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    Real question is, after 4 bloody years why in hell would you come back to this game.....there's like a billion other games that are far better and less cancerous
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    9.20: M46/M48A1 Changes

    A totally unneeded buff, I thought the m48 was quite strong already, you shouldn't have to rely on your armor in a medium tank, :/
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    Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?

    IFHE. Concealment is useful, but you'll spend a lot of time using islands or friendly smoke to stay alive, so IMO it's a lower priority than IFHE.
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    Changed my brake pads today, figuring out how to do it with nothing but a single shitty youtube vid that gave nearly zero info on how to do it. feelsgoodman
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    Useful information. You can turn blue and get banned in proving grounds but battle buddy resets don't count. How is that fair?
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    9.20: M46/M48A1 Changes

    https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/07/11/wot-9-20-st-m46-and-m48a1/#more-52393 TL;DR is that the turrets got buffed, and the M48 lost the tumor.
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    9.20: M46/M48A1 Changes

    It technically still isn't the M48A5, since it has a different hull (and engine IIRC)
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    This whole session was just a meme
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    9.20: M46/M48A1 Changes

    i mean i wont argue with the most comfortable medium in the game getting buffed.
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    Those Black Swan battles.
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    1060/1070 have decent money/performance values so there's always that. Now performance in WoT is pretty useless since the game is so poorly optimized you'll end up with more than "necessary" once the HD maps are released that actually might have some optimization. But consider that the game will be considerably heavier to run maxed out in probably less than a year due to the HD maps (they will only keep one render so all maps should turn HD) + physics with havok so you should probably upgrade with that in mind. I still recommend a 1070. I've scaled the resolution up 1.5x and it ran 4K maxed out on a 1080p screen at 60fps. Couldnt notice any difference forcing 1440p at Max while having 3 screens active with movies and other stuff compared to the native res either at 144Hz and stable 120 FPS Pick up a decent 1070, OC it and that should last you quite a while of maxed out WoT at 1440p
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    Could you give us what you're willing to shell out price wise? So, like your price range this will help others get straight to the point with there recommendations thanks
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    9.20: M46/M48A1 Changes

    An armor inflation at its best. It's getting boring and discouraging to play WoT.
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    Great news that you will be removing an anchor from your life! When you think about it, the person who has been living with you has been holding you back from moving forward in some areas, causing you to expend a precious part of your energy to drag him along. You can now redirect that recovered energy into creating the kind of person and future that you want. I would point out that it's really hard for any person, not just someone who is transitioning, to make serious and permanent changes to their lives. With that in mind, it might be easier to make all the changes you want without the burden of developing a relationship with a new person ( aside from your therapist ). There is always a neuro chemical phase at the beginning of a relationship that gives us a high, and drives us to desire both sexual relations and emotional bonding. The emotional bonding phase often drives us to overlook obvious issues with the other person, and also drives us to modify our own behavior to suit the needs of the other. In short, you will delay and sabotage the changes you are working towards because you will want to please the other person at the cost of your own development. tldr; Just be on your own for a while till you get where you want to go. Learn to be happy by yourself first, then you will be able to see more clearly the kind of person you can be happy with in a relationship.
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    555 - does that mean you'd have the same WN8 - just minus the 1 at the front (i.e. 400)? And I've been to Ta Phrom (twice - plus other less visited sites), despite the background "millions of tourists come here" vibe, it's still pretty awesome. Although it wasn't just the temples I enjoyed...
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    A mind is a terrible thing to bugle.
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    Is it really evolving if the game is regressing?
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    My thoughts exactly. Why OP?
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    Hello Nerds. Do you like military stuff? Can you read? Do I have a deal for you! Up for auction is a set of 6 slightly used books of military history. All proceeds from this auction will go to the Solono Life and Chemistry Fund* The format is simple, you post a bid in this thread in US dollars from now until the auction ends at the end of the month. The highest bidder gets the books shipped to their door upon confirmation of receipt via Paypal by Solono. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!** I will pay a matching donation equal to the final winning bid, up to $100. The books: 1. The things they carried - Vietnam sucked, letters from Vietnam and the stories of the men that fought. 2. War as I Knew It - Patton's memoir of WWII in diary form. A day to day view of the war in Europe from the very top. 3. Enemy at the gates - Pretty well used. Story of the Battle for Stalingrad - essentially a contest between the egos of Stalin and Hitler to see who could fuck it up the worst. 4. A rifleman went to war - Memoir of an American that went to fight in WWI for Canada and participated in trench warfare and as the first modern sniper. 5. Chesty - Biography of General Chesty Puller, the quintessential Marine. Act now to get this copy which has never been fapped to by @TheMarine0341 6. 1776 - George Washington during the first year of the Revolutionary war THAT'S NOT ALL! The winner will also receive a free bonus book of my choosing. So basically thats it. Bid now, win some books, help a good cause. If you have questions - ask them in this thread, questions with bids get better answers. I have a lot of these, I may do a second annual auction in a few weeks if this one goes well. Maybe a sciency one next. *this is a totally made up name, your accountant will not be amused if you try to write this off ** Gasai font trigger warning
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    Tier 4 Battleship review

