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    All I want to do is look at my mark % but I cant even do that.
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    Fuck your burns. Did the steak survive?
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    How to stop playing tanks Poli style. Step 1. Try to catch frying pan as it falls off your gas cooker. Step 2. Get 2nd degree burns on right index finger from juices/fat from 400g Tbone. Cunt.
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    Just wanted to pop in and say that this is a pretty good change if WN8 is ever to stay alive and relevant. Now it's only up to stat tracking sites to adapt, or they'll most likely die out. Godspeed XVM lads.
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    I am indeed the infamous shitter ;-) I will never be purple and hope like fuck to never ever stoop to red again but feeling like the red headed stop child, it is my salty duty to create entertainment in my stream. Being stuck between less experienced players who seem to have no RNG to purples who play hard around the same players creates a salt vortex I must fill. If I had some of you smiling or giggling, awesome, I like to introduce myself as your comic relief Not sure about that Bulba guybut Crab is a fuckin good player
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    Guys you all forgot how accuracy works for Soviet tanks: THE BIGGER THE NUMBER, THE BETTER THE ACCURACY!
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    My impression of Swedish MT/HT line

    As i won the race to the Kranvagn against @Joyrider216, my destiny was now to write this review. Yea, grinding entire line from tier 5 to tier 10 in 8 days. Only modules was free XPd. You can imagine how exhausted i am. Here we go, anyways. Tier 1-4 Im pleb and skipped them with free XP. They are generally quite average tanks. Tier 1 is hilarous not just by its looks, but also because it can actually somehow sidescrape against autocannons. Tier 2-3 are OK generalists, while Lago reminds me lots of that Czech tier 4 trash...which doesnt seem like very good tank. Wont rate them because i havent played them, expect for 1 match with tier 1. Tier 5: Strv m/42 This is where the line starts to get somewhat more interesting. At first, the tank doesnt seem very special. Tier 5 mediums that are not derp Pz IV H / M4 or T-34 are often considered quite mediocre. The Strv has however two interesting advantages: alpha and -15 degrees of depression. The alpha is very nice: 50% higher than most mediums in same tier, and almost twice higher than T-34! This allows the tank to simply outtrade tier 5 mediums in peek-a-boo fights. The -15 degrees of depression is simply amazing. Its so good, in fact, that i almost never had any need of more depression, i could just peek from any ridge. Heck, i rarely got to even use the full -15 depression. The gun handling is surprisingly nice for such high alpha gun. Might also help because the tank isnt very fast, but its mobile enough. It has few flaws, though. The armor is already useless; dont expect to reliably bully any tier 3´apart from maybe Pz 1 Cs. If you have played the tier 6 premium Swede, you might know that it has severe problems with modules: ammorack can be destroyed easily, engine is on front and also damaged easily. Well, unfortunate news: this thing has same hull, and the module damage carries over. I got ammoracked from full/semi-full HP in 3 out of 20 matches i played with it, so that is something to watch out for. Penetration can be really annoying aswell, especially on tier 7 matches where 140mm gold pen is simply very mediocre. Its not amazing tank, but definely not bad either. Alteast its not like some awful tier 5 meds such as G1 R or Skoda T-24. Rating: 6/10 Tier 6: Strv 74 This thing is great, and definely one of the highlights in the line. It has okay at best mobility, same hull as tier 5 (and again, module damages are problem) and pretty huge M103-esque turret that has practically no armor. How its amazing? Well, it keeps the -15 degrees of depression, and...man, what a gun it has. It might not have very high DPM but i would argue that its gun is probably the best tier 6 medium gun. It has very solid bloom values even without VStabs. Combine its mobility with that and its effective dispersion values on move are like twice better than that of Cromwell. The aim time is VERY good aswell (1,7 seconds), and its accuracy beats most TDs in the tier. And ofc -15 depression. The tank can snipe like a boss, and snapshot very effectively from ridges. While its turret might be tall, its odd design means that when you use your depression and crest from hill its actually not that big of a target. The tank however suffers in CqC especially against stuff like Cromwell. Avoid brawling against most things. Just support 2nd line or even 3rd line. The accuracy is so good. Be aware though because the shell velocity actually isnt that good. It does have same module problems as tier 5, and as its tall and has trash armor, its food for arty. Extra caution must be taken since the tank sits on same tier as O-I and KV-2, which can easily oneshot this thing. It was