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    Final Farewell

    i don't entirely know where to begin. four years ago when I started playing WoT, I had no clue the amount of time, energy, and devotion I would pour into it. Fast forward to now and I'm barely five months away from moving out of the house and starting university. WoT moved from being a fun game that I played in my free time to something that consumed my time. Part of what made it so appealing was the competitive nature and e-peen measuring, I wanted to be the best there was. Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, despite all the relationships I've formed through this game and all that I have done in this game, I have missed out on so many better opportunities in real life. Moving forward into this coming stage of my life, I don't think that WoT is the best thing to be spending my time on. As an extension of WoT, there is Wotlabs and the tight knit group of Chatwhores. Cutting out WoT and staying here is like getting rid of all my alcohol but still hanging out with my alcoholic friends. As much as it kills me to leave the wonderfully great and crazy people here, I need to be able to step back and get perspective and line up how I'm spending my time, who I want to be, and ultimately what I want to do with this life I have been given. I will miss you all and wish you all the best. Keep sticking it to SerB and get arty removed.
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    Object 252U

    Tank Is extremely hard to play. Occasionally I'm forced to sidescrape instead of simply rolling my face across the keyboard. WG please fix this bug
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    Strv S1

    nah because masturbating in bushes the whole game is boring as fuck
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    So I have a lamp on my desk that's probably from the 70's and eats lightbulbs at a rate of 1 per every couple weeks. I've never gotten rid of the lamp because I'm a cheapass, but by now I think ive spent more on lightbulbs than I would have on a new lamp. I'm a smart man
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    Final Farewell

    give me ur acc
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    In the moment, ask yourself: Are you penetrating shots reliably in this engagement? If not, load gold. Repeat: Are your gold rounds penetrating reliably? If not, you probably should not be in that engagement. I always had heaps of credits so I never really cared much about the cost, sometimes I shot full gold just because it was funny getting the reactions from the poor plebs as their shitty tanks got peppered with fizzing HEAT rounds.
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    I'm about to play my 20'000th game. That's 10k minutes spent on waiting for a battle. Almost seven full days of my life spent there.
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    Fisherman's Bay

    Golden test - Unicum TriHard response activated It's one of those maps that have virtually no early game because everything is so safe before people actually can take their positions. And literally no endgame either because the midgame is so long and every engagement takes ages to win. Because of it I normally take a passive approach until I get enough info. Middle is much stronger from the north side so from the south you can't really expect to do well there at the start when it's unclear if the enemy IS-7 will play mid or city etc North: North is literally just play mid from beginning or yolo 1 line. 1 Line is a fast aggressive play that can work very well if you actually commit to it and don't play passive, but the progression is horrible after winning, you can't really fight with the middle (see video at the bottom) so you simply have to go back and into the middle again. It's a very simple play though and works for when you have no clue what do to, but otherwise I recommend typical middle play: This is just the standard free damage on heavies bushes from middle, and it works for a little bit but then I recommend passive mid play the ridge until you simply see an opening. Staying passive isn't the worst option either, you have plenty of shots just from the middle when heavies are pushing, or when the 1 line is getting pushed. Middle is just the place to be until you can actually push somewhere and that's different every game and sadly pretty hard to help with.. Good decisions and redlining helps South: From south the only reliable early damage I have is from the F2-3/G2-3 area: because stupid people are stupid and they cross at C2/D2 instead of going all the way back when going into the 1 line. This only works in tanks that can get there in roughly 30 seconds because otherwise all crosses already been done, you also have nice shots into the mid with double bushes from there, especially if you know what houses to shoot down. I usually stick around here until people stop poking from the middle. The only real problem is that you have a blindspot from the bushes in the back that are just outside of drawrange so in case of a 1line yolo from south you can't actually support it all. From here the normal option is just to go into the middle: once no more damage can be done here, I normally don't go mid right away because it's so vulnerable and the north has the middle advantage for sure. You have a nice lock on the heavies in several gaps between buildings but the fact that the middle is so crowded from the north side makes it super risky to play early, but a bit simpler when you have more info. If you can actually play the mid aggressively (the enemy mid players are low or dead) then you should just drive straight into the next engagement, middle is pretty useless once you actually won it. If the 1 line has nothing commited to it but just campers in the back you can actually take it pretty aggressively and use the ridges to lock them all down and get sideshots onto the middle as well. I normally don't recommend city as a whole if you have any form of mobility. If you're able to clear the 1 line from south then the progression into the middle is super easy and the game is normally won by this stage already: Explaining past these points shouldn't really be necessary, any angle you can lock people down on is where you should be after this, the game is rarely a city heavy game so in anything with mobility these plays are literally all you need. Some notes as well, if the enemy team yolos 1 line hard you can stay here and lock it down very well: I have a video example of pretty typical defensive play on Fishermans Bay: This shows pretty well how the middle works. Now the game was exceptional but that's besides the point. Here I do almost everything but play the 1 line aggressively as I mentioned and it should be much easier to understand the angles you get and why I chose these places over others.
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    When there's a new receptionist at your psychiatric practice and she's gorgeous meanwhile I havnt slept since Saturday because mania and have the brain functionality of a raisin. I said "Hey.... You, me, living on this world together. Sounds pretty nice" *shoots self* She laughed at least, tho it was most likely due to the combo of sounding like I'm tipsy, body language of a sedated person, and the fact I was resting my cheeks on my hands which prob made my face squish up. LOOK OUT BOIS. SCHNITZELS PICKING UP CHICKS AT THE PSYCH WARD.
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    Final Farewell

