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    New bonus code for EU & NA: WOT500KYOUTUBE
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    Looks like some folks didn't read the "what these forums are" section. Official forums-level posting plus unnecessary report-spamming means time to whip out the ROs.
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    AMD just released their computex livestream. Their new RX 480 is basically a more efficient 390 at the price of $200 for the 4gb version and likely 240-270 for the 8gb version. Meaning all you people out there with potato PCs, Toasters, and Ovens can now enjoy crisp 1080p graphics and even delve into some 1440p gaming as well. With 2x Rx 480s supposedly being a better performer than the 1080 in Ashes of the Singularity it also probably means NVidia needs to do some serious re-pricing if they even want to compete with the 480. Offering 20-30% less performance for $180 cheaper than the 1070 all this means is that probably for the first time you can get a mainstream card which is capable of running any current and next gen game at high settings w/ 60 fps and without breaking the bank. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/4lytso/amd_computex_event_megathread/ Mandatory PCMR thread
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    Checkit: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/05/asus-avalon-specs-modular-pc/ A little fruity but not too bad. But wait till you see this... http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/05/msi-hp-zotac-backpack-vr-pc-details-specs-price-release-date/ I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't feel safe wondering around with that unlicensed nuclear particle accelerator strapped to my back ;-)
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    "He did be a good boi. He dindu nuffin. He done go to college. He done wanna become a doctor, be helpin da poor kids get off da streets"
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    That beautiful moment when your laziness pays off and they change the mission requirements:
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    Comparison with expected winrate at 400 & 500 WN9. Blue for tanks that come out higher than this thread, orange for lower: place elimination uniwin superwin 1 Škoda T 50 T-10 Škoda T 50 2 M46 Patton Škoda T 50 E 50 3 T-10 ST-I M46 Patton 4 WZ-111 1-4 E 50 T-10 5 Conqueror Conqueror Conqueror 6 T-54 M46 Patton Obj. 430 II 7 E 50 Obj. 430 II ST-I 8 Obj. 430 II VK 45.02 B WZ-111 1-4 9 ST-I WZ-111 1-4 T54E1 10 VK 45.02 B Jagdtiger T-54 11 T54E1 E 75 VK 45.02 B 12 AMX 30 T54E1 E 75 13 T30 T-54 Jagdtiger 14 Jadgtiger T30 AMX 30 15 WZ-120 Tortoise Leopard PT A 16 Leopard PT A AMX 30 T30 17 WT auf Pz. IV Leopard PT A Tortoise 18 E 75 Obj. 704 Centurion 7/1 19 Obj. 704 M103 M103 20 Type 61 T95 WZ-120 21 Centurion 7/1 Centurion 7/1 Type 61 22 Tortoise WZ-120 Obj. 704 23 M103 Type 61 WT auf Pz. IV 24 Conway Type 4 Heavy T95 25 Lorr. 40 t WT auf Pz. IV AMX 50 120 26 SU-122-54 AMX 50 120 Type 4 Heavy 27 Foch Lorr. 40 t Lorr. 40 t 28 AMX 50 120 SU-122-54 Conway 29 T95 Conway SU-122-54 30 Type 4 Heavy Foch Foch Nothing that far off at the 500 WN9 level. E 50 we know about. E 75, Tortoise and T95 might do worse on NA because HEATspam. Armour does relatively well at the 400 WN9 level as usual.
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    I was afraid that the best WoT fragmovie is lost but nothing dies in the Internet ^^
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    WOT code for free shit

    https://ritastatusreport.live/ WOT500KYOUTUBE Note: The bonus code gives Personal Reserves (Large, Medium and Small). Wow, kind lame 2 x +25 XP for 1 Hr 1 x +200 Crew XP for 1 hr
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    I was thinking about doing one topic with all premiums and another topic with all the tech tree tanks. Light tanks probably won't make it in - it's debatable whether a true list would include T8 LTs or T7 LTs, and they are super hard to compare with real T8s. Beyond that there are just a lot of T8 tanks, putting them all into the same thread would be a hell of a list. Ignoring the rarer premiums, I count 52 T8s. We'd either have to do a hundred page thread or make downvotes worth so much that upvoting becomes pointless.
