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    The lowest 20% of the server (WN8 < 450) are either using a bot to play, are playing only for the fun of driving and shooting a tank(this is a big one), or have a disability hindering their performance. The 20% to 50% band (450 < WN8 < 750) are just learning where to pen tanks, what to NEVER do, and what the rolls of each class are. The 50 to 65% band (750 < WN8 < 900) understand the basic mechanics, understand the important parts of the map (but not usually where their tank would be best suited based on the enemy team), and generally know which tanks they should attack and which they should avoid if they can. The 65% to 85% band (900 < WN8 < 1250) are very similar to the above band but are starting to gain more map awareness and understand some of the more obscure mechanics. They generally know the armor layout of most tanks, and are starting to get an idea of where and how to position their tanks to be more effective. The 85% to 95% band (1250 < WN8 < 1600) are beginning to understand when they should pull back from a flank before it's too late, know some of the more optimal locations to position their tank, have a good understanding of the spotting and vision mechanics through experience more than just reading the wiki. Are starting to notice more opportunities to push or take a shot that lower skill levels would have been oblivious to. 95% to 99% band (1600 < WN8 < 2000) Starts to become obvious that players know not only how vision mechanics work but how to use them to their advantage. They identify opportunities to push and are starting to be able to effectively flex to different flanks depending on their tank. Starting to pick up simple but effective skills that keep other players from hitting them, like wiggling or hugging with certain tanks. 99% to 99.9% band (2000 < WN8 < 2450) Starting to be able to abuse vision mechanics on major flanks and across open areas. Begins to be able to expect what other players will do based on their tank type and location. Starts to understand not only true strengths and weakness of each tank they encounter, but exactly where that tank would be best located and is able to take advantage of the poor positioning of other players. Is far more map aware and can usually effectively flex to another major flank depending on the tank. Are able to focus on shooting while the driving and armor positioning of their own tank is done more through muscle memory. Upper levels 99.9%+ (WN8 > 2450) Not only are able to abuse vision mechanics on major flanks, but can usually do so from any point during transition to another flank. Greatly understand what damage trades are good trades and which they should avoid. Fully understand exactly where each tank on the enemy team should go and can easily take advantage of those not using their tank to its full potential. Are able to understand what a team will likely do based on their known positions and their own teams positions and can set up in unusual but strong locations based on that assumption. Are almost never just waiting for something to happen. If tanks are dark they're either getting themselves to a better position or actively finding the enemy. Understands how to keep calm in total loss situations and can slowly pick off the other team, even in some cases winning the game alone against what would otherwise be a loss. EDIT: I tried to all-encompass the unicum group in a single block that would give a general understanding of how they play better. I should have mentioned that it wasn't all or nothing, lots of people can play purple (and pull the WR for it) while utilizing lots of different playstyles. When I was writing it I was thinking more of unicums I've seen in batchats and the like that tend to abuse vision early and then use speed, timing and several other skills to take other opponents out when the time is right. I agree that the ability to abuse terrain and understand your tank enough to do so, as well as the ability to abuse armor and quite possibly other players lack of understanding of it, are all traits of different styles of unicum that aren't mutually exclusive.
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    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEspctd (4:00:12 PM) Battle: Redshire Vehicles: TVP T 50/51Experience received: 1,593Credits earned: 78,489Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, High Caliber, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "II Class"
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    I don't follow WoT anymore but SirFoch got this right: Lets be serious, this game is becoming pure cancer.
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    Prokhorovka/Fiery Salient for heavies

    It's entirely depends on the mm, and your tank. I think the only golden rule is for heavies, if you can't push the 1 line, then don't go 1 line. From green side: If my entire team camps in A1. The ridges give you cover against 3/4 of the map. You can also try to figure out which bush is taken by the scout, and blind shoot him. If there is no arty, and your armor is really solid. The rock there can be used to get cover against TDs. If there are arties or my armor is useless, but the gun is not too derpy. One can snipe from there while unspotted. If nothing else to do. Standard position, if there are not too many big hitting arties. If the 6. position is taken by the allies and you want to shoot the TDs, or early game if you want to kill an aggressive heavy in the red 5 position. With turret armor, spot/peek/farm depends on the situation. If you are Maus and you feel like doing something stupid. (It actually works, if the enemy team doesn't have a tons of TDs) If not every bot camping in the A1 corner. Luckily you also have some retards in A6/A0, but you are alone. The red positions are symmetrical. The numbering is fucked up but I hope it's understandable. The only special one is the 5. It is semi hull down, and only works if the enemy team has also a slow setup, there is no arty and you have support.
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    @Android25 wrote it out perfectly. Kudos! @OneSlopoke uninstall your xvm and don't make assumptions based on those colors. I'm serious, you need to learn to "play it as it lies" each and every match. Learn from your experiences, but treat each situation as a novel puzzle. That's a huge and relatively less discussed aspect of processing the game's information. There is a time and place for xvm, but to use it predictively is an error, and adds unnecessary complication to an already daunting stream of information. Ultimately the specific intention can only be reliably observed at each battle moment, and tank positions, numbers and matchups matter as much or more than supposed differences in player quality. Put another way, treat every enemy as purple, every teammate as red and then revise only based on direct observations or interaction.
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    Ever get the feeling there may be a bit of a language barrier? Ezz (18-May-17 8:50:15 AM) well played Alphard_Hinotama (18-May-17 8:52:25 AM) sorry. I want to play alone
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    I give up

