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    I made a thing

    I made a thing
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    reddit ponders upcoming E25 sale with consensus that the E25 is not very good good news for everyone I guess?
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    All over it. Refined the strat for tonight
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    Currently grinding the last missions for T55a number 6. Because why not. Also, why the hell am I playing again, and why am I FCing a full campaign on someone elses account without being paid..? Don't answer, I don't want to know.
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    More assisted in my T49

    You're thinking about this the wrong way. These games were fine and you got plenty out of them. I mean, breaking 10k assist is very rare (easily less than 1% of light tank games I would guess). Heck, breaking half that isn't even that common. In the games you posted you got quite a bit of assist and really can't expect more. If you really wanted to boost your average assisted then you really need to examine a number of your average games. Occasional peaks don't move your average very much; moderate boosts regularly change it much more.
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    WoT Blitz has this option. For example, at tier 6 on my VK 30.02 M, I can "Enrich" it for 14 days for 1100 gold or permanently for 4700 gold. This increases the amount of credits earned by 44%, also multiplied by premium account bonus as well. At tier 5 on my Leopard, the permanent option costs 3500 gold but only increases earnings by 24%. Interestingly, my tier 5 Chaffee costs 3700 gold and gives a 28% increase in earnings. Tier 5 Sherman is a 42% increase for 4000 gold. Neither of my Tier 4 regular tanks have the option.
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    Anfield, Tantan.. Tantan, Anfield.... LOL both snapshot.. one tank has great gun handling, excellent pen using AP and is shooting the broadside of a paper tank.. the other tank is notorious for missing aimed shots..can you guess which one RNGesus favored on the snapshot? https://imgur.com/QNQIuua
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    RX or GTX - low end 1080p

    A GTX 1050 ti is so much faster than a RX 560 they aren't even comparable. A GTX 1050 ti will average 90-100 FPS at 1920x1080 on the Maximum graphics preset. The RX 560 gives 20% less FPS at the same graphics setting and resolution in WoT. When I tested similar replays in WoT 9.20 and Sandbox, the sandbox replays averages about 10% less FPS. If you want to maintain 75 FPS at a higher graphics setting in WoT when the HD maps, I doubt the RX 560 will do it. Also, if you do get a RX 560, make sure to get the 4 GB version for the upcoming HD maps.
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    Get a used Z77 board - switching to Ryzen 3 from 3570K makes no sense. Same IPC, number of cores/threads but less available headroom when it comes to OC.
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    Oh gods, why are doki doki memes so funny, am I going to hell for laughing so hard? (spoilers ahead, duh)
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    Visiting for the nostalgia

    We were digging through our old screenshots and we found this historical battle on the Siegfried Line. Long years ago, three great heroes were bored of stroking their egos up high in Valhalla and deigned to bring their platoon down to the mortal world to quell the arrogance of the pubbies below. We were one amongst these three, fighting alongside the unicorns Kewei and CarbonWard. Alas, as we descended, the fates sent upon us a turbulent wind and landed our tier 8s into a grim tier 10 battle. Worse yet, there stood opposing us was the dark unicorn maxL_1023, whose might was the equal to any of ours. Our own top-tiers ineffectually encamped themselves to the west, leaving MaxL to lord it over the pubs in the city with his grotesque E4. Three scrubs did he slay as his gold shells shanked them and caused them to plummet headfirst into the dirt to lay with the potatoes. Others did he rout, sending our smaller tanks flying pell-mell off the battlefield. Only we three immortals could challenge this beast, but as we ventured forward we were ploughed by a rain of arty, leaving Carbon and Kewei lifeless as the ichor drained from them. Our T-44 was left alone with whatever rabble was left to finish off this rampaging devil. The pubbie heavies finally came bumbling into the city, but they could not defeat MaxL, who smacked them around, fighting as if he were the god of war himself. We could only hope to bring ourselves behind him to put a shell into his heels, and we prayed that he had no more repair kits. Thereupon we arrived at speed to the scene, performing an anime tank-drift around the corner to meet our enemy. A spear of silver did we throw at the demon, but RNGesus with his ethereal hand swept our weapon away. Before we could fire again we were blinded by a red light as our tank erupted in flames. We felt our immortality burning away as we were dragged down mercilessly to the realm of Hades. Meanwhile in the mortal world, MaxL proceeded to stomp the rest of the team and carry himself to a Kolobanov’s. “What had happened?”, wondered our comrades upon our return. Through our clairvoyance we looked back to that climax and saw that we were slain by our own IS-7. But how could that be, when the demon lord MaxL was there between us? In true pubbie fashion, the IS-7 had missed both tanks and killed us with the splash from its HE shell. “By these potatoes we see, Fifty damage with HE! Oh, pubbies. Oh, scrubbies. Close, GG” --- Yes, with the T49 WG appears to have finally stretched the light tanks all the way up to tier 9 and 10. It was OP even back when it was a Tier 5. We also see that -G- is actually alive, for all the time it was supposedly super dead, and Europe is back on the map... kind of. Is clan wars still exciting? Do people do fast-bois strongholds while watching movies?
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    Visiting for the nostalgia

