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    Here is graphical display of IS-3 and it's effect on shaping meta:
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    The IS3, Russian Bias to the max? After fighting the new improved version of the IS3 for some time now (and playing it a few games again myself) I can only wonder why, why is it so strong? Every tank is a balance of Firepower <> armor <> mobility <> soft stats, WG in the past sometimes failed spectacular, like giving a tank no armor (WTF-E100) so it ofc needs 300% firepower, but after a while that gets fixed. But the IS3...?? It was always the best tier 8 tanks, but after the HD rework + all the other changes to the game, i start to wonder what the hell they are thinking... IS3 gets a serious good gun, with amazing armor, excellent mobility, and good soft stats, whats the supposed `weakness`? IS3 has: 390 alpha dmg with good pen and dpm Good gun handling (if not excellent, the turret bloom is as good as Fv 215b turret bloom...) After the buff good frontal hull armor, the track things bounce a ton, forcing you to aim Best side armor in tier, capable of eating anything, especially HEAT, Turret armor on par with T32, aka imprevious to anything but luck shots Its also rly fast / agile, Due to pike + frontal turret + fast + 390 alpha dmg its an excellent corner fighter Its basically the fastest, best armored tier 8 heavy tank with the second best gun, i mean what? I mean, what weakness does it have? bad viewrange and camo? () and -5 gun depression? (lol) IS3 totally murder kills anything low tier or tier 8 spmm tank, 175 pen will barely penetrate an IS3, while the IS3 hammers 390 dmg straight through your front, KV5, IS6, Wz-111, they all get out muzzeled, out speed, or out-powered by the IS3 head on only a KV4 and KT can defeat an IS3, and thats pure due to penetration / hp / armor, and only in good situations, besides that its niche tanks like ISU or hull down T32.... Infact, the IS3 seems now so good, it starts to ``shape`` the entire meta at tier 8, there are hordes of IS3 all the time, and it wipes the floor with tier 6/7 tanks and premium tanks have serious problem with it, unless they spam gold, but AP-IS6 vs IS3....? Wot is like rock / paper / scissor, except the IS3 is a sledge hammer, which crushes the rock, brushes aside the paper and hammers down the scissor, GG Or am i seeing something wrong? Im not often `complaining` about a tank beiing OP, but the IS3 is rly ridiculous right now...
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    [N1NJA] I am Ninja

    Ærre hærræ ær party? ** A warm welcome to every perma-teal yolonigger north of Zimbabwe Just playin' with y'all, wish you the best in your endeavour and looking forward to meeting all of you on the battlefields and poaching your best members, just kidding, scared of ffox rage. Already 29 members, not bad for such a new and growing clan!
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    I quit WoT. Then I played AW and it caused me to come back to WoT.
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    The IS3, so strong, it shapes meta?

    Look friend, raw numbers don't mean fucking shit if you like it or not. The amount of RNG in this game is so fucked you can't really guarantee anything. Why was I shooting HEAT at an IS3? Well, there was an M103 hulldown for which I had HEAT loaded but he got destroyed and I met an IS3, sorry that I didn't reload and wait for ~19,5s to switch to APCR so you wouldn't fucking complain whether I shoot HEAT or not and tell me about normalization. It's like you check arty accuracy and think "Damn, this is so inaccurate it'll never hit me! OMG NUMBERS!!", just fucking stop.
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    No. Assisted damage is either spotting or tracking damage, and it's halved. Damage is still more valuable, a 6k damage game is the same as a 4k damage 4k assisted. That said it's a lot easier to just go for tracks when your teammates allow you to. I've tripled 26 tanks so far (7 T10's and currently working on a few more) and short of the occasional track shot instead of damage you really shouldn't do anything different. If you're able to push to 90 you're able to push further as well. Don't go chasing damage more than normal because overextending will get you killed and leave you with less damage than normal. I'd rather take a shitty 2900 damage game in my 140 instead of going for broke and end up with 1400 damage because I went too far, even though the game before that netted me 5k damage for doing the exact same. Consistency is key here so do yourself a favour and don't make too big of a deal of it when you're close. Go do what you usually do and take the consistent way out instead of having to suffer through the incredibly infuriating 2% drop of a single game because RNG/team/arty screwed you over
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    If I really want a mark, there is one thing I'll do that's outside of my norm - track shots, everywhere. Tank about to be gangbanged by half a team? Track the poor sod, bathe in assisted and xp. Allied ISU about to pop the guy you're brawling with? Track it. Have a possible track+damage shot? Don't pass it up by going for thinner turret side/upper side hull armor. Abuse the fact assisted damage is as good as your own damage at every opportunity. Not something I'd recommend for regular play, but it works wonders for moes.
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    The IS3, so strong, it shapes meta?