    I give up
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    At your current skill level, I personally think you should stay at tier 5/6 a bit longer so you feel a bit more comfortable in them. When you start seeing 1st class and Ace tankers on the regular, then I would up it a notch to tier 7/8 and you'll still be very comfortable there as the skill increase won't be huge. You'll be moving from 90% comfort to about 60%-70% comfort if I could numerically assign it. Tank lines. I HIGHLY recommend heavy tanks for a newer player such as yourself. They have high HP pools, big guns, and lots of armor and if used correctly, can easily influence the outcome of a game. Yeah everyone wants to jump in a medium and go zipping around but mediums are not amazing when they come face to face with most heavy tanks in this game. -So you have the KV1-s and Tiger 1 researched. PERSONALLY I would go down the KV1s line as that leads to the IS7 which is still a pretty decent tier 10 heavy tank in the game. Also, the entire line is fun. The IS is a great tier 7, the IS3 is just legendary, and the T10 is super comfy (probably the best tank at tier 9 in the game ATM). -The Tiger 1 is nice but the armor is awkward and honestly not that great anymore. On top of which the Tiger 2 isn't amazing as well, but the E75 and E100 are fucking pub stompers and are essential to have in this game. So TL;DR Stay at tier 5/6 to get more comfortable, when you start seeing more 1st class/Ace tanker games make the jump to 7/8 and you'll be comfortable there too. Go for the IS7 first, then get the E100. Play heavy tanks primarily (doesn't mean don't play mediums but don't exclusively play meds).
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    Common, give us all more credit. We are all shitters here Seriously though, don't worry about it. I'm asking because I need some advice and just because your stats are one way doesn't mean that you can't have good ideas. I appreciate it. My thinking was kind of along the same lines as yours.
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    The bicycle is actually the engine. Warthunder did it first!
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    Well I guess they had to try powercreeping the defender
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    Final review of T3 Battleships

    A couple months back I decided to revisit the T3 Battleships, but instead of normal seal clubbing I limited myself to zero skill point captain, no camo, no flags, and no premium consumables. This stemmed from a conversation about the importance of all that good stuff. I'll bring up my thoughts on this in a separate thread though. I played all the T3 BBs a total of 10 times each, I took a month or so break and played the last few games with the recently boosted range of those ships: I will say all 4 BBs are slow, outside of the SC they have crap range, they turn slow and they burn easily. Also I noticed I was up tiered allot more often around 63% of the time, not terrible but noticable South Carolina: Honestly I have a soft spot for this ship, if you look at my stats I have played this ship allot and I'm hovering around the top 10 best players for this ship, not saying much but yea I like her. That said she plays exactly like every USN BB up to T7, if anything she plays allot like the Colorado and I love the Colorado which is probably why I like it. Her speed sucks but if you know how to work around it then it won't be a issue, I won't explain the work around because if you can't figure it out then this isn't the ship line for you. Her new range is 14km+ which means it can out range almost every ship it faces, but the dispersion is pretty bad at that range though I did nearly one shot a cruiser at max range. I wish I documented damage per shot because I felt this ship did more damage per shell, they just seem to wreck anything it hit. Other than that she is fairly soft, and easy to damage, her citadel protection is alright when angled. I averaged 692 Base XP, 35,323 damage, 1.2 kills, 60% WR, and survived 60% Kawachi: I hated this ship the first time through and she is just as bad as ever. Its dispersion feels worse of all the T3 BBs and even when the shells hit they seem to shatter allot. Range is pathetic and really not much better since the buff, her armor feels about the same as SC though. She doesn't play like any of the other IJN BBs which is kind of weird since the SC and Nassau play like their later sisters. I dunno she felt sluggish and took the longest to pass through because I did not enjoy her at all even though I did pretty alright with her. I averaged 757 base XP, 37712 damage, 1.5 kills, 60% WR, and survived 50% Nassau: This is a better Kawachi, she feels tougher and her guns are about as bad but fire faster so makes up for that, Her range is about as bad also but not nearly as noticeable. Keeping her guns singing is the key to this ship, where as with the SC and Kawachi I waited for perfect broadsides, the Nassau I just kept firing. In all honestly this is the best tech tree T3 BB, it may not be my favorite but she is the best because she is the easiest to play, your almost citadel proof even while sailing broadside. I did lose and die more but I did more damage which I think is because I was more aggressive with it more than the other 2 BBs probably because of her fast firing guns and tough armor. This ship is almost idiot proof. I averaged 646 base XP, 43,276 damage, 1.5 kills, 50% WR, and survived 40% Konig Albert: I only have a couple battles in this ship and I didn't hold it to the same rules either because this ship is hilariously overpowered for T3, when top tiered is just dirty and when bottom tier isn't bad because it is a slightly nerfed T4 BB. Really I dunno what WG was thinking when she put this ingame. This is the best T3 BB and possibly the best T3 ship period. Next I will be tackling T4 BBs mainly because I want another swing at the Myogi
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    Patriot's Point Charleston SC

