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    MFW they think 1.7k DPM is such a massive balancing factor compared to the typical tier 8 medium. Check this out: http://tanks.gg/list/stats/dpm?ti=8&ty=medium&sh=standard With only very few exceptions, tier 8 mediums have laughably flaccid firepower overall. One of those exceptions is the 416, but it pays for that by having nonexistent gun depression and limited turret traverse, as if they expected it to fall much more into the TD niche. And the 416 is expensive to run even if you aren't using the P2W HEAT round. So along comes this new STG that has literally twice the gun depression of the 416 and is premium so therefore doesn't bleed credits. It has that 390 alpha, better pen than the ravioli, and fantastic accuracy. And some have one look and say "don't worry it has bad DPM so therefore it'll be balanced...." but that terrible 1.7k DPM is still more or less what I'd expect from the tier and class. And its mounted on an agile chassis with a low silhouette and armor no worse in practice than any other tier 8 medium. Much balance. Thinking about it a little more, its not that this tank is really good, its just that most of its peers are hilariously bad. "Oh here comes the Panther 88 and its amazing 2.1k base DPM, I'm so frightened!" -said no tier 9 or 10 tank ever.
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    DIMBO Recruitment

    DIMBO IS RECRUITING!!! [DIMBO] Do you have a love/hate relationship with tanks? Are you tired of playing against this new arty? Have you been looking for a laid back community of players? DIMBO might be for you then! DIMBO members are made up of a melting pot of backgrounds. Though we do take our name from the old Mafia clans, we are not looking to revive any of them anytime soon. Rest at ease tex We are looking for: Activity on our discord while in game (found here: https://discord.gg/rKwqVCg ). 1850ish Wn8 54%ish WR Some tier 6s/8s/10s Apply now by contacting either: ChickenThighSamurai, Deathtanker, TorchofFreedom
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    Vents vs Optics: Improved Equipment Edition

    If it hits max VR with normal vents, go IVents If the gun handling difference is significant with food on, go IVents or just put IVents on pretty much everything that can reach a good VR for the tier (455+ on T10) final accuracy is a big deal and IVents are the only thing that will improve it more than currently possible, and I'd go with improved vents instead of optics on almost all tanks that are on the verge of max VR with normal vents where I went optics instead, but I'll probably keep optics on lower tiers (if I ever have the time to grind out improved equipment for T8 prems)
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    DIMBO Recruitment

    #When A Joke Is Taken Seriously
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    TLDR; It was his fapping hand.
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    2x XP all weekend Tier 8-10

    look at these people having a life 140k XP done on Panther II today
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    Okay i admit, thats pretty god damn stupid
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    Dear WG: Your new Missions tab sucks. Sincerely, A confused player
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    looks like a Chrysler after diet
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    God almighty. Imagine a world where they stopped making a premium tank every 3 weeks and actually start working on the game to not fuck up their game some more.
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    Whilt the sentiment is right, its not entirely fair though, it contains a lot of double tanks (all tanks with special camo are listed twice for example, including tanks you cant even buy (Wz-111 alpine tiger, Type 59 G, ``nameless``, its something along the lines of: 37 normal tanks 34 prems 27 ``special tanks`` (we have 3 versions of the fucking Mutz and T-44-100 for example)) ps: in games its however not 50-50, but more like: 10 vs 10 prems, with some normal tanks in between (have seen more, most i think 13 prems on 1 team)
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    The Hunt for the Bismarck campaign Q&A

    Bismarck acquired. Now to never play ships again for the next 3 months.
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    If you look on Tanks.gg you will realize that there are now more tier 8 premiums than there are regular tier 8"s
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    E-50/E-50 M Fan Club

    I have like 30 hours of E 50M streamed at 100% MoE the last month I also have a full YT session of a 100% MoE run:
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    I'm fairly impressed though, it takes work to dip below 40%. He's an actually game throwing unicum, nearly as far removed from the mean and capable of influencing his matches as someone at 60% is at winning.
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    The return of Garbad?

    Ummm, I liked Garbad. Controversial or no, at least he made me think hard about my line of reasoning on some things.
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    The return of Garbad?

    Please, for everyone's enjoyment, have a special subforum where the only two posters are Garbad and adztownstrike.
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    Make sure you have plenty of cooling so you can overclock it to be able to run Tanks at 20 FPS.
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    Hi wotlabs, I am being sued by QuickyBaby because of one of your streamers. I am wondering what action I should take. I am often on twitch, as I find World of Tanks streams useful noise when vacuuming and working out, and they are also a great sleeping aid (Jingles smoothy silk voice is excellent in this regard, pop on Jingles epic 1 hour is-7 review while in bed and I'll be out like a light). Now one day, one of your streamers wanted an example of a time when QuickyBaby raged at his wife. I of course understand why you people might want something like that. Quickybaby of course steals the limelight, suffocating your views in the process, so you call his wife a "russian mail order bride" and anytime QB is mentioned in chat many of your people will fly into a rage such as Orzanel as being "rude." As someone who is in streams a lot, I of course remembered a funny incident that I had recorded in one of QB's streams. I uploaded the video to youtube and shared it to the streamer and his audience, who was disappointed and complained that it was not ragey enough. Now THAT'S rude after all the effort I put in. Going to bed, after a few days I found that my youtube account had been flagged by QuickyBaby. Not wanting a copyright flag (which restricts access and can lead to a ban), I disputed the claim. My counter claim succeeded, my video and account were restored, but now I'm being sued by QuickyBaby! And all because of one of your streamers. I wonder what I should do. Do you think I can win a case against QuickyBaby or should I submit to his worship? QuickyBaby wants to sue my video because he claims he owns me, but under copyright law, I say that it falls under fair use. Do you think my video, linked below, is fair use? I need your advice, since a lot of you are also streamers and have a perspective in this matter. Note my video is and has NEVER been monetized. As you can see by the video description I added my own parody/satirical spin to it: Now according to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/fair-use.html#yt-copyright-four-factors QuickyBaby first tried to take down my video with a copyright claim: I counter-notified (which QB would also have received copy of. The reply had to be very to the point, because google gives you a tiny word limit): And sent him this PM: Do you feel my justifications for fair use are sound? Youtube must have thought so because my video was then restored: But today I received this ominous message: What am I going to do? QuickBaby, oh god, is going to sue me. And it's all your fault wotlabs. You and your streamer. What do I do?
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