    If you return you lose
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    Strv S1

    The problem with this tank is that the playstyle is cancerous if you're not patient or into the whole kemp boosh thing. That and with the amount of city maps it takes people who really know what they're doing. Not trying to bash you or anything just that this these tanks are more difficult to use at their full potential than alot of people realize. It's something I guarantee alot of shitters on the main forums are going to realize today. they see the gun stats and think HURR DURR OP buy it and then die repeatedly. Then ask for a refund.
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    Strv S1

    I clearly need a crew trainer I can tell you right off the bat that it will be shit for SH and very situational in pubs; that doesnt mean it's bad, but all these idiots see the gun and and camo and think it will be the easiest prem ever. If you can I'd recommend the Skorp G because more noob friendly, and easier to win games because of turret and being able to fight at close range. I'm still gonna get this tank and I think it will be a monster in pubs (For myself ofc). Here is the reason why: It's not the 10mm of extra armor (Over the UDES) and it's not even the fact that every reviewer is in fact a retard for overlooking a critical detail. No it's the siege mode speed of 8kph. When you first jump from that mediocre 5 to 10 it feels so much more mobile. And even though 8 still isn't 10 it's sure as shit better than 5 making working ridge lines all the more easier. Oh and the thing that the retarded reviewers ALL missed is that the UDES when in siege mode still suffers from dispersion values of .29 for moving in siege mode and .19 while turning. The S1 while moving has an atrocious value of .38, but with appropriate equipment/crew skills the aim time is 1.2-1.3s. EXCEPT when rotating in siege mode just like the tier 10 it has .01 bloom. Meaning once you get your campering spot you can snap shots like a mother fucker. TLDR if you have any idea of how Camo mechanics work and have tried the swedish TDs before; by all means go for it. If not and you suck get the Skorpion G.
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    2x wt pz4 + gw tiger in a platoon on serene coast. they have 6 tanks around them shooting at them. they shoot me in my t55 when i'm not even giving a flying fuck about them. i hope they die in a fire. EDIT: of course none of them is above 48% overall wr.
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    Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent

    Yesterday I finally had some decent games again after a horrible weekend. Played some M48 Patton on stream and averaged about 5.5k damage. I put the link to the VOD here, but I can upload the replays if needed as well. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/130016862 Thanks! Well I never thought there would be an audience that would want to watch me play as there already loads of streamers out there. You are welcome! Hope it was somewhat useful
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    Strv S1

    Color me piqued. I'd just thought about running the IKEA TD line and only heard about this thing in the last hour. Couple of vid reviews by Foch and Circon out already but definitely interested to hear the input of the resident purple tanksperts. The preening nancy boy and the boring old codger probably have vids out as well but you can go look them up yourself
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    Being Pink is Bad

    Oh wow, so I shouldn't shoot teammates? I never would've thought...
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    Why is Reddit's UI so fucking AIDS?
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    Preventative Maintenance applies only to things that can be "incapacitated", or temporarily disabled. Secondaries and AA don't have incapacitation; they're either alive and functional, or they're destroyed and nonfunctional. Modules that can be incapacitated are engine, steering, torpedoes, and main battery. IMO it should be the default choice for every destroyer, because they benefit from protecting every one of those modules.
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    Final Farewell

