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    my ex-girlfriend had a weird fetish. she used to dress up like herself and act like a fucking bitch all the time.
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    tfw my viewership over the last week has been averaging over 100. feelsgoodman
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    Stop shitting up the thread, you fucks.
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    Won the Corsair Gaming Mouse

    Won the Corsair Gaming Mouse
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    I went ahead and spread some freedom around today.
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    I hear that Saffee guy likes him
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    Anyway I can actually write out the post now. So last week my mother took the letter home so my father could read it though he didn't get back until late in the week. I don't know how he took it since my mom hasn't said much of anything about it. I expect he took it decently well since they've been looking at doctors and insurance stuff. My dad hasn't said anything to me about it yet. I imagine he either doesn't know what to say or he might just see it as a medical problem like if I told him my ankles were having problems again or he just has a lot of other things on his mind. Regardless, it's actually pretty frustrating honestly. I also talked with my sister about it through text and then a phone call. Since I was expecting she would be sort of excited about it I decided I was going to tell her in a more amusing way. She has for a long time wanted a sister and I told her that her wish of getting one was true. It did misfire slightly because she thought I was getting engaged and then several times thought I was joking and calling me to verify it wasn't a joke. After a little bit she then got very cute and squeaky as we talked. It was a very nice conversation and she seems pretty excited to help me learn to girl. She did note that I was going to have a terrible time with clothing because we are shaped the same and she has a terrible time with clothing because we have short ass legs so jeans are nearly impossible to find pairs that aren't too long (which I can confirm is in fact a problem either too long or no butt). She seems to have ideas about what to do with my hair as it grows longer to help deal with my grey hair rather than just dying it (though by the time I'm like 35 my hair will probably all be a pretty silver which at least is sort of in right now). She was also telling me about good straighteners and curling irons because I have hair like my mothers (except for the graying bit) which is nearly impossible to deal with because of Floridian humidity. I did have to point out to her that my hair wasn't going to immediately be that long. Also she says that she needs to fix my eyebrows and that I suck at taking selfies and that we could have fun shopping together or at least talking about shopping and getting ice cream or something instead because she actually doesn't enjoy it but the idea of going shopping is fun and ice cream is good. So far things have been going very well for me and I've been very fortunate so I'm quite happy overall. It also looks like the insurance we have covers transgender stuff which is pretty great except that there don't seem to be many therapists in East-Central Florida that actually take United Healthcare. Also happy Rosh Hashana!
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    I can't wait for the epic anime duel between Hillary and Trump. http://en.rocketnews24.com/2016/02/29/weaponized-wig-offered-to-donald-trump-by-japanese-inventor/
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    LFC, not entirely sure what for.

    You are welcome to have a look at M--M, we're in flux right now, trying to retool for a slightly different direction. We're pretty laid back, definitely not interested in making WoT a job by doing CW every night. We doing SH but nothing too serious right now, $hits and giggles tier 6 stuff for now, tier 8 when we have enough interest (but the IS-3 is popular for a reason).
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    If it was at least she would have fantastic hat fashion.
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    Let me make it simple for you - this is none of your business.
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    Name and... Praise?

    This dude, clan mate and I running skorps for creds and we got caught flanked by a pershing and he comes screaming in and bullies the guy in his tiger 1 allowing us to flank and finish him off, keeping our guns alive and allowing us to win the game.
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    two weeks of arty and retard light tank yolos for 260 missions /type59 contest and i still got my shit together tryharding
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    Swedish tanks