very pleasant tank to grind. I enjoyed it, and i would expect most of you enjoy it even more. Rating: 7.5/10 Tier 7: Leo The Leo is...odd tank. Its weird fusion between T20 and A-44. Thats how i would best describe it. Most seem to hate it for some reason and prefer the 7.5cm. Imo, its certainly not that bad as everyone says. The 10cm is best way to go with this tank. It first seem like terrible gun, but imo its best way to go. The 7.5cm makes Leo just a mediocre Comet that has better top speed. Not worth it. One huge mistake you could do with this tank is going into ridgeline, then aim ~5 seconds, shoot, and retreat. Like with Strv 74. Thats NOT how you do it with Leo, however. The aim time is titanic, and turret is quite large (and gun is located low), so you will lose huge chunk of HP when you do so. The gun handling + accuracy + low pen means that this thing seriously struggles against targets with armor. So how you play it? You want to avoid stuff with armor, unless you can reliably circle it or attack its side so you dont get focused. Find a cover, and use peek-a-boo tactics. This is where Leo truly shines: it can easily outtrade every tier 7 and lower medium. You might lose 150, but you do 300 to them. Despite its poor traverse speed, its surprisingly decent flanker. Getting into sides is also helpful due to poor penetration. You can ofc use ridges, but attack only when you enemy isnt focusing on you. This tank can be quite effective in wolfpacks with mediums that has good DPM. Generally you shouldnt go alone anywhere due to long reload and low DPM. While it might be very akward to play at first, and can ocassionaly cause severe frustation, Leo can be also fun to play and certainly has very unique playstyle. Its not AMAZING, but its better than most tier 7 mediums. Rating: 6/10 Tier 8: EMIL I The first heavy tank in the line. Other than good gun depression, this tank has absolutely nothing in common with Leo, so you have to drastically change your playstyle. The EMIL I prepares you for the rest of the line, because this is how the heavies will play out. EMIL I has -12 depression, which is very nice. However, it also has something that earlier tanks didnt have: turret armor. And man, how good the turret armor is. When EMIL is in hulldown position and abusing its amazing depression, its turret can reach ~300 EA which means that it can bounce even tier X TDs! Be careful, though, since the turret has weak "cheeks". Turn the turret little bit and either of cheeks becomes major weakspot. The tank has cupolas on the oscillating part of turret. They are very weak but fortunately very small. One cool trick is to elevate gun when you reload, since it will completely hide the cupolas. However, be careful, since mantle is now "weakspot", as it can be penned with "only" 250mm pen if you raise your gun. However doing so means that you are literally immune to everything with less than 250 pen when hulldown. It also has autoloader, which sounds good at first. However, overall the gun is quite mediocre. Gun handling is puke, probably even worse than 50 100 (but you can safely aim when hulldown because the tank isnt size of barn and has no armor, so thats something). 240mm gold pen is terrible, too. The tank is not slow but it feels like snail when coming from Leo. Its much slower than 50 100 and generally wont never reach even 40 on flat ground. Combine "meh" mobility with poor penetration and gun handling and you have tank that will really suffer in tier 10 match. The tank's playstyle is quite straightforward. Go to ridge, show your epic turret, empty your clip, and retreat. Avoid going to cities if possible because the tank has huge problem with coming out from corners. Dont expect to do anything when sidescraping because everything can overmatch its absolutely joke 20mm side armor. The turret is also mid-mounted so peeking from corners can be tricky. Bully mediums and lowtiers. Especially for lowtiers this tank can be absolute terror because they cant damage you while you can rip them apart in few seconds. One thing that is very cool about this tank is that its TINY! Its smaller than most mediums and weights less than T-54 Lightweight (!!!). The small size can be very helpful against arties; but at same time horrible side and rear armor aswell as low HP will mean that even splash of arty will do huge damage. The tank has probably best camo among all heavies in the game; in fact, i believe it might be better than some of the fattest mediums but i could be wrong. Its certainly unique and fun tank that will prepare you for the rest of the line. The gun can be very frustating sometimes, but you cant have everything. Remember how 50 100 has twice less gun depression, is (literally!) twice as fat and has no armor, so ofc you cant have as good clip potential as it does. Rating: 7/10 Tier 9: EMIL II The EMIL II is evolution to EMIL I, and generally plays alot like it. It prepares you for the apex of the line, the Kranvagn. However, we are not quite there yet, even if the tank is similar; it can be very well compared to Kranvagn as 50 120 can be compard to 50B: gimped version of tier 10. As a little relief, its better than 50 120. Main improvement