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    Trump crushed it

    K. How bout that no politics thing though
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    Da very best

    Da very best
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    So I asked my Doctor for antidepressants, she asked "What's the reason?" I said "Heard of World of cancerous Arty?" she laughed "Yea my little son loves to play that game!" Now I need a lawyer, anyone?
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    > woke up at 5 > 1.5 hr commute > Got on campus 20 mins before class > checked my phone (7:40 am) > professor just sent out an email saying class cancelled > kek Why I even bother getting up
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    To that random forum pubbie who derails Gasai threads armed with facts, logic, and hundreds of pictures of captured German armor painted with Allied and USSR insignia... I salute you.
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    Need Incentive To Play Tier 10

    If you don't enjoy it, don't bother playing it. I almost never play tier 10 anymore because the gameplay is awful (this is, of course, my opinion on the matter). Arty has retarded alpha with retarded splash and is far too prevalent. There's too many stupid alpha cannons (JPE, 183, etc). The vision game ranges from minimal to completely dead which was always one of the more consistent and enjoyable parts of the game (a game mechanic that isn't controlled by RNG? Get rid of it comrade!). Because of all the alpha running around games are much more campy and tedious. Aggression gets punished more often than it is rewarded to the point where "aggressive" unicum level play is actually pretty passive. If you want to play tier 10 to improve on skills, pick a certain set of skills, pick a goal, and play to achieve that goal. If that isn't fun for you then don't bother with it. Play4fun.
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    As I see it I'm just suffering from new guy syndrome, (although I submit I was pretty harsh on one individual [ed: don't know what they identify as sorry] who was merely being condescending and struggling to assimilate what I wrote).... because I pushed back at a couple of posts that assumed I had no knowledge nor capacity to analyse. Cronk I'd categorise my initial responses as being quite fair and polite but I come from a world where a bad day is people getting dead not a direct or pointed comment. Some of your efforts have been little more than trolling - but I guess that as an "old Hand" here you have more credit.... or are safe as long as you are on the bandwagon. Sorry I'm not mesmerised by high stats when it comes to debate (and I differentiate that from my high respect for "expertise").... . Merit of what is put forward should be what counts. I'm not closed minded - nor am I stupid or ignorant of the dynamics, and mechanics of this game. Present a good argument and I'll weigh it up and shift my view appropriately. I've been trained to self-reflect or re-evaluate information I hold instead of assuming another is incorrect when a difference arises.... but that's not an approach that is all that common, nor the approach of seeking out difference to test and evaluate what you know and believe (see my below comments about group-think). If I get "learn to play" directly or by inference from someone a polite shot back is within bounds imo -especially when I contained it to a bit of hyperbole and still pursued the actual topic I was discussing. If a response is condescending, lacks any real analytical thought, fails to address what I raised, and is just opinion distilled from the assumption that "everyone else" agreed with the poster - why would I accede my point or not clarify remarks? I even apologised in case it was just his English and tried to clarify but by that point the victim card was in hand. Maybe I was on target about the Liberal comment..... plenty of snowlfakes around that rank feelings over facts and who can't tolerate disagreement from someone they have been disagreeable to (you can look at research on the growth of extremism and group think that occurs in forums such as this due to people gravitating toward opinions or havens that suit their view.... it's well documented). Ezz throwing the comments about "Stomp Tact" is just globalising - and it got old a long time ago. If I offend a bunch of people that's all me (not the clan I'm in now nor the few others I have been in along the way). I consider at that point if their sensitivity is arising from an authentic disagreement or me being an authentic troll and deliberately rude (which would be antagonizing). By and large I'm not a rude person.... Thanks for the tip though.... I accept it is well meant :). No clue who Hopey is nor do I really care what led to him being a pariah in the forum.
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    I joined a tier 6 with a clan callee _WOLF today. The sum of all 6 Of their PRs didnt reach mine. The first game, they tried to say "go here and do this" I completely ignored them, spotted the entire enemy team, and farmed 1600 damage, allowing us to win. The next game in chat: "so where should we go?"
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    Can i just save everyone time and nominate 252 as best tenk?
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    Need Incentive To Play Tier 10

    The honor of getting face rolled by a Maus platoon should be incentive enough, now get in there and donate your HP and credits to the cause.
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    Glad to see you doing better and back with the labs.
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    Having 3 marked most of the T8 premium meds I've suddenly hit a wall with my play and am really struggling with the 90>95% grind. ...til now. M4A1 Ravoli 3 marks is get! \o/
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    JP II or Ferdi?

