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    Da fuq?!?! Apparently I'm the only player not getting a Type 59. I bought 100 boxes total and all I got was a fucking tier IV Sentinel. What fucking shit is this!
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    Why did they have to ruin the holiday ops with a CGC on track?
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    turned 18 today woooooo

    turned 18 today woooooo
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    Would anyone be upset if the JPE 100 went away. I think all the huge damage TD's whether from a single shot, super-high alpha or autoloader drum, are bad ideas.
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    Nothing about this really seems unreasonable. I'm sure the community will react with level-headed calm.
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    I bought some boxes and was really disappointed to get what looked like 2 non-camo patriots (I already owned a patriot...like wtf are you kidding me?) ....bummed around in my garage feeling unlucky and deflated and low and behold there was a type 59 in my garage Santa must have put it there, because it did not come from the Xmas boxes, ...apparently Anyway how do you play it? Also please share your Type 59 Xmas miracle story
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    Everyone is hyped about Type59 while in reality that tank used to be OP back in 2011 when it was just released. It would probably still be OP if it wasn't for like billions of tanks that powercreeped the old tanks.
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    ...da fuk? One of the better premiums
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    I proceed to cap in my light on one shot against 2 heavies and an arty. This is our only chance to win. friendly Skorpion G TKs me and then proceeds to brawl against the heavies and dies within 20 seconds of the TK without dealing any further damage. I guess it was worth it to dmg whore. I guess he was on my blacklist for a reason. :thinking:
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    XM551 Sheridan - Tubby Leopard

    I’m glad to hear you say that. I initially tried rammer/optics/vents and was disappointed. It needs the gun firing consistently with minimal exposure. @SmyleeRage was running vstab in place of optics on stream, but I think I’d be better served dropping vents at my skill level. I’m depressingly bad with this tank. I keep getting burned by how big it is. There’s many “light tank positions” where I shouldn’t be taking this thing.
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    XM551 Sheridan - Tubby Leopard

    I didn't like it without vstab. The thing is just to big and soft. Needs minimal exposure and 520 view does the job.
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    The Last Jedi (pls no spoilers)

    The last what? There were only 6 movies.
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    >Casual pair of 3 marks while grinding the Christmas damage blocked mission.
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    I want to punch whoever designed the LTTB. Is this tank balanced by flipping and not being able to drive in straight lines? WTF
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    How do you guys know if your team mates are useless in a specific position. I often get fucked by my team when a guy takes a position, that would suggest some brain activity and when I die due to unspotted tanks I see that he is in the good general area but he is making sure not to spot anything. I am talking about position where usually the tanks are spotting for themselves or others and has no other use. Do you guys actually try to zoom in and try to confirm that he is behind the bush instead of the rock or what? I find it counter productive assuming everyone does everything wrong. So how you guys do it?
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    Soo... who got a Type 59 this Xmas? :)

    25 euro box:)
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    Nvidia Volta

    That's the important thing. The miners wasting all their money on something with even worse returns than Vega, and leaving all the gaming GPUs alone, AMD and Nvidia.
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    go to 3:59....
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    Really though... every other game does loot boxes and people flip, WoT does loot boxes and every one is shoveling cash into their mouths over an artificially scarce tank...? I wouldn't pay $35 for a Type 59 at this point, much less the $100 it likely takes to get one on average. They're just selling it the only way they can, which is without "selling" it. I feel mostly like this about the whole thing:
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    I had the same thing happen with the Lorraine 40t. There are display bugs.
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    12€ for a Type59, can't complain Guess I'll have to return
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    AMX 65t "appreciation" thread

    Tier 9 is really good so far, even when stock. A gigantic improvement over probably the worst tier 8 in the entire game.
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    As an aspiring Chodestar these kind of shots dont happen as often as I would like... I fully expected to miss and splash myself...
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    Have you checked out this youtube channel? It has several of X3N4's replay packs and the person who owns the channel also did commentary for each game: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRHsZkS_Vhf6O1XEm3q9efA/playlists
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    Took me ages and I bounced back from 94.5+ 4 times. 2 times I was at 88 because arty/team damage series. That was difficult. No 3 marking for a while.
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    Post Your Camo Ideas!

    I liked messing around with these a bit, but they're not as customiseable as I'd hoped. No using camoflague patterns but changing colour schemes, no real black colour except for germany and while the Black Widow camoes look nice I wish you could run it for a single terrain. Here are the ones that I've equipped, some are memes and some are nice. (Keep in mind that I don't actually play on these high settings so they looked very different from minimum that I put it on). I also wish there were more transparent camoes like the winter reward one which is awesome, decent white + a filler colour of choice makes for a really sweet look on some tanks because I can
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    Post Your Camo Ideas!

