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    Spent 63 days in hospital, had baby. Anything different here?
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    Arty splash radius increased up to 50-60 percent - so fucking retarded so now if you're 13 meters away from the actual impact you still get damaged and tracked. NO way this change to arty is gonna be better in any way. Better accuracy, better aim time, shorter reload, increased splash radius, less damage but more frequent damage.. Fuck this shit, I would much rather buy a ticket to the occasional 1 shot-lottery. Limiting SPG's to 3 also means we more often will see games with 3 and most likely not gonna see games entirely without. This is a shit fix to a shit mechanic that should've been removed a shit ton of time ago!
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    I think you forgot something kind of, um, like, important? Its the whole reason arty ruins the game, you spend the match cowering from an omnipresent sky fist. Even if it never manages to land a hit, you still spend the match in a game of twister with the cover that's available. That hasn't changed at all, in fact its role has been cemented, reinforced. You as the player have even less control, the degenerate has more, as well as a new mechanic with which to torture you. They made arty even worse. Fuck this game.
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    There once was an E-25 He’d skitter about like a spider Then lay in wait for his prey Ever hopeful they would stray Along came a friend Not expecting his end He’d skitter about like a spider But was struck by a strider Yell and scream he would Without a care they stood Watching and listening They glisten with glee
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    Save XP to tier9 LTs

    Yes, after the patch hits you can only grind the Leopard from the Indienpanzer so the exp you grinded so far will be wasted. The exp you already grinded on the 13 90 on the other hand will stay on the new tier 8 from which you will still be able to unlock the AMX 30 and the Batchat 12t (and the AMX 13 90 which you will get for free anyway)
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    Is only being allowed to play wot on weekends keeping me from my esports dream?
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    @Flying_Elite carry harder skrub
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    2440x1440 144hz IPS MG279Q is here bois
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    We had a disk drive crash / corruption / etc. on the WOWS EU database. We have recovered, but while we were down data were not collected. It should gradually return to normal business. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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    New arty system deadlier than ever?

    Play a bunch of battles last night as arty on TS. @sc Couple of points : Holy shit M53/55 goes fast.. (i knew it went fast, just not this fast.. 50-55kph EA-SY) Holy shit the splash radius ( you are going to have to find a MASSIVE building to hide now..) i can just decide to splash someone for stun pretty much when and where i want. Where you use to be arty safe now you won't be stun safe. Holy shit the hit rate, I was probably at 90-95% of splash hit With XWM this is going to be the biggest pain... Reload is too short and splash is too big, if an arty chooses to, they WILL hit me.. No more hiding behind a rock and even if they do no damage than that’s not a problem since they are helping their team by stunning the purple dude. This is probably the biggest grief for me obviously we are going to take way less damage but oh god half or a third of the game is going to be stunned… And the worse is that people won’t realize this until it hits live.. 3 arty on live server right now is a pain but in the next iteration with 3 arty how can I not be stunned half the time ? Because I personally don’t know.. Half of the position where you where arta safe won’t be anymore and moving target are going to be so fucking easy to hit with splash… The class as it is on TS should be limited to 1, tops. Is this the death of JOAT ? Because i don't know you but there is NO way i'm going into battle without a "get off of me stun" card (Big medkit) This is NOT a nerf to arty in any way shape or form... I think the answer to the title of this thread is : No, arty won't be deadlier. But for gods sake it will become just as much if not more of a pain to a lot of us. And a lot of people (good players here) who thinks this version is better, don't have all the parameter. And that parameter is XVM. The day that parameter gets added into the mix it will become a whole different ball game. My point of view is that they seriously need to reduce stun time from direct hit and also scale down stun time when on the outer splash area or remove stun altogether and buff something else.
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    stupid mechanic question: roads

    It's not that roads have a speed increase. Different terrain has different resistances, so say, valley on lakeville has a poor coefficient, the spawn area has average, and the city roads are high. Although it might not be noticeable, your effective top speed changes based on the terrain. You will notice that on bad terrain, you are slower, and good terrain, you'll be faster.
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    2900+ Recent LFC

    Come join us @Tamagakure
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    It's ironic that they removed stealth fire just as Gasai jumped into WoWs. A stopped ship makes for an easy target, so he will be punished for trying to alpha strike from concealment. His best bet will probably be to try and figure out the Atlanta and how to fire over islands.
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    Save XP to tier9 LTs