over EMIL 1 is increased magazine damage, even more ridiculous turret armor and side armor that is overmatchable only by 183 AP shells. The armor is amazing on this tank: i think i averaged ~1,6k blocked damage with it. Thats absolutely lethal, considering its not as slow as stuff like VK B or Type 4. The acceleration is extremely sluggish though; dont expect the tank to go much faster than 35-40 on flat ground. Even after Himmelsdorf's hill the tank's speed bleeds to 45 quite fast when going on just flat ground without turning the tank. Mobility is still acceptable regardless. The turret armor is insane, though. Its possible to just go into ridge and sit there thanks to turret and still having awesome -12 depression, because on tier 9 already you have such good turret that even infamous Jagdpanzer E100's 420blazeit HEAT rounds cant go reliably through from it from almost anywhere. The only expection is paper-thin but extremely tiny cupolas, and like with EMIL I you can just raise the gun during reload, and unlike EMIL 1 even the mantle is so strong that it can reliably block non-TD gold shells when fully rised. Against TDs its better to rise the gun just slightly so the mantle dont get exposed too much. There is one problem about the tank, and that is the...gun. There is only one good thing about the gun, and that is 1600 clip potential that in right situation can be devasting indeed. However, despite autoloader the gun is probably good contender for one of the worst guns in its tier. First off, the potato gun handling is still a thing on EMIL I, which is kinda annoying. Like EMIL I, EMIL II has actually very poor shell velocity for APCR (but still alright overall) on its standard rounds; however, unlike EMIL I, it cant improve its shell velocity with gold, because its gold ammo is HEAT with 840 m/s shell velocity. Thats quite bad actually. Then there is new problem, and that is reload time. EMIL I's 30 sec magazine and 3 sec intra reload was bearable. EMIL II's whopping 40 seconds of magazine reload aswell as 3.33 seconds of intra reload seriously hampers the ability to rack up damage quickly. It wouldnt be as bad if the gun wasnt so derpy and if the (gold) pen wouldnt be that bad. On quick matches, dont expect to do much damage. Oh and did i mention it has gun elevation of pre-buff 50 120? Its not hard to play, just find ridge and try to rack up damage. Generally focus on targets with lesser armor so you can do more reliably damage, since you want to pen as many shots you can. Be careful with arty, though oneshots wont happen as much since side is 60 instead of pathetic 20 of EMIL I. Facehugging works very well since the hull is very low and turret is super tough. Generally never be caught alone because the long reload means that you are food for tank with good DPM. Flanking is this tank's big weakness as the turret traverse is pitifully slow; like super-heavy levels of slow. Interesting fact: you can facehug E5, and then pen it directly from UFP if you shoot HEAT at right section because depression is so good (works with tier 10 aswell). That is very hilarous when you get into situation to actually abuse it. Like rest of the line, i didnt play it stock, but i totally suggest saving some free XP, since having only 10,5 hp/ton (!) with stock engine and EMIL I's gun at tier 9 sounds absolutely awful. The tank is not bad, its alright. The armor is fantastic when hulldown, its sluggish but not terribly slow. The gun is overall quite terrible but since it has 1600 clip potential it still can (sometimes) do its job. This thing has even more armor than EMIL I, but since EMIL I has little less frustating gun, aswell as the small size makes it unique, i prefer it over EMIL II. Rating: 6/10 Tier 10: Kranvagn Oh boy... I already mentioned that EMIL II to Kranvagn is similar as AMX 50 120 is to AMX 50 B. And as AMX 50 B is awesome, Kranvagn has to be also great, right? Atleast i wasnt dissapointed when i thought it like that. Considering how similar it looks to EMIL II, its not surprising at all it also plays quite similarly. Kranvagn has insane turret armor, just like EMIL II, however the extra 10mm means that is almost completely immune to ANY non-HE shell in the game when abusing its -12 depression. Its quite safe to say that right here we have the very best turret armor in the game. Kranvagn still got cupolas but like with EMILs, its possible to hide them completely by just elevating the gun few degrees. Kran is notably faster than EMIL II: it can reach 45-50 on longer run in flat and it can actually reach its top speed sometimes with help of sloped terrain. Generally, its still quite sluggish in terms of acceleration. The mobility can be directly compared to IS-7, apart from Kran being more nimble and keeping its top speed more reliably as it has less terrain resistance. Biggest improvement over EMIL II is gun, and overall the main reason why i like this tank much more than EMIL II. The gun still has poor pen and the 300mm HEAT pen means that this thing can struggle against superheavies, but other than that the gun is not even "bad". Accuracy and bloom values are WAY better than EMIL II (0.02 better accuracy and 0.05 (!) better bloom on