    IS3s are never flat and at a straight angle like you see in the amour checker, they are always at strange angles and the is3 fucks everything at strange angles
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    [N1NJA] I am Ninja

    [N1NJA] - I am Ninja Recruitment: Open Forum: http://wotninja.net/ TS: ts.wotninja.net I am Ninja is an international clan that focuses on clan wars, stronghold and platoons. If you choose to join us, you will be able to enjoy our relaxed, but highly skilled and fun environment. What we offer: Clan wars Strongholds as often as possible (Tier 8 and Tier 10) Platoons (With other people higher or equally skilled) Campaigns (Our core members has always been able to obtain the reward tank) Requirements: ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS, BUT HERE ARE SOME GUIDELINES: 2400 WN8 overall and recent 2800 WN8 58% WR overall and recent 63% WR 2600+ damage on TX tanks. (TDs even higher) Avg. spots and survival rate in TX will be checked (redline sniper filter) 4+ CW capable tanks (BC, 50B, IS7, 140, 62A, STB, TVP, 263, E3, E5, E100, FV215B, MISC. CLICKERS) 3 MoE on TX always help We are always looking for capable Field Commanders: Active and motivated Not afraid to fight top clans Updated on meta shifts Interested in developing own tactics Will be able to run strats by current FCs. Contact: If you are interested in joining contact one of our recruiters below by either sending them a message ingame or by joining our teamspeak. N1nja_bob ffox Blytank Krakafant
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    Went away a few months and played AW

    Can't come back to WOT because I just can't handle the RNG anymore. Once you get used to accurate tanks that make the Leo look like a KV2 derp, coming back to WOT becomes impossible. I watched a few streamers and the frustration I see bubbling up in them and me even after just a few games makes me shut it off. My ISP has issues routing to NA and caused me to have 400+ ping for months but they actually did me a favor.
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    I am new on this forum and i would like to read new stuff you guys post and to interact with other players so i can learn something new.
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    The IS3, so strong, it shapes meta?

    Part of the reason I only play T9+T10 cause even when you're top tier in T8 half the other top tiers are IS-3s which are basically tier 8.5. And it's super boring and easy to play, too...
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    @Flaksmith stop sperging @Askoto stop posting pls.
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    HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS???!?!?!! App incoming...
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    The IS3, so strong, it shapes meta?

    Having opinions is fine, but arguing with Siimcy and unica in general about penning the IS-3, stop, just stop. Siimcy was just pointing out how stupidly RNG the IS-3 can be. Yes, you did rightly point out 175mm pen guns will hurt it. But unless the IS-3 is running the world's worst bit program, you will fail 96.3% of the time. Also, you said you don't take part in team battles etc. Well, you soon see why the IS-3 is considered a fucking abomination. Seeing them in pubs is one thing, seeing 8 in organized play would be enough to make the long dead body of Stalin himself ejaculate pure Soviet joy juice. It's about time it got nerfed. Something that's as omnipotent as the IS-3 cannot rule the roost. Because Tier 8 SH are now like the old Tier 6 TC, only with IS-3 and T-54lts instead if KV-1S' and Hellcats.
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    And Cronk really knows that if it had been me playing the account, I would have gone "hey Cronk" and then yolo'd after him to my death.
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    #Hillary2k16 http://nypost.com/2015/10/02/secret-service-agents-hillary-is-a-nightmare-to-work-with/
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    There are 2 tier 8 tanks I'm afraid of in this game no matter what tier. The Super Pershing and the IS3. Because you can put the worst fucking player in the game in one of those tanks, and he/she will somehow, some way manage to kill something due to the tank being broken as fuck. Add NA gold spam and you have a recipe for "balance"
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    I will have to try and look through my tank stats tonight and pick the one with the worst overall. I will then post a thread in the official forums denouncing said tank and rubbish it as needing a buff and it is a lemon. http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/63217-e75-is-it-a-lemon-tank-now/#topmost I will then offer my account to challenge nonbelievers to be able to play said lemon tank with a 65% win rate for 100 games. Actually, I might be better to create an alt account (or pilot a baddie forum account with terrible stats) and issue the challenge. I can then post under my main and offer my account with the tank and a 3 skill crew minimum to complete the challenge in. Maybe this will be the new way to complete missions - say MT15.4 is BS and can't be done, then get some GUD to stream using my account and complete the mission!
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    The IS3, so strong, it shapes meta?

