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    I like Foch 155....every time i play test server it's the best tank to teamkill arty faggots....usually there's 3 of them in the team so that 3x750 shotgun is perfect for TKing all three of those cunts and just enough to get banned after third shot
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    I want the Waffle E100 back. please just get rid of the grille. yes, I just said that.
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    Just 3 marked my T26E5

    Just 3 marked my T26E5
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    pulling a carbonward today with 100 games straight
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    Liberté: Pretty dank/10.

    Liberté: Pretty dank/10.
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    Low population = Best Population 3x Type 59's?
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    Swed tanks are so fucking retarded easy to play , drive like a mongo in the 103 sit in open and go siege, get shot by 4 meds, bounce 3k and rack 3 k dmg done, the Krav is even more stupid with that turret that makes the E3 and the 263 look like paper tanks http://imgur.com/a/To4d8
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    Watched The Grand Tour last night. The boys are back!!! Thank god!!!
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    I like Pokemon Sun so far ^^

    I like Pokemon Sun so far ^^
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    Ive invested so much time into this game it makes kinda sad to see how fucking retarded balancing dp is. Pls reccomend me some good cheap or F2P game (No CSGO, im worse than here)
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    One game in and I'm almost convinced the Kranvagn is game-breaking. Whose idea was it to give a mobile tank a short clip reload, an invincible turret, and 12 degrees of gun depression? Only one game so far but I can already see the potential. This thing is a 50B, Cromwell, and T29 rolled into one.
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    So I'm sitting on the bus home from post-secondary and two dudes start talking about Pokémon Sun and Moon. The eventually go over competitive aspects of the game and I started to cringe at the sheer simplicity of their team compositions. As a semi-competitive player with a history on PO/Smogon myself, I really wanted to tell them they were complete trash at competitive but that would be too mean. And then they started to discuss about which was the best anime girl. Beyond mere discussion and borderline fantasy. BRB. Cutting myself now.
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    Felt like a true pedobear today....went to the gym, finished workout, cruising with a car trough downtown and there's high school studends going home....driving casually not really paying attention to them, just listening to the music and then all of a sudden there's this high school girl walking down the street with couple of her friends as i drive by....i'm cruising slowly, maybe 20-30 kmh and just as i'm passing by them she turns and looks at me and holy mother of sweet baby Jesus, is she the cutest fkn thing in the world....as she looks at me she noticed i was looking at her and she then looks at me again, but this time it was a proper stare for like 5 seconds or so, but this time she gives me this sneaky cute smile and looks at me the whole time as i'm driving by....my heart literally skiped a beat so hard i actually felt it in my chest...she's probably around 10 years younger than me, so yea that was pretty pedobear scene, but don't care, would marry 11/10
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    Just think... Your day wasnt this bad
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    Lol it's a good ship, you just need to know how to use it, I was averaging over 70k dpg now I think it's 65-68k. It's awesome at deleting cruisers since the shells have less of a chance at over penning. It's good at wrecking DDs also and will citadel broadside BBs. It's speed is good along with its rudder shift, it's secondaries are derpy, I've sunk cruisers and DDs chasing me several times, it's AA sucks but since CVs are rare it isn't a issue. Shells work best under 14km, after that dispersion gets drunk quick. It's basically a fun situational ship that works best as close cruiser/battleship support
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    I consider a lot of things you listed as cons to be pros. +-1 MM is what I've been arguing in favor for on WoT for years. It just blows to be stuck in a +2 game where it feels helpless to play against the higher tiers, especially when you're already in a tank that has a weak gun for its tier. Less tanks means less complicated trees which I consider better for the game overall. We don't need 12 nations with 100 tanks per nation. Since this falls under your last variety point, as well, I'll point this to your last statement as well. You shouldn't fucking be TKing people regardless of how shit they are, unless they're actively blocking your path (i admit, i did it a couple times on WoT, the most infamous example being the whole RDDT incident). On 7v7 maps that could easily handle 12v12 this should never be an issue. I prefer this game's maps, with the exception of Mines. I hate it on PC, i hate it on Blitz. You also miss seven things in the pros column that I consider worth noting: * The game plays faster because it's 7v7 on smaller maps. There's no big stalemates where you're waiting 5 minutes just for something to develop. Prok on PC feels like a good example of this. Teams basically plod along until someone makes a move on hill or lights make a mistake mid. That simply doesn't happen on Blitz. Engagements happen within the first minute; the 7 minute time limit forces you to act * An extension of the above: The 7 minute time limit means that you can slip in a game while, say, you wait for your coffee to brew, or while you're waiting for (event with an arbitrarily short time) to happen. It's really nice to have a game you can slip in and out of easily. * Everything costs less- gold, premium time, premium tanks. The IS-6 is roughly $50 on WoT proper and around $30 on Blitz. Prem time is cheaper as a result of the prem time costing the same amount of gold but gold being cheaper. With the gold they start you with, you can get a t7 on sale with $10 put into the game and still have enough left over for a t3 prem later on. * It links to Steam, so you can use Steam wallet money to buy stuff. Turn all those dumbass cards you get from your Humble Bundle games into tanks. It works. * No XVM or XVM focus means everyone is just playing against everyone else. Someone purple would never have to worry about being focused; I, as a shitter greenie, don't have to worry about being ignored. People just play, man. * Crew skills are different, in a way I like. You don't have to have a barracks of 120 crew members based on the tanks you want. Every tank is treated as using one crew, and what skill you train is based on the class you use. 6th sense is on by default for every tank, which idk if that's been implemented into WoT proper since I haven't played in about a year, but it's a huge development to me. * Consumables are a lot less expensive, and more streamlined for what they are. ___ Overall I like the pace of Blitz much better. I was frustrated about long, drawn-out games on PC with expensive consumables. You can buy a premium tank of whatever nation you want and it'll benefit all tanks instead of just the tank of that nation and class, and the reduced money investment for premium stuff offers a greater appeal to a wider audience. At the very least, it's worth going through the first few tiers to see if you like it enough to invest more into it. I enjoy it more than standard WoT, and I'll likely be buying an AT-15a- a tank I wanted on WoT but couldn't afford- on there this weekend with leftover Steam credit.
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    Its a cash grab. This has been happening for years... WG introduces a new tank, makes it OP as fuck and rakes in the dollars as people free XP to get it. Bonus points if the tanks before it are complete trash.
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    It's not incredibely hard. Just give it weakspots a trier lower tanks can penetrate with standard rounds and 2 triers lower with gold. Make LFP an actual weakspot. WG used to do those things semi right
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    The T14 historically had 110mm armor instead of 50mm with the same slopes and a 75mm gun. It'd be the perfect premium for WoT 2016: 220mm effective armor, 92 pen AP, the tomatoes could just sit and shoot each other all day having a good old time and no one gets hurt. EVERY ONE GETS BADGES FOR EVERY GAME! Tanks is basically already a daycare center now anyway.
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    Kranvagn - tier 10 Swedish HT

    "Multiculteralsm" apparently
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    M46 Patton Fan Club

    In case you wish to upgrade the M46 to an M47 i will just leave this here : http://www.milkym4n.com/modshop/remodels/m47-patton/
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    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    IMO 430v2 is better heavy than IS8.