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    T62A 3 MOE

    T62A 3 MOE
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    Looks like a shit batchat that will never be used in any situation except to bring out of the garage to show 29 other people the mistake you made in getting it.
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    Maybe that's my inner Kewei speaking but I don't have the slightest doubt that I could dominate average unicums if this game was league based. But honestly, why would you complain about teams in this game? Yeah it's annoying for a second if your team dies in 3 minutes. Apart from that though the de facto PvE nature of WoT always made the game for me. It's like beating highscores in Tetris, you're just playing against yourself. And that's the toughest opponent there is, right?
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    Hey, I will be on tonight to let you know. If your going to be on. GF is out of town so i can play all night yaaaaa.
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    WG has a sense of humor. Either that or it is making fun of the player base knowing the problems and telling us fuck u morons http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/april-fools-2017-critical-update/
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    New Arty Mechanics in CW/SH

    relevant thread is relevant: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/520518-cheating/
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    Interesting test server feature: platooning outside your tier (even tier 9s with tier X's) is now impossible. You are unable to ready up in a platoon. While there are a few situations where this might be annoying, fail platoons are no more!
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    NA players play against bulba platoons all the time so we should be better at fighting unicums
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    The combination of a bunch of tards driving tier X LTs around like PZ1C with 500m view range + faster firing more accurate arty is going to make trying to get a slow tank out of spawn a LOT more exciting On the other hand, a lot of herp-derp arty players are going to quit clicking when they can't one shot shit while eating cheetos and fapping. Plus the 3 arty per game cap should slow down arty ques a bit. Had a tier X 9 v 3 heavy game tonight, THAT shit needs to be killed with fire
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    I'll shame myself, tonight I raged quit and for the first time in 20ish years (I'm 32 now) broke something because of a video game, yes I snapped my keyboard in half. It's a shame I've had that keyboard for like 8-9 years (old style too that clicks, I can't stand the new 'soft' press keyboards). Long story short I was having a rough night, I took my NC out and got in a match on North with the worse team, we had a promising division that derped it early, the rest of the team ran to a corner leaving all caps uncontested and I was getting getting a death of a 1000 cuts by a bunch of cruisers because I tried rallying the team for a counter attack and something just blew in me, I picked up the board and snapped it clean in half and proceeded to unplug my computer. I don't know what to say for myself, usually if I'm having a bad night I shut the game off and do something else but this got me by suppose and I left before my ship even sank. Not to happy right now that I lost my temper at a game
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    This game is simply going to die faster after this patch
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    Type 5 and Maus are gonna be fun with no arty to worry about and plenty of tier 8s to farm.
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    more money on kolni \ /
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    Upcoming MM Changes

    Am I the only one who thinks that almost identical team composition would have negative impact? Yes, at the moment there is an issue on certain maps, but in general "unwinable" compositions do not happen that often. And I find it interesting to have asymmetrical teams, where you have to analyse strengths and weaknesses of your and enemy tanks and decide, what part of the map and what tactics will give you and advantage. Making all compositions "fair" would make the game much more boring for me.
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    so our favorite purple text anime spamming E25 player got ban on offical forum, took them long enough
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    I'm more or less an anime historian and these are my precious commodities These are basically vinyl sized disc sleeves that have art on both sides and have a lot of inserts with things like cast interviews, more art and adverts from their time. This is a boxed set of Photon, a show that Shinya Takahashi was character designer and chief animation director on (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=3568). Here's some of his more recent work too.
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    Euroslut seeks seamen

    Shoot shit and rage in chat
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    Expected Values Updated to v29

    >When you have more warnings than brain cells, later trash.
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Moar propogandas: https://soundcloud.com/shutupandshave/wrecking-shot?in=thetank24/sets/eve-online https://soundcloud.com/davidkmagnus/dreads?in=thetank24/sets/eve-online https://soundcloud.com/user9206613/how-to-stay-aligned-final-mix?in=thetank24/sets/eve-online https://soundcloud.com/shutupandshave/fuck-goons?in=thetank24/sets/eve-online
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    So, while Garbad is... away, I will be relaying his stories.