    This is ForumCeption ! First leaked on wotlab then Listeningpost leaks the wotlab foundings then you post Listeningpost post (< That's a lot of "post") on wotlab. Holly crap, the world goes round and round and round.
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    I couldn't care less about some random shitter pubbie who doesn't know what a fuckwit he is who got banned for whatever reason, and while I can't speak for anyone else, suspect very few people here do either Go fuck off to whatever hole you came from instead of continuing to shit this thread up with your inane bullshit.
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    Anything that creates more random results favor the worse player in general. Imagine if chess required a die roll every time you tried to take a piece. The worse player is basically always going to lose in chess, but if you add random rolls he could get lucky on rolls and potentially win a game once in a while. My chance of beating some RU chess master is absolutely 0% unless we include the possibility he has a heart attack and dies mid game, but with die rolls it might become 1%. 1% is still > 0. I think good players sometimes miss some of the details of randomization in tanks. For example, one of the guys I sometimes platoon with is always tinfoil hatting about rigged games. The reality is WG has rigged the game, but not by fixing teams, frequency of tiering, "MA SHOTS ALWAYS MISS BECAUSE RIGGED", or any of the other dumb shit people claim-those would all be stupidly obvious and are also fundamentally unnecessary. They rig games by adding so many random elements into the game that it becomes harder and harder for the skilled player to win. In particular a couple years back they removed the MM balance between top tier heavies which had existed for years. The bottom line is for an average player it makes zero impact on their odds; 49 is 49 is 49. But for GOOD players getting a low tier game against an enemy team stacked with top tier heavies makes it even more unlikely they'll be able to carry compared to a balanced team composition. WG rigs the shit out of the game, but they do it with random elements because people don't realize the dynamics at work and they aren't really "rigging", they're simply dumping more and more statistical likelihoods against the better players. And then CarbonWard still has like 99.8% WR or some shit, and I'm sure they pull their hair out because they can drop him into a tier 10 game with a knife and a loincloth and he'll still have 4 kills by the end and win by capping. You would think randomization would turn off new players but you have to remember randomization acts like a rubber band; it doesn't just hold back the good player, it also pulls forward the bad one. I've joked before this game is the only game I know where the better a player gets the more likely they are to quit playing. That's in part because the better you get the harder and harder the rubber band pulls on you to drag you back down. As you get better you become more and more aware of the pull and increasingly resent it. What people miss is that when you're bad this game also totally high fives you and showers you with achievements. "You clicked the purple guy and one shotted him, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!" You have to remember that even though reds get their butts kicked disproportionately, it also makes it seem like a bigger deal to them when they occasionally get to kill teh purple guy. It's like a lottery, you lose overall but people tend to remember that one big win more than all the times they wasted a dollar. If you removed all the random elements you'd have a purple jack off paradise where the reds would almost never get to extract sweet revenge with the occasional lucky win. Random reinforcement basically: winning 1/10 can be intoxicating to people, while winning 0/10 eventually makes even the most stubborn of red give up. I've noticed too with my irl friends this game tended to really hit it off with them at first, and then about the time they start hitting dark green skill level they all lost interest and drifted away. To an extent I think RNG plays a part. When they're new, the game is forgiving and gives them a leg up, but as they start to get good they feel the pull of the rubber band against them and begin developing an increasing sense of frustration.
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    Hype is real

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    LFC, not entirely sure what for.

    Recently clanless, wanting to look into what my options are. At the moment I'm not I want to do CW every night, but I want platoons, tourneys, CW for Campaigns (at least), and/or maybe dankholds if we don't have to go serious (I don't want to play IS-3 in any sort of competitive format if possible). Have 4 viable Xs, was in training as a tier X caller until my old clans' head caller retired. So, yeah. Wondering what clans might be willing to take me that do one or more of the aforementioned activities.
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    Then shit like this happens
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    Well, time to grind nicholas then
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    It probably is for ranked since it gets the HP recharge thing (i forget the name), so as long as you don't get deleted by a single salvo it will be able to take more abuse then the Mogami.
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    That awkward moment when one of Reaps' IRL alts is actually your mom.
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    Hope, you really are only going on half the information He posted a thread about a game I was also in and he didnt like my fact based comment about his allegation of cheating or that he got chat banned for his in game comments Sent me an abusive Pm and being rhe nice guy I am I offered him an out by sending a simple warning about using the PM system to send abusive messages Guess he didnt want that option so he then sent some very severe derogatory comments directed at me personally and was perma banned from the forums Game ban is nothing to do with that at all Feel free to carry on with your tirade based on misinformation
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    T71 vs AMX 13 75