    Exclusive supertest footage of the new premiums coming for 2018!
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    AMX 65t "appreciation" thread

    Top turret is ugly as hell.
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    I'm pretty sure 907 and t22 don't need autobounce on a reverse sidescrape. Also is4. Also you tend to forgive too much on the tanks you like. KV4 isn't best 1 vs 1. It's only good against baddies 1 vs 1 but then again so is vk1001p and it's also good vs 2 or 3 tanks thanks to better armor layout and more alpha.
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    Lost control over WN8

    @Never is mostly checked out. He's in charge of the website for wotlabs. He might or might not convert to feeding from XVM, but that isn't up to the WN8 "team". Control wasn't lost, but when the XVM team asked if they could be the official source, what remains of a development "team" said "go ahead". It doesn't matter too much though, because if you comb through my posts in this subforum you can find all the reasons why WN8 isn't particularly valid (mostly sitting on top of WG's intentionally bad database). Just use PR and their monthly PR, they pay for it, and its as good as anything else. You seem like you really care about WN8. While that is flattering, you probably shouldn't care much, if at all. It was a great leap forward at its time of release 4 years ago, and we maintained it reasonably well, but it simply doesn't apply anymore. It certainly salted the XVM team when @kitten decided to triple the E50 values for a patch, and we baited in some real butthurt padders in that time. Given that by then metric was invalid due to WG's (intentionally) shitty record keeping...I must say, as a co-creator of WN8, who cares? My hope was that everyone would move on, and either adopt the WN9 methodology laid out on this website, or move to using PR and recent PR. But it seems people really like WN8....for reasons unknown. Anyways, hopefully this amounts to a semi official statement. XVM guys can keep it alive easily, as WN8 was never a product, just an open source method of computing relative tank contributions. Its perfectly well documented in the wiki and seyrich and co. understand it perfectly and have my blessing. (hope you can help make WN8 die by taking your site down and promoting PR!) Cheers!
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    I wouldn't buy it. Tier 8 is cancer in general.
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    Again, the increase in DPM doesn't matter as the small increase in DPM will completly disappear when you factor in the cancerous gunhandeling the KV-4 has. Also, the 1 vs 1 scenario only works in your head, if you factor in usage of terrain and other players the KV-4 will get shat on as every idiot and their mother will just autopen the turretfront. It is slower (The Löwe can actually reach its topspeed on flat terrain), the Löwe faster on any terrain type and slope (though it is still a slow brick) and it turns even slower than the Löwe so I don't even know what you were smoking when you were writing the last point. Not it fucking doesnt have the weakest UFP. It gets by far the best UFP, having the same thickness as the KT but with a BETTER angle, not worse (Löwe gets 230 EFA vs 210 on the KT and the lower plate on both the KT and Löwe (atleast the weak part) are about the same size), and saying that the KV-4 UFP is better than Löwe UFP is just as retarded as saying Type 5 Heavy UFP is better than Maus UFP because 260mm > 200mm. The only places where the KV-4 armor beats the Löwe-armor are the LFP and Side-armor, both of which will only help you against lower tiers which you will only see once in a blue moon thanks to glorious tier 8 matchmaking. Everyone else with half a brain will just shoot straight through your turretfront. The same argument can be made about every fucking tank in the game that doesn't get overmatched in the side. When discussing strengths/weaknesses you put both players on the same skill level, otherwise you end up with retarded discussions about how the Defender isn't op because even a TVP VTU can beat it assuming the TVP is a goldspaming unicunt and the Defender is a mouthbreathing retard that plays with a trackpad instead of a mouse. Last but not least both the Tiger 2 and KV-4 consistently perform below average across all skill levels across all servers unlike the Löwe: http://wot-news.com/game/tankinfo/en/eu/germany/G51_Lowe http://wot-news.com/game/tankinfo/en/eu/ussr/R73_KV4 http://wot-news.com/game/tankinfo/en/eu/germany/G16_PzVIB_Tiger_II And saying "the players just need to learn how to play it" is a null argument. Just because you are a fetishist for a shitty ass tank that doesn't mean it is any good.
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    And then they said "WOT IS P2W!"

    I thought the first post was just a troll so I didn't bother responding to it... The Löwe is overhyped but comparing it to the Tiger 2 or KV-4 is just an insult to it. Both of them get similar acceleration to the Löwe with the Tiger only getting slightly higher topspeed and traversespeed whereas the KV-4 is just a complete joke. As for as the firepower is concerned, the DPM-difference doesn't matter too much (it goes from absolute trash to regular trash, you will just end up trading shots anyway), KTs gunhandeling does matter but not nearly as much as the ability to actually bounce the enemy. The KV-4 is again a complete joke in that department, I will take the Löwe gunhandeling anyday over the complete joke of a gun the KV-4 gets, that small increase in DPM does not make up for the cancerous gunhandeling it gets. Also, the ability to not get autopenned through the turretfront and/or upperplate is actually a useful thing to have despite what many people seem to believe, especially on these sluggish tanks.
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    It was great before, but now it's just good.
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    Primo Victoria showing 0 WN8

    I apologize for the very