    I loved the ferdi for the most part, its not even that slow. The extra gun arc and gun dep over the JP2 helped a lot more than I thought it would. Top tier vs 7s/6s and some 8s the 200mm hull armor despite its multiple weakpoints allowed me to frontline faceroll everything. JP2's low HP and superstructure nerf hurt it so much that I sold it right after they nerfed it. It doesn't feel like the superstructure is worth anything anymore and its difficult to completely hide that massive paper hull.
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    Im so glad you are back m8 ;_;

    Im so glad you are back m8 ;_;
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    My man is back, as I wrote several times in thread of you come to Croatia please ping me. Drinks are on me. Cheers.
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    AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 30 Löwe: 43 T26E5 (Patriot): 49 + 1 = 50 Because while I can't buy it, I love platooning my IS-5 with them and calling it the Trump/Putin superplatoon. 112: 14 - 3 = 11 D-25T. Not even 250 HEAT saves the derpiness. GET. OUT.
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    No idea what I did to piss this guy off. I bounced a shell of his T34 in my SU-122-54 and shot him twice but that was really it. Straight out in the open. Nothing fishy. But he goes on some tirade about how hes going to press charges and have the military check into WoT lmao
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    [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah

    China? Love all you guys, my eu bois n grilles here in BRAH are some of the most enjoyable company I've ever had <3 I just got through the first interview and am waiting for the second one, if I land this job I'll buy myself some gold and power grind the m103 this week and get dat E5, woo! Edit: Got em. Orientation tomorrow, le's goooo.
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    The reality in this game is that there are always tiers that are just horrible to play because of inherent problems with some game mechanics. It changes over time, like how at one time 5 was insane because you fought nothing but 8s. Right now a lot of tiers are pretty bad to the point I'm purging a lot of stuff from my garage again because so everything is just broken, like how the recent buffing of 8s and addition of new OP 8s has rendered tier 6 practically unplayable. Play whatever tier you like, it's just a game, you aren't building up a resume or something. Imo 10 is awful and virtually always has been. I don't even understand how people can take playing it, in mid tier I get a game ruined by arty maybe 1/20 games. I get hit by arty maybe 1/10. In 10 it's more like 1/5 and 1/3, respectively. That alone is intolerable to me. And yes, there's no vision at tier 10. Everything sees everything instantly, scouting of any kind has a much worse risk to reward ratio, and tormenting bads with scouting has always been one of the most amusing parts of the game to me. To me 10 has always seemed like the most degenerate form of this game, where the gameplay mostly comprises of lumbering along getting shot at by arty while sniping each other at 400m+ on open maps or just 22 weak spot snap shotting at 100m in closed maps hoping your RNG is better.
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    Need Incentive To Play Tier 10

    sounds like you dont really play the game for the fun anymore but are stuck in the grinding loop. thats when it's often wise to quit a game.
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    I find it funny so many of you crying about a HT that can overcome your "skilled play". WTF do you think people have been doing with HEAT rounds or other premium for the last several patches where HT's and armour are concerned? Having some MT bounce once (assuming they even have standard ammo on-board), switch to HEAT then just start penning at will is pretty common for a lot of HT's that aren't as sloped and bouncy as a number of the popular MT's. It's a shift in the gameplay as WG "evolve" their game and a number who have had their time in the sun abusive OP tanks to stat pad will have to find the new centre of gravity in the game. Most of you have multiple tank lines unless you are re-roll'ed stat whores so it shouldn't be a problem to shift to the next flavour of the month tank.... Personally I'm against anything that continues to dumb down the game - decreased accuracy, higher pen etc that either turns it into RNG brawl fests or just a frustration for those that learn game nuance and still get beaten by random luck entrenched to raise the skill floor of scrubs artificially. Most of my shouting has therefore been about arty and premium ammo :P.
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    VK100.01 - the new "Mini-Maus"?