    T71 can boost
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    Hey HoPe how about you buy the smallest gold package and then do a chargeback. I'm sure it'll prove the fact that your "mate" didn't get game banned for his forum activity.
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    I'm not entirely sure many of us care TBH. Ooops, that was a straight reply, which you don't always seem to get, even when typed slowly. Here, let me try a bent one: I'm not entirely sure many of us care TBH.
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    Reading all of this, I am a little disappointed that we have a had a reasonable amount of interaction with a mod over the last few pages and it has been over a HoPeLeSSS understanding of a chat/forum/game banned moron.
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    So, to summarise... for those uninterested in the previous pages... 1. Player gets chat/forum banned for either in game remarks, PM's to moderators and/or the thread he or she created on the forum. 2. Hopey queries the moderator(s) on the player's ban (I have done this myself, as the player can't use forum/PM etc due to the ban, and the moderators have been quite forthcoming). 3. The player and Hopey dismiss the mod's answers and advise. 4. The player does a PP or CC charge-back (this has been stated by Wasabi) possibly a result of throwing his or her toys out of the pram. 5. Account gets locked as per the EULA. 6. Moderators reply quite clearly in this thread what has occurred. 7. Hopey calls the mods a pack of liars. Have I missed anything?
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    This carry......didn't think I'd pull it off.
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    FTFY Mods didn't give your "friend" a full game ban. GMs did. They are different people. Talk to your "friend" and point out their protestations of innocence don't add up and maybe they will come clean / work it out. Then get them to contact support. As above, nobody likes you so nobody is going to help some random because you are bitching about it. Now fuck off.
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    Adulting is too difficult when there are people in the world who don't respond to logical development of arguments and factual information. I'll leave the adulting to you as you seem to be setting such a great example.
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    In game sanctions aren't distributed by moderators afaik.
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    Stats previously showed these tanks as (by far) worst heavies in tier, so it's more a comparison of which metric you use (wotnews vs wn9) than a conflict of opinions. In my experience, WN9 has always been vastly more accurate than wotnews for winrate curves. It's sadly three months out of date, though, so it's tough to shoot down wotnews when it should have more recent (postbuff) data. Even if those winrate graphs have had me in stitches before Going by what buffs these tanks got and their previous performance, I have no reason to believe that changing the Type 4/5 is a mistake from a performance perspective. I understand why people have a problem with it for other reasons (for one, the armor scheme is absolutely retarded for the health of the game), but in terms of performance the Type 4 and 5 are miserable heavies. The Type 4 is an oversized, under-equipped, thin-skinned 4502B with a damaged engine. The Type 5 is a Maus that can't angle, can't sidescrape, and can't pen itself. They are not just unfun, they are unviable.
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    okay now I fucking hate windows 10 and its automatic updates. fucking hell this new update is trash and I kept it off my desktop as long as possible but nooo, it fucking auto updated last night and has changed ALL MY FUCKING SETTINGS AND ITS TRASH FUCKING HELL MS
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    First thing you should look at is getting your settings right. FPS and ping I wont go through as you should know whats up here. Make sure x16/x25 zoom is off. Turn off encounter and assault. Make sure your crosshair makes sense ie. have some combination of circles or dots do not use the crosses or triangles. Always use the one that shows pen and make sure your sniper mode one is identical to your arcade one. Change FOV to maximum value. Theres my usual copypasta for settings, it hasn't got everything but its a good start, sry it it doesn't apply much to you. I think your bigger issue is getting that damage in the late game and making sure you dont get shut down by making a bad call for your initial position. As a rule of thumb dont go to a flank at the start of the game unless there are 6+ teammates also going. Doesn't matter if other flank is shitty for you you need to stick with enough teammates so you dont get yolod or roflstomped by 12 guys from the enemy team showing up out of nowhere. This is very map dependant and team comp dependant but you can pick up some sort of a pattern once you actively do it enough times. Next be aware of where retards will be in their TDs. Many a time you may be rushing in to clean up lots of juicy damage to get smacked by some retard unspotted td sitting in some bush in the base. If they have unspotted TDs be aware of where they could be when you are making your cleanup. Try not to tomosa trade half you hp in some initial engagement. You need to exercide calculated patience to know when you can safely get that damage. Dont get greedy. Do not push. Ever. Thats what your teammates are for. 90% of the time the first guy that pushes gets hit and sometimes even dies. Your teammates are scouts for you even at close distances as they can go in first take the hit and then you can come a few seconds later while you have the info on what enemy teams are present. If its early on in the game expect there to be random enemies on random corners. You dont want to tomosa trade all your hp like that when a teammates could have done it for you as they are useless anyway. https://gyazo.com/df6130e7d8fb660036e9c7e86c049fbd I'll just this as a random example from your stream. Because you're in an IS-6 you may have been able to kill all these bots but lets assume its a T10 game. You would need to be back behind the bridge redlining as in a T10 game you usually dont have guys fastcapping like they are there. Also remember that some maps are simply bad to farm damage on for reasons I wont go into now. Be aware of your expectation for doing damage and question yourself as to why you didnt reach that damage. IE ecpect lower damage on shitty maps like highway and erlenberg but expect more on maps like muro prok and himmels.
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    I don't know how your wins would change if you have only ever won 8 games.
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    Overpriced Crap

