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    for being such an op tank this mark was pretty easy
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    Boats and codes. WEDIDITREDDIT20K 15x Zulu flags 15x Equal Speed Charlie London flags 20k credits
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    TD Meta is back on EU

    >Playing Cancer TDs in all screenshots >Reporting higher numbers of cancer TDs >reptile is shit posting with meme arrows/greentext on wotlabs
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    '121' successfully sold. Received : 3,061,920 Spent : 30 Goodbye useless piece of trash that I only ever played by accident
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    Desperate for help

    I just wanted to post about how much WoTLabs has helped me improve. I still remember posting this thread when I was just under 1500 for WN8 and feeling desperate and out of ideas. Then I joined M-I-T and subsequently M--M and also got much help (indirectly) from various purple players on here and here I am now. Still have so much more to learn but just thinking about where I used to be. I also want this to be another example to those who are struggling. Keep at it, don't ever give up. Watch plenty of replays and ask plenty of questions but the main thing is to just keep going with persistence and you will improve. I guarantee you!
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    Can my EU account join :^)
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    I can't recall ever seing a Skoda T40 carry a T8 game besides myself. My better games in the tank where in T8 because of bigger HP pools and the fact that the alpha makes it fine to just hit 2 shots per minute really lets you play safe and focus on the free damage that's given to you. I think the issue with so many T6 tanks is that the small alphas make people stick around for shots too long or constantly overextend and that's what I think's getting reflected over the tank. The tank has average mobility and the standard paper armour that every T6 medium gets when facing anything that's not a tier 4. The problem with tier 6 meds in general is that they all melt completely when up against a tier 8. They can literally autoaim you and pen with completely certainty unless a gun mantlet soaks a shell while you're trying to pixelsnipe with a gun that'll shoot into the next map the second you try to micromanage. The Skoda suffers so badly from this because the gun handling is even worse and missing a shell leaves you vulnerable for longer than any other T6 medium (unless E2 derp.. but who even does that anymore) which is why it's probably performing worse overall. Keeping yourself safe and just being fine with missing out on damage now and then and playing it safe really pays off in this tank. Who cares if you could get a shot on that frontal IS-3 when you risk taking 420 (taking russian bias rng rolls into account here) HP for a 240 that will most likely not even pen him at all when you can spend time finding something you can shoot, even if it takes more time and a general worse outcome than farming that IS-3 might've gotten. This tank simply needs to be played safe because of the reload and fragility. The closest thing I can compare it to is an ELC without the camo and speed but with more HP and a turret. The gun does allow for shooting well when stationary and the reloads give you plenty of time to figure out what to do next (reloads = minimap watch) and that's pretty much how I ended up doing well in it.
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    Overpriced Crap

