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    An inscription mod for loving carbonward, request by @Kolni lmao: A replaement of mammut inscription for germans https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwhX4RDMIoJzWmxFRXNDUnVaclk?usp=sharing
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    My E100 has missed firing HE at this piece of shit
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    Why the hell do you people still play this game?
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    Grille is a thousand times worse Strv is 350 million times worse
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    New arty is more cancer than old one, especially for low armored tanks. Fuck you and your maggot family.
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    MT 15.4 complete! Congratulations! For successful completion of personal missions you receive the following rewards: Credits added: 500,000 Bunks added to the Barracks: 1 Recruits: Zhong Shi Sun (Commander, 110, 100%)
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    My ping was jumping around like a Hopey after seeing JOC post. 50ms one second then 180ms the next.
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    For china only. (unless in the last day or so they've changed that, in which case im uninstalling the day the patch that includes this fucking thing goes live)
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    Considering how many Australian politicians are basically puppets for the mining industry it does seem amusing that you would be concerned about a potential vague loyalty to another nation. I mean loyalty to another nation or at least a significant lobby is an instant spot in the higher ranks of US politics these days.
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    LOL... the Chinese server seems more and more like the fucking Thunderdome where anything and everything goes. It is so ridiculous.
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    Best tier 7 premium?

    122-44 is more like a heavium without a turret IMO. The gun can drive one insane and the non-existent traverse does not help. Still, it is a very strong tank. Just felt it was better at a time when Tier 8 tanks had actual weakspots and maps were not glorified corridors.
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    - very hard to spot because camo is ridiculous - basically immune to sub 122mm guns frontally, and if LFP is hidden bounces sub 150mm guns fairly frequently - extremely good accuracy, it WILL hit you - extremely high pen, so not only it always hits you it also always pens you - retardely high DPM - reverse speed allows it to run away when spotted, making it even more pain in ass to deal with Its redline machine that is hard to spot, and when its spotted not super easy to kill, and it can run away. You cant basically take risks against it because it will hit and pen you. Due to this, its extremely annoying to play against; enough annoying to consider it as cancerous.
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    Dear Lord, it's glued to the ground. AMX 50 Foch B Ground resistance: 1,342 / 1,534 / 2,301 https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/07/31/wot-st-amx-50-foch-b/#more-53746
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    Finally, I'm starting to get it. Create opportunities = not only damage farm for yourself, but also some scavengers that are roaming the map, and at the right time and right place. It's a completely different mindset between being a teal sh*tter and a real unicum. I think i'm starting to get a taste.
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    Naming and Shaming myself for playing arty.... now I never have to again unless they re introduce new missions
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    MFW China server is the most capitalistic free market server in the game Honestly, there is no way this thing can be as cancerous as some of the shit that has been released since it left. (I'm looking at you 103-B)
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    Polish vehicles thread?

    This is the most stupid tank tree proposal i´ve ever seen. People are complaining about the Chinese because they are pretty much copying the soviet tank tree. Even though they play similar the tanks are different. But this from T6 on are only Russian tanks with different flags on. The only non russian hightier tank is this tongue twister Lewandowski tank which i guess is the Play Doh tank.
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    9.20 - Chinese TDs

    Couldn't give half a shit about how historical they are, anything that is somewhat believable is fine with me, but I'm still curious.
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    I've pretty much stopped playing, seeing if some enthusiasm comes back at some point. Been playing Warthunder tanks instead and not really caring too much about how well I do #Play4Fun
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    i think he means a CW reward
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    oh...so that's what your ign means. :x
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    long time no see babe
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    WR percentiles and player density

    I know this doesn't answer your question, but isn't what he's doing basically just what Wot-news can do? http://wot-news.com/game/tankinfo/en/eu/usa/A85_T110E3 (click on tank curves under tank's description, first curve - compares players overall WR to their winrate in tank in question). Just don't see a point wasting time on something a website can already do.
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    its literally the only non sim tank game on the market; WG basically has a monopoly in that regard since they have no direct competition also yeah, kinda addicted
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    Can confirm weight tables (individual tank weight AND global tier weights) are no longer in vehicle.xml. Either the numbers are moved somewhere else or removed from client files because MM is server-sided anyway.
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    9.20 - Chinese TDs