    Congratulations, you have won the game! We will miss you
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    Yeah, ghetto light tanks, if we ignore the fanbois, wannabee skauters and ppl with l2p issues (those who cant play E5 or E100 etc) the elimination other will be: [random light tanks] [random light tanks] [random light tanks] [random light tanks] [random light tanks] Fv 4005 Etc So since i just concluded in the name of all unicums (not padder tards, but real purples) that all tier 10 light tanks will suk dik, like how tier 10 arty is shit, and thus not included in these topics, we can start 121: 20113: 20TVP T50/51: 20Foch 155: 20AMX 50B: 20Batchat 25t: 20AMX 30B: 20: 20Jagdpz E-100: 20Maus: 20E-100: 20 + 1 = 21, still the best box tanks, it hits hard, gets reasonable reload speed, is faster as the other boxes, and still gets 2700 hp + good hull side armor, sure, the turret face is weak, but if you can shoot my turret, it means i can also shoot back, i hit for 750, you for 400, so not suchs a big problem (the turret front is strong enough vs AP, and thats all that matters, only retards will shottrade with an E100, and only retards in E100s will show their turret face to the enemy, just peek boo and smash 750 dmg HEAT in their faces, thats all you need to do.Panzer VII: 20Grille 15: 20E-50M: 20Leopard 1: 20STB-1: 20Type 5 Heavy: 20Centurion AX: 20FV215b 183: 20FV215b: 20FV4005: 20 - 3 = 17, so bad, sooooo bad, a one tricky pony with a lackluster gun, nice balance T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 20T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 20T110E5: 20Object 268: 20Object 263: 20T-62A: 20Object 430: 20Object 140: 20IS-7: 20IS-4: 20Kranvagn: 20Strv 103B: 20
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    They need to nerf this game-ruining FUCKING piece of shit tank. They've gotten worse than fucking Hellcats used to be. Waste of time playing anything else but these shameless, monstrous piles of shit over and over during these missions.
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    Really? Why, since when?

    Really? Why, since when?
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    Can I pen what's infront of me with AP without spending ages trying to pixel snipe? Yes = Stick with AP or whatever shell I already have loaded No = Load prem It's literally that simple
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    Strv S1

    Girl crew fam, so he has BIA already. Once Camo + Reps. are done go for more utility things. Situational, Jack of All Trades (if you want to run food you need to drop medkit for it), Armorer or whatever the gun one is, and Clutch breaking.
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    This is what I need to hear. Today Im only loading premium when I really need too (superheavies) and I rather search for a shot with regular rounds than loading premium for a 100% pen. Need to be more active and load it whenever there is a doubt I wont pen but not to the point where I shoot it on soft targets.
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    ya GuP was pretty good, it got me into playing a tanks game after that, only to realize almost 2 years later that said game was utter cancer.
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    Dawaj paycheck cum faster I need muh 7700k Everything ready(or on its way) expect the CPU... soon I can say bye to my 2k09 prebuilt 1st gen i7
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    GuP is probably my favourite anime of all time, I would guess. (Its by far my most watched and I can rewatch it over and over and over and never get tired of it) and yeah, I was expecting just a second season and that would be it for GuP, but 6 entire new movies is great
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    https://www.twitch.tv/a_uselessreptile <- 32 Flavors of tier 10 and no skill to play them
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    121: 21 113: 20 TVP T50/51: 21 Foch 155: 20 AMX 50B: 20 Batchat 25t: 20 AMX 30B: 20: 20 Jagdpz E-100: 20 Maus: 21 E-100: 21 Panzer VII: 20 Grille 15: 20 E-50M: 21 Leopard 1: 20STB-1: 20Type 5 Heavy: 21+1=22 The TypeFuckyou is just so mind bogglingly broken. That 15cm gun just guarantees a f*ck ton of damage to anything it hits, regardless of sidescraping, or armor. Spaced armor barely mitigates it as well. It joins the likes of the Maus and E-100 that you have to throw sprem at in most tanks to penetrate and hit, and with the wonky armor layout and buffered armor makes it all the more frustrating to fight against. Which is why i'm resuming my grind to it (I stagnated at O-I)Centurion AX: 20FV215b 183: 20FV215b: 20FV4005: 8-3=5 Just put this thing down. It's a kindness to it.T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 17 T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 20T110E5: 21Object 268: 17Object 263: 20T-62A: 20Object 430: 20Object 140: 20IS-7: 20IS-4: 20Kranvagn: 17 Fixed it for you
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    Object 252U