    All exp will stay on the tier 8, though I´m pretty sure you will have all modules unlocked for free on the tier 9. Patchday is probably some day at the end of April.
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    exYU circlejerk

    Well not that simple. Educated and youngsters are mostly pro-EU. Then there is a group that still remembers the war(s), and has negative feeling towards everything coming from the west (mostly USA, but EU is not excluded). Also, Serbia has strong ties to Russia, due some historical stuff ("slavic brothers" bla bla, plus they helped us remove kebab in 19th century, they entered WWI for us, and did a lot of remove-nazi work in Serbia in WWII). This ego-maniac guy (the new president) is playing the politics like "balancing" between EU and Russia, like "we will be good with all of them", thinking that he is some new Tito or whatever, but in reality he is giving the middle finger to the people, and mostly playing by the directives coming from USA and Germany. Also he made some retarded moves, like going to USA and supporting Clinton family during the election run, while that same Clinton was the no.1 person to push for bombing of Serbia in 1999. Basically he has a very firm grip on the uneducated masses, and he is controlling them perfectly... i can't explain it to you, it is even a form of art - a grotesque, but art... He managed to build this personality cult in such amazing way to hypnotize the masses, with complete control of media. There was a recent research, during the election campaign, on national TV stations, he had 92% of the appearance! The actual problem for Serbs in Serbia is that he has a strong support both in Brussels and in Moscow, simply because he is giving away a lot of "freebies". Take this for example, every foreign investor that comes as employer, the Government will pay to the employer 10 000€ per position opened! Yes, 10k€ per worker!!! And basically what happens is that foreign companies (mostly EU) come to Serbia, open up companies and factories, pay minimum salaries, and have basically China in the middle of Europe. What is even better is that a lot of the workforce in Serbia is actually highly skilled. Serbian IT experts are among the best in the world... and are paid peanuts. Ask any IT company would they rather outsource to India, Pakistan, China or Serbia . And it is similar for many other industries, but IT is the most impacted one. And not to mention the corruption in government, and that a lot of institutions are either corrupt, or not working properly (not having enough capacity or whatever). So all of this mentioned (and a lot smaller stuff) are the reasons for protests. The young and the educated don't want to be treated as a cheap workforce, and sold out for peanuts and promises of better future that will not come any time soon.
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    PSA for non elited T49 players

    due to the complete changes in the American light medium hybrid line the XP on the T49 WILL not help you get either the T54E1, T69, or Sheridan; so all that XP will be free XP if you don't get the E1 ASAP so if you're half way through like i am, you SHOULD grind it out ASAP
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    Masochism thread

    It has M3 Lee gun with 500 less DPM than m3 lee, its tier higher and it doesnt have pref MM WHY DID YOU EVEN ASK IF IT COUNTS??? welcome to club my friend :>
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    [BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah

    New arta 9.18 splash radius...
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    In ER waiting on CT scan results for my girlfriend. Leaving *redacted* last night, us and 4 friends got jumped and sucker punched by some drunk assholes. I gots a borked nose, cheekbone, and concussion. More concerned about my GF's back.
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    New arty system deadlier than ever?

    I can honestly say I will start to play arty if the changes are put on live server. For someone who hate the class and havent played a single battle as arty this is huge. Why? 1. Damage can be racked up and everything that I dont like (lol-rng, aimtime, reload) is getting huge buffs 2. Be a dick/pain in the ass. I will get nuked everytime I show myself on the front lines 3. XVM-focus all the blue/purple players who say this is a good change because they dont get focused on a testserver where "noob manual" (xvm) doesnt work I will hunt you, I will find you and I will splash/stun you - again and again until WG removes this crap changes.
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    hazzgar - you keep repeating that TG and GT are "formulaic" and stale to you. I understand that, but being "formulaic" is what built the TG brand, and allowed the three men to step over from the BBC to Amazon and recreate their earlier successes. There is no plausible way that I would ever watch more than 10 minutes of a show dedicated to "tuning" vehicles or "car culture", I am just a guy who has been driving a car for 40 years now and I want to be entertained when I watch a show. If there was no humor in GT, I wouldn't bother watching it AT ALL, cars are not particularly interesting to me, they are just a mode of transportation from point A to point B. Attaching a dildo to the steering wheel of James May's car was hysterical to me, his reaction to it was priceless, truth be told I don't remember the supercars or even the luxury cars from one episode to the next, I just remember how passionately the three of them argue over their favorites. tldr; It's a show about three grouchy old men futzing around cars and pranking each other, not a show about cars presented by three old men. It is the relationships that make the show - the cars are just pretty props.
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    Thats my take on it Cuni.
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    New arty system deadlier than ever?