    Comrade tankers, Darkest were the days of 1941 when we ground through the T-34 line, clanless and alone. Then we saw the light of the Forum Warriors channel, from which came offers of platoons and friendship. We remember how we became one with PBKAC and fought our campy Swamp battles in Europe. We can still vividly hear the IOC's order on Fisherman's Bay: "one-two line, begin yer push". We recall our victory with a half-baked fascist box strat on Ruinberg and our obscene defeat from "dick in facce" on Cliffs. We were there to witness the conception of hardcore PBKAC Himmelsdorf strats, where once we stacked meds on the hill only to lose to a capfast. We had our moments farming lame points with BULBA in the Americas and doing our giddy M60 count-ins to farm pubbie tears. And of course, who can forget the thunderdome, the fast-bois strongholds, and the anime club. Nowadays the war is over and the soldiers don't know where to go. The WarGods removed all-chat and so we bid farewell to the days of smack-talking baddies. CR/D is dead and gone, forever buried deep in the ground alongside Chairinabasket. We wonder where the veterans from old PETCO are now and what new hip game they play today. We tried the PTSD-inducing Red Orchestra 2, fighting the Great Patriotic War as a conscript with only a rifle and bayonnet, but the community there was small, they didn't insult each other much, and there was neither stat padding nor metagame. We tried League of Legends, finding some of the memes and airhorn-inducing MLG plays entertaining, but it lacked the euphoric feeling of a 3-unicorn hard-carry; there was none of the "us versus them" mentality as the game just makes good players fight other good players. We miss the days of WoT; terrible as the game is, the people playing it are second to none. We dream of fighting with you unicorns in the halls of Valhalla, forever pursuing the 99.9% winrate and surfing on the waves of the Red Sea. Thank you all for our time together. We are here to read through old posts and we would love to chat and reminisce. 8112204 (2011 - 2015)
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    In that reference above RicharNixon also says: Even running vanilla, I seem to recall that others have indicated a feeling that the aim circle may be mis-displayed in sniper mode (will look for references or maybe I am miss-remembering). Where the actual circle size was not representative of the actual "Gun Accuracy" especially when very bad or at different zoom levels. For example the T49 dispersion on turret rotation may not even be representable in sniper mode due to its calculated size. But the game has to present something to the player... That may be an issue if counting pixels... Perhaps, a test in training room (no movement) with a tank 100m away and see if the aim circle (fully aimed) seems reasonable (same as advertised) as sized against the other tank at 0 and other zoom levels. i.e. at 100m and fully aimed do we get a correct measure of the advertised accuracy (aim circle size) by counting pixels and relative to the size of the target enemy tank...
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    http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/76876-announcement-global-map-event-operation-gambit/page__st__120 Some of the best work is in here though: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/77408-why-is-operation-gambit-is-rigged-for-the-top-clans/page__st__120
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    Links? For better or worse whenever they create a new sub forum it doesnt' register in my filter.
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    111-5a HEAT 340 pen 490 alpha 4,800 credits 110e5 HEAT 340 pen, 400 alpha 4,400 credits Object 140 HEAT 330 pen 320 alpha 4,800 credits E100 HEAT 334 pen 750 alpha 6,000 credits T92 HEAT 210 pen 150 alpha 5,600 credits
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    After 158 games: Researched: FV215b (183) researched. Undistributed experience spent: 235,000. Free Experience spent: 0 Purchased: FV215b (183) purchased. Credits spent: 4,270,000 God save the Queen.
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    The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread

    The sad fact is that you can't do 300k+ if your team is competent.
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    You underestimate how large these others tanks actually are. While the ELC Even is positively tiny by tank-standards, it still is literally man-sized. The Bulldog T37, for example, is almost 2 "man-sizes" in height by comparison.
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    It just comes down to one's ability in scouts. Not ability in "I play my LT like a medium and get damage sometimes" but actually at playing the LT class as intended. I think that if they buff the engine hitpoints, its a good tank for good players. But for bad LT players (which is virtually everyone), then its just a slowish 3 shot target with a plinky gun. I've got a consolidating 3200 combined in it, 1600 damage, 1600 spotting. Soloing at my usual 64-68% wins. Its great for me. I've made millions of credits already, and enjoyed doing it. So if you personally either ARE good at LTs, or are planning to BECOME good, then its a good purchase. If not, then pass, there will be friendlier premiums more your style in the coming days. Is there any LT the eu forum thinks is good? I wonder.
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    elc even is TINY tanks.gg saved the camera position when I switched between tanks so the comparison should be accurate* *(except that even if the center of the tank is at the same spot, the wider the tank the closer its side is to the camera)
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    What's your Wot Xmas wish list?

    Arty free mode. Would pay.
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    You are not supposed to fight superheavies. Get around the flanks and behind those and keep them spotted for yourBWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face anymore.
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    I've finally lost it.

    I don't doubt your game prowess Roku... Just tell me how many of these interactions that you've had with these 'people' online, that you've subsequently met irl to substantiate your claim?
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