    For perspective I did some quick poking around on vbaddict and this is their picture of all tiers and classes by occurrence. It's a bit outdated, but it gets the point across. The tier 8 heavy bar is so big partly because of all the tier 8 prems, but vbaddict specifically lists just over 1.5 million IS-3's (more than any other tank, even mutz or kr after they gave those to practically everyone) I'd say that's a pretty big impact on the meta of everything they can see
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    The IS3, so strong, it shapes meta?

    Armor scheme, yeah, but in reality it's pure fucking RNG nothing else. IS3 is made of bullshitium armor and you have to carefully aim else you'll probs bounce. Today I've driven my Škoda T50 and had HEAT loaded, met an IS3 and I proceed to bounce 2/3 shells while he wasn't even angled and on even ground, even bounced his lower plate at 20m with 310 HEAT. I'm positive that this armor changes every half second because of how fucking troll it is.
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    Time to switch over to Android iPhone
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    1. Rip ur rep. 2. Heil poni!

    1. Rip ur rep. 2. Heil poni!
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    mfw someone on an internet forum claims to be alpha
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    rip my life locked until 3 of june saterday of 2062 kappa
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    What Equipment Would You Use?

    soviet spaced armor
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    WN9 candidate prototype

    Bumping this and calling @RichardNixon here to update us on any advance in this metric creation.
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    I just realized I was still using an AGP video card in 2009. 7800GS FTW!
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    Next time you feel like being a pubescent twatwaffle, maybe think for a second and....don't?
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    After playing AW for a bit I don't even know how I got used to +/-25% rng. But overall I wouldn't say that AW is better. There are some improvements over wot, but the "damn modern tank game" has it's own problems too. And I just don't get it - why are some devs hell-bent on putting rts point and click arty bs into shooters, just remove arta and be fucking done with it.
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    [LOTI] EU Leprechauns Recruiting!!

    Dog doesn't bark. Game is broken. Rage at wargaming. Demand money back. Cry.
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    $$$ Melol's Replays of Purpliness $$$

    3500~ dpg IS-3 Session 7 Games 100% WR Download
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    I have watched these forums for a long time and come back time to time to see if anything is new (pretty much see if arty has been nerfed). I almost made an account for the Mr Roggers thing but backed out so congrats name and shame you have won me. I found this entertaining once again. Mainly because I'm taking a "PC" class in college and this Flaksmith guy is a "PC bro" for sure and wanted to toss out a bit of +1 for the bad guy. He has been checking this dudes privilege ever since he posted the video. Pretty much one guy disturbs the herd and everyone jumps on him for it even though his video shows toxic players being toxic. Then made some valid points about more games played = better play. I think the pic he has as his avatar upset Flaksmith because it probably objectifies women and he doesn't like that. Even though everyone else is saying "DAMN dat girls ass doe"! I for one as a person who doesn't post, liked what he had to say and found most of it pretty funny to read. Flaksmith seems to be the self appointed person who can say who can post, what they should post and how they should "act" on a tank forum. I am laughing with him so +1.
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    Except 350m viewrange was a weakness back then.
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    Awful is dead as fuck
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    [LOTI] EU Leprechauns Recruiting!!

    Sorry bois, end of a very fun period of playing tonky tonks. After being away for a few days i realised that LOTI activity levels was too low for my taste, and at the same time i received an offer to join S3AL (and about 10 million other skreb klanus, playing without tags is annoying ) Fenks for the fun times, and HMU for platoons anytime!
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    I am here to name and shame myself, I have finally been found out... UTalk here poked out in his Lowe and took a shot at my angled T10 and bounced... Oh noes he is on to me! Yup hacking confirmed... RIP me /life
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    What is a Furry?