    I was in Charleston last week for my nephews graduation a from the Citadel and his Commissioning ceremony as a 2nd Lt in the US Army, and had an opportunity to stop by Patriots Point. All 3 ships served from WWII well into the Cold war. Well worth a visit! USS Yorktown CV10 "The Fighting Lady" plus examples of most the planes from WWII Grumman F6F Hellcat to the F-14A Tomcats and one of it's air groups is credited with sinking the Yamato! USS Laffey DD724 The ship that wouldn't die. Saw combat action at D-Day and the Pacific. Attacked by almost 100 Japanese bombers, torpedo bombers, and Kamikaze planes while on Radar picket duty on the north coast of Okinawa taking 6-8 bomb hits/near-misses and 6 Kamikaze hits! USS Clamagore SS343 - she's in rough shape and didn't go on board her as I am a rather large fellow .... Plus there's a Vietnam war display with a Bell UH-1 Iroquois (nicknamed "Huey") and a Bell AH-1 Cobra. They also do a guided tour boat to Fort Sumter. These are stock photos, but will try and post some of the pics I took later ....
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    SirFoch lost his CC status after his Chrysler K review. http://rykoszet.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/18466091_1440049852684331_614568957738745856_n.mp4?_=1
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    As someone who made the jump to 10 way to early (and I'm still trying to fix the poor showing I have on most of my tanks) I'd suggest playing T6 until you are good enough to influence pretty much any game at T6. and some T7. It's probably not a huge deal to go to T7, but they will face a lot of T9 tanks, and T9 tanks are a lot tougher than T8. (The jump from 6-7 isn't that big, the jump from 7-8 is bigger, but there's a huge difference between T8 and T9) If I did it again (and decided to reroll to become a light blue) I'd wait until I was winning 55% or so of my games before moving up a tier.
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    Can you make a small label on the glass that says pubby tears.
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    thats what the Skorp G is for
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    There are already too many derps in WoT.
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    Power/weight of 4.64, the mobility is literally that of a Maus with a broken engine So basically the tank will be both frustrating to play as and against, gj WG, though atleast in its current state the tank isn´t as brokenly overpowered as the defender. Also:
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    wonder if the improved equipment is what they were referring to with the whole 'we nerfed lights to force them to use vision equipment' thing. i use the same equipment loadout on all my higher tier lights and meds but in general i could see using bonds on rammers and stuff for meds and on optics for lights
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    How about Clooney with a discrete kac lapel pin, which was the koala emblem thing? or sipping on a beer can, with a koala on it? Oh hang on, don't want to attract the wrong crowd...
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    I'd rather exceed in most battles than be mediocre in all battles.
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    Coming from the point of view of a very good player.... Oh boy I'm gonna farm so hard. Pubbies never use their reload advantages anyway, but give me that extra 0.4 secs? Yes pls. Lets expand the skill gap further muahahaha
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    9.19: Bonds! (and its repercussions)

    Coming from the point of view of a good player.... I literally don't give a shit. In one way the improved equipment removes a little bit of RNG. In another way, because not everybody will play this new mode and get improved shit, you might or might not face off against someone with the new equipment, which is another form of RNG. In the long run, skill > rng. Git gud, son.