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    The Threat Unveiled In the days that followed, AAA rallied down several hundred veteran troops along with large amounts of supplies. We were told to base out of RPS-OK, a fortress near the edge of the kerberz pipe. Massive amounts of war material were moved there in quick order. However, when we asked about the golden fleet, we were told the fleet was currently unavailable, and we should be able to easily handle the situation with conventional weapons. This perturbed us a good bit, as what could possible be more important than killing 1k+ russians? That ace could easily be a war winner, yet they simply refused to deploy it. But politics is what it is. We assumed the leaders had good reasons, and besides, secrecy is key in a weapon like the golden fleet. Most of us assumed the golden fleet would "suddenly" appear in a moment of need despite everyone being told it was far away. And besides, its well known that ubermench like ourselves were worth at least 10 slavic subhumans, so we could handle the numerical disadvantage, especially with our new reinforcements. But as our spies and analysts started seriously looking at the russian power bloc, it became clear we had made a serious error in judgement. We judged the russian economy to be pathetically stunted, since they had no measurable activity on the economic indexes...but we failed to consider that they lived in drone space...which drops minerals...not isk. They didn't need to buy materials, they could grow them at home. The russians had been quietly farming drone space without observation or harassment for two fucking years. And what's more, we realized we vastly underestimated the size of the russian bloc. Our 3 month data showed 25,000 active accounts...or more. We simply couldn't count past 25k, and they hit that in the first 3 days of the 90 day snooping. It appeared that literally every russian speaking eve player was in on it, with no internal power divisions or rivalries at all. It was hard to imagine -- even if many of them were bots, that was a staggering amount of people. AAA was considered one of the largest alliances in the history of eve, and they were at LEAST twice our size. What can 25k+ russians with two years to prepare for war build? We had no fucking idea, but it was plain they had truly staggering amounts of ships prepared...and who could even possibly predict their capital strength? As this sobering data became clear, two more disturbing realizations came out. First, the russians realized we were spying on them, and started to seal up the cracks. Before long, it would be hard to know where they were and what they were doing. Second, and far worse, the russians realized in the battle that we did things differently than they did, and that our way was superior. They did not yet conceptually understand how we organized for battle, but they were working on it. They assembled a group of several thousand of their best troops to crack the riddle and organize in the same way. Despite our massive advantage on combat doctrine/organization/leadership, it was plain the russians would soon begin chipping away at that lead. Both of these factors argued for us to force a decisive battle as quickly as possible...yet without the golden fleet, this would mean our smaller ships would have to rout a much larger russian force that had been stockpiling replacements for two years. But our size was growing rapidly as well. We anticipated that we could field fleets up to 1000 ships as well very soon, and ours should remain much more experienced, skilled, and battle worthy. Our leaders seemed highly distracted for weeks, but we grunts were rearing to go. We had continual small scale fights, and we universally pushed their shit in. We had nothing but contempt for the common russian soldier, and were confident we could force a decisive battle soon, and win it. Next: The Battle of Five Armies
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    First Strike: We had always skirmished with the russians, so its hard to put a finger on exactly when the trouble began. But as time wore on the raids began to grow more frequent, and much more one sided. Instead of us roaming into their lands to kill a few bears, then running home, the raids started to become more like the russians moved through our space in force (200+), killed whoever they caught, burned what they could, and retreated. Sometimes they moved unopposed. Other times we rallied a response fleet and slaughtered them. This was all routine, and attracted no comment, even as it grew much, much more common. Then one day they didn't just burn, they took a system. One of OUR systems. I was not there the night it fell, but there was no great alarm. However, there was a lot of anger -- as our fleet was fighting the russians for the station, our neighbors had a defense fleet waiting outside the system...and simply refused to engage, despite their obligation to do so. Not surprisingly, rage and finger pointing went wild, and we called for our overlords to make this right. As it happens I was on a small gang deployment at the time, and missed the battle for the station. But there would be a final battle for the station the next night, and I joined the AAA convoy back to my home to liberate the station. The atmosphere was quite relaxed. Despite the defeat before, everyone knew it was just because of a dilopmatic fuck up. AAA brought about 100 ships, all hardened vets, to meet up with about 100 of my corpmates (largely noobs). On the flight in, the AAA diplomat pulled both CEOs into a private room to work out their differences. We grunts just flew along leaderless to take control of the station. When we were about 15 minutes away from our destination, hell broke loose. The militia force at the station screamed that the russians were there, they needed immediate help. With their leaders distracted or absent, reports were confusing and contradictory. They