    Why ppl cares so fucking much about historical accuracy??? as soon as is not broken af i'm fine having it in the game, because yeah, it's a game not a WW2 tank simulator, I really wanted the Chinese TD when i saw them and i'm glad WG decided to ask to the community about implementing a line. I don't care about having WoT full of WG creations as soon as they are balanced
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    The Chinese server is the wild west. The company that runs it sells anything and everything. WG, however, has never sold Tier 10 premium tanks on the NA or EU servers. Let's hope that trend continues.
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    So it should be perfect for you.
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    Best tier 7 premium?

    After being massively buffed the Warcrime Panther (PzV/M10) is really good with pref MM as well. Consider picking it up if it goes on sale.
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    Best tier 7 premium?

    AMX 13 57F IS Berlin Are two i can think of which are really good for tier 7 (as per title) Rhm Scorpion Liberte Patriot Defender For tier 8 as per post
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    I just realized how long it's been since I opened wotlabs forums.
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    Mfw plateaued G trash tries to talk shit to me about how I'm not in a "top" clan. Clans are, have been, and will be pointless. Shitters puffing up their chests over clans in this game tho. How insecure and unaccomplished do you need to be.
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    That makes no sense at all, what the fuck are you even saying? The Dunkerque is one of, if not the most inaccurate battleships at tier six. Gun layout and bracketing have nothing to do with it.
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    9.20 extras

    It took me over 400 battles to do that mission. 3 arty matches are not all that common.. and when you make an arty run.. your own arty tend to pre-aim and instant splat stuff before you have a chance to do any damage. When I finally did complete that mission.. it was from winning a 1v7... (with 1 afk on my flag, so no kolobanov)
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    I'm back. I couldn't show my face around here until I did this. Derp is lyfe. Derp is love. Derp is all
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    Since it's all GDDR, I'm pretty sure the entire 9 gigs can be used for the games
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    Bruh... downscaling textures or reducing the amount of polygons in a 3D object to hit a higher frame rate is... optimizing for higher frame rates.
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    But.... but..... the XboneX has 12GBs of vram and a relatively fast memory bandwith, so texture resolution isn't any problem for it? Or did you literally not do any research? You're like the anti-console fanboy lmao. I thought the PC gaming community was better because they actually know how shit works Edit: Scrolling up a little, it seems you actually did bother to look some stuff up. Still, why you would make that comment despite knowing what the console can do, is beyond me
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    Gotta revive this thread
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    French superheavy line confirmed?

    I love the aesthetic of these big uneven bump covered tanks. They remind me of a classic and delicious Belorussian candy we sometimes got to have as children in festivities, it was called "potato".
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    Actually meaningful, varied topics slowly descending into latent, mild or blatant homoeroticism is pretty much every wotlabs thread ever.
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    Why do some people still post?
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    Battlefield 1 - Open Beta

