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    HOLY FUCKNUGGET! For the first time EVER, I have some purple in my stats! Just goes to show that WoT Labs is THE best place to go, in order to get better! #justtealdreams
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    A very accurate and succinct summary. The E-50 stands for low talent medium padders inflating themselves, and so I downvoted it. I actually like to play the E-50. The principle here was against WN8, which should be supremely ironic to everyone reading. But I've taken off my mod hat and usual 'trying to be a positive influence' demeanor to make a small (and pointless) but principled stand against what the E-50 stands for (and its still only the 10th best tank in tier).
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    As much as I love the drama of people calling each other fucking blues, I'm not a big fan of how these threads turn out. There's so much hypocrisy in these threads that I rather not vote anymore. For example, I hate the conqueror and am terrible in it, whereas everyone says it's god-tier at tier 9; don't get me wrong, the 215B is my favorite tank of all time (and I don't even have it on my account yet), but I just can't get a feeling for the tank. However, I also have the Lorraine 40t and I actually enjoy the hell out of the tank even though I have a lower DPG in it than I do the conq. It's all a matter of perspective, and people should honestly leave their opinions to down votes if all they want to do is insult the person who they are quoting (as ironic and as hypocritical as it sounds coming from me). Sure I'll joke around, but it seems people are jumping towards insults rather than actually arguing which tank is better, which is what I was hoping this thread would turn out to be.
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    I wonder how some people who play world of tanks are able to breathe, do they use a machine to help them or something?
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    Your now forgetting something very important: [gun handling] = bloom x speed x base accuracy, St-1 has the lowest turret traverse speed and also overall bad turning, this means the actual bloom from turret traverse is not that bad (a bit worse as Conqueror, and way better as skoda / amx 120 / most mediums) see spoiler (all values are normalised for T-10 and base on standing still just moving the turret) I assume that you now mean for unicums, since i cant imagine Obj 430 v2 to be good for average players Or is this massive effected by stock grind? Vk-B, St-1 and E50 all have terrible stock grinds, especially for new players St-1 turret is perhaps the best turret in the game, IS7 is stronger and thats about it, Conq is liek Fv 215b, and that turret is nothing special (its rly good for a tier 9, but not bs armor like St-1) ST-1 just gets massive underrated and this topic shows it, i get the feeling many people simply cant play it... (just like i cant get autoloaders to work)
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    Tips for returning players?