said "hundreds, maybe thousands" were attacking them, and they were all doomed. The AAA FC was skeptical, and simply ignored their reports. Instead, the AAA fleet went into best speed, and began racing to the battlefield to intervene. He ordered the quick stuff to get eyes and intel ASAP. By unfortunate chance, we had only three scouts. I was one of them, and our role proved critical. We burned maximum speed, quickly outpacing the fleet. Without us to spot for them, this left the fleet blind -- especially on their flanks and path of retreat. But it was highly unlikely a fleet of over 100 people would be ambushed, so no worries. We arrived on the battlefield right as the militia broke in panic. Its a unique thing to watch an army shatter into a group of frightened individuals, each running for his life, willing to do anything, literally anything, to save his own skin. The russians raced after them, killing anyone who fell behind. The panicked mass ran for the nearest safe port, unable to communicate with us even in the slightest. TS was just plain chaos with cursing and gnashing of teeth. But the consequence of this was we never actually looked at the station under attack. But I knew the area. I saw the militia break, I knew the path they were running down. I knew it was a pipe -- one way in, one way out. I also knew the russians had no eyes, and we could lead them into a trap. The FC agreed, and moved his fleet to the end of the pipe, ready to pounce. We scrambled to get in front of them, literally weaving in between the masses of russian ships as they chased the militia (we had cloaking devices, so they never knew we were there). We tried to get a count on the enemy, but they were moving too fast and too many to count. We estimated they had at least 150, and told the FC. He was confident regardless. At the right moment, we decloaked and threw down a bubble, splitting the hostile fleet in half two jumps out. The fastest half went on unaware, and landed slap in the middle of our rape cage -- a bubble that knocked their warp drives offline as our fleet sat in perfectly optimal range raining hell down on them. The russians fell into the cage in shock and confusion, and we began trashing the hostile fleet. Then, to our surprise...the russians simply shrugged off their losses and kept coming. (We later learned this was required -- they had a saying: a ship is expensive, but corp is more expensive. This means that losing one ship hurts, but getting kicked out of the corp for cowardice/failure to assist an ally is worse. They had an alliance wide policy that if one ship was in danger, all ships in the area were required to stay and fight to the death or else save the wounded comrade. The net effect of this was that if you tackled one russian, they all had to turn around and fight and die, no matter how terrible the situation was. By contrast, we muricans freely ran from losing battles, including leaving people behind. This was exploited to dramatic effect as the war went on). Our estimated 150 was actually 300 (at that time a fleet of 300 was considered extremely large), and all of them dogpiled into the trap and tried to push through. But our militia realized the tide turned, and regrouped the survivors to return. We three scouts also decided the situation was critical, and stopped scouting to join the fray. It was glorious. Our ~125 fell on their 300 like spartans on persians. The screams of dying russians filled the air, and carnage was everywhere. We tore them limb from limb, and after the butcher's work was done we killed ~350 russians and only lost two muricans. It was a glorious and crushing victory, the largest battle I had ever been a part of. Not a single russian survived. We fell to looting the field, and the commander gave a surprising order. He told us to cease looting the dead, to align and prepare for battle; we were moving in 10 seconds. Its a testament to the fleet's discipline that everyone instantly obeyed, even with millions of loot there to be collected. In the few seconds here, I heard one of the three scouts say something that burned into my mind. He pinged his scanner at long range, doing his duty scouting even amidst the chaos of battle. He reported back that he had "tons of hits, with no red shift at all." Before that even registered, really, the FC ordered us into warp. I obeyed, as I was trained to do. As we warped, I thought about what he just said. No red shift means the things he scanned were not moving side to side -- they were pointed right at us. And how many is tons? For that matter, how the fuck can there be "lots" of hits seconds after we slaughtered the entire Red Army?? I started to get a sinking feeling, and I could tell many of the more clever people in the fleet were piecing together the same thing. We landed on the station grid, and to our horror there was red all around us, in a giant ring. The russian fleet was not dead at all. The 300 we killed were only the scouts for their much larger primary attack team. A jaw dropping 800 battleships and capitals were waiting for us, and this excludes the 300 lighter stuff we already killed. As soon as we landed, they opened up, killing our key ships instantly. I take no pride in it, but I cloaked up and ran for my life. I left my allies to die. All of them. The russians took the system, and moved supplies into our former base. For the first time, the russian flag flew over southern space. __________________________ After the shock of defeat began to fade, the infighting began anew. People blamed the FC for jumping a fleet into an unknown situation. People blamed us scouts for not being everywhere at once. People blamed the miltias for a complete failure to report the situation with any kind of accuracy. But despite it all, it still wasn't that bad. We lost the fleet, but we will came out far ahead in the kill count and isk war, thanks to the 300 dead russians. So although they held the dirt, we got the glory of fighting a force 10x our size and killing more than 3x what we lost. It was not our best work, we reasoned, but it was still a moral victory. Check out this heroic moral boosting speech we got: Internet Spaceships are serious fucking business. But at the same time...a fleet of 1000 dudes? Holding our space? Its plain this was not just some raid, it was an invasion. It was time to rally the full force of the legions south. And it was plain we had completely failed to understand what the russians were capable of. We needed information, we needed reinforcements...and above all we needed the golden fleet in range, so we could pick a battle and bring the hammer down on these communist bastards. Next up: The Threat Unveiled