    It is not that slower...in SH we play both, and they are kinda same. Yes, Is-3 is faster and more agile, but Defender is an armoured beast...it could have Maus speed and still be great. Just look at VK 100.01 to see that 440 alpha at tier 8+armor works like a charm.
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    What irks me is that people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. Like literally half of the people who used the bathroom.
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    121: 20 113: 20 TVP T50/51: 20 + 1 = 21. It has a good mobility, gun gun and its Czechoslovakian. And because I am from Czech Republic. I must represent the Nation Vʌ . Foch 155: 20 AMX 50B: 20 Batchat 25t: 20 AMX 30B: 20: 20 Jagdpz E-100: 20 Maus: 20 E-100: 21 Panzer VII: 20 Grille 15: 20 E-50M: 20 Leopard 1: 20 STB-1: 20 Type 5 Heavy: 21 Centurion AX: 20 FV215b 183: 20 FV215b: 20 FV4005: 17 - 3 = 14. Kill this barn with FIREE. T57 Heavy: 20 T110E4: 20 T110E3: 20 M48 Patton: 20 T110E5: 20 Object 268: 20 Object 263: 17 T-62A: 20 Object 430: 20 Object 140: 20 IS-7: 20 IS-4: 20 Kranvagn: 20 Strv 103B: 20
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    Final Farewell

    Go get purple at lyfe like me you red shitter. Good luck, work hard and try to stay out of trouble and you'll do great. All the best my friend.
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    Elimination: Tier 10 - 2017 edition

    I'd like to take a moment to reiterate that you down vote the WORST TANK ON THE LIST, NOT THE TANK YOU HATE PLAYING AGAINST THE MOST. Also light tanks shouldn't be included for the same reason that arty isn't. While they can be game changing, more often than not they aren't or don't provide anything that couldn't be done by others.
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    Final Farewell

    I will never forget you, my friend. Your leaving kinda hurts, but thats how it is. You are reaching the freedom out of the WoT world. I will probably do it by myself someday too, but dont see it happening very soon yet. Im still very sad but im kinda happy same time because im sure you will enjoy other stuff in your life more than internet tanks. RL is priority over everything, no matter how sexy and t h i c c jap heavies this game has I and other chatwhores had fantastic time with you on the chat. Hopefully IRL RNG is gentle for you. Farewell, Joy.
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    Being Pink is Bad

    Yes, it is a known fact that team damage is bad, and you should avoid it.
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    Best td line for 15.4 mission.

    Grille, even after the nerf its the easiest to do 8k+ dmg in. I did all my 260 TD missions (with honours) in the Grille and Skorpion g
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    IJN Kaga

    Hmm, 0-2-4 is like the mirror opposite of the Saipans 3-1-0 -seems like something wargaming would try. I can only play low tier CV's and not very well at that. This won't be on my shopping list.
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    Deal with the bullshit and don't let it tilt you, if you really need to perform the best way to do it is to remove the pressure of having to perform, who gives a shit if you drop a % or two, if you're good enough for it you can push it up again, you just need a bit of time
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    Daily T25 Pilot Mission Tips

    I see your E25 and raise you 50% more camo in the Udes
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    Emblems? What do they do?

    Emblems and Inscriptions were redesigned and proposed in V10.0 (http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/tank-customization-10-0/) to give a variety of bonuses. Some applied to the whole crew, some applied to individual crew members, and some only worked under specific circumstances or conditions. The mechanism still shows in the UI, and IIRC they were costly (in gold) and if purchased for credits the monthly maintenance fee was enormous. The player base felt this was a very "pay to win" feature that further divided the "haves" and "have nots" as well as providing mature accounts even more advantages over new players. Less of an issue was customization; where there was likely a "standard best" build, that limited player customization options to those emblems and inscriptions that got the job done rather than what they preferred not to mention those players who dont like that sort of stuff on the tanks in the first place...
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    Daily T25 Pilot Mission Tips

    If you're the dirtiest pedopadding motherfucker on the planet you can do it in the premium B2, always top tier and almost nobody can pen you.
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    Tier X Light tanks