    sorry to re-fuel the fire but this was amusing
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    Why doesn't WG give it some kind of frontal weakspot? That's how they've balanced pretty much every other heavy in the game. Fighting the Type 4 and 5 from the front is just a check of whether or not your gold rounds have enough pen. Being completely immune to tier 8s is just creating the same problem that they canceled the VK 100 for, too strong against smaller things and too weak against things can can pen it. If they made say the axle areas weaker, the rest of the tank could be arbitrarily thick without it being broken. That said it's nice to see they're giving it at least some attention after dropping the line on us and leaving it mostly unchanged for so long.
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    The Batchat 25t.

    Bat Chat is the best tier 10 med hands down
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    AppleEvent circlejerk

    I'm not triggered, it's just pointless. Why people buy Veyron when you have GTR for 1/10 of Veyron price (even with mad mods) Why people buy penthouse on Manhattan when you can have house in the Bronx Why people eat steak when you have KFC. Why some like male partners instead of female The list goes on and on, and I don't jump on every thread and start a flame war. There is nothing good in that. I started Apple thread since I like their products. Maybe we have more members like me, and we can discuss changes / upcoming news without being fucked about price and overpriced arguments. Because flaming brings nothing new valuable, it's really not necessary. Again everybody has their own opinion and preference, and we don't need judgment and spam. Like i said before, if you don't like it just skip it. Simple as that. (you clearly hate apple and i'm fine with that)
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    been too long since I've posted here
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    No need to go all sp15 on us, strv 74. Chill. With tanks that have existed in reality, they actually care a lot about getting things right. I've spent a time poking around the development documentation and dusty blueprints trying to figure out things like the exact point where the bottom armor (that is, the underside of the tank) of the strv m/40 goes from 8 mm to 5 mm. That should be a pretty telling example. It will never ever matter to an actual player (5mm vs 8mm will matter approximately never even if it was on a part of the tank that actually tends to get shot at) but they still asked about such a completely pointless detail. We never did figure it out in the end though, so we had to wing it. For paper tanks, the approach is much more liberal. Especially for the EMIL, I can't really say I blame them. From the very beginning it was drawn up in something like a dozen variants and blueprints for only one of them have survived. Everyone who could've told us what the turret was supposed to have looked like is dead (and I should know, since I've actually called some of the descendants of the people who worked on it and asked if they happened to have anything tank-related that their father happened to have left behind). There are like three people who even know that it's wrong in the first place, I'm one of them, the only one who's actually touched the original blueprints, and I don't give a fuck. Again, chill out.
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    Motorized Vehicle Porn Thread

    Isn't that a radial engine?
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