    Don't return. Run while you still can. That's my tip.
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    Wall of text, because I also agree this thread needs more discussion: E-50 compared to the 111 and T-10, all of which I consider the top 3 T9s and very similar: Best mobility, slightly better than the T-10 due to better top speed and traverse rate. Significantly better than the 111 1-4, which should have suffered more from the physics changes than the E-50 did. Armor notably in the T-10 and 111's favor, but not by as much as you might think. The T-10 and 111 bounce around 36% of incoming rounds, the E-50 bounces around 33%. You'd expect more due to the turret armor difference, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The E-50's slim turret face & autobounce conical mantlet probably has a lot to do with this. Module damage seems to be T-10 > E-50 > 111. Ability to use terrain to your advantage seems to be a wash; the 111 and T-10 have decent hulldown potential, the E-50 has significantly improved gun dep and a little camo to work with. In terms of statistical winrate performance, E-50 > T-10 > 111. The E-50 also has the best player scaling of the three, meaning as player skill improves the rift in winrates become further and further in the E-50's favor. Interestingly, the 111 has better scaling than the T-10. Theoretically there is a point where the 111 will perform better than the T-10, although I dont think this pans out in reality due to how insanely good of a population that'd require. Now, as for the gun, I can't be quite as objective. All complaints about the E-50's gun seem to be about the pen, and rightfully so. This is the only stat in which the E-50 is unquestionably crippled in compared to the others, and you absolutely will have problems dealing with a number of T10 heavies if they are positioned decently. You do need to take this into context though; the E-50's gun is otherwise far superior. The DPM is punishing, the accuracy is pinpoint, and the handling is unfair. The difference in penetration also isn't as black and white as it seems, as you also have to factor in the fact the E-50 will hit weaker armor with more accuracy and that the mechanical difference between HEAT and APCR rounds makes their comparative performance vary wildly from engagement to engagement. To crab's comments on how physics wrecked the E-50, I just can't see any signs that it actually happened. No matter how you look at the physics changes, all three of these tanks should have been hit almost identically as hard. They all have very similar p:w ratio and terrain resistance. From my own standpoint and as someone who's had the E-50 in his garage for a while, the E-50 seems to be about as mobile as before. This is something I feel needs actual testing done to hold up as an effective argument, especially considering the mobility nerf would need to be massive to explain away its past performance. Sadly I don't have a very accurate source for this, but wot-news' graphs are better than nothing (at least when you're comparing a tank to itself). Here's the E-50 winrate curve pre and post physics changes; yellow is before, purple is after. To me this looks like a wash. The E-50 winrate does not seem to have gotten any worse since the change for any type of player. I completely understand wanting to push away the WN culture, but I think this is one of those situations where WN and WR padders should see eye to eye - the E-50 is overpowered.
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    I don't know, this one seemed to slip through the net: It won't let me open the spoiler for some reason but to suffice to say E 50 was nowhere near the bottom. EDIT: Ranked 10th. I can't answer for him, but I imagine Crab was saying here that he doesn't like playing the E 50 because it either a) needs gold or b) is often used for padding (the principles part) and doesn't win enough. It was shown to be one of the best tanks in tier for winning, and using 'principles' as a reason to downvote a tank sounds suspiciously like it's 'bad for the game'. Bearing in mind there were still many turds left on the list at this point, including some he himself had ranked below the E 50 in his own list. Then again, as he said himself:
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    [1-UP] BRAEMAR

    First rule of Fullgore's dungeon You don't talk about Fullgore's dungeon.
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    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    You can play some lights before to get used to faster paced gameplay. Will make the meds easier. Had a nice game on the T-54 today http://wotreplays.com/site/2702985#erlenberg-x3n4-t-54 The best thing was that I got messaged after the battle It has even reached the EU pubbies now: @Anfield is a filthy gold noob
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    [1-UP] BRAEMAR

    What happens in @FullGores dungeon stays in fullgores dungueon
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    the ironic part is that its killed before ST-I, a same role tank thats shittier in everyway.
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    Fat-fingers is a serious and often misunderstood medical condition. Pls no bulli
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    Because the Conq and T-10 both do the E75's job better
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    I'm thinking 112. Not sure why. Think I hit my head on something. 61 is a mid range 131 and the 131 is my favourite tier 7 light so I quite like it. Does most of what a 131 does but with prem credits. War crime is an E-25 but 5x larger, less mobile, much less sneaky and with many more hit points.
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    When you post a status update on which you expect many reactions and only one person reacts
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    Swedish tanks

    Here are its softstats: Basicly a Skoda T25 that trades gunhandeling, DPM, acceleration and topspeed for higher penetration and clipdamage (450 damage in 4 seconds is pretty good for tier 6 actually, but overall it is just a shittier skoda)
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    To those who quit...

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    I down-voted the M103 because of my experiences like this I have never experienced getting shot at by a yoloing T 49 with HEAT ammo loaded and penning my side and killing all 5 crew members. I can expect that in my Lorr 40T but that never happened when I was playing that tank. For a Heavy tank that is disgusting for something like that to happen. I also down-voted for it having an overall downgrade from the American HT doctrine of being a hull down spooki tank, Of which the M 103 can NOT do.
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    AMX 50 100 Platoon Question