    Man, what's with the attitude and the hurtful words? Did Genghis Khan fuck your wife or something?.. Although with that attitude in mind I reckon I should ask who *Didn't*... Other than you that is. Get laid. Let some steam off.
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    Congrats hallo! Really nice! I'm proud of just now getting into platinum XD
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    I just had an odd game that ended up awarding two High Calibers, so thought it would be neat to let the good folks at WoTLabs know it could be done. Me & my toonbuddy both did identical amount of damage & kills, but our experience gained was different, so it doesn't look at that (unlike some other awards) & just awards both people the award when there's no clear winner. The replay: Double High Caliber game (Warning, does not contain High Skill gameplay, just noobs charging in like mad & it somehow works)
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    View range and binocs

    Yes they do. I you're in a vehicle with a base 400 m VR and have BIA 100%, Vents, Food, and active Binocs ... that would be an extra 40% VR which would be a gross VR of 560 m. If your enemy has 30% camo rating you would spot him at ~ 392 m because the camo deduction comes off the gross VR of 560 m not the max VR of 445 m.
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    stupid mechanic question: roads

    I always understood that the terrain resistance affects maneuverability (top speeds, acceleration, traverse speeds) on different types of ground. From the wiki... The game distinguishes three types of terrain: hard (roads, pavement, cobblestones), medium or average (some paths, dirt, sand, grass, shallow water), and soft (swamps, deep water) that correspond to the three terrain resistance values. Obviously, maneuverability degrades as the ground gets softer. Seems to me there was a mini-map mod in the past that showed the different terrain areas as an overlay.... Actually FWIW if you check out http://wotbase.net/en/maps/ there is a terrain overlay feature to satisfy your curiosity. Note: "Clutch Braking" improves traverse rates by 5% on all terrains (Hard, Medium, Soft) and "Off Road Driving" improves passibility (terrain resistance) by 10% (?) on Medium and Soft terrain only. This is one of the reasons I have come to favour CB ahead of ORD on most (especially poorly traversing) tanks. TBH the choice is a first world skill problem as you will gain more from bia/camo/repair anyway. The skills are fairly close and it often comes down to personal preference and the tank (much like camo/repair). I would arguably estimate that 30-40% of the time we are on hard terrain (city maps and city areas) 60-70% on medium terrain (dunes, steppes, grass, etc) and less than 2% on Soft terrain (in fact its often actively avoided except for Lakeville valley and XVM/Arty drowners). Here is a nice little test...
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    stupid mechanic question: roads

    ^ A good explanation. I'll add: You probably don't notice the extra speed increase from hard terrain because a great many tanks can max out their speed on medium terrain already, so you typically don't gain too much from driving on hard. Also, the increase for most tanks is like ~10% or so from medium to hard, which is much less than what you lose for going on to soft terrain with most suspensions.
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    Calm the fuck down or go to your safe space on tumblr.
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    Tier X Light tanks

    why the flying fuck are you using the derp on the Sheridan With 105mm its a straight up better version of the German LT
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    Basically. Enjoy!
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    Does this count?
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    Banned and locked. April Fools!
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    Reported this thread to the FBI for animal abuse, fucking turbomeanies.
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    Have you ever considered the possibility of having both? I'm sure your extremely intelligent mind could realise that it is indeed possible. Had you invested the time you spent playing 51000 battles in WoTards in a gym lifting weights you wouldn't be on this forum right now being labelled "small and pathetic". Just a thought, my friend.
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    A small, pathetic and rather annoying Nazi?
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    No I'm just here to farm upvotes, its more satisfying than WN8, you should try it sometime.
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    Enter a battle in any X tier tank -> die in first minute -> play X arty. Give top 10 rule and the worst kind of player will make randoms unplayable. That's it.
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    Just play. I know I get them easily and the only thing temporarily holding me back is variance. Personally without this belief I wouldn't even try. If you don't think you can legit do it, why bother? Get your mindset right and go full Shia Labeouf mode on it.
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    My teamspeak doesn't seem to like your server address. I think it's the double dash. When I take out the second dash my connect button is no longer greyed, but of course that's the wrong address! Edit: Submitted an application. Also figured out the TS thing, but I'm all alone in here D:
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    Elimination: Tier 10 - 2017 edition

