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    In the real world, no one gives a fuck about your numbers in an online tank game. You really need to go outside.
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    I went in to this thread thinking some tankers went out on a run together.. then I remember we are internet nerds and that couldn't possibly happened before I continued reading
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    Seeing as those people seemingly provide your only current goal and joy out of life, I'd be less of an ungrateful fucker.
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    Hello Bois, inspired by attention-whoring-e50-adztown-something-BabyRage-MyWIN8 i tried to pad some penis points today, and whore some attention along with it. Basically how i played: -focusing full hp targets, unless direct threat to my tonk -not helping teammates, to farm more dmg -not coming back to help @ crucial flank -not comming back to defend if there was something ez to farm -farming ez useless dmg -Steve suiciding to help depad w/r My generous sample size told me so: -padding to 4k is gay, real man pads 5.5k/6k/7k wn8 on meds -excruciating pain for throwing games is as bad as being proud of 4k wn8 on t9 meds/type59 -Even if you try to throw in Type59, you just cant get below 60% w/r due to shitters and pref mm. -WZ120 gun sucks, but pads pretty Dank/10 -i wasnt camping enough cause more than 1 spots. i need to work on it. -It really feels bad to have that kind w/r x2222222222222 -To depad w/r that low @_Steve had to suicide every battle -There is no joy in loosing for me, even with high wn8. Slightly less triggered, but it still sux elephants dix. tl;dr -my epenis just punched me in my eyes, send halp. -having that low w/r with 3k+ wn8 requires help with throwing Stay tuned for more padding, gonna fuck my w/r all over, while providing e-penis enlargement to myself
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    Trying out my M4A1 Rev rental: Yeah, okay Wargaming, you totally know how to balance tanks. All the new premiums make everything I've bought up to this point floor trash.
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    usually rarely anyone has big discrepancies between wr and wn8 wr should come along with wn8 ~solo 3k for 60%~+-2% 4k for 70% +-2% 4,5k+++ up to 75% 4k with 60% is obvious shitpadding 3k with 80% is being a shitter who is carried or platooning a lot,
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    @leggasiini http://i.imgur.com/Co6aQds.gifv
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    I ran with WotLabs peeps this morning!!!

    make it an (E)50M freestyle and you got yourself a deal
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    Just 3 marked my 2nd tier 10, the E100. I know it's by no means a super difficult tank to mark but still I'm happy
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    9.17.1 Announced SH changes

    So... Employee posted this on the EU forums about the 7v7 change . 1) God I miss negs. Your post deserves it just like Content_NA would get 2) By creating this 7v7 BARRIER TO ENTRY to YOUR STATED END GAME (Which, is Tier 10 CW) you're rendering it MUCH harder for clans to form VIABLE strats to MOVE UPWARDS. Heres why: With 10 tanks, it allows for diversity. You're able to field a couple auto-loaders, some standard HTs, a MT or two, arty, and scout. This matches what almost EVERY tier 10 battle could look like. However, by changing the meta to 7v7, you're now looking at another failed game-mode and thats team-battles. With 7v7 tier 8, you're creating a HARD BARRIER to a growing FC to develop methods of attacking and defending which translate. You're killing diversity. Theres no room for arty. Theres no room for MTs. Theres no room for TDs. Its 5 heavies, two lights, go. Sure, the "bigger" clans (which, is ANOTHER ISSUE I have with your statement) can mercilessly adapt and destroy, but they're just going to be THAT much further ahead of the game. 3) Roadblocks are NOT THE SAME AS BARRIER TO ENTRY that you're now creating. A roadblock can be bypassed by growing your clan. This is a CLAN issue, NOT a WG issue. If you cannot field 10 players, only THREE MORE than 7, WG needs to work on ENTICING entry TO the clan, which is a CLAN issue NOT a game-mode issue. But no, you have to create this simple and mindless BARRIER. 4) And, wtf: Clans are all generally the same size, 90-100 players. Never more, sometimes Less. What you REALLY mean is MORE SKILLED clans instead of BIGGER clans. Oh, but GG you're making that gap LARGER between skill/less skilled, so... good job there? 5) You've already killed off Tier 6 CW on the EU, and its dead on the RU server, and will die soon on NA (Thank GOD). Just kill off the 7v7 format already, keep it to MINIMUM 10v10 for tier 8, and we'd LOVE IT were it changed to 12v12 which would allow for MORE growth AND more developement of the players skill base in organized play, leading to better results in YOUR STATED END GAME And that was my general reply
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    WN9 candidate prototype