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    Today I was so arty - mad I drew this http://imgur.com/YRLmV2P I am proud of myself.
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    The backpack one gives me images of the book Snow Crash.
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    A few things: 2 of those cards is 300 watts compared to 180 watts for the GTX 1080. Will the extra wattage require power supply upgrades reducing the cost difference? Will the extra wattage increase the electricity bill enough to make the cost difference negligible over the long run? I haven't see anyone do the match on this when comparing components. EVGA was selling GTX 1080 cards for $609 direct through its web site until they sold out. With the cost of a PSU upgrade that some people will need to run two GPUs the GTX 1080 might be a lower cost solution. They barely outperform a reference design GTX 1080 in one game that favors the AMD GPU. What about the other thousands of popular games on the market that aren't favored by the AMD GPU? What about GTX 1080's that aren't reference design? You will be required to run crossfire to get that performance and we all know that crossfire and SLI don't always scale well in other games. Not everyone will have a system that can run crossfire due to the PSU or lack of slots. I personally favor a single card solution over SLI and so do many other gamers.
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    People use the official forums?
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    I did my 260 fire mission in the T55A. Worth
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    Lian Li master race, aluminum cases beat steel and plastic boxes any day.
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    The card physically looks like shit though.
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    Also shaming myself for trying to trigger responses, but I've been grinding through Churchill 1 and 7, so I got an excuse.
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    (Mods, please move this to the appropriate forum if it's out of place..) If your game now crashes like mine, where the map loads to ~90% and then the game freezes up completely; and when you try alt-tabbing out, you get a dark screen or you just can't; but you can gently tap your power button to put your computer to sleep, wake it up, log back in, and get a dark screen with nothing but your taskbar, try starting task manager only to find out the black screen somehow veils over all windows and you can't see the task manager, and WoT won't forcibly exit; resulting in a terrible loss... If you've tried removing all your mods, tried reinstalling drivers and the game, yet it still dies on you, then I have a small temporary thing to help you close the client quick so you can restart it and get into that game before your team of reds dies on you. It's really absurdly small thing I put together. 1. Open notepad 2. Paste in the following mini-script. I promise it doesn't give your computer a virus like Trump is to the world. 3. Save the file as "KillWoT.bat" without the quotes to "C:\". 4. Right-click your desktop, select New > Shortcut. 5. For target, paste in the following 6. Right-click the shortcut after you make it, and select Pin To Taskbar 7. Drag the pinned icon all the way over to the left (so it's the first item after the start and whatever other windows shit there is) 8. If your game ever crashes on you, hit WIN+1 to force shutdown the client so you can restart it and (WIN 1) more game.
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    Hello all, I've been playing for a little over 3 years and have just over 15k battles. It took me about 9k to settle down and really try to figure out how to play different tanks. I would usually just rush in and try to brawl regardless of what I was driving. Needless to say, it didn't get me anywhere in a hurry except a blown up tank. I started watching Youtube videos (mainly QuickyBaby, Jingles, and DezGames) and started to see how they played. I've been in a couple clans, but I'm in the military with a wife and kids, so I've never been one to platoon much, because when I'm on I like to get as many games in as l can. I started to get better and my wn8 has been steadily increasing, averaging around 1500-1600 per days work. I'd like to get a lot better. I also admit that I do have a temper issue as I'm extremely competitive in everything I do. Because of this, I've probably made an ass of myself several times to many of you. For this, I'm sorry! I'm trying really hard to get better and had an eye opening experience a few days ago. I was in a battle and things didn't go how I planned....at all, so I started bitching and complaining after I was dead and it just so happened to be a streamed game and a poster here named Closer733 messaged me after and told me what an ass I had made of myself. He also showed tremendous patience with me and we went on to talk for a good bit and that's when he told me about this place. I think this place is awesome and I've been watching some streams on twitch. I'd really really like to dominate and carry my team so I feel a sense of accomplishment, even in a loss. I'm thick skinned so please pile on when you see me do something stupid in game or in replays l submit. I'm glad to be a part of this community and hope to be able to contribute to it in the future. Thanks in advance!