    2nd AMX50 100 (at least one of them should have optics + chocolate in that case) + something with armor (IS3/6) and reasonable speed 2 other heavies going pure AMX50 100 or AMX50 100 + 2 MTs works great on some maps, on others it's very tricky especially if you are top tiers.
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    JT is overpowered since the buffs and more comparable to second-tier heavies than it is other TDs. 2100 HP was too much of a buff, it now outclasses ever other T9 TD by a mile.
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    Going by the votes thus far, this thread seems more an indicator of certain people's inability to play (a) certain tank (s) to it's potential... E75/M103/WT gone before some of the other trash...
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    come on now we all know this is you
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    been working since 8:30am listening to this LETSGOBOIS
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    Swedish tanks

    Complete tree. Heavy, medium, light, two TD-lines and arty. Source: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/04/28/european-tree-part-iv-sweden/ This is also an older proposal, other alternatives have come up since then and your best bet for keeping up to date with sp15's drive to have it become reality can be found here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/284927-european-tank-discussion/#top Realistically, I don't think we'll get more than one, maximum two lines. Market isn't very big, and a lot of Italians/Poles/other countries will start complaining if a full Swedish tree comes before their hacked-up trees of clones.
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    Explain HE shells plz

    HE is always the best ammo type (except maybe HEAT if you feel like burning credits) for Howitzer guns which come in the form of ~75mm on tier 2-4 (T2 HMC), ~105mm on tier 4-5 (Hetzer), ~122mm on tier 5-7 (KV-1), and ~152mm on tier 6-8 (KV-2). These guns all share some commonalities. Typically they have a short length and consequently relatively slow shell velocity (some very slow like the British 3.7 inch Howitzer that you can get from tier 3-7, 243 m/s), they have very poor accuracy, very long aim time, and very poor AP penetration (if they even have an AP shell at all as some have only HE and HEAT). These guns are all very similar to what you would find on artillery of the same tier or lower, and as such, you should be firing exclusively HE in most situations. For tanks with non-Howitzer, anti-tank (AT) guns, the use of HE mostly depends on the caliber of the gun and the ammo capacity of the tank. For tanks with low ammo count or small caliber guns relative to there tier or auto-loaders, I typically carry 0 HE shells. So this would include the Locust (low-shell count, low caliber), the A-43 (low caliber) and the Bat-Chat (low shell count and auto-loader). For tanks with plenty of ammo capacity that are maybe 85mm and up, carrying a couple HE shells can be very useful in a number of situations including: more reliably de-tracking an enemy, doing more (but less reliable) damage to lightly armored enemies (open top TDs, Arty, and LTs,) finishing off a low-health enemy that you may not penetrate with standard or premium ammo (20HP IS-6 for instance), and for getting base resets (in some situations). For tanks with high enough caliber guns and ammo capacity, I will typically carry about 10% HE. So with a 50 shell count I might carry 30 AP, 15 APCR(or HEAT), and 5 HE. Final note: Correctly choosing when to and when not to use your HE ammo is tricky. While getting it right can be very rewarding, getting it wrong can be very costly. For great success, learn the armor models of the various tanks that you face and know the penetration values of your different ammo types.
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    Shame on you, Rexxie, for using kitty labor to fix your car.
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    WZ-120: 18WZ-111 1-4: 23Skoda T-50: 31AMX 30: 23Waffenträger auf Panzer IV: 14 VK 45.02 B: 22E75: 12 - Pretends to have reliable armor, but mostly what's reliable is that people will just load premium and punch right the fuck through you. It suffers from trying to be a jack-of-all-trades, armor wise - which means it ends up having no armor that's simply "fuck you, you're not penning me" like its tier 9 German brother. Derpy-ass gun with a reload too long for the alpha completes the shitty package.E50: 30 Leopard PTA: 16 Conqueror: 24T54E1: 16T30: 14 - Seriously, FUCKING BLUES MAN. This tank is the PERFECT tank for when you just don't give a fuck and want to shoot people in the face. Run a full premium loadout on it and the handling is good enough at the ranges you want to engage, and you can even still make money with full APCR spam because lol750alpha. Is it a little slow? Yeah. Who cares? It has workable turret armor, excellent depression, and a nasty gun. It gets shit on by arty, but so does every TD/heavy left on the list.M46 Patton: 34Object 704: 5T-54: 25 Obj 430V2: 26T-10: 32ST-I: 20
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    WZ-120: 18WZ-111 1-4: 23Skoda T-50: 31AMX 30: 23Waffenträger auf Panzer IV: 14 VK 45.02 B: 22E75: 15 E50: 30 Leopard PTA: 16 Conqueror: 24T54E1: 16T30: 13 M46 Patton: 34Object 704: 5 It might be a good TD, but it's a TD without a turret therefore worse than everything else hereT-54: 25 Obj 430V2: 26T-10: 32 I LIKED IT BEFORE IT WAS COOL, OKAY??? ST-I: 20
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    STI has arguably the worst gun in tier 9 period.0.25/0.25/0.2 dispersion with 3.4 sec aimtime on a 440 alpha gun is pure cancer.
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    That would be roughly true if WG hadn't buffed the M46, Conq, IS-8/T-10 and WZ111, while the 430v2 was always a legit competitor. The ST-I has poor skill scaling (probably due to the bad turret bloom), so tier 9's pretty close at the top now.
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    Tips for returning players?

