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    >searches for dpgwhores >accidentally types dogwhores porn in public, nice
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    Confirmation bias out the ass for days in this thread. It's map design, purples unwilling to adapt, and the rabid platoon v platoon matchmaking.
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    Wtf people... A couple years ago this thread would have been downvoted to hell and laughed off of wotlabs. Harden the fuck up. Get gud, son.
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    It's a casemate TD of course its useless.
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    it would be closed after 15 minutes
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    This thread belongs on the goddamn official forums. For fuck sake.
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    Well, its also possible the overall changes have slowly pushed away the ability to win a lot, and the arty + mm + tier 10 light tanks changes are the final nails in the coffin. On tier 10 many tanks are pure rock-paper-scissor now, good vs certain opponent / in certain situations, and awefull in certain opponent / in certain situations. ``All-rounders``, like an E5 of 113 get butcherd by autoloaders / arty, and are not so good in shot trading games on ensk vs TDs, TDs are however awefull on any map and in any situation where you need flexibility (so 80% of the time) mediums simply lack the power to beat a maus, nor the armor / hp to fight of autoloader pussy`s, and autoloaders (the real scourge of wot atm) are half the time ALSO useless... In the past, an IS7 was never good, but also never bad, now, an IS7 is either an unkillable steamroller, or a POS waiting to get killed, pure depending on the map / team set up / deployment. ps: most extreme example ofc arty, arty depends 90% on map and 10% on skill, GG
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    I saw mailand play the Tort like a year back and made good use of it. People really just rush into things too worried about keeping the DPM up that they get themselves in too deep. Tort is much better from far away, just because it’s supposed to be armoured doesnt mean it needs to primarily take hits. It’s much easier to just stay 2nd line and trade your HP for damage later once you have all the info you need. I would play it like a Jagdtiger pretty much. Easily 3,8K DPGable for people getting the hang of it IMO. Get some crossfire and keep moving between those angles instead of engaging head on. Trackshots and poking from the right hand side helps a lot (just like the E5 type of sidescraping) to rack up serious damage. Also the T9 STRV is not fast. It’s garbage in every regard.
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    Hm, maybe it's your brother that's causing the problem? Try replacing him with someone more stable?
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    The only 'real' advice I can give on that is to quit trying. The personal missions are a chore, a mindless task requiring too much to fall your direction. I was helping a friend complete Arty 15-3, in a period of about 15 battles the mission was completed 3 times, except for the most important part: Winning. Completing the Obj 260 missions, I just had to quit trying:. Sure, I'd ready up in tanks which could complete the mission, but with VERY rare circumstance did I attempt to actually complete the mission. Play, let the game develop the way it shall, dont worry about it.
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    But it's map design more than mm manipulation by Occam's razor
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    Hype, I can run the M55 this campaign.
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    Until you YOLO mid on Lakeville with the right MM, or a MAUS into the same situation
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    E-50/E-50 M Fan Club

    Yeah sadly this happened when the tank went HD. The turret cheeks went from ~50% chance to pen (flat ground, looking at the turret dead on) to ~90% with 330 HEAT. Tank's also a bit bigger and UPF a tiny bit weaker (6-7% higher chance to pen, again 330 HEAT). Old model on the left vs new on the right
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    It's confirmed by WarGaming on Reddit.
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    ? I pretty much read this instead of TAP.
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    BC 155 58 purchased! (forgot to copy the thingy) Didn't it use to be a 4 shot, 5 sec intraclip? Now 3 shot, 10 sec intraclip. Oof. Guess it got changed in the arty changes, or when it went to HD and fugly model it has now.
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    Remember that you never see the other side of the bell curve on this one. You will never notice when you roll 301 on a 300 hp tank with a 390 alpha gun. It is quite difficult not to fall victim to confirmation bias when all you can see is half of the data.
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    Get this one, very minimalist. Would recommend.
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    LawBreakers: Free Weekend

    there is barely anyone playing http://www.gamerevolution.com/news/349149-lawbreakers-player-count-falls-20-steam when i tried the beta, the tutorial was pretty shit (i didn't make much of an effort to learn either), balance wise, people better than me have said the tankier classes are essentially dog shit, which also added to my mediocre experience OW is more refined, well-known, and balanced comparatively, it also didn't help a huge chunk of its press was "here's how we aren't OW" and how they pissed on xbox one fans (because "money" ) ; this documentary sums that up pretty well
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    WG adds terrible clan mode, more at 8

    With a CV a good team will stomp a bad team because of the spotting advantage (not the strike power, anyone who suggests that hasn't played proper comp). Without a CV a good team will still stomp a bad team because they'll wait for the baddies to push and then kill them. The issue is when two good teams meet (such as in our internal scrims). With a CV the game comes down to who can use their spotting most effectively and how they can use their AA envelopes or mobility to shut down the other team. Without a CV the game turns into a campfest. You could go ten fucking minutes without anyone being spotted because everyone is afraid of where the BB is. Pushing is like, instant suicide at T10 because of the DPM and alpha. It's so cancerous. The worst thing though is that WG are basically pissing in the face of CV mains. Guys like Reyte and Fara who are the top carrier players in the world and have devoted years to becoming good at it are now being told "lol sorry no place for you in endgame". Fucking hell it's stupid.