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    what the fuck

    what the fuck
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    Congrats to Teal Team 6, newest Gold League team NA! TT6 was 2nd in Silver last season, and beat Big Damage and Valance in the Semi-Finals and Finals to earn the last spot in Gold.
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    Crab, dual, I love you nerds
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    The Orion is absurdly overpowered. Just disgustingly broken for its tier.
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    AMX 50 Foch B

    High capacity autoloaders are shit gimmicks, 263 is automatically better despite still being shit. Everyone is gonna get tired/hate the fochB and sell it, just like they did with the foch155. Its the exact same turd, except it's been polished and hung with an air freshener.
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    T10 NA Marks Broken

    It's cuz the NA playerbase is so shit EU>NA confirmed
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    Löwe 3 mark finally. It is a gud tanku, but it becomes boring after some time. I am super happy, because I managed to get 65% solo WR with it over 164 battles.
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    Top 5 questions for WG: 1. When am I going to find out where the hell that shell went? (Ghost Shell) 2. What the F#@* is a critical hit? 3. Why do fully aimed guns shoot the dirt they weren't aiming at? 4. When will we finally get rid of arty? 5. When a Ferdinand shoots a cromwell and the shell bounces harmlessly to the side as if nothing happened WTF is the point of your overmatch mechanics?
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    Finish long ass lab report with 20 minutes to go before the deadline. go to submit it online. submissions going through turnitin. oh fucking god. (for those who don't know, turnitin is the single most useless pile of shit marking software known to man which is supposed to compare your work and see how much you've plagarised, and then goes and flags everything for plagarism anyway, you could literally write an entire paper by yourself without reading anything from any book or website ever and turnitin would say you've plagerised 50% of it)
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    Well WG thx for banning WITH NO FUCKING PROOF our team caller 2 days before finals, about some shit that never happened and still no revert the ban when you accepted you were wrong. WG admins, you can literally go and fuck your moms with a fucking horsedick
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    It takes camping to a new level, that's true. Peronsally, I think the map is awful...wide open space for tds to sit and wait for someone to use some brain activity. The map is a fail, but I like the concept of 30 vs 30.
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    Many people don't agree with me, but I'm going to quote my thoughts I previously posted on WoT forums about how to use Mentor effectively. link As far having Mentor as your 6th skill, that's just silly. You're honestly better off with camo on a tank like the Maus then mentor at that point. link
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    Elimination: Tier 8 Special Edition!

    Rear mounted turret, no gun depression, and requires gold to work. But honestly it was mostly blow back bias because its such an obvious P2W cash grab. Its certainly a better tank than several of the remaining contenders, people just voted hearts instead of heads.
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    AMD (Ry)Zen

    From all I know so far, Coffeelake will "run circles around it" for gaming and or streaming. 8700K is reported to have 4.7 GHz single core turbo directly from the factory, which should translate into ~5GHz with overclocking on all 6 cores. Even in production workloads you will probably see at least parity in many cases. Remember that Ryzen has a comparable IPC in gaming to Ivybridge. If Intel doesn't screw up pricing and playes that thing around 350$ AMD will have a hard time. Release date is estimated for the 8700K in october.
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    I am going to guess that your laptop decided to start using the integrated GPU rather than the dedicated GPU.
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    T10 NA Marks Broken

    No, when a tank is newly released, it has a "default value" after a day, its adjusted by player performance. This patch WGNA somehow fucked up and resetted all the mark values back to default.
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    AMX 50 Foch B

    Hey man. Batchat is OP.
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    M48/M60 Fan Club

    german armor was the best armor in WW2 the allied tanks just couldn't handle it so the german tanks just killed everyone because they had the best tank designs and were superior to anything else
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    Instead of mentor, you could have another skill that will increase your overall XP gain and slightly increase your chance of winning a match, such as better camo or vision or slightly faster repairs.
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    No you should not assume lowest possible roll for you and/or highest possible for enemy. If you do that, you will not make trades that are favorable like 99.9 % of times, and that is just stupid. Unless it's very specific situation, it's best to assume average alpha, because in the long run that is what you get. Specific situation could be for example two tanks with say 400 hit points against one-shot IS-3, and you have a possibility to take hit and kill IS-3, or wait a bit for your teammate to join you. In that situation there is no reason to not play it safe. But then if we say that it's 2v2 and you think your teammate is going to die to other enemy tank if you can't help him soon, then it's good to gamble and take the hit from IS-3 and hope he does not roll 400, because otherwise it's soon 1v2 and you are going to die anyway. You can't play WOT completely safe or you end up doing nothing.
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    WZ-132-1 Hate Thread

    Yes, I've definitely found that you absolutely have to let the guns aim in all the way, otherwise it's a lottery. However, they don't feel any less accurate to me once they are aimed in, although maybe I'm imagining things. I like the fact that they have such nice alpha also.
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    No-one answered original question: Close range accuracy is bad on purpose to prevent ships being too lethal at close ranges. Thats why spread (relative to range) is lot higher shooting close range than when shooting long ranges. Bathoz explained bit on his post, accuracy works different on different range bands. Yes spread gets smaller at highter tier ships but basic idea stays, close range volleys get artifically larger spread.
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    Poetic justice.
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    T54 Prototype

    I bought this thingie 2 weeks ago on discount on EU. I'm loving it! I put on it 4-skill T62a lady crew. First I hated gun handling, and then I tried something different... i removed rammer, so I run now vstab, gld + vents. So far there was only ONE situation that I wished I had faster reload. Look at the stats, albeit low number of matches, but all solo: for a 2k player like me, this is very good.
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    I think you're confused, the Tiger P thread is down thataway.