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    Fuck me in the ass without a condom, this is amazing
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    World of Codes

    WOT500KYOUTUBE for 3 personal reserves
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    If you live in 1st world country prices are okay
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    Check us out~ Sounds like you'll fit right in! We used to be a casual laid back platooning/helping/training clan, but now... we're gearing up for CW! We got CW's every night, and follows up with some stronks. We do tier 8's primarily, and 10's on weekend tourney's or for fun if we got enough. We do 6's for creditos. http://m--m.enjin.com Come on our TS3 and hang out with us, you'll get a feel for the atmosphere/environment, and also we can legionnaire with us assuming you drop tags =) I joined [M--M] around 1600 IIRC, and it's been a blast so far! It's the people who make the clan! I made many buddies here and the majority of the people are pretty nice and open to platooning! We just request members to be on TS3 when they play, so they're accessible and we can reach out to you in case we need that last soldier for stronks.
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    2 of those cards is 300 watts compared to 180 watts for the GTX 1080. Will the extra wattage require power supply upgrades reducing the cost difference? Will the extra wattage increase the electricity bill enough to make the cost difference negligible over the long run? I haven't see anyone do the match on this when comparing component Im going to stop you there because i honest to god think the electric bill stuff is total bullshit. And a 750 or 850w gold psu should be a standard if you're willing to throw down $400 for any piece of pc hardware. I live in a fucking desert and 70% of my bill alone comes from A/C. 15% utilities. And the rest being misc aka computers Tvs w/e. Extra wattage is more or less an investment in the future and usually for barely $20-$50 more. Because you can grab a high end psu if you want to upgrade way down the line or if you want a good psu gold standard rather than a ticking time bomb.
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    Agreed. Being able to use a single card is a big draw imho.
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    You're all laughing at the backpack PC now but just wait until VR really takes off
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    I'll wait for actual review to come out, as we have seen with nvidia, there always some fluff with marketing going on.
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    PSA: You're protecting your stats when you're top damage on the team in a HT, having taken no damage and constantly in the fight. Source: Random dumbass pubby
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    I will lock this, but the offenders are pretty much all on RO for 24 hrs.
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    someones pet spider probably escaped and is now hanging out on my balcony... i am going to torch my balcony on fire it's bigger than my hand
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    Press F to pay respects to Crab, "CrabEatOff" 2 inappropriate 4 me (His name got changed by WG)
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    If you ever needed proof of how much of a tool QB is, watch tonight's stream when he plays SH with one of his fanboy clans: https://www.twitch.tv/quickybaby/v/69717850 It's hilariously and cringeworthy at the same time every time he blames them for his bad calls. "Kill those tanks at all costs" "Why did you throw your life away to try and kill those tanks" "Rush middle road [attack] on Lakeville (defence cap was at 25)" "Defend the base but don't rush in, group up" *gets capped out "Why didn't you rush the cap?" "Why don't you have repairs on the T54 LW?" *Has 54% repairs on one crew member on his own T54 LW* Such a cunt. No wonder he had to mail order a bride.
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    New mm???

    This is a retarded idea that won't fix shit. For all people bitch about lineups being imbalanced, that's not what creates bad games. Could you tweak it to avoid the annoying but merely anecdotal games? Sure. But what creates wipeouts is shit play and the lack of a respawn mechanic leading to snowball effects. Neither one of those is ever going away without violently upsetting the things that make WoT unique. Changing team composition will not change anyone's pub experience a damn bit, except for fucking the NA queue beyond belief. Worse, every game will become a carbon copy. Even if you get shit on once in a while, the incredible diversity of tank and map combinations means you'll almost never see the same pub match twice outside of tier 1. Cookie-cutter teams ruins that.