    Since there is no precisely detailed information about the Light Tank Changes, I have decided to create a list myself. If there are any typos or mistakes then let me know. Sandbox Server March 16 Updates to Tier X lights Comparison between live and sandbox USSR Lttb Tier 7 -> Tier 8 - Gun performance is the same, except awful depression buffed from -3 to -5 (Thank God) - Power to Weight Increased from 31 to 34 hp/ton. - HP Increased from 950 to 1050. -Turret and Hull Tranverse not changed at 48 deg/s for both. -View Range remains unchanged at 390m. T-54 Lightweight Tier 8 -> Tier 9 - Gun Rate of Fire increased from 8 to 8.82 Rounds per minute. - Penetration of regular AP round increased from 175 mm to 208 mm penetration. - Gun Accuracy nerfed from 0.38 to 0.42 - Power to Weight Increased from 23 to 33 hp/ton. - HP Increased from 1250 to 1300 - View Range increased from 390 to 410m. T-100 Light Tank Tier X - Strong front hull armor for light 120/40/40mm - Strong turret armor 180/40/40 mm - Highest camo rating of all Tier X lights (can reach up to 40% when everything is maxed) - 2nd to worst DPM of 2286 with 7.14 Rounds per minute. - Lowest View range of 410 of all Tier X lights. - 100mm gun with 320/320/420 damage with 230/248/50 mm penetration APCR/AP/HE(AP is Premium Ammo) - Very bad accuracy of 0.44 and 2 sec aim time. - Depression/Elevation -5/15 - 1500 HP - 72/25 Top Speed - 48 Hp/ton Power to Wieght - 53/56 Turret/Hull Traverse Speed Germany Hwk 12 Tier 8 - 90mm gun with 240/240/320 damage with 180/250/45 mm penetration AP/HEAT/HE - 8.39 Rounds Per Minute - 0.36 accuracy with 2 sec aim time. - -10/15 Depression/Elevation. - 36 hp/ton Power to Weight. - 65/23 kmh top speed. - 1100 HP. - 14/14/14 mm hull armor. - 15/10/10mm turret armor - Turret and Hull Tranverse of 44 deg/s for both. - 410m view range. RU 251 Tier 8 -> Tier 9 - 90mm Gun Rate of Fire increased from 9.68 to 10 Rounds per minute. - Penetration of regular AP round increased from 190 mm to 215 mm penetration. - Power to Weight Increased from 25 to 35 hp/ton. - Top speed lower from 80/24 to 70/24 kmh. - HP Increased from 1200 to 1400 - View Range increased from 400 to 420m. RHM Panzerwagen Tier X - Highest View Range of 430m out of all the Tier X lights - Middle in DPM of 2400 of all Tier X Lights with 6 Rounds per Minute. - 105mm gun with 390/390/480 Damage with 242/280/53 mm penetration APCR/HEAT/HE - 0.36 accuracy and 1.9 sec aim time - -10/15 Depression/Elevation - 1600 HP - 30/30/8 mm Hull Armor - 20/20/20 mm Turret Armor - 2nd to lowest Camo of all Tier X lights - 75/25 Top Speed - 44 Hp/ton Power to Weight - 44/54 deg/sec of Turret/Hull Traverse Speed. USA M41 Walker Bulldog Tier 7 -> Tier 8 - Can now fit Medium Tank Gun Rammer - 76mm T91E5 Autoloader exactly the same as Live. - 76mm M32 Late Damage increased from 150/150/185 to 170/170/260 damage. - 76mm M32 Late Rate of fire increased from 13.95 to 14. - Power to Weight Increased from 24 to 34 hp/ton. - Top speed lowered from 72/24 to 68/24 kmh - HP Increased from 910 to 1000. -Turret and Hull Tranverse not changed at 48 deg/s for both. -View Range remains unchanged at 400m. T49 Tier 8 -> Tier 9 - Replaces regular high pen HE with AP round with 240 damage and 212 mm penetration. - 90mm Gun Rate of Fire increased from 9.52 to 10.6 Rounds per minute. - 90mm Gun Accuracy nerfed from 0.38 to 0.4. - 152mm remains unchanged. - Power to Weight Increased from 24 to 37 hp/ton. - Top speed lower from 72/24 to 65/24 kmh - HP Increased from 1100 to 1400 - View Range increased from 400 to 420m. Sheridan