    fuck furries, fuck bronies and fuck weeaboos
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    Camping the red line tactics 101. Don't poke when greater than 50% chance someone is aiming that corner. If it is an important shot, then make a pubbie metashield if for you. General Takeaway - Preserve yourself at all costs. 1 for 1 trade on enemy in beginning is the WORST OUTCOME POSSIBLE. YOUR HP IS WORTH 5 TIMES THEIRS. If you're wondering why you did 5k dmg early game and die watching your teammates fail, it's because you sucked at preserving HP. Get into good positions, but not ones that will keep you lit for the entirety of the game. ---> general takeaway is to divert attention from yourself Flow like water. If enemy contracts, expand to get better angles. If they expand, contract to concentrate guns on one point. General Takeaway: Shoot and scoot, keep your allies close to you if enemy is pushing. Find better angles when you have the momentum. Smart aggression. People say this over and over but they don't really understand it. Here's this idea in stat whore terms. If you don't have shots for more than 30s relocate. Pubbies will generally follow you when you make a push. If not, ping and Z key them to come over. After this happens, get behind them and start using them as distraction/meatshield. That's how you push without taking damage. Finally, flow. The BEST way to play this game is to get into flow. Flow is this weird mode where you play like a god without even thinking about the game. This usually results in 5k+ DPG sessions over 20 games for me. The way that I found easiest to get into this mode is to have a routine. Always play at the same time when try harding. For me, this is Saturday morning. Do some stretching, get comfortable so that you don't have to think about anything else. DON'T force it. It comes naturally. ONE last thing. PLAY ONE TANK ONLY. It has to be good too. M103 is not going to give you 4k dpg. After that it's knowing when to quit. I'm out after 3 consecutive 0 dmg games. If I think the reason I died was beyond my own fault then I will attribute it to bad luck and press forward.
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    short version Focused on third marking gave up looking at wn8 and started two man platooning instead of solo/3man. Now The 2 man took a while to get used too and the most successful two man platoons, I've had have been people Equally skilled that I had to fight to get damage with in a "friendly competitive way" Like Helionist and Yatogami(RenamedUser_12450). Me and Helionist became friends by disliking the same person thanks "anfield"(Don't hate anymore I think?) and Yatogami dropped into my stream one day and asked if I wanted to platoon I was like a little fanboy and was Like "" which was funny because the first time we played together he played on an alt "He Was testing me" after that tho he played on his real account. I Owe these guys a lot because most of my later career third marks were with them and My E50M Games were purely with Yatogami, Great Platoon mates not only make you play better but, playing with them made me actually hate wot less (if that's possible). Find Your "Soul" Platoonmates Hopefully they will make a metric shit ton of difference because we can't all be like carbon very few can solo 5k+ and 65%+ win rates and even if you do It's probably a lot more frustrating "at least for me it was". Summary: Two man Platoon(people that are like minded and equally/better? skilled) and focus on something besides wn8 like Third MOE's obviously this won't work for everyone But its worth a try!
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    I'm in the same boat as you. I occasionally have those lovely 4-4.5k dpg sessions, but it rarely lasts. I would say my average is about 3.5k-3.8k in tier 10, so I won't be able to personally answer any specific questions. What I have observed from most of the players who are able to pull off these sessions is like you, they only play solo, and they tend to have much shorter sessions. Whereas I might happily play around 25-50 games, they're happy to play around 10 and taking a break, only playing when they are at their "peak" so to speak. Another point is tank selection. Where I dilute my sessions by playing tanks I don't personally perform well in (121, leo 1, E100), a few of the best damage padders will tend to stick to RU meds, M48, TVP etc. A final point is which time of day they tend to play. Whilst I'm hindered by work, I've been told that the best time on EU to play (correct me if I'm wrong) is between 1pm and 5pm. Late night is cancer, and early morning 3am+ is you vs 29 bots. 3am+ has potential for great games as long as your team can hold long enough for you to create enough pressure. As you say it comes down to this. For every 2k dmg game, you need a 6k dmg game to counter it. Additionally my sessions always consist of a few 2.8k/3.2k damage games as well, so realistically you need to pull out a few 7k+ games. Sometimes, due to external factors out of my control (conq. GC, red yoloplayer, bad map rotation) you end up not getting these 7k games, other times you pull out 3-4 in a row. Sorry for the wall of text, that doesn't specifically answer your question in any way.
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    [SPOILERS] Jon Snow is actually dead

    Sometimes i wish he actually was though just to see people lose their shit. Oh well.
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    -dont look at your MOE progress, it will just make you fuck up -food is amazing for the extra view range and all around buff as long as you dont burn too much -2 man platoons are optimal to avoid being stomped and still maintaining good dpg -stop playing immediately if you start titling
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    Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    probably 5k combined for 3 MOE And litterally, this is the only mod Im using now http://worldof-tanks.com/9-6-the-most-simple-hitlog-by-rain-dimiqueii-without-xvm/ I will find the arty mod again, thats pretty much it (maybe find the prox warning, just to tell if Im still prox-lit)
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    The miros effect v2.0
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    I cannot count how many times a light tank has tried to circle clip my IS-3 - even very good LT drivers - and bounce half the clip off of the sides and back. No other tier 8 tank bounces as many lolpen side shots and survives to keep fighting as the IS-3. If you circle a T32 or KT, its light out - that survivability alone is a huge advantage of the IS-3 over the other tier 8 heavies.
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