    thread is pointless, tvp bias shifted and e5 got nerfed so they're not going to end up as high anymore maus and type are retard proof so ofcourse they'll win because people here seem to think that tank performance and tank capability are one and the same
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    Deal with the bullshit and don't let it tilt you, if you really need to perform the best way to do it is to remove the pressure of having to perform, who gives a shit if you drop a % or two, if you're good enough for it you can push it up again, you just need a bit of time
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    AMD (Ry)Zen

    Warning: If you buy a Ryzen system and plan to adress some of the performance deficits (in certain scnearios) by overclocking your RAM or using high speed RAM pay very close attention to what you or the BIOS/XMP profile is doing with the BCLK (base clock). Some memory deviders especially the ones for higher frequencies arn't working properly (atm). Therefor some people (and even RAM manufacturers) started to mess around with a BCLK. Raising the BCLK in itself isn't dangerous BUT in case of Ryzen the BCLK is tied to the PCIe clock (1:1) and that presents 2 issues. 1) Ryzen will switch from PCIe Gen 3.0 to 2.0 to 1.0, if the BCLK is raised beyond certain values (~115 MHz). PCIe 2.0 is fine for GPUs but highspeed storage like NVMe SSDs will react with drastically reduced maximum transfer rates. 2) As PCIe is the BUS that all devices are connected with in your PC (storage, audio, networking, graphic ...) you re essentially overclocking the signal paths of all your devices. This can (among other things) lead to system instabilitly (extrem high BCLK) or data loss even with milder PCIe OC. No this isn't is some horror tale told to PC noobs to scare them but the real deal. In the good old P45 days (Core2Quad in my case) while taking part in an online benchmarking competition it happend to me with an OC-Board at around 114 MHz for the PCIe bus. My system drive was suddenly gone on the next reboot and the bootloader corrupted. I was able to fix that and was lucky that I didn't have any further data loss. Reading about the same issue encountered today by an even more expereienced user than me on Anandtech with his new Ryzen system and a NVMe SSD (@107 MHz for him) is what led me to post this here. No - an external clock generator will not prevent that issue, it might only raise the limits.CPUs don't care that much about PCIe frequency as long as you adjust the multi and some other settings if needed. It's the rest of the system that can with certain platforms become unstable, depending how the whole thing is designed. I would limit PCIe OC to 104-5 MHz with Ryzen like on Haswell or Ivybridge. clarification: I don't say it will happen, but the probabilliy is certainly higher than 0.01%.Nor can I precisely predict at which frequency (for the clowns in this thread).
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    Good Twitch guys for beginners

    Anfield explains pretty well what he is doing and what he has done wrong and generaly interacts with viewers. There are also some amazing players that dont talk all that much (or at all) but the gameplay is just To name the few: Decha, Fyr3on, Aniallator, Valheru Most of the guys above really helped me improve and still do.
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    Good Twitch guys for beginners

    Zeven is the best for raw beginners. I think replays are really valuable too, because you can pause and look at the maps, the angles, or watch again to see how decisions cascade through the battle. Plus you can pick a class or tank if you can get a hold of a pack of replays. Skill4ltu is my favorite streamer though, best disposition, skills, entertainment. I think there is value in watching the absolute best of the best though, as well as watching players on different servers or play times.
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    Good Twitch guys for beginners

