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    What it feels like to win 83%

    I had to remember my Wotlabs login info just to downvote this you spastic.
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    Chemotherapy tactics

    OK so due to a lack of communication between anyone who does this, this is now the home to all tips/tricks for those seeking to bring balance to the battlefield once again. Post things of interest, funny moments, or other chemo related things and farm mad rep. Things I've learned so far in my experiences: E5 gun hitbox is really long, so you can back up to block guns and not worry too much. Batchat Arties (9/10) have the shell leave the barrel at the very end of the gun for some unknown reason. May take 2 shots to dispose of properly, or save your TK points for these buggers. Su-14-2 (school bus) is too big, and therefore basically invincible. To just make the cancer really freaking mad just park the side of your tank next to them and keep on turning in one direction. The hull movement will ruin their bloom and cause them to be unable to aim in at all. The sweet spot on most US and German vehicles is right at the center of the barrel, very consistent results with this.
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    Chemotherapy tactics

    I just got banned for tking all of my arty ask @CraBeatOff
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    If I made a thread every time I had a win streak, I'd be perma banned for spamming
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    zeph why are you such an fagot?
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    That the STA and Mutz are here above 20, while the Super P, KV-5 and Hype 59 are in single digits disgusts me. Y'alls are medium padder trash! Where did the Indien and tech tree STA get eliminated? Farmer's medium trashola!!!!!!
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    First time hitting 100% marks on a tank.
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    trash topic just like you :^)
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    and i'm telling you credit income doesn't affect the outcome of battles, performance does i play entirely different tanks depending on if i want to grind credits or if i want to win and that's what i think many people here fail to consider the amount of credits you gain/lose is a factor that only applies outside of the match, not in them the type59 is among the top credit earners across the board as well, i fail to see how a tank that is reliably winning games and also making credits (a lot of them as well) falls into your category at all, especially since you take credits into consideration. sure the gun is a bit annoying and there's a low ammo count, but there's no other t8smm tank in the game with that type of flexibility when it comes to not getting shafted by maps or lineups i'm also very surprised t8smm tanks aren't in the lead they should be in, the fact that you only fight tier9s makes them so much more viable and by far better at winning, sure the patriot and liberte are downright broken and they might even be better at it despite a T10MM possibility, but stuff like the STA-2, M4A1 Rev and Mutz are guaranteed worse at winning despite perhaps being better tanks compared in a 1v1 against a type
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    E75: The Greatest of the Tier 9s

    Who besides this fucking guy is hyped for bloom and accuracy buffs to the E75?
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    reply again when you have any other T8 SMM tank that can do this in the entire game pls
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    Next bragging competition: who tked the most arty
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    RIP Poshy l will miss you bro, may you be happy up there
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    He hath already appeared. Now you must wait for the next shit poast for his re-awakening
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    Hey friends fellow unicum zepherex here with a spicy guide. Yeah so in response to crabs great thread i decided to make a thread with a higher battle count. Basically i moved around and shot stuff. Only played the STB and 121 good tanks those.. yeah. :^)
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    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2919560/father-of-three-dies-during-24-hour-charity-gaming-marathon-live-streamed-on-twitch/ A WoT streamer has died during a marathon gaming session. After 22 hours of gaming he went out for a smoke break and never came back, his death was announced by authorities over the comm program he was using. The following is simply informative/speculative and does not confirm the cause of death of said streamer. - Solono This should serve as a wake up call for people who frequent long gaming sessions with minimal physical breaks in between. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition where a blood clot would form inside a vein in a limb, typically after long periods of inactivity such as sitting or lying down. A frequent complication of DVT is that the clot will break loose and lodge itself in other far worse places such as your lungs, causing an embolism which can kill extremely quickly without immediate medical intervention. While some causes of DVT are genetic and hereditary, the best common preventive measure is to simply get off your ass every now and then and move your legs. Take a walk to the toilet, grab a beer, answer the door when the pizza guy comes. The fact that you are moving your limbs will improve circulation and significantly reduce the chances of DVT occurring. DVT can often occur without any noticeable symptoms. In case you do experience sudden pain, swelling, warmth and discoloration on your limb particularly during or after a long period of immobility, call a doctor. It's better that you call 911 and waste a trip to the hospital than to drop dead suddenly. That is all. Please direct all condolences to Poshy at his memorial thread.
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    A WoWS critique