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    Also don't forget you have a real 4 core CPU in there at that price point, not some 2 core/hyperthreaded nonsense.
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    Thought of that video the second I read the title.
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    Quasi take it as a positive that old timers will make remarks like Ezz did - it is a sign of acceptance (of sorts). There are clans out there that have history - both good and bad. When you have a particular clan tag after your name you in effect wear its history. STOMP's history will always have hints of MausLord through it. The same way DETOX (and ADA and AUSCG) will always be tarnished due to HoPeFooLLL. Funny story I was chatting with someone in game a few months back and they suggest platooning up. They had stats that showed they had an understanding of the game, but they had a clan tag that I was not prepared to platoon with so I had to politely decline. They asked why so I was frank with them - I would not platoon with a DETOX player. 30 seconds later they had dropped tags! Not entirely sure on the relevance, but I was reflecting and it made me smile.
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    My last 300 or so games in it have been 4k DPG +/- 100. Not much this tank cant do. my go-to solopub tank
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    Needs Maus engine and a top speed of 40kmh IMO
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    I did a thing http://wotreplays.com/site/3389542?secret=d15abe5e4c427c86bc60bd7081c24545
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    The wiki's gun stats on the T32 are hilariously fucked up. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:A12_T32
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    Seriously, what do I need to do to get moving towards this level. I'm stuck, plz get me unstuck.
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    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    I'll go for 3 as soon as i have enough credits to fund heat spam
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    Expected Values Updated to v29

    The differences between PR and WNx are pretty small. It's choose your own crappy adventure! Noobmeter is a great site when its up to date.
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    I prefer the term "apathetic"
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    Tier X Light tanks

    I think these lights are actually going to work reasonably well in this form. Essentially you're trading off your armor, big pen gold rounds, and DPM from the mediums and getting better mobility, camo, and view range in exchange. I'm still not sure about having base view ranges hitting 440 though. The best change I saw from the first sand box was dropping standard view range at high tier from 400 to around 370 with a range of view ranges which made scouting a thing. If everything stays at these crazy numbers open maps are going to be decided by lights an awful lot. The first SB's view range numbers needed tweaking, but if they keep all view ranges super high at high tier there's still going to be a lot of cowering and hiding on open maps.
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    Tier X Light tanks

    It's the new eye-for-an-eye mechanic to even out all the arty yolo rushes that will take place with these speedy lights. Both lights and arty finally get a purpose in game, to kill each other in a never ending circle of hate.
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    when will WG get it? Lights will fucking suck until they fix the maps
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    AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 41Löwe: 46T26E5 (Patriot): 43 + 1 = 44 // I actually own only P among the tonks left, so..Skorpion G: 7 - 3 = 4 // Just die already u fcking piece of shit..112: 21
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    LOL at power to weight ratios on some of the new tier 10 lights. Has to be some typos on the site. Rheinmetall Panzerwagen 51.2 HP/Ton (1280 HP at 25 Tonnes) T-100 LT 56.7 HP/Ton (850 HP at 15 Tonnes)
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    > im grinding credits, now playing with completely balanced 252u, el halluf, encounter > our fv304 is capping > there is still juicy full HP tiger > i tell FV to stop capping > fv doesnt respond > im trying to reach tiger > fv still keeps capping > i said fuck it and i TK fv304 > turn blue (lol because you turn easier to blue for shooting cappers) > someone else is capping too, but there is now 2 minutes of time left > allies starts shooting me > despite that i keep going and i charge at tiger 1 that has 1k HP left > get 1k more damage, wouldnt have gotten that if i didnt kill fv 100%. fucking. worth. it.
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    Thanks for that epic pro-tip.... but you do realise that you just stated that hiding behind an object so your armour doesn't get hit is how to get it working - right? That seems like a pretty poor argument prima-fascia but I know you are just trying to "put me in my place" (albeit poorly) so I'll look past your shit riposte and score you 2/10 for effort. Thanks for the down-rating. Read my posting more thoroughly and you will realise I am well aware that the HE mechanic undermines a number of current play strategies. My statements were more to the point that those who currently play with armour focussed tanks are already frequently punished by Premium ammo wielding opponents who can simply pen or overmatch. Knowing how to angle etc is all very well - (and I've been playing HT since the games release so I have my time doing it) but it's not (A) effective against a number of high pen tanks, (B) feasible in many map scenarios. YOu play to your tanks strengths.... and then someone who cannot overcome them through superior play hits 2 and simply bypasses them very frequently. If you think that is not the case you are arguing the thin end of the wedge. Premium ammo is not 100% sure fire damage but it shifts the balance in an engagement dramatically. HE does that as well. I'd urge you to reflect on the impact of the HE tanks in the mid tiers. They can be challenging to play against and piss people off as much as SPGs do.... but they are managed by teams. Ironically the impact of these changes is mitigated though on tanks with heavier armour and spall which suffer relatively less damage whilst those that have little armour and have been relying on high maneuverability/ terrain masking / bouncy turrets etc in conjunction with high pen guns..... will have to find new ways to be competitive against these tanks. many of those I describe are the main Meta tanks on the Asia server by what I observe (I'm not talking tourney play or CW).It won't spell the end of mediums as some here decry.... but it will likely cause MT players hardship and require altered strategies. Some will still play them due to liking the style and others will shift to other tank types to achieve their own personal goals or fun Look at the sandbox if you want to see into the mind of WG a bit.... I think the game is going to face a lot of changes that will really shift the meta in some unpredicatable ways and I'm not surprised people are worried given the amount of money invested in years of play (but that money is also what you played to enjoy those years.... not insurance against future change). WG is not gentle with balance or change but we all cop it equally - no matter any personal disappointment or disagreement about the detail of their efforts.
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    Pz.Kpfw. VII wn8?

