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    He knows...

    He knows...
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    3 battles in after a year break and my shoulders ache already
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    You see, most games with eSports generally have a toxic playerbase, but WoT is the special exception in that it has by far the dumbest fucking playerbase- This is the game that has convinced me. http://wotreplays.com/site/3652279#lakeville-masterpupil-113
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    First polish tank and is actually a german one.
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    907 is so broken

    907 is so broken
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    Edelweiss and Nameless: WoT has now unquestionably jumped the shark
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    Mission Accomplished

    Mission Accomplished
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    Looks like arty is going to be able to platoon with non-arty again, arty is getting a better aiming mechanism, and now stun-assist will count towards marks. Because everybody wants to encourage more arty play amIright?
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    I like legga but his titles are pure fucking cancer to read, reminds me of YouTube clickbait.
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    Is 4k the new 3k?

    Well, according to DPG whores, there are about 220 100 game 4k+ performers in all tier Xs on the NA server. It ranges from none in the E100, Russian heavies, new LTs, arty - to over 20 in the TVP and Grille. So thats about 4 per tank, or maybe 8 per tank if you take out rare tanks and tanks that can never average 4k (LTs and arty). Even during the 'bygone' era, there were always many many more players than that averaged over 3K pretty consistently than have ever averaged 4K. I did not include the Waffle in my summary, which is good because the waffle had more 4K average players alone that the TVP and Grille combined. I also looked at recent DPG over 4K and its significantly less than half as many players as above getting over 4K on NA, maybe 2-3 per tank at best and many more tanks with no 4K dpg recent players. A quick perusal of the records of players with 4K WN8 recents indicates that most of them few or no tanks that they average 4K damage in even sub 50 battles. 4K damage is still pretty damned rare. I'm not sure what the new 3K is, but it looks like 4k is still 4k.
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    Weeb Tanks

    Kawaii nano desu~ Edelweiss: Softstatsu: Tier: 8, Medium Tanku HP: 1400 Power/Weightu: 25 Max speedu: 60/-20 km / h Hull turning speedu: 42 °/s Turret turning speedu: 38 °/s View rangeu: 370 m Hull armoru: 120/60/60 mm Turret armoru: 120/80/60 mm Alpha Damageu: 240/240/295 Penetrationu: 190/224/44 mm Reload timeu: 7,5 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0.38 Aiming timeu: 2,3 s Depressionu/Elevationu: -8°/15° Armoru: Basically a Panther-2 that trades penetration and accuracy for insane speed Nameless (actual name of the tank) Softstatsu: Tier: 8, Heavy Tanku HP: 1600 Power/Weightu: 16.76 Max speedu: 50/-14 km / h Hull turning speedu: 28 °/s Turret turning speedu: 26 °/s View rangeu: 370 m Hull armoru: 220/80/80 mm Turret armoru: 240/150/80 mm Alpha Damageu: 300/300/360 Penetrationu: 215/260/44 mm Reload timeu: 9 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0.37 Aiming timeu: 2,3 s Depressionu/Elevationu: -5°/15° Armoru: Basically a mix between Liberte and Tiger 2 with good speed and a huge tumor on top. Most of the softstats copied from TAP-senpai~ These beauties will sadly be Asia-exclusives but considering they lack the exposed boobs of the O-No line they are clearly inferior Anime tanks anyway.
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    So the IS-7 will become even MORE obsolete? Srsly tho. Where tf is the Russian bias I was promised when I started playing this game?
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    Ranked Battles Discussion

    I played a little last night for the first time since the first day or two. The increased level of camp is noticeable. Camp games become so boring that I just don't enjoy it. I'd rather die trying to make a play than sit the whole game and try to eek out a chevron. Thus the reason I will never go far in ranked mode. My plan is to just hit rank three or four to get a handful of bonds each week. I can do that in an hour or two of not-very-serious play. It'll be slow to get any improved equipment but I've accepted that I won't be getting much of it anyways (unless WG gets their head out of their ass and introduces better ways to earn bonds).
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    How I would fix Ranked battles