    One thing Warships has over World of Tanks though that can't be overstated. When your ship gets killed- you know it got wrecked to pieces. 6 Goddamn torpedoes straight into the hull, withering fire sweeping the decks killing crew and melting modules alike, 16 inch shells punching into the guts of the ship devastating the vitals and magazines, etc., damage saturation so non-vital areas can (more or less) only take away so much of your HP pool. And then you have WoT...where I explode because my friggin turret cupola got focus-sniped 10 times in a row, and a 122mm shell hitting my rangefinder or view ports or radio man hatch does exactly as much damage as if it exploded right in the middle of center mass. Everyone who plays tanks has to willfully suspend disbelief regularly on that one, everlasting and goofy mechanic. Never have that in warships and that's awesome.
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    Great deal at HB this week. https://www.humblebundle.com/civilization-bundle Civ 3 complete and Civ 4 complete editions for $1 Civ 5, seems to be complete, and Civ 6 discount coupon for an extra $7 Pay $7 more to get Beyond Earth with map packs and Rising Tide DLC.
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    Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]

    Filthy non weeb trash don't you mean ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥
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    Chemotherapy tactics

    I seen it.
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    I figured, and that's fair enough. I agree that those can be really great carry tanks (although i'm still skeptical that the KV-5 is really THAT good in general - vbaddict data doesn't support that it's some amazing carry vehicle, though that data would suggest that the WZ-111 and 112 are). I guess what i'm saying is that there's a tradeoff here on pure unadulterated winrate and fun while grinding credits, and that (having played the carry heavies) I can't say that it's weird to me that a lot of folks would prefer the medium playstyle, even if it does come at some expense of absolute (though not necessarily relative) winrate. Maybe it's just the time of day I end up playing or whatever, but I hardly ever bring out my pref MM tanks because it feels like they just get dumped into tier 9 matches where they're mostly fighting an uphill battle. I'd rather be a Lowe in a tier 10 game than a KV-5 in a tier 9 game, I guess...
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    Ranked Season 6: Back to Seven

    "Great news! The shell went clear through the engine/magazine/hydraulics so no harm done!"
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    Job interview for the position of business manager tomorrow morning, wish me luck fgts
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    But you play on NA, everybody knows NA is trash
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    Well you just made a thread saying you cant even aim sooooooooooo :^) Also REEEEEE just had my wisdom teeth pulled. I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE THIS IS SO WIERD
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    -2.4mil credits Not even 3200 dpg Literally platooned with cancer Not even on any top pages for 4 wk numbers Like why even take a screenshot
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    Deliberate Practice, How to?

    Deliberate practice being the foundation of all skill growth. So, what to practice, and how to practice it? I'm fairly good at gunnery, but what are the other aspects of proficiency at this game, for of course there are others, and how best to practice them?
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    What is that, like $5 these days?
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    Someone tried to spoof our CEO's email again. Problem is, they failed their spoofing attempt. I replied to that email informing him of what a dumbass he is. I cant wait to hear a reply
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    Without Chaffee level mobility every high tier LT will be unplayable. Seriously, we need LIGHT tanks, not a bit faster mediums.
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    Chemotherapy tactics