Tier X - Highest DPM at 2543 with 105mm gun with 6.52 Rounds Per Minute. - 390/390/480 Damage with 236/280/53 mm penetration APCR/HEAT/HE - 0.4 accuracy and 1.7 sec aim time. - -10/20 Depression/Elevation - 152mm virtually identical to T49 except better dispersion soft stats. - 1600 HP - 14/31/12 mm Hull Armor - 38/15/15 mm Turret Armor - Lowest camo rating of all Tier X lights with large size. - Highest View range of 430 of all Tier X lights - 65/22 Top Speed - 41 Hp/ton Power to Wieght - 43/55 Turret/Hull Traverse Speed France Bat Chatillion 12t Tier 8 - Can Fit Vertical Stabilizer(French Lights cannot fit a Vert Stab in Current Live Server) - 75mm autoloader with 170/170/260 damage with 170/210/38 mm penetration AP/APCR/HE - 4 shot magazine with 2 seconds between shots and 20 second reload time. - 0.38 accuracy with 2.3sec aim time. - -6/13 Depression/Elevation. - 33 hp/ton Power to Weight. - 68/23 kmh top speed. - 1000 HP. - 40/20/20 mm hull armor. - 25/25/25mm turret armor - 46/42 deg per sec Turret/Hull Tranverse - 390m view range. AMX 13 90 Tier 8 -> Tier 9 - Can Fit Vertical Stabilizer now(French Lights cannot fit a Vert Stab in Current Live Server) - 90mm autoloader 240/240/320 damage with 205/248/45 mm penetration APCR/APCR/HE - 4 shot magazine with 2.21 seconds between shots and 23 second reload time. - 0.38 accuracy with 2.7 sec aim time. - -6/12 Depression/Elevation. - Power to Weight Increased from 24 to 32 hp/ton. - Top speed remains the same 64/23 kmh. - HP Increased from 1100 to 1200 - Same Turret/Hull Traverse of 46/40 deg/sec. - View Range remains the same at 400m. AMX 13 105 Tier X - 2nd Lowest view range of all Tier X Lights of 415m. - 2nd Highest Camo of all Tier X Lights after T-100. - Lowest DPM of 2163 with autoloader. - 105mm autoloader 390/390/480 damage with 234/280/53 mm penetration APCR/HEAT/HE. - 390/390/480 Damage with 242/280/53 mm penetration APCR/HEAT/HE. - 3 shot magazine with 2.73 seconds between shots and 27 second reload time. - 0.4 accuracy and 2.3 sec aim time. - -8/12 Depression/Elevation. - 1400 HP. - 50/20/15 mm Hull Armor. - 40/20/20 mm Turret Armor. - 68/22 Top Speed. - 38 Hp/ton Power to Weight. - 38/40 deg/sec of Turret/Hull Traverse Speed. China No idea if the current WZ-132 will be replaced for tier 9 or kept at tier 8. WZ-132 Tier 8 - 100mm gun with 250/250/330 damage with 189/225/50 mm penetration AP/APCR/HE - 8.57 Rounds Per Minute - 0.4 accuracy with 2.3sec aim time. - -5/20 Depression/Elevation. - 29 hp/ton Power to Weight. - 64/23 kmh top speed. - 1100 HP. - 50/25/20 mm hull armor. - 55/35/20 mm turret armor - 48/56 deg per sec Turret/Hull Tranverse - 390m view range. WZ-132A Tier 9 - 100mm gun with 320/320/420 damage with 220/248/50 mm penetration AP/APCR/HE - 7.69 Rounds Per Minute - 0.42 accuracy with 2.3sec aim time. - -5/20 Depression/Elevation. - 32 hp/ton Power to Weight. - 64/23 kmh top speed. - 1250 HP. - 50/25/20 mm hull armor. - 55/35/20 mm turret armor - 40/46 deg per sec Turret/Hull Tranverse - 420m view range. WZ-132-1 Tier X - 2nd Highest DPM at 2463 with 105mm gun with 6.32 Rounds Per Minute. - Middle camo rating of all Tier X lights. - 2nd Highest View range of 425m of all Tier X lights - 390/390/480 Damage with 246/280/53 mm penetration APCR/HEAT/HE - 0.42 accuracy and 1.7 sec aim time. - -5/20 Depression/Elevation - 1500 HP - 50/25/20 mm Hull Armor - 200/160/65 mm Turret Armor - 65/23 Top Speed - 36 Hp/ton Power to Wieght - 43/50 Turret/Hull Traverse Speed
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    T25 Pilot Numbah 1!