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Moar eve online storytimes: ______________________________________ THE GREAT WAR: My first two poasts told the story of my early days in eve. My first year of pvp in eve was significant to me -- my first kill, my first solo kill, my first battle... and certainly killing Syrian's titan was a worthy victory. Still, on the whole, we were a small group of unimportant peasants doing unimportant things. That soon changed, and the events of the next few weeks led to the largest war in the history of eve, and perhaps the largest war in the history of online gaming. This conflict arose from humble roots, but soon escalated into truly staggering proportions, involving thousands of combatants. To put the war in perspective: - its lasted almost two years of literally nonstop fighting, with major battles multiple times a week - over 75,000 human combatants have fought, excluding carebears - 385,000 ships have been destroyed - 25 TRILLION isk has been destroyed in combat, which has a RL value of $750,000 USD. This excludes lost income from violence and fear - some individual battles have had as many as 6,000 people fighting at the same time In fact, almost every eve veteran took place in this war to one degree or another. This is my story. BACKGROUND: After the Sunshyne incident, we were forced to find a new home. We joined the AAA alliance and moved to the south. AAA was one of the largest, oldest, and most active 0.0 power blocs, comprising about 13,000 pilots and controlling the entire south. They had a vast economic, political, and economic network, including what we called the Golden Fleet -- the second largest capital fleet in eve. Like all alliances, AAA did not personally use all of the land they controlled -- they subleased large sections out to smaller corporations and alliances either for income or for political reasons. The vassals were required to pay rent, defend their local space, and were subject to conscription if AAA required it, but were otherwise free to forge their own path as they saw fit. We were one of these. We were gifted a small patch of space in heart of the south, near the end of the kerberz pipe (the kerberz pipe, aka, the carebearz pipe, was a funnel of star systems through which most of the traffic in the south passes, giving us opportunities to deny hostiles, sell supplies to most residents, and so on). It was an area of some local significance, but not terribly wealthy or essential in a global perspective. But the chance for wealth, pvp, and increasing importance as we developed the area was there -- we felt was quite a prize for a growing young corp. However, being at the end of the pipe meant we had the worst place for business. We also directly bordered the russian waste -- a large block of space controlled by the russian alliances, who were always mildly hostile to all AAA. This was not in any sense considered a bad thing -- we didn't consider the russians a threat on any level. First, the russians were known to be inferior in combat. At that time, the russians had not yet followed the EU/NA model of fleet doctrines and combat organization. Compared to us, they were a badly led, badly trained mob with each man doing his own thing. They also had nothing remotely comparable to the Golden Fleet -- our spies and economic analysts monitored the flow of commerce closely, and could approximate the economic production of every group -- the russians were known to be extremely stunted, with virtually no bulk purchasing at all. Second, the russians were known to be poor. Their space was inhabited by drones, which did not pay isk -- aka, we viewed it as worthless. Third, and most importantly, because they played in a different time zone and because the defender picks when battles occur, it was viewed as impractical to have a war against the russians that would require hundreds of people on both sides to routinely fight at like 2 in the afternoon and such. Finally, due to the difficulty in finding russian speaking spies, we simply couldn't be assed to bother with them. We estimated they had ~8k soldiers (not excluding bots, which is probably 90% of them, we laughed), weak economic power, no political clout, poor combat skill...and they were easy to launch occasional raids and skirmishes against when we were bored. In retrospect, the magnitude of intel failure we had is staggering. But at the time, we were supremely indifferent to the russians. Far more interesting was our NA neighbors, one system up. Although we were both members of the AAA renter empire, and ostensibly were allies bound by treaty to protect and support each other....there was a lot of bad blood. It turns out our CEO and their CEO were members of a corp together as noobs and just plain hated each other. Both sides actively looked for ways to dick each other over without actually breaking our treaty and drawing the wrath of our overlords. A few months went by, and life was pretty good. Our economic and military might grew steadily, but our hatred of our neighbors steadily grew. Our CEO even refused to let us fly in fleets with them in it. FIRST STRIKE: to come soon
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Brace yourself pubbies. This is powerful stuff.