moving, turning the hull and turning the turret). The intra reload is 3 seconds instead of 3.33, and magazine reload is down from sub-40 seconds to ~30 seconds. Thats huge difference. Turret traverse speed is also much better. With better mobility, more health and much shorter reload Kranvagn doesnt rely on its teammates as much as EMIL II does, though i suggest still not to get caught alone, as you can get yoloed if you are in hulldown position with no support. The tank is fast enough to keep up with mediums most of time, and it can even flank slow heavies quite nicely due to improved speed, agility and turret traverse. Playstyle itself is really similar to EMIL II: just find ridge, bully with your turret armor, dump your clip, dont get caught when reloading and repeat. Facehug when you get opportunity, because again; your hull is very low and turret is very tough. Being careful with arty is important because the tank can still get oneshotted by them as it has low HP and thin roof and side armor. While generally you want to fight on ridgelines its not definely impossible to help typical heavies on places like Himmelsdorf's banana alley, as long as you can somehow abuse your turret, but be careful with low pen as HEAT struggles to pen stuff like Maus or E100. I love this tank, its quite fun to play. The gun can be still quite frustating at times but it feels quite satisfying after having quite potato gun handling on 3 tiers in row. The only thing i hate on Kranvagn is poor gold pen but as i am used to super trash premium AP of Type 5 that basically cant even pen E100 flat turret cheeks reliably (and has no option to flank either!) its not that bad. And WG actually managed to properly balance a tier 10 for very long time (last time we got actually balanced tier 10 was Centurion AX and that was just a replacement to old, arquably UP tier 10 and not part of new line..), im fucking impressed, well done. Im glad it didnt arrive on the state it was on test server because that was super retarded. Rating: 8/10 Last thoughts: The line is quite fun and interesting. The good thing about it is that the grind is not terrible apart from maybe stock grinds (not my problem because i skipped them with free XP, teehee ). There is no terrible tank in the line which is quite nice, and drastic changes in playstyle made it very exciting, it almost felt like i played multiple different lines. It is definely worth grinding, assuming you want tanks from each nation (just in case T-44-100 kind of marathon happens again) and Kranvagn is fun and unique tier 10, which for atleast pubs is quite potent tank.
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    My impression of Swedish MT/HT line

    Given how things have changed, how my opinion has changed, how everything has gotten turret armah and depression buffs, I would rate the Kran way lower than that nowadays. I actuallu rate it as the 2nd worst T10 HT now. EMIL II is not that bad, just cancer to play but it does perform well. Generally I would say that the Swedish HTs are not rlt worth it, they are cancerous to play, IMO, and kran is not so good
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    They got clapped so hard, 820 damage was the highest.
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    Southerner is such a hilariously bad poaster. I give his worst ones (pretty much any of them) upvotes to encourage him to continue.
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    Moving really sucks and it is expensive as hell... that is all.
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    WoWp 2.0 - worth a gander?

    As a shitier that really "pleys fer fun" the american fighter line up to tier V, is quite fun.
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    Pearl River. Oh I miss that one so much.
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    Mweah, Fv-183 with 275 pen HESH was the real lamer Enough pen to pen weakspots, and enough alpha to one shot almost everything...
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    Type 59 Fan Club

    Both are true because those are 2 factors dragging the wr up. Long time ago win rate was dragged up because the tank was very strong Now win rate is dragged up because everyone who has the type59 has a 5+ skill crew and knows the game. See 2 factors affecting win rate in different parts of the type59 life cycle. They don't overlap.
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    <PTSD Intensifies> For those wondering how RNGod hate us all here's the original thread
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    Screw the old 268, I miss the first iteration of the Waffeltractor with 2.2k HP, decent mobility, 3360 clippotential and Russian Med-level of bloom values...
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    Good balance comrade. People complain armor doesn't work and they can't pen shit. Best tank for players comrade - you have to come close since vision games too difficult, armor and alpha so finger no tired from clicking. Players may be annoyed by playing against it and with it but it's what the forums want. Also we're out of vodka. How am I to design tanks without vodka?