    taugrim is very much corect. God (actually @Kitten) knows I've been struggling to implement WN9. It does a lot of things in a way that WoTLabs was never designed to do nor it had the capacity to do due to the information available from the API at the time. So please hang in there. I want WN9 as much as anyone here, I just ask for patience.
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    Hey everyone! For those who don't know me: I used to be pretty good at this game, playing in WGLEU for a bit, got 3 marks on most of my t10s and was main FC in OMNI, for a long time top 2 EU clan. Nowadays I am a bit less active and my play (mainly aim :P) is worse, and OMNI dropped off a bit but remains a topclan. I stream: Skirmishes (T10/T8 maybe), SH wars, solo randoms, platoons, etc. Activity varies: genghiswolves - Twitch On youtube I upload CW videos, awesome random replays (commented), sh war replays (some skimirshes), guides and recently a warleading guide. Over 500 videos total, checking out the older ones may really be worth too (when both I and OMNI were at our peak :D). But new videos have more effort putin so yeah Feedback very very welcome by the way! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ZDlC6oi8t21oqRzWdHMhg [Currently uploading daily] You can also find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/genghiswolvesOMNI/ and twitter Melvin Wolf (@genghiswolf) | Twitter Oh, and if you want to donate to motivate me to stream/youtube more, link in stream description Anyway, ready to answer any questions and might post some updates here (any rule on pushing?). Used to be really active here 2-3 years ago, not so much since. Thanks for the featuring btw.!
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    @CraBeatOff and another person I have already confused between @ZXrage and another Wotlabber dropped in morning game together. It was awesome! We lost! Team was bad, top tier heavy that was AFK, and our other heavies seemed intimidated by aggressive enemy lights. Still we all pulled our weight, and it was nice knowing you had two other folks that you knew were doing their best to offset pubbiness. Crab, I have the T49 re-searchable, I am just building up enough XP to put the top gun and gear on it. When I get a crew trained up will run with you guys again hopefully some day. Top damage in a JPII holding off (with a pubby in a Dicker Max helping) a T-54, MT-25, T54E1, and some STB variant while Crab and X (in T49's) extolled, cajoled, pleaded, and lead by example to get our heavies to freaking fight . . . sigh.
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    I think that patrons should get more up votes/down votes when a thread involves adstownstike. I've run out of both
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    stop whinning and start winning games, look at fame t10s lil shitter
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    Damn it...

    Damn it...
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    I ran with WotLabs peeps this morning!!!

    Hey man at least I can put my palms flat on the floor
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    Hey bro nice shit win rate accompanying that 3700 recent. Seriously when you fuck over your teams by chai sniping do you use lube or just full on dry dock them in the ass?
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    I will update this OP as discussions are made and tanks are added/removed from either the tech tree or gift shop. Each tier (5 through 8 ) will be broken into 4 groups Group 1: BUY BUY BUY! If you see this tank, and can get it, do it Group 2: The Average. These tanks don't stand out, but they also don't fall flat on their face. Worth a buy if you already own something better Group 3: Can be fun? These tanks don't appeal to everyone, but do have redeeming qualities and meme potential. Only buy if you need a very specific trainer Group 4: No. No. No (the Family Guy 'Consuela' Group). The ultimate shit-gift group Notables: WG is releasing a couple new prems over the holidays. I have no idea what they are or how they play, but I should be getting many of the newer premiums gifted by WG to my account to review Many of the tier 5 and 6 premiums, I never owned or I owned them when I was a REALLY bad player Some tanks have only ever been released once, such as Beta Tanks or special events and are left off for that reason (But, if SerB needs $$$ they will release them again... coughcoughMutant6coughcough Tier 8 premiums are a special group, and will be broken down further than the other tiers. Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8
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    I did a thing. https://4stor.com/ruDJS
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    Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent

    Three marked the last tier 10 russian medium for me, the 430. Sadly it took me more than a 100 games as I didn't play all the games within 2 weeks. You can watch most games in my latest VOD. The last couple of games I played off stream, but they are included in the replay pack. 20 games - 4.6k average damage https://www.mediafire.com/?hpg3nrqepoo5ddt
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    i've long stopped trying to make sense of WG's decisions, but it's funny how they make "long range fire" public enemy #1 on sandbox, then introduce swedish TDs, which can only do long range sniping... and nothing else.
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    @Xen http://www.itsgreat.eu/