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    [1-UP] BRAEMAR

    On Prokhorovka, if there is no arty, you can safely work the mid, peek, reposition, advance on the hill etc. TDs and Löwe retards will sit on the rails or the 1 line regardless of there being arty or not, because they won't get spotted until their side loses and thus won't get shot by arty, ever. Arty will only try to shoot people in the mid, because those are the ones that are lit. Source: hundreds of battles trying to play US heavies on this map. So per above, arty doesn't effect campers at all on Prok, nor anywhere else.
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    Victory! Battle: Winter Himmelsdorf Vehicles: E 50 Experience received: 2,476 Credits earned: 35,456 Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: "III Class" Mission completed! Reward: Vehicles added: T 55A (crew 100% sent to Barracks) Slots added: 1 Just sayin.... took a long time for a noob like me, still High 5-ing a few hours later! In the end I took advantage of the grill-fest and got the MT with honours to get the tank since the LT mission was driving me insane.... next game I take the Ru251 out for a spin and get 8k spotting.... good for the crew members! Now to fix that big red box (below)... which I blame on the German Bulldog....
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    For scientific reasons, i decided that im gonna bring up a elimination thread similar as this on EU forums: The idea is very simple: to see how it will go there and how the results will differ from Wotlabs. The thing is, official forums has more scrubs than Wotlabs, so we might get very different results there. Im gonna post results here as often as possible; every few days at worst. When its done, i will put a comparison between EU and Wotlabs. This should be pretty interesting! its up http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/574114-wot-elimination-the-tier-10/
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    WZ131 Appreciation Thread

    Had this game yesterday, not really sure if the 100mm made the difference, but great result. Top tier on sand river assault 3.5k dmg 6 kills 1.7k+ base xp; http://wotreplays.eu/site/2725638
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    I can recommend you to watch streams from X3n4, Anfield, vetro and decha. Those are the guys that i try to follow at least and all of them helped me alot. Im sure there are many other very good streamers to catch if you have time. Also when watching them play try not to focus on where they aim and click. Rather try to figure out why are they in the position they are in and look at the minimap, team comp and deployment.
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    I'm getting pretty similar results. FX-6300 w/GTX 660, up to 75-85 FPS from 50-60 on the newer FPS hungry maps. I seem to get 40-50% better framerate at all times. I still cant crank all the settings to max (water quality still destroys my framerate), but I can come close. Although, to be fair, I'm comparing vanilla 9.15 to 9.14 with XVM. A couple frames are probably due to that.
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    To implement SBMM or skill-matching or decreased skill differentiation, you would need an accurate way of estimating skill first... Keep in mind WNx are a third-party add-on, and will NOT be used by WG's algorithms. That would mean matching by WR or PR, and the pitfalls that those engender. It would also mean longer waits for top-end players and especially trip purple toons. And it would mean to smooth out the skill imbalance, a power platoon from BULBA would be matched with 12 different variants of Ares_______________Godofwar. Seriously, do people not think through this? Unsurprisingly, the biggest proponents of adding SBMM to the game are the ones who haven't figured out how to influence the game themselves. Also: thread now moved to metagame discussion, and is no longer a Vent Thread.
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    If you are not interested in CW and SH (as it seems to be) then going to the official forums and opening a topic there is probably the best idea, since you can find nice social people in basically any fun-clan out there. Maybe SKILL, BLUTE and NEED are the german Fun-Clans with the highest Stat-Requirements, but im not sure about Fun-Clans in general. If you have Interest in CW and SH (which didnt sound like it so far) I would talk to certain clans with your kind of stats: S4-X, RMBLE, AWSM, G__G. But note they wont go crazy about you, because of your recents and your shit WR. So you'll have to play some Stronghold Sessions with them to convince them to take you in. Otherwise just have a general look at the Official Forums or if you are interested in Teamplay-Stuff at the latest Campaign-Rankings of german clans: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/565710-schlammschlacht-diskussion-zur-kampagne/page__st__380__p__12492589#entry12492589
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    cause the is7 is literally the worst heavy at t10
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