    Does it sugercoat or glorify the war in any way? I know it's irrational since I have no issue with games about literally any other time period, but for whatever reason I'm having trouble reasoning with myself that it's ok to make a game set in The Great War.
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    Not 12 gigs of VRAM, it has 12gigs of shared RAM, as in it's used as both RAM and VRAM. Seeing as today's games can definitely gobble up 8 gigs of RAM or more, you are at best left with 4gigs of VRAM, but with system and other stuff like bad optimization, etc. you can easily end up with 2.5-3gigs. But lets not get into that. Lets say it's 4gigs - not enough for playing 4k with high FPS and high details. All of the truly 4k capable cards are 8GB+ and have way more powerful cores, some of them even have two chips - and surprise surprise, textures have to also be processed and drawn by the GPU so just saying muh enough VRAM is borderline retarded. There's a reason why people shit on the 4GB version of R5 240 for example. The GPU, as in the chip itself, is too weak for 12 gigs of VRAM anyways - half of the GTX1080Ti in raw computing power, half the number of transistors, etcetera. It wouldn't matter even if it had 12TB of VRAM because the core is too shit to make use of it - it can at best make use of 8gigs of VRAM with the specs it has and even that is pushing it. Actually, if the system had 8gigs of RAM and the GPU had its own 8gigs of VRAM it would be better than it is now. Go read what I said once more - the GPU is slightly improved version of RX480... In short: Textures aren't only restricted by VRAM size, something has to process them and then draw them on display. And that something is the GPU core/chip/whatever. Not that the VRAM afforded to the GPU is anything special. Not that it could actually use more than 8gigs of vram. Before you post some other stupid shitty comment, go research something about it, because I'm getting tired of your crap.
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    3 gigs system, 5-7 gigs RAM, 4-2gigs VRAM. Muh 4k for sure. I mean, it's doable if you downgrade the shit out of graphics in every fucking regard (which still isn't optimization by the way, canadian as optimization is about taking a set graphical quality and making it run better, not reducing quality in order to boost FPS), but running Witcher 3 at 4k native with 60FPS? Forget it. In other words, some games built specifically for the system might achieve it, multi-system games most likely will not, all will pay a lot in regards to effects, details, etc in order to reach 4k native. I'm going to go as far as to say 70% of titles for XboneX will run upscaled 1080p at 30FPS or upscaled 900p or less at 60FPS, maybe 25% will run either upscaled 1080p at 60FPS or native 4k at 30 FPS and maaaaaaybe 5%, likely less, will run native 4k at 60FPS and most of these will come out later on when developers will become used to it. Also, sorry for the tag, assassin, my phone decided I can't remove it for whatever reason. @Assassin7
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    Yeah, sure thing fam... Let us get something straight first - I'm not the one focusing on graphics here. You are. I just attempted to explain to you that it's pointless when it comes to consoles, but you just continue to yap about it, writing stupid shit without having a bit of knowledge on the matter. The claim here is that XboneX will run ALL games at native 4k 60FPS. Not 4k 30FPS, not upscaled 1080p, not any of that. And that is IMPOSSIBLE because the One X does not have enough computing power to pull that off. You yap about how 1080Ti is not fair comparison, but it was never intended to be 'fair' in the first place. 1080Ti is top of the line card, yet it itself cannot reliably run all games at solid FPS at 4k. Since you don't want to compare it to nVidia cards, we'll just compare it to previous Radeon Pro Duo, which was for some time the most powerful card, and get the same results - not even a dual-GPU monster with 8 gigs of HBM can run everything at 60FPS. And somehow a shitty OC'd RX 480 will? Sure thing, if you keep munching on psychedelics, it may happen for you. I don't care. I want to play NHL and couple exclusives at 1080p with decent FPS which One X will be capable of pulling off - so much for me expecting the One X to perform at 3k PC levels. As for the CPU, it's OC'd A8 series APU. Which means it's office PC/cheap laptop CPU. That is supposed to pull off native 4k gaming in 60FPS with modern titles. Yeah, 4sure. None of it matters though, because consoles were never really about graphics. No matter what PR bullshit is vomited out by any company. It will always be the simpler setup without any need for complicated instals and shit like that, not graphics, which will draw people to them. As for comparing AMD and nVidia cores - people do it all the time, you dipshit. I'd like to see you go around every PC forum/GPU thread and say that AMD and nVidia GPUs can't be compared at all becuase they use a couple of different technologies... And it's quite simple, really: AMD cards have more raw power when compared to their same-level nVidia competitors, nVidia cards are more efficient and focused on graphics. That means AMD cards are also good for non-graphics calculations and thus used for crypto-mining, etc, but as a trade-off aren't that efficient when it comes to graphics. nVidia cards on the other hand can pull off more with less when it comes to graphics, video editing, etc, but aren't as good at raw data processing and calculations, and thus are (considerably) worse at crypto-mining for example. Fam, you literally didn't understand the concept of shared system memory before somebody explained it to you ITT. Just stop acting like you know what you are talking about, pls. And the last thing - this is a product I intend to BUY, no need to act like a shitty salesman and push it down my throat, gushing about how awesome One X is. Just fuck off. TL;DR: One X is still pretty weak. Deal with it.
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