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    LT's are actually OP because they can circle a maus and a maus cant one shot them with its massive gun. Its true because a 48%er told me so. O wait, 48%ers are now included in supertesting
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    E50 too good.

    E50 too good.
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    So we are playing AW?
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    IS7s problem was never the HP/T but the shitty ground resistance stats. HP/T means close to nothing in this game with all the hidden stats.
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    I just added it to the bottom of the OP.
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    Not listed in the initial poast: Turret rotation bloom reduced from 0.077 to 0.058 Hull movement bloom reduced from 0.182 to 0.153 Hull rotation bloom reduced from 0.182 to 0.153 Turret rotation max. bloom reduced from 1.92 to 1.44 Hull movement max. bloom reduced from 10.86 to 9.14 Hull rotation max. bloom reduced from 5.1 to 4.3
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    T-54-the D-54S and D-10T2C were mounted and saw deployment. In real life both primarily sling HEAT because that ruled the day. T-10, but the tank had dank APCR irl but not in game IS-2(Berlin edition premium tank) because at that stage of the war the red army stopped being a HE spamming noob #truefact SU-152 if you sling HEAT, but that isn't entirely historical, to stay true to historical accuracy you shoot only HE because AP is for bunkers and early soviet HEAT was crap M48A3, although 105mm variant is actually M48A5 M103-its top config is historical, never fought the arch rival the T-10 and thank MAD for that S-103B- although it can also sling HEAT in real life but in game you are stuck with 350pen APCR, such a great loss /sarc Strv 74- Correct gun, good for tier. Conqueror- Although the top turret is overbuffed, the top config is historical. Like the M103, never fought the T-10 or the world we know will not exist. Centurions bar CAX or 4202- So many configs were produced or modified into, there isn't anything wrong with any of them, although the actually good configs are most likely not called Centurion 1 or Centurion 7/1. AMX 13t series- correct gun configs, the problem would be "if they are viable in current meta". That's from the top of my mind, I am sure there are more. But keep in mind even those with historically correct configs have unhistorical penetration values, dynamics (tanks ARE sluggish to turn) and arbitrary hitpoints, and fights in a 1x1km square so they do not perform anywhere like they did in real life.
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    E 50 Replays 4300DPG 69%WRT

    I recently picked up the E 50 and after fully upgrading it, I just fell in love this tank. I thought I should share my most recent replays. There is only a moderate amount of APCR spam since I was broke. Battle #1 (3.4K dmg) Battle #2 (3.4K dmg) Battle #3 (4.4K dmg) Battle #4 (3.4K dmg) Battle #5 (4.1K dmg) Battle #6 (2K dmg) Battle #7 (5.4K dmg) Battle #8 (4.8K dmg) Battle #9 (3.6 dmg) Battle #10 Battle #11 (5K dmg) Battle #12 (6.7K dmg) Battle #13 (4.3K dmg) Battle #14 (5.2K dmg) Battle #15 (5.2k dmg) Battle #16 (4.6K dmg) Download the Replay Pack ______________________________________________________ New Session: 15 Battles 4.5K DPG 100%WinRate Download Here
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    Ever since Evil Genius came under the Rebellion roof, we’ve always believed that Elixir’s beloved real-time, lair-management and world-domination simulation deserved a follow-up. We’d like to make this super-duper clear – this isn’t a remaster. Evil Genius 2 will be a fully-fledged sequel and it won’t be free-to-play. Our focus currently is on a PC release, but as ever we’ll look at other platforms and see what fits and what doesn’t.
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    WG is removing the BL-10 from the game... RIP Troll Canon.
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    Nah they will just buff Maus's agility so eventually it will be Maus that circles light tanks
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    It's crazy how taking a break and coming back to this nonsense makes me entirely unwilling to play. Thanks WG! Can we please add the FV4005 Stage 1 and Swedish autoloading arty line to seal the deal?
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    IMO the IS-7 is the most balanced tier 10 ATM and has been for a few years. When shit gets powercreeped I'd prefer they nerf things, not buff. Now tier 10 heavies need 3k DPM to be competitive, which is bullshit.
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    People like doing this shit because they enjoy being an asshole in situations where there's no possibility of consequences.
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    When you're dumb I'm pretty sure you're not conscious of it. For example, if you call someone out in chat during a match for border humping in their BB and their response is something along the lines of 'STFU, I play the game I want to play for fun' they're too dumb to realize that playing the ship correctly actually feels way more rewarding than being a potato.
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    Lower Tiers are better for examples, Firefly is a nice Tier 6 IKV103 can be pretty good in a Derpy kind of way. Crusader (ish) with the 6 pounder it is a nasty DPM machine, but IRL the 6 pounder had one less crewman... T-34 with the 57mm is historical and in game OP to fuck. Valentine isn't terrible in any of its configs. Arguably KV-2 SU-100 with the 100mm is still good. T-55A is still a nice tank to drive and historical. Comet is good with its historic config also.
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    You're lower than an E100/Maus so yeah kinda sucks when you have to point up to shoot the turret in most brawling situations.
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    You know the best thing? The IS-7 was the best yardstick to use regarding tier 10s since its been balanced for a very long time. The fact that it needs a buff to be competitive speaks wonders about WG's balancing department. edit: By balanced i mean you can roll your face over your keyboard and do 3k damage.
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    Meh.. you still have abyssimal DPM. It's going to be a good tank now. No way near E5 or worse.. Maus.
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    Considering you're not bothering to address the rest of the post, no you are not qualified no matter what you think. Of course that's not the only reason you're not qualified. You barely play tier 10s and you're shit at them anyway. Lets rephrase. "I'm tired of playing other tanks because I'm shit and can't deal with the constant arty bombardment so instead I decide to play the broken land arty and brick wall because it takes less skill and the only decision i need to make is where to go" Its not like the Maus was not worth playing beforehand. All they needed to do was buff the turret front a bit but then they went overboard and fucked the damn thing up. "The type 5 means all i need to do is aim at a tank and not at their weakspots. Aiming is hard, fuck that shit. What is this skill?" This entire quote is garbage. You expose yourself at an autobounce angle with only your turret pennable. They begin to peek, you shoot and turn your turret before they get their gun on you. All this talk about your Type 5 and you still can't fucking peek properly. Delusions of adequacy.
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    Fuck. this. arty. shit.

    Fuck. this. arty. shit.
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    me when first battle lost 2-15 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) me after 5th battle lost 5-15 ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) me after shot all my teammates and got banned ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
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    Why does WG allows XVM in the game

    It is not so much with the number of casual players or their "casual playstyle" , but rather they have a different concept of how the game is to be played. I've seen a lot of weird stuff going on, it is as if they are playing a different game. Back to xvm. My general take is xvm rating is still popular among players in SEA. I have no explanation, it could be a game culture thing. As to arty using xvm, my real life experience contradicts what WG announced recently that there is a drop of arty percentage. In SEA there is a higher ratio of habitual arty players. They tend to use xvm for focus fire. It is v common to get 2-3 arty in asian randoms. Getting focused by arty is no fun.
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    Object 268 Version 5

    You had the perfect chance to make a "yo mama is so fat joke" and you went for the lame ass asteroid. Booooo