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    CVs are unbalanced and break the game in any competitve environment. Imagine old WoT clanwars with planes... That is far from "restricting the best players", it is a remedy to a problem they can't fix fast (total rework of CVs). And last time I looked all the best clans were on top, exactly as expected - so not much restricting and dumbing down going on. On top of that all players of CW (even from OM/OMNI/whatnot) aknowledged that the mode is pretty fun. So Folterknecht, show us on this doll where the evil WG touched you. Maybe we can help you to get over it one day.
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    That's better.
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    This change makes no sense. I'm fine with them moving the tnaks about to find better tiers for them but not butchering a line with a unique playstyle Give the tier 10 the 130mm gun, no one cares if the real life design had a 150mm, just keep it consistently as a line of mobile brawling TDs with lower alpha, high DPM guns. the 0.45 accuracy is fine with those soft stats on a TD, but the DPM and mobility is not. Buff the traverse to at least 32-25 deg/s, switch in the 130mm gun the 263 currently has with the 263 DPM, nerf the LFP to the original 160mm it was IRL.
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    Enjoyable spot at 2:03:00 https://go.twitch.tv/videos/185365498 This is the sound of a man having to deal with #chode$tarz. Hear the frustration, the anger, the helplessness as two assholes chodeslap him every time he tries to do something. Despite many hackusations, if you watch into the start of the following game he is pretty chill about it. It's just so damn annoying to play against good T49s. My favorite quote: "blah blah Crabeatoff is so good blah blah......the BULBA guy I have no fucking clue about." This response is how I envision everyone who has to play against me.
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    20mm deck? 100 sides? 45 rear? Casemate? Excellent!
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    Almost got some coffee out my nose with that message...can i edit my client to say that? I get it daily but adding in the blyat would be perfect
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    And havi´ng a browser with some windows and other crap in the background will lead to issues. Just go 8GB.
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    But not really optimal, besides if he wants to run other things more demanding than WoT 4 gigs will not be adequate
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    An extra stick of 4gb ram prob would help hugely. Also, 550W gold PSW seems drastically overkill for the cpu and gpu. (according to bench 760 peaks at 160watt and 4560 caps at 57watt) I run with a i3 4160 with 8gb ram and 1050ti and at 110fps on minimum setting with my fps bottlenecked by my cpu, so your setup should be able to run at 100+ fps just fine.
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    How to beat other skilled players?

    Don't bother. In terms of 1 vs 1 or shooting weakspots the game has an incredibly low skill cap. Trying to beat another skilled player head on is basically a coin toss. Start by avoiding any direct "equal" engagement, always seek terrain advantage, first shot advantage(camo/VR or sheer distance), numerical advantage. Good players don't tend to give you a lot of good shots, no problem, take care of the lesser skilled pubbies first to create a numerical advantage. Or better yet, predict where they will be, and actively avoid them and play the other side. Example being El halluf, good players will go north west almost without fail, in a fast medium/heavy/light, you can easily take low river, in conjunction with your camping pubbies, take out their campers, arties and cap out to force a diversion. Steppes, good players will go to east side every single time(aside from occasional TDs), a good way to win is often to make a strong push west, cross the rail in the north west corner and again, tell pubbies to cap out and force them to come back and cross into the open. In these scenarios, you are not fighting against the good players directly, instead you are fighting them in a sense that you are challenging them to a race of "who can kill the dumbasses faster", if you play aggressively enough on the easier flank knowing you won't have to worry about good players, you can easily create a scenario where you and the other good player each win your respective side, but you having a significant lead on initiative, number and map control.
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    How to beat other skilled players?

    I don't know what Advances are, so the following answer applies only to pubs. Turn off xvm Learn to play the map, the terrain, the position of the tanks Take what you can from the map, use your team's positions better Deny what you can from them, finding weak deployments by their team Stay calm, don't overexpose, pen your shots That is all there is. You play your game, they play their game, and some combination of : better pubbies, better map control, better tanks and less mistakes (exposures and non-pen shots) wins. Just this week I was chatting with Smylee and he was telling me how mad he is when he sees me and @dualmaster333 in our T49s. This isn't because the T49s are particularly scary tanks in their own right, but simply because he knows that we're gonna play our dumb game of vision/peekaboo/fuckyourarmor as well as we can, plus all the things above. Will Smylee absolutely annhiliate either of us in 1v1? Absolutely, he's an amazingly talented player. Will he possibly farm a flank we're not able to contest - absolutely. But that depends on the map/tanks/pubbies. At the same time, we might get a map/tanks/pubbies where our niche fills in the gaps to simply not let the other team contest. Its really up to you to maximize within those parameters, and let the rest shake out. I have a replay, although I am not sure I could find it right now, of Lakeville. Smylee in process of 3 marking 30B on enemy team. I know it irritated him though, because he ended with like 1700 dmg and 600 spotting, because I denied the middle of Lakeville, spotting him each time he tried to approach or shoot on my team entering or exiting city. I exhorted my team to push city once middle control was set up. Valley of course held. And we eventually chased their forces in a retreat into the valley from both sides. This isn't picking on Smylee, he's one of my dearest tanks buddies and a truly amazingly skilled player. He just didn't have the map/deployment/pubbies/tanks to counter my game that time. If he'd had the team to crush valley and trap us in city...welp, gg. If his team had pushed and won the city brawl, I wouldn't have been able to control the middle and city exit with vision. But none of this has to do with Smylee and his 30B, simply about doing the checklist above. The best player in the game can't do anything when his team is collapsing faster than he can take down targets - so learn how to control the maps and enable the teams, and thats how you win vs good or bad players.
