 isn't about tryhard dpg whoring, its about hilarious unexpected game ruining pens on your opponents and the lulz that follow.
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    officially a Unicum, 11k games it took me over 3 years. https://imgur.com/jIQqnS2
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    Especially when people who die are either Sean Bean or anyone related to him.
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    Pro tip - the more topical and interesting a thread is, the more likely it will be in the locked archive.
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    The E-50

    High HP, decent armour, one of the best guns of any T9 HT/MT is why it's loved. It's sluggish in a firefight or up hill, but during the part of the match where mobility is most important (getting to the front lines) the tank will be moving quite fast. Like the T-54, the accuracy/handling/high alpha/high dpm combination on a high HP, well armored T9 med makes it mow through lower tiers without a care in the world. While the pen might become an issue against T10s, it's still very dangerous. It is just the E-50M's gun with AP/APCR instead of APCR/HEAT, after all. T110E5 vs E-50 is pretty much a nightmare scenario. It's very similar to the E-50 itself; unfair against lower tiers. I can see why that kind of situation might make you frustrated about the tank. Also, yes, it shits WN8, so that makes an already very good tank look ridiculous. IMHO it was the best T9 before the Skodas were introduced, although an argument could be made for a couple of the T9s heavies. It has a few issues; the gun depression is a bit annoying, the tank is pretty big, and it has problems moving short distances quickly. But on the other hand, it has everything you need to carry - it's not going to do the impossible, but if the game is swingable, the E-50 is probably your best bet at swinging it.
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    I used to believe that a KELLY platoon gave a team about 5% chance of winning. I'd call them out during the battle countdown if they were on the other team, "haha KELLY platoon we win!" and stuff like that, and we would pretty much always win. My KELLYmetric™ is more accurate than XVM win chance imo.
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    my ten complaints on reaps account every day might finally start to gain some traction
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    Pubbie meta - scared of vision?

    It's a consequence of WG's many shitty design decisions, really. Artillery creates corridors/camps because you need a safe zone of some sorts to not be destroyed (on Prok, that means don't get spotted), the massive render distance compared to map size leads to never wanting to cross any open ground and the weird camo/spotting system, combined with generally bad map design, means that you can't even be sure which bush the invisible guy shoots from. I mean, let's be brutally honest and ignore our general top player tendencies here: We're now complete shitters, new 45%'ers for the grinder and we're playing the game solo. We've failed our way up to tier 8 or maybe we've bought a prem tank but now we're there with like 500 battles on our account. We get Prok in our big fat heavy because that's the only thing that can keep us alive as scrubs and what is the lesson we learn each time we play it? Go to the middle and get artied/hill sniped/rail sniped. Go to the hill and get counter-sniped from mid, artied and maybe outperformed by people on top of the hill: Aditionally, we get rail sniped when we're on top of the hill because we can't spot a dude in the open. So now we can only go west if we ever want to try to do damage. Okay, so we quickly learn that moving up too fast results in TDs camo sniping us, plus a bit of arty, which is bad. But what happens when we do nothing in the western forest? Eventually, we get free damage! Maybe even a kill if we're lucky and a win if we're even luckier and the other team doesn't have good players. We might even get smart enough to figure out when to move or not to move, depending on the team's performance in other places but the main thing we learn is forest = good and safe, middle and hill = bad and unsafe. Prok is a pretty big offender in teaching people the opposite of what they need to do but many other maps contain similar shenanigans to a lesser degree. Every single time a pubbie camps in base, the game is teaching the person that camping is good because you aren't spotted and can't be artied. It also teaches the pubbies that you might win the game with your fellow campers because wounded people will show up in base after 7 minutes and you can get kills and damage! Your team fought heroically and lost but now you can win the game for them. Good players will shake their head dismissively and realise that this is not a way to tactically outplay your enemies and that it will result in more losses than wins. However, mechanically, the camping move makes sense for the pubbie, particularly when it's a new player and they don't know the maps or the general plays. You don't get artied, you get free damage and kills and you get a chance to be the hero of the game. If your teammates win and you don't contribute much, that's okay because you were protecting the cap circle, another way the enemies might win. If your teammates crumble and die vs overwhelming numbers, they're just bad and not doing their jobs because they should know you're waiting in base to kill off the wounded tanks. It's just part of the tactics that they die a valiant death so you can secure the win, a common videogame move in other genres. Basically, while pubbies will generally be stupid, the problem here is that the game is designed to teach them to never ever try anything on their own. You can't respawn, so you have to wait several minutes to try your tank again if you die early. At least if you die later, you won't have wasted your time because you were guarding the cap, protecting arty and tried to win in the end. Sometimes the opponents are just better, right? And this is without going into how the +2 MM games are just GG in any tank below tier 9 for most pubbies, especially new players and how the -2 MM is equally guilty of making it look like a fucking lottery when it comes to winning. Despite being a relatively simple shooter with reasonably complex armor mechanics, the game does nothing to show you how to win, how to deal damage and when to move around. Basically, it will teach you to press WASD and left click in the tutorial but it won't teach when it's smart to do so. Other games usually have a reasonably good tutorial for various elements, often popping up as needed during your progression but WoT has fucking nothing. So if you're not internally motivated to always improve, you will never do so in this game. At no point is there a pop up going "hey, you're dying a bit much without doing damage, how about this tutorial?". It's just GG, figure it out nerd.
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    TS Wasteland...

    TS keeps booting me because I don't talk enough, but I am generally on around that time on Sun/Mon, work the rest of the week.
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    I crai evrytiem cuz I don't understand anything because I voluntarily stayed the fuck out of main forum about a year ago. kek. On a brighter note, I took a break for a week, then came back. Fucking retarded stats though, with toppings of utterly shit teams.
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    So I just finished Tasogare, and as promised: But actually though, fuck that show - I fucking hate it when anime pull bullshit like that. If you have no plans to watch the show and are curious, below is an actual spoiler: @neokai You were very right tl;dr Anime fucking sucks
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    Move to name and shame, I play arty rarely in pubs, usually in stronks but I don't whine about it, I accept my rng as punishment for being a faggot. First step of recovery is recognizing your faggotry.
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    If you have any epic game play with a Russian T10 med on Overlord I would LOVE to see that.
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