    Would love to see a ranked system similar to wgl. 7v7, map bans and picks, tank picks and bans (more similar to LoL than wgl.) then make it best of 5 so having a shit game out of 3 or 4 games isn't such a big deal if you do well in the rest. Or introduce respawns so matches continue for longer than the 5 minute yolo we have now. I'm not a dev so im not sure how well it would be balanced, but it sounds alot more fun than 15v15 tryharding teals
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    How I would fix Ranked battles

    You're one of those EU players. This is the type of backwards- assed thinking that turned wot into what it is today. Mate, I hate to break it to you, but even premium accounts bleed credits in that mode because of the necessity of prem rounds to brute force through RNG/superheavies. You also completely misunderstood the points. Facts of the matter at hand: - superheavies overbuffed. God-tier status on most maps simply because they dont have to give any shits about being shot at - limiting the use of premium rounds would gimp players like YOU even harder because, hey, you still can't afford them and now you can't trade anywhere as decently as before. It's sort of like telling competitive FPS players to use knives only because any ranged weapon is "unfair" to the guy who would have lost the trade regardless. - grind credits to play the mode. Most people grind sh then play that mode you know. Literally everyone is bleeding credits. The fact that you call it "pay2play" is a fallacy. Armour has and always has been relevant. It's the vast majority of players placing their tank completely sideways to something and complaining that their tank isn't impenetrable that led to the current pattern of overbuffed heavies. Maus armor was already good before. But hey, fuck it. Let's make it even stronger. And that's when Maus hype arrived. Same for the type 5.
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    How I would fix Ranked battles

    I still maintain that relying on team dynamics in a mode that's supposed to be about individual skill was a mistake from the start. Were it up to me, post-match scoring would be done as a single group containing all 30 players sorted by base EXP without any modification for win/loss. As for the concern that this would encourage redline sniping, that's already the norm. But to encourage aggression, step two ought to be changing the ratio of experience earned via assists. Earning more from spotting/tracking assists and damaging enemies that you can actually spot for yourself, earning much less from hanging in the back and mooching off someone else's eyes. As for code 22, I repeat what the others have said, a necessary evil to counter the ultra-fatties. Rather than prohibit it, I say do the opposite- give everyone an allowance of gold shells. At the end of each match, refund the price of a certain number of premium rounds. Doesn't have to be many, just a handful would do it. Besides, armor is mindless and frankly the more that the meta shifts away from it, the better. The chevron system on the other hand seems really weird to me. Everyone's paranoid their team will lose and so they play ultra passive to hedge their bets. And they can't be blamed for that, precisely why relying on team dynamics was so stupid in the first place. Anyway my real problem with the chevrons themselves is that its blind to the difference between a good match and a bad one. Anyone can be carried on the winning side and earn the same one chevron as the guy who worked his balls off to do the carrying in the first place. Same argument for the losing team, how often is it that the top three are so worthy of reward but the bottom twelve are somehow different? WG is gambling on the notion that in the long run things work out. You'll only be carried so often, and that sooner or later the system will filter the good players from the bad. But we don't have all day, we only get so many hours to grind in ranked so it baffles me that they think their filter will do its job. The answer is to differentiate the really amazing matches from the mediocrities. Set up some rules where victory might be worth one chevron or two, dealing your own hit points would add another, various other tasks/awards may yield yet more, so on and so forth so that the difference isn't the simple gain one or lose one, but more like potentially gaining a dozen chevrons for a solid ace, or losing a couple for AFK/Botting/TKing. If they need to increase the number of chevrons between ranks, or increase the number of ranks, then so be it. Improved equipment are only a problem because it takes ages of grinding in this one particular and exclusive mode to get ahold of them. If we could buy them for credits, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Directives could be such a sweet solution to multiple problems if they just did one simple thing- make the 'sixth sense' directive free of charge to use. Yes, you know what that means, that's basically giving every crew sixth sense for free. And no one could then complain that the directives slot is this thing that only a few ranked weirdos have access to. Win-freakin'-win.
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    true.. however mediums have got to the point that a lot of them are just not played by good players as they cannot do anything, even with the "flex potential" hehehe why play a pershing when a patriot does everything better??? and that's one of the better tier 8 meds
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    Ranked Battles Discussion

    Fuck ranked battles. Fuck wargaming. Fuck SerB. Fuck Belarus. Fuck Russians. Fuck pubbies. Fuck your mother.
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    Ive had success using HEAT rounds, but I was matched up with tier 9 tanks, and a LOT of "just squishy enough" mediums or heaviums to bang on. Ended up with almost 6k damage, including 5 HEAT pens. They're very situational, more so than most rounds in the game but they add a nice level of awareness to your game planning
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    Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?