    IIRC, Itchy Zucchini and Nikolai both have 2.0 sigma, though Nikolai oddly enough has Atlanta-speed shells. Thankfully ships are still plenty slow and clueless at those tiers. Itchy also has mediocre AP penetration, but when you think of it as battlecruiser, spamming HE 50% of the time doesn't feel so bad. Nikolai has an advantage in armor and gun layout, the front three guns are all forward facing - wiggling back and forth only has the rear gun having to go all the way around. You can't actually fire the front three straight forward, but that's fine, it just forces you into angling. Also has turtleback armor arrangement, while the bow and stern are only 19mm, there is a nice band of armor down by the waterline all the way to front. So trying to punch in under the turrets at an angle still won't work. And to finish, the superstructure basically consists of two smokestacks (and a 400mm armored conning tower because lul) and the entire middle section is 35mm deck, no HE pens for you and you and you...plus 6 forward facing and 4 rearward facing secondaries in casemates, because if a DD gets close, well screw them too. For torpedo protection, she has 16% reduction. She is slow though, and the AA consists of a few drunk Russians with a revolver and some rusty old Mosin-Nagant's, and one of them just gets a megaphone and yells at the pilots. Seriously, you get 2 dps at 3km, and 7dps at 1km. Itchy is fast, has plenty of guns, and is like Kongo just minus even more armor. They both have a 203mm turtleback over the citadel, but that is *all* the big Zucchini gets - citadel is only 19mm more armor (whereas Kongo gets 76-203mm more armor on the citadel itself). She does have a nice strip of 76mm armor all along the waterline to the bow as well. Proper angling is definitely key, but isn't it always? Torpedo protection is only 7%, because them fancy bulges don't show up until Kongo. The AA consists of WASD keys, because you only get 10 dps at 3km. Bonus, Itchy has practice guns mounted on the turrets above each main gun barrel.
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    I'm new

    I believe Krugg is trolling at this point. You probably shouldn't take him seriously (he's a fucking furry after all )
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    Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)

    I'm doing the best I can but some days are just hard and some are easy, appreciate it.
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    Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)

    Thank you very much. Good news from the doctor is that he was shocked to see me again to get benefits (Same doctor I had the first time I tried), as he thought I was there for renewal, not reapplication, so I think this bodes well for my chances this time.
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    It isn't. You may think that, but it isn't.
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    Madner Kami

    Conway Toleration Thread

    Clarification: Bloom-modificators are tied to the suspension (for hull traverse and hull-movement) or the turret (turret traverse, d'uh). Thus I percieve these hidden stats as part of the chassis, not the gun itself. Besides that, the Conway has actually pretty damn good turret-traverse bloom. Where it completely falls apart is any sort of hull-movement and this the entire crux of the vehicle. You have no armor, you have no camo, you have no positional flexibility (very limited gun-depression and elevation), so you are automatically forced to move a whole lot more than your tank's properties actually make sense and, thanks to the lack of positional flexibility, often overexpose yourself. The funny thing is, that the brits have three vehicles on tier 9, that try to do the exact same thing, namely Conqueror, Tortoise and Conway. All three fit the exact same gun (and it is a good gun, even for a TD, as what it lacks in alpha, it offers in accuracy, shell velocity and sheer brutal DPM). Tortoise has top DPM and armor to make the gun work and while lacking a turret, it has positional flexibility as the gun has a wide arc and darn good gun-depression. Conqueror has decent enough armor, decent mobility and some positional flexibility, so gets the least DPM, but still is no slouch in that regard and it also sports the, by far, best soft stats. Now the Conway is stuck with the mobility-trope and sacrifcies the armor of the Tortoise, but retains the brutal DPM. Wierdly though, it has less armor than the Conqueror, but is just barely more mobile than the Conq for some reason (red flag #1; a problem the entire Centurion-lineup was fighting with and the Conway inherited it from there). Although the Conway gets the fully-traversable turret, it still has way less positional flexibility than either Conq or Tortoise (red flag #2). And to add insult to injury, it also has the worst soft stats out of the three, so it's increased mobility (compared to the Tortoise, which has just slightly better soft stats), really screws it over badly (red flag #3). As it stands, the Tortoise does the brutal DPM-submission way better, as it can aford to keep the gun singing even and especially outside of camo-cover and when it comes to the flanking DPMer role, the Conqueror is basically just as fast and is able to stand the ground much better still, not to even talk about snapshooting, at the cost of about 900 DPM, a trade any sane mind would take instantly. Fixing the Conway means lowering the soft-stats to be somewhere between Tortoise and Conq, as well as making it more mobile than the Conq and giving it more positional flexibility, as increasing the armor isn't something that would make the vehicle stand out between it's peers. Adressing just any one of these factors, leads to an underwhelming tank.
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    Conway Toleration Thread

    I like it because it has slightly less DPM than the tortoise on a chassis that has 19 hp/ton, decent traverse rate, and fully traversing turret. The height of the turret has been more of an asset than a liability, allowing me to fire over many obstacles that I could not in other tanks (also taking advantage of overmatch engine decks). The huge 300~ effective gun mantlet has eaten at least 2 shots every game ive played, which often confuses the enemy who seem to think Conway has the same turret armor the FV4005. My only main issues with it are: 1) speed capped to 35 but with a 950hp engine...This thing just wants to fly. It can be very annoying at times, but still much more flexible than the tortoise. 2) Gun depression of -5 can be quite annoying on some maps, but for the most part I am very good with low gun dep tanks, so it hasnt been a large issue 3) Its a British gun, .32 british accuracy is .6 American/German accuracy... I swear all high tier British guns cant hit for crap when fully aimed. 4) not the tanks issue... but I cant seem to win in it lately... My first 50 games in it i had 3500 average damage, Now with just over 100 games that has crept down to 3300. I find due to the turret and sheer DPM it works well in cities(while sidescraping @ autobounce) and other close quarters brawling situations due to its ability to peek and fire 2-3x for the enemies 1 shot. I usually take it to similar places I take my medium tanks if the enemy team comp is slow enough to allow it.
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    Look at the recent topics.
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    Western cartoons thread

    I don't watch much in the way of cartoons (or anything really, for that matter), but I quite like the original Scooby Doo.
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    What is the mindset of these people? Why do they even bother? What do they think they can achieve by, what I can only consider intentionally, harming others?
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