    skill4ltu always explains in detail how he screwed up, so that's something.
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    @BlackAdder Arty player makes a comment about how fun arty is Shaming myself because I'm an asshole
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    got this message after an ok(ish) AT15 game. find it funny and take it as a compliment as i feel like i am only decent at the game but i got a few good laughs from this.
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    Analyzing Purple Players I see a lot of frustration these days from in game chat, mostly when a player sees a good player on the enemy. They look at XVM, see the WN8, look at the win percentage, then type "gg" before the timer even runs out. The problem that this creates is a negative mentality for you and your team. While it is true that a purple is statistically better, it does not guarantee that he will as well as his stats say in any given match. In this article, I will explore how purples tend to play, and give average players tips on how to play with/against better players. Characteristics of a Purple First, let's explore the general characteristics of a purple player. They play good tanks: Purples generally will play a tank that is good in at least one category: damage, armor, burst, mobility. Usually the tanks they drive will excel in two of these categories. So, it should be established that these tanks are formidable, and should not be taken lightly. They excel at dealing damage: There's really only one way to achieve purple status: high damage numbers. Through good mechanics, tactics, or a combination of both, purples excel at dealing more damage than they take. Their damage ratio will usually be above 2, and really good players won't lose any health until late game. They have good situational awareness: From my experience, players that have a strong grasp of tactics and strategy tend to be at least dark purple. They know when to relocate to avoid taking damage while also dealing better damage. They know who needs to be taken out first, and know when to use their hp to push. These players will punish you heavily for any mistakes you make. They think that they're better than you: This is a general assumption. Statistically, this is true, but in practice, anything can happen. A lot of the time, their arrogance can cause them to make mistakes or tilt because things aren't going their way. Purples on your team There are two kinds of purples that you will see on your team. One wants to win, the other wants to do damage. There are two philosophies among purples that I've seen on forums. The first is: focus on winning, and the damage and stats will come afterwards. The other is do a lot of damage, and the win will come from that. I won't bother arguing about these two opinions, but I'll talk about how you can cooperate with these two kinds of purples. Support your purples just like you would any other teammate. I'm a big supporter of increased teamwork in pubs, since keeping others alive usually leads to better results. However, you shouldn't try to save anyone who has overextended and doomed themselves to die. Aggressive purples may attempt this often and then rage at their team for not following them loyally. Most of the time, their death is entirely their fault. Either they're tilted, or they couldn't read the battle correctly. It's not your responsibility to babysit a purple the whole game. After all, he is only one tank of 15. Even if he pumps out 4k damage, it still would be worse than 3 other tanks doing 2k damage each. Passive purples are the worst kind that you'll find. They'll sit where TDs sit, farm useless damage, and have terrible winrate compared to their damage per game. Consider these players equivalent to green/blue players. He won't help you, so don't bother helping him. Purples as Enemies Probably a worse situation is when you meet a good player on the enemy team. However, don't be intimidated just by their color in XVM. While their skills should be respected, it shouldn't pressure you into making irrational moves. Even the best of players aren't immortal. There are many different exploitable habits that purples tend to have. They love to farm damage: Some purples get enjoyment out of the game from farming, so much so that they get antsy when they aren't able to deal damage for extended periods of time. If you lock down the firing lanes of a good player, they will become impatient and make mistakes. They are stubborn: Some purples decide at the beginning of the game to take a certain position whether or not their team supports them. Some also refuse to fall back, then blame their team for not supporting them. As a general rule, if you know a player is isolated, whether it be a purple or red, don't hesitate to jump on it. They think that they are better than you: Remember, a tank is a tank. All it takes for you to land a shot into him is for your gun to be loaded the moment he pokes over. Good players poke when either the enemy is not looking at them, or the enemy has just fired. If you're sitting with a couple of teammates in an alleyway, stagger your shots to keep the good player guessing your reload times. Assuming you have equal alpha, trading 1 for 1 with a better player will lower his potential carry ability in late game. Remember that purples can recognize and punish mistakes harder than average players can. So, if you're careful and consider all angles of attack, you negate the purple's ability to take advantage of you. Let him be the one to overextend and get nailed by TDs/arty, not you. Another thing good players sometimes underestimate is the power of platoons. I cannot count how many times a platoon of top tier heavies/mediums on my opposing team has ruined my team either by blitzing early positions to prevent our team from moving from base or rolling an entire flank faster than the other can react. It's very easy to win in platoons. If you give the purple the time to find the right angles and flank shots, there's a chance they can carry. However, a fast push will effectively negate the enemy player's ability to do more damage by shortening the overall game time. Of course, don't push like idiots. Some maps require patience, like Prok. A lot of purples I speak to LOVE Prok when it has no arty. That's because they can take their time and farm the map slowly, rather than have to worry about flanks collapsing. Conclusion Better players should not be feared, but treated with caution. Anyone has the capability to have a good game. Purples just happen to know how to be more consistent. Teamwork always beats a pubstar. Always. Some purples are obnoxious and rude, others are nice and friendly.
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