    1. Don't return. 2. If you have to, stay away when you see an enemy T50 or T50/51 about to unload. 3. Don't play Japanese Heavies.
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    Sadly I don't agree and my opinion is the only one that matters You can be as dumb as you want with what tanks you think are good or bad, but downvoting tanks because they are too good is against the spirit of the thread. Lockhart's vote has been vetoed, he's welcome to make a new one. Current list: WZ-120: 20 WZ-111 1-4: 22 Skoda T-50: 26 Lorraine 40t: 3 AMX 30: 21 Waffenträger auf Panzer IV: 15 Jagdtiger: 22 VK 45.02 B: 22 E 75:16 E 50: 25 Leopard PTA: 21 Type 61: 14 Centurion 7/1: 9 Tortoise: 17 Conqueror: 23 Conway: 11 T54E1: 21 T30: 21 M46 Patton: 31 M103: 11 Object 704: 17 SU-122-54: 2 T-54: 21 Object 430 II: 23 T-10: 26 ST-I: 20
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    [1-UP] BRAEMAR

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    I laughed at the neg on the T50. Also yelled "fucking blues" in the middle of chemistry.
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    [1-UP] BRAEMAR

    First rule of becoming PP You're not weenis
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    WZ-120: 15 WZ-111 1-4: 25Skoda T-50: 32 AMX 30: 23 Waffenträger auf Panzer IV: 5 Jagdtiger: 22 VK 45.02 B: 22E75: 3E50: 30 Leopard PTA: 13 - 3: 10 free exped it to get the leo 1.. i still regret spending money on this, it's literally a glass cannon that cannot take a single hit without losing its ammorack, which in the current meta (cqb maps) it's pretty annoyingConqueror: 25 T54E1: 16T30: 14 M46 Patton: 35 + 1: 36 best tier 9 medium by far! 105mm gun on a mobile chassis with godly gun handling and depression.. it's not that huge and the turret is hard to hit at a distance... NOTE. press 2-2 for EZ mode T-54: 25 Obj 430V2: 27 T-10: 36ST-I: 20
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    hey, So did I. I liked it when it was the IS-8. everyone in like ever said "its bad" and I couldn't find a single reason why everyone said it was bad. it was great.
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    Guest unicum guide: Good. Not quite SlipPhantom quality but quite good.
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    Tips for returning players?

    As I've recently returned as well, let me echo the "Avoid T50 and T50/51s" advice. I'm sure they have some kind of drawback, but I tend to die before I can see it.
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    When shitters attack our SH under the tournament because they assume [FAME] can't possibly be able to field a team with 14 of their members busy getting technical wins in the tournament kappa
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    #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread

    Hi friends
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    "Where the hell is Never?"

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    TacoHohn, you're ugly.

    TacoHohn, you're ugly.
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