    Nope - you "can't". Arti has much, much higher teamdamage treshold. Your 183 will be handled the same as any other tank as far as I'm aware. In the past (stoped playing) I often just team killed the clowns that tried to mess with me and my arti. And even after causing some other insignificant amount of team damage, you didn't turn blue. I think it took something like two team kils including well above 1K team damage to turn blue in arti. Therefor arti is the perfect choice for dealing with base camping E100 ;-) in both teams.
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    Humble Bundle: Sid Meier's Civilization

    Laff. To think I paid money for BE
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    This poast is at +1 at the time of this writing. I have the inexplicable urge to neg rep back to 0 just for the lulz. Don't worry friend, no disrespect intended. I'll be sure to upboat the next poast of yours I see to compensate.
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    Haven't played WoT in a good minute, but. Here to pay my respects to Poshy. We weren't great friends but still platooned in his early streaming days. Really sad to hear. Rest in peace good friend.
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    oh please type 59 solos 70%WR and so does KV-5 for players that aren't trash, i don't see how bad gun handling is such a huge drawback when people actually pull 2,7k+ dpgs with it alongside it? :^) m4a1rev and sta2 and even wz-111 for a pref comparison srynotsry but how good a tank is is not based on how much credits it makes, it's about how well it performs just because people are poor plebs doesnt mean the tank is any worse because of it M4A1 Revalorisé: 23 AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 33 Löwe: 32 T26E5 (Patriot): 34 Skorpion G: 23 STA-2: 26 - out of all tanks left this one is the one i felt had the least impact to actually influence the game, while the gun handling and gold pen is really nice, literally everything else about the tank is meh enough to make it a completely useless tank for pushes and the Leo PTA of tier 8, you're great as a support but the second you actually need to do something but the complete lack of armour and alpha makes it absolutely useless if you can't redline or poke ridges, the m4a1 has good enough alpha to shave important HP off instantly and the M46 KR actually has some turret armour now to work with along with the typical american bloom that makes this tank the least useful tank of the bunch when it comes to winning for me M46 KR: 23 112: 25 Pz. 58 Mutz: 19 WZ-111: 13 T26E4: 8 KV-5: 9 - this tank is by far the best tank for stomping a team, 3 of these even of the most open maps will steamroll everything, rolling 100%WR platoons while doing memes and being completely braindead has never been so easy, special MM, broken as fuck DPM, a good chunk of HP and armour that actually works no matter what's shooting at you, it's also has a lot of character and is a joy to play Type 59: 8
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    Europa Universalis IV

    So I just read up on how the combat system works. There's no indicator that maneuver matters during combat. The only thing it does for battles is negate any river crossing, strait crossing, or amphibious penalty if your leader's maneuver is higher than the enemy. In my search for why the Ottomans beat me up so bad, I've found a couple of things. The difference in military tech was pretty substantial - their infantry had +30% damage during the fire phase over me. The difference in tactics and discipline (mil tech + Ottoman ideas) also meant he was taking at least 10% less damage than me. So even though I was out pipping them, they had some good multipliers after the base casualty calculation was done. It still doesn't seem right that essentially having 1 infantry+1 artillery vs 1 enemy infantry should result in me taking more losses. I'll have to watch some future battles more carefully to see what other combat damage modifiers each side has.
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    Only 83%? Pfft... that's just weak. I was part of a triple arty platoon few weeks back:
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    That avg dmg of 3000, someone got carried
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    You're just jealous because you don't have purple recent win rate.
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    What it feels like to win 83%

    Trash like Razer elite? xD or maybe just the mahou in the clan history XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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    Well tanks just told me to fuck off. 9 games in a tier 9, 7/9 games were tier 10 battles, I won 2 of 9 games, and couldn't even break 2k DPG. It ended with me rolling a 377 with my 490 alpha gun to leave the bad guy with 1 HP. Fuck. That.
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    You basically said people with worse stats than QB are not allowed to criticise him. So don't backpeddle and claim you have said the obvious of 60% > 5x%. I hear the same arguments in my sport and it's super annoying becauses it rules out any critique from established trainers.
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    God rest Poshy's soul. He has brought happiness and joy to many players and people, he will definitely be missed. F
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    Mod1 is good you all just suck
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    Obsidian got fired