    @Xen http://www.itsgreat.eu/
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    My tri days are well behind me. Like Ricky Bobby, I wanna go fast. I figured @Kolni would be challenging me to a rap freestyle...
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    Have fun associating with... ugh... her.
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    So this guy was on the enemy team on testserver today...:
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    Fallout 4 Modding ADD MORE PLOT

    http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5810/? This one is a must have for anyone who doesn't have a toaster for a computer and wants the game to actually look like it has some degree of life to it.
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    Fuck if I know dude. External and everyone in Otter now only want to bring back the people who were in before FAM merged and leave it as a social clan just doing strongholds and shit. Clan Wars is dead which was the whole point of Otter at the time so now.........
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    skorp 3rd mark http://imgur.com/DM2ClFq and the 4k DPG skorp session http://imgur.com/q6CIHkZ
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    German Cruisers Discussion

    Well it's dangerous to go alone. So with that being said any play you make you need to think about how to escape if it goes south especially if your team isn't in a position to support you. I'll be honest, I sometimes succumb to the urge to push a lightly held flank solo, but it's usually a coin toss as to whether or not it costs me my ship, especially considering the campy nature of higher tiers. For example, last night I was in my Udaloi and I was flanking in an effort to support a teammate by getting another angle on a heavily defended cap. Unfortunately that meant pushing close to the enemy spawn and wouldn't you know it *5* of their ships were loitering there and it ended up costing me my ship with a measly 5K damage done and one cap assist. So exercise caution whenever you think about going rogue!
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    True story, he was so small he couldn't help but run D:
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    Leo, tier 7 medium

    Well, 52 games later the EMIL is unlocked (wow I wish we had 100% XP boosters back in the day when I ground lots of tanks). The Leo surprised me - I expected a turd but this is a perfectly decent tier 7 tank. In a tier with a lot of absolutely awful grinds the Leo is a relaxing breeze to play through. Heck, I didn't even remember to switch to a GLD when playing with the 105 and still found the gun handling characteristics manageable. You just have to spend a little more time setting up shots. 2245 XP, 4088 damage with the 105 2019 XP with the 75
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    9.17.1 Announced SH changes

    I liked 10v10 tier 8 battles. Well at least it'll be easier to get a SH started. So, all who fight in a Stronghold battle will receive the same amount of Industrial Resource regardless of whether they fought till the end or were outed from the battle at the very beginning Yo wtf. I play hard for them boxes. Hello welfare system it looks like wargaming is really exited to add you.
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    Editing this post as I look through the armor models. Just a quick buff/nerf thing, I'll let applesauce go into the numbers when he makes his armor changes thread. The 263 got a pretty nice buff. Better slope on the UFP, smaller mantlet, and the mantlet is reinforced with an additional 250mm plate surrounding the edges of it, so it must be shot fairly dead center to pen. Comes at the cost of a slightly bigger LFP, but that extra mantlet protection is more than worth it. Obj 140 got nerfed. Worse angle on the cupolas, worse angle on the side armor, and the usual thing where you can now shoot between the tracks. E-50 might be a slight nerf - the cupola is smaller, but it lost its circular gun mantlet and got a fairly weak one in return. It also got slightly fatter - especially the tracks. They're now HUGE and cover half the side. It got tiny 5mm side skirts too, although thats unlikely to ever make a difference. WZ 111 1-4 got buffed. LFP gained around 50mm of armor, turret is stronger now. Obj 907 got a slight buff, the turret is slightly stronger and the LFP isnt paper anymore. T14 got an even stronger turret, weaker hull. Probably a net nerf, but it'll be pretty great hulldown now. Indien got nerfed, armor won't get nearly as many ricochets. AT-7 got a frontal armor buff. Lots of strong armor all over it; you'll need 240+ pen to really reliably go through the front. Before 220 was good enough. Somewhat unreliable armor, though. AT-2 got a slight buff; the hole behind the mantlet is like half the size. Otherwise basically unchanged. 4502A basically has KT armor now. 220/135 UFP/LFP instead of 180/170. Will be nice against your peers, although that trashes its T6/7 bullying capability. Tiger I/Tiger P mantlet buff is fairly small - mostly a buff to their reliability. 150mm with random spots of 50mm changed to almost entirely 160mm.
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    Aids is catching up to 2k14...
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    E-Penis Enlargement and how its bad for w/r

    it was really hard to reach that low w/r
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    dafuq is this aaveq get gud and do dmg and win
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    Yep, definitely smelling a "v29 E-50 and M46 values" will be back and made permanent in V30, just a hunch though.
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    adz i admire your dedication, playing 18k games to make a wotlabs troll account
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    Luna you can put your original sig back on :3
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    [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah

    You do realise you are asking a woman to do something logical...?
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    You said seamen . . .
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    yeah they did , they remember to charge for it this time :^)
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    CNN is trying their best to make sure Trump stays in the White House for 8 years
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