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    Many people don't agree with me, but I'm going to quote my thoughts I previously posted on WoT forums about how to use Mentor effectively. link As far having Mentor as your 6th skill, that's just silly. You're honestly better off with camo on a tank like the Maus then mentor at that point. link
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    Not sure how you can be getting that from Sydney while I get 280. I'm going Perth > Sydney > HK > Singapore. Either way I'm off soon to do a Saffe and see me some ladyboys, so it won't bother me.
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    The Landship, KV4

    Every tank in the line burns from hits to the rear sides. I think anything in that entire line requires AFE. It's not worth the risk, and you're giving up some of the advantage the line has (survivability when holding a static position) if you don't carry an AFE. It's an absolutely boss sidescraper, and you're going to take incoming shots at the rear of the hull...a LOT. Just quoting this to underscore what I was saying above - while the tank is pretty inflexible, you can sometimes singlehandedly defend a flank or corner simply because it takes a LOT to kill this thing. Properly angled it can bounce Jagdtiger APCR from time to time (grinding the JT, so have experienced this personally recently on the wrong end of the exchange). Also for crew skills, anything that helps mobility is really good - things like clutch braking/off-road driving make a real difference IMHO.
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    My impression of Swedish MT/HT line

    Just a small update in regards to ratings, im too lazy to change the OP itself. Kranvagn: 8/10 -> 6/10 EMIL II: 6/10 -> 5.5/10 They are still pretty "good" tanks with Kranvagn having some value in CW, but after playing Kran more i must say its fucking frustating to play and overall unfun. The fact it relies on certain positions of certain maps is really annoiyng. Doesnt help that 300mm HEAT is extremely shitty and feels even shittier in superheavy meta. The 9.17.1 was indirect nerf to Swedish heavies: Maus is virtually immune to them while Type 5 when angled properly is also semi-immune and it has fuck you gun that can do 600 straight at turret of Swedes. The gun is also very potato and 3 sec intra is very annoying. And its standard ammo is APCR with 0 benefits of APCR as it has worse shell velocity than some AP shells but it retains the worse normalization and bigger loss of pen at distanse, which really sucks. Even worse is that it seems to shoot in small arc which will make APCR even more big of a liability. And lastly, arty fucks these tanks probably harder than anything else. They lose shitton from arty as these things has no health and very thin roof and overall hull armor. 9.17.1 also increased amount of arties a bit more, due to flood of superheavies, which makes situation even worse. Again, its fine tank to have for stuff like HT-12 or for CW, but for pubs i would argue that its actually one of the worst tier 10 HTs to play. EMIL II was dropped too just so its bit below kran because its even more unfun and inconstinent than it, tho it might be bit better tank overall for pubs. EMIL I didnt get dropped because 1) its tiny which helps with arty 2) it has "true" apcr with very nice velocity, and tier-for-tier hull front is better. I considered to rise it but it was still somewhat frustating at times which is why it stays where it is. I enjoyed it lot more than Kran or EMIL II tho and did much better with it.
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    At least he posts replays you shitter
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    We watched in slo-mo. It hit the driver's optics. Yeah, a shot on the move with the least accurate gun in game hit the driver's optics, then rolled average or above to get an HE pen, then rolled above average on damage to kill the tank. The driver's hatch/optics area has 76 mm armor, with the HE pen on the T49 being... 76 mm. Even better, guess who the victim was?
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    You mean like this one?
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    Are you really that dense? Restricting the best players who put the most effort into it, just to please the dumb masses and make it easier for them. You call that competitive?
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