    Played WOT for 6 years , 5 of those folks said it was dying, for 2-3 years now been hearing about how AW and to a lesser extent WT GF would kill it lol. I don't think wot is perfect but i take it over the attempts at one upping it.
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    I'm currently sitting at 140+ games in the UDES with a little over 60% WR and 2k WN8. True that in the past I severely hated this tank due to its almost complete inability to make offensive moves (my experience: attempted to 'mop-up' a winning game, ran into an enemy Chaffee at close range and subsequently died from full health) and my early WR suffered for this, But the tank itself has a unique playstyle and combination of traits that, IMHO, contributes positively to the winning chances of the team. First off, this thing can SCOUT. It has the Camo-On-The-Move and top speed/acceleration similar to the infamous E25 and the lower range of Light Tanks. If the map or situation does not allow you to play passively or engage the enemy safely, this is a part-time job you can take. Once, I assclenched when I spotted an enemy E50 in cover at a little over 350m while in the open and on the move. Only when he started blindshooting the bushes around me then I realized I wasn't actually spotted. The two things you need to make up for is the UDES's TD-like low turnrate and spotting range. For turnrate, my only advice is to turn well in advance or use the handbrake if you dont mind bleeding speed. For spotting range, I would first do a cautious loop or poke first to see if 6th goes off, if it doesn't then I settle down and let Binos do its work (I don't run Optics, but it is a possible setup). The Camo also lets you engage at much closer ranges than a typical Sniper TD without getting seen, sometimes even self-spot, and you have the speeds to take and abuse advantageous positions provided you dont run into enemy lights or meds in which case you are buggered. I run Camo Net to help with this. Also, a basic Camo/TD skill that I never cared about until I got to this tank is to wait for 2 seconds after coming to a complete stop before attempting to invisitank shoot, because the transition from 'moving camo' to 'stationary camo' is the same conditions and delay as binos or net kicking in, if you have either equipped just wait for the sound of them activating before shooting to be sure. Speaking of advantageous positions. You can mountain goat with this thing due to its acceleration and top speed. If you have that kind of map knowledge then this tank with its L7A1, -12(?) degrees of depression and camo you can wreck merry havoc from above. Another tip with this and the next two TDs is to go into travel mode immediately after shooting, this is so that if 6th triggers you can immediately back away at 40 km/h. The substantial reload time is enough for you to set up again for the next shot regardless if you're not spotted. If you absolutely must engage enemies that will see you before you shoot or will see you after you shoot, your most favorable circumstance would be shooting down under cover from high ground. The best way to do this is starting from being fully in cover is step: 1. Enter siege mode and force your ass up to maximum by aiming at the ground, 2. Auto aim the target, 3. Inch up the last few feet until only the raised gun and butt of your tank is visible to the enemy, 4. Let auto aim snap to the target, 5. Fire and autopen because you have 288/330 pen as a T8, 6. Hit travel mode so your butt lowers itself out of sight faster than you can reverse in siege mode, 7. Back down just a little bit so you can perform step 1 without being seen, 8. Repeat. This entire cycle can be completed in slightly less than your reload time so you don't lose DPM. If you want, you can delay the cycle slightly so you recloak before the next shot. Final note: The tank gains a little bit of depression while moving forward in travel mode. If you must perform the ELC European Lancer Charge, don't stop to aim unless your piece of ground slopes downwards because 1. The gun will jerk upwards when coming to a stop, and 2. No telling that even flat ground can give you enough depression. Rating: Permanent addition to garage for pubs with non girl crew.
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    Ikv 65 Alt II, tier 6 TD

    Wow, ugly but cute - kinda like an M3 Lee that drove under a low bridge too fast.
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    Extremely Abusive Elitists

    get out.
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