    I'll probably be happy if the friendly BB's are of the accurate P2W variety - Warspite, Arizona, Mutsu. Basically your Nagato's of last season. Had a Leander ranting in a match tonight when I drilled him in smoke with the Warspite Also, saw a video Notser put up a couple days ago - he is enlisted into making some tier 6 destroyer preview videos by his WG NA contact, other CC's have rest of ships, so I guess that's pretty much T6 confirmed.
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    Never bothered to look into the Ranked Battles info and I have just realized that you have to put in a month's work for a single piece of equipment- yeah, fuck that stupid shit, no thanks.
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    Can confirm that 4.8 skills commander is key. I carry 508 VR on my T49 because crew is 85% on 5th skills. I've been tempted to put ladies in it, but really 5 is actually enough, my decisions in game matter more than anything. Buffing the T49 is indeed the only reason I've kept open the option of playing ranked battles. I am perfectly fine grinding a bit simply to make the dream/meme machine buzz even better. Seeing that above, I'd think you might just want iVstab, iOptics and iVents. You'd lose some gun handling from the GLD, but we've been making 2.91 work for years now, moving to 3.1 with a 0.02 better final accuracy and crazy low dispersion values might be workable. You're still never going to get aim-time down to the point where you're trying to snap...the key is just not to miss medium sized windows, or so that you don't have to sit too long and get dapped by arty. So I can see rocking 3.1 aimtime being worth 520 VR and 0.52 accuracy...I guess bonds won't come sufficiently quickly to A/B test without some coordination. Also, 152mm > 90mm Topic jump! Some evidence of 152mm superiority, platooning dual T49s with none other than the @dualmaster333! http://wotreplays.com/site/3625840#swamp-crabeatoff-t49 http://wotreplays.com/site/3625866#lakeville-crabeatoff-t49 http://wotreplays.com/site/3625870#redshire-crabeatoff-t49 http://wotreplays.com/site/3625876#overlord-crabeatoff-t49 http://wotreplays.com/site/3625883#sand_river-crabeatoff-t49 The third, on Redshire is prob the most informative in terms of how to win a game without actually doing damage, just a little vision control and reading the map, showing your team what to do. I of course like damage, but there are other ways to influence. Dual and I win a little over 70% when duoing T49s in their buffed state, in part because the tank is good, in part because we both tend to play to control the map, the vision, and for the absolute lulz of shooting people for big numbers. If you all ask nice, he might post his replays of these same or perhaps better games. This is what plays in both my mind and my ears when I am dunking bitches with the T49 Would you believe me when I do you You're the queen of my heart Please don't deceive me when I hurt you Just ain't the way it seems Can you feel my love buzz?
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    Show Off Your Rig

    Rig Update ITS. SO. PRETTY. Update to hardware: My brother had purchased a z170, 6600k, 1050ti and 16GB DDR4 but was never able to get it working (because he didnt listen to me nor the videos I sent him on how to). Well, I was looking to upgrade my system to similar but didnt have the cash on hand... So, swapped him my rig. He's getting a z97A, i5 4690k, 16GB DDR3 and a 980ti. The cost difference between our systems is what I was looking to spend anyway on a new MoBo, RAM, and CPU. I get upward mobility that I didnt have before plus a better CPU, he gets a massive GPU upgrade. Tonight Im rebuilding my old system and cleaning it out for him Update: I now have Ryzen 7 1700X Noctua DH15
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    Weeb Tanks

    Take all my money! This is the only reason why I've not bought a Panther 88 and a Slowe despite having both German T10 Mediums and two out of three T10 HTs. I hope they put a huge ammo rack hitbox in that rear hull armor weakspot for (anime) realism purposes.
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    Victory El Halluf Conqueror Gun Carriage Experience received:1,391 Credits earned 55,893 Battle achievements 1 Mark of Excellence, Mastery Badge: "II Class" Mission completed! Reward: Personal Reserves: Additional Experience per Battle Ammunition: -32 500 Total: 23 393 WN8: 2 895 (92)