    Guys pls I'm super srs. I can't survive without my precious wn8 like adztownstrike.
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    Also no arty removal
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    Strv 81, Swedish tier 8 premium MT

    After that they will give us Chinease TD premium
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    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    The 430 II is just glorious, much better for carrying games than T-54 if you ask me. Any decent player will just HEAT through the T-54 turret any time of the day, won't happen with the 430 II though. It can also go hulldown in a lot of places cause it's a pancake and it can sidescrape damn well aswell. It's just so fucking good.
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    How did you get good at this game?

    If you're a fly, sure it is. We aren't flies. Completely different measuring stick. Maybe that kid is good, maybe not. Maybe that class is dismal. How will we know? Compare to all the other classes. If in all the classes in the country, only a handful of kids get a C - and the rest are below - then yeah, that kid is good. The grading system is set too high. To flip things around: if, on the other hand, just a handful of kids get a C, and the rest all get better than C, then the grading system is too lax. The idea that the vast majority from millions of players are bad is silly.
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    How did you get good at this game?

    See how silly you are?!? Flies...lol...like that's got anything to do with anything....
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    How did you get good at this game?

    You're making the classic mistake of assigning inherent characteristics or properties to what is a relative measuring system. Green and blue and purple are colors assigned to a relative measuring system, not colors assigned to essential game play skills. A unicum is just whoever is at the top 0.1% of the range being measured. If there's no one above that green player, it doesn't matter what he does or doesn't know, he's the best in that game, so he's not really green any more (according to the current color system). So, let's leave your unrealistic hypothetical behind. In any player base, some people will understand the game reasonably well. Some will not. Some will understand it very well and begin to use that understanding to leverage results. Across that player base, which always displays that full range of skills, those who win more than 99.9% compared to other players either have those skills, from having solid understanding of game mechanics or just absorbed trial and error, or are gods-are-smiling-on-you (no, make that gods-want-to-have-your-children) lucky. I think we can rule out the last one. Therefore, any player who ranks near the top of any given player base is good. Unless you can invent some kind of concrete knowledge domain required for assigning different groups in different categories, and figure out a way of measuring the possession of that, even for yourself, then what we're stuck with is relative measurements. Being better than players who lack basic skills means something, yes (in response to your question). It means you're likely to do better at winning. Being better than those players means something too. Somewhere in there, way short of being better than 99.9% of the player base, is where good starts. This is obvious. I think you're falling victim to reverse e-peening, where, once a player achieves a certain level marking them as better by some metric than the majority of players, they discount that measure, thus, ironically, enhancing it's value. If the 99% isn't good, then, boy, the rest of you suck!
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    GTX 10x0 info / Pascal info

    Who bought GTX 1070 please share your experience because I'm thinking to buy this tomorrow. Thanks EDIT One of the reasons why i upgrade. HEVC all the way GTX960 can also do 10bit HEVC, but that's downgrade for me. This might be useful in OP.
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