    You would think being *nix based would translate to OS X being decent but given that amount of problems I've heard people running into I am forced to conclude that OS X, just like Windows and Linux, is prone to breaking. That's great, maybe one day I'll be a rich, fat first-worlder that can afford a high DPI screen Speaking from a security perspective the ONLY reason there are less viruses for OS X is because it is simply less widely deployed than Windows. Being *nix based is not some magic pill against computer viruses and if virus authors thought for a second that targetting Macs would be particularly profitable they would jump at it. Thing is, virus authors are quite content to target older versions of Windows that are still widely deployed but no longer receive security updates. Realistically, if the Windows/Mac share (Which is about 85% / 10%) magically flipped around tomorrow you can bet your ass the virus authors would start showing you just how insecure OS X is. Don't feel bad though, the basic fact is all computers are insecure, the only way to make them secure is to lock them in a chest, stick the chest in a block of concrete and thrown the concrete block in the sea and even then I wouldn't bet money on it. On a fun note, look at this: http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/09/stealing-login-credentials-from-a-locked-pc-or-mac-just-got-easier/ (TL;DR: The latest bit of high tech security fun, a USB device you can plug in to a running Windows/Mac/Linux machine which will *magically* unlock the host system in about 10 seconds. Be afraid :-) I would argue that the supposed simplicity of Macs is largely due to marketing from Apple claiming the OS is simple. Realistically it follows much the same paradigms as Windows and the various popular Linux DMs (Gnome, KDE, etc), has a few clever ideas (The Spotlight feature was genuinely clever and it's nice to see Windows 10 has adopted it) while also retaining a few "features" from early versions of Mac OS that, imho, are not actually helpful. Examples: Drag device to trashcan to eject. Pretty stupid but I'm sure some UI guru blew his load when he came up with it. Unified application taskbar at top of screen. I've ready up the reasoning on this and, honestly, I think it's bullshit and poor research. The claim is that it's easier to flick the mouse cursor to the screen edge than it is to the taskbar in a window. This may be true but it also ignores the ability to use the keyboard to activate the taskbar and also throws in this horrible UI curveball that I run into when I uses someone else Mac where the active taskbar is associated with application X (E.g. Terminal) but there are no actual terminal Windows open and the only visible window is associated with another application entirely. In my eyes, this is fucking stupid and the result of applying research without applying common sense. As for the other stuff, my ultimate feeling is this: Apple does make good hardware, this is hard to deny. It generally looks okay (If you like the brushed metal and whitesauce look) and is fairly robust. However in terms of value for money it's overpriced. Apple charge way more than they need to for their hardware the hardware they offer is often very limited. If Apple don't make a Macbook or Mac that provides the hardware features you need you're SOL unless you want to go the Hackintosh route. The irony is that if Apple dropped the prices on their stuff they'd probably sell even more and gain a much larger market share and make even more money. Laff. Claiming that it's not fair to compare Macs to custom built PCs feels like a cop-out to me but if that's how you want to strawman things, have fun. Also...please no stupid Apple Mac vs. PC propaganda videos. You're better than that I would hope. iTunes is widely regarded as being one of the worst music player applications in history. Not even die-hard Apple fanbois use it if they have a choice.
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    How To: T44-100 Marathon

    I finished up the German mission with 150,140 damage and 150 kills for a Damage:Kill ratio of 1000.9333333333. Who can beat it? (D:K ratio of 1000 is perfect)
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    Hello and Goodbye

    Recent WN 2599 Overall WR 54.85% Overall WN 2198 8
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    Here's bae, had her just over a month now. IRL cars > vidya tenks.
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    How To: T44-100 Marathon

    So I ran a 2 hour session with session stats tracking progress. I ran only tier 8 premiums mostly because I had a credit booster active but also because tier 8 is a pretty good balance between damage and kills. In those two hours I managed 41k damage and 31 kills over 19 games. These are typical stats for me playing these tanks. Doing the math, that's roughly 80 hours of play time or 800 battles to do the full thing. But more importantly I made 1.8 million credits in that time. 900k an hour is pretty good for pubbing...
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    119 games (finished 3 marks in 118) 66% win rate 2,961dpg
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    Hello everyone wotlab Tanker from EU that since deciding to stop playing the game as an arcade tankrace is trying to get better:) i follow most of the sponsored streamers as that was what got me hooked in the game. since i got my first tier10 and soon (silver permitting) am gonna get another i wish to get decent enough for a clan with cw/sh. see you around, out of/behind bushes! giovanni
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    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    T95 next time to loose my mind
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    First thing I was taught on wotlabs, the longer you keep your guns in the game, the better chance you have to win. http://wotreplays.com/site/2799113#stats
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    Will have to watch this after work. That's actually an insult to autistic kids since many of them are savants.
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    The Super Duper Pershing

    How's the gun depression and vert/rammer/optics? Thanks
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    I found this comedy gold. How low is your self esteem if you're looking for acceptance on the internet. lol
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    Expected Values updated to v27

    Looks like the Patton KR took a hit as well. Did the IS-4 get touched?
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