    Guys it's a premium, you play premiums in strongholds, you don't meet tier 10s in strongholds. You get it for free. It trains your m46 crew and makes credits. Quit bitching.
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    WN9 candidate prototype

    That's exactly how you motivate folks for a pain in the ass volunteer project, for minor at best improvements and a dozen implementation barriers!
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    C actually stands for Crusier, because the first Carriers were envisioned as part of the Cruising Group V stands for 'Carrier Aviation', but really the V is from 'Voler', the French verb meaning 'to fly', but it means 'Fixed-Wing Aircraft' in practice (when no additional designation is present) CV: Fleet aircraft carrier (1921-1975), multi-purpose (1975-) aircraft carrier CV(N): Just used in 1944 to signify it was fitted and used for Night running/flights. +A : Attack (merged into CV on 30 June 1975) +N : Nuclear (+AN merged into +N on same date) +B : Large (USS Midway Class), merged into CVA in 1952 +H : Helicopter +HA: Helicopter Amphibious. +L: Light Aircraft Carrier (complement of approx 30-34 aircraft during WWII, faster than an escort carrier as they were indended to be deployed alongside Fleet Carriers rather than providing support for convoys and amphibious ops) AC: You'd think they'd use this for Aircraft Carrier, but they already had an Auxilliary Collier (coal supply ship), so they were stuffed CA: Backup name was already taken by Heavy Cruisers (Cruiser / Assault). A Note On Escort Carriers About 1/3-1/2 the size of their big cousins, they were cheap and easy to produce in comparison. These didn't have much protection so got smashed everywhere - 122/151 aircraft carriers built in WWII were of this class but none survive. Retired as a type/class by US Navy after the Korean War, as helicopter-deck frigates took over their duties and could keep hunting subs. Guilded missile launchers took over the aircraft protection role and in-flight refueling meant floating stopover points for transport/patrol aircrafter weren't so frequent. Bogue and Casablanca classes were most famous, Commencement Bay class was the last. In Vietnam these got taken out of mothballs and redesignated AKV (Air Transport Auxiliary). Once all major aircraft had refueling probes, they started flying the aircraft themselves. Notable examples: USS Thetis Bay (CVE-90, Casablanca class) was converted in May 1955 to CVHA-1 - she was the first Helicopter Attack Transport. CVHA stands for Combustible, Vulnerable, Heavy and Expendable. Jokes aside, it means Carrier Aviation Helicopter Amphibious (yuck), a complement to the Attack Transport ships, and supplemented landing craft to give the Navy and Marine Corps a vertical assault capability. May 1959 they redesignate her LPH-6 - although known as an Amphibious Assault Ship she suddenly became Landing Platform Helicopter to the battle group types, and formed the basis of the USS Iwo Jima design in her earlier iteration. It also means 'large helicopter carrier' in political documents (capable of carrying and deploying ~1800 assault troops using its own aircraft) - the Royal Navy called these Commando Carriers colloquially - now only HMS Ocean remains. USN have replaced this class with LHD (landing helicopter dock) and LHA (landing helicopter assault) as the stern dock and/or vertical lift to runway allow for safer and less maintenance-intensive travel with the same deployment in an 'attack' configuration, plus they can handle some planes (particularly VTOL aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft) when necessity hits. She was part of the quarantine enforcement group during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, in 1963 helped with the Hurricane Flora disaster relief in Haiti, and in 1964...was decommissioned and sold for scrap. USS Gilbert Islands (CVE-107, Commencement Bay class) had all her aircraft handling stuff taken out and four radio antennas (two directional, two omnidirectional) installed on her carrier deck. She had 24 radio transmitter trucks (covering VLF to UHF) bolted to the hanger deck, and became the USS Annapolis (AGMR-1) the first Auxiliary General Major Relay ship, or floating communications station. They added a hurricane bow, took out the WWII-era armament and stuck in four radar-controlled twin 3-inch 50 cal AA guns. In 1966 the crew converted the steam lines (from boiler to engine shaft) to cross-connect when necessary, in case of the need for dual-screw operation when maintenance or damage to a boiler occurred, and these modifications were carried out at Fleet Activities Sasebo to just about every ship still in service which could have them done! She was the first sea vessel with satellite communications linking the Pacific and Washington (1966, which were installed off the coast of Vietnam after the equipment was late in delivery), and she sent the world's first ship-to-shore satellite radio message in late 1966, by which time she was basically flooded with communications relaying by surrounding ship and shore assets (55 days at sea between port calls until AGMR-2 USS Arlington joined her, except once a fortnight approx to get mail and transfer priority crew at Cam Ranh Bay). She provided rescue-at-sea operations and firefighting support as well. She was sailing for a port call to Perth in 1968 when she got emergency orders to return to Vietnam so USS Arlington could flank speed sail to support in the USS Pueblo incident, where AGER-2 (the Banner-class environmental research ship..Auxiliary...General...Environmental...Research) had been captured by North Korean forces with 83 crew members, one of whom was killed in the attack. Crew were abused and tortured for 11 months, one of the major incidents of the Cold War, and currently still posessed by North Korea, the only ship on the commissioned roster of the US Navy currently being held captive! It's at the Pyongyang Victorious War Museum, if you want to see it. While she wasn't the first ship with Satellite Transmission capability (see the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USNS_Kingsport_(T-AG-164)), you can see why that couldn't be used for combat ops (30ft parabolic antenna in 53 foot radome, lol), she paved the way for future navy communications - it's worth remembering that the satellites at that time weren't geostationary but in a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) so only available for 5-15 minutes at a time, and gyroscopes were used to assist in tracking. This cut SITREP times from hours to minutes, which helped dramatically during engagements such as the Tet Offensive and Battle of Khe Sanh. TL;DR. AC was taken, CA was taken, V means Voler in french. C actually means Cruiser not Carrier originally, if not NATOly.
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    Ikv 65 Alt II, tier 6 TD

    So I finished grinding out this tank today and I just want to say this tank is absolutely terrible, now granted I did just come back from a month and a half break and I seem to suck at low tier meta but it is still terrible. The tank is like the hellcat but a little to substantially worse in literally almost every way. The alpha is fairly average but the dpm is atrocious about 15% lower than the hellcat's dpm which as I recall is already pretty terrible. The penetration is fairly average for tier 6 at 180mm but the gold round is pretty terrible being HEAT and often less pen than the APCR round carried by the other tier 6 TDs. The gun handling is pretty disappointing as well. The final accuracy is pretty good at .33 and the aim time isn't bad at 1.8 seconds (which is still longer than the 1.6 for the kitty) but the dispersion on the move feels absolutely trash. It takes forever for the gun to settle down to a size you could actually shoot and the gun feels like it has french gun syndrome where the shells fly off where ever they want. The shell velocity also isn't brilliant, it isn't particularly slow but it certainly isn't a high velocity shell. The gun is arguably the best part of this tank and it was very disappointing. The tank is fast so it does have that going for it though the hellcat is faster it is not quick, the acceleration isn't bad but this thing cannot turn and it can still struggle with hills. Seriously at speed this thing has the turning radius the length of the state of Delaware and it cannot turn in place well either, it'll get circle strafed by almost any light, medium, or light enough heavy or TD. It does at least have a decent reverse speed of 20. The survivability of this tank is abysmal. It will get HE penned by anything at any angle. This tank would be vulnerable to taking taking penetrating hits from a disgruntled mob throwing rotten produce. It does have good depression at -10 degrees but it suffers from the CGC and ARL V39 syndrome in that the gun is so low on the tank that you can't really even poke ridges without getting plenty of shells thrown through you. Again the hellcat beats this thing again because it also has the same depression of -10 but its gun is mounted up high and it has a turret and that turret is small with some semblance of armor that may even actually bounce things and the CGC at least won't get penned by HE from everything. The module placement on this tank is also terrible, since you won't ever bounce any shells anything that goes through your upper half is going to kill your gunner and anything that goes through your lower half will take out the engine which makes this thing nearly undrivable this things armor is less effective than a toyota pickup against armor penetrating weapons but at least the toyota will probably still actually work. The view range on this tank is also terrible at 330 compared to the 370 on the hellcat. Even with binocs it still isnt enough for it to do anything with vision so you better hope your team doesn't suck at it. There is only one thing this tank is legitimately good at and that is it does have very high camo levels with a base camo similar to that of the E25. Even so it is pretty much useless because of how close you have to get to do anything. Basically this tank is a hellcat that is slower with a worse gun, no view range, no hope of bouncing anything ever, and no turret all in exchange for some pretty much useless camo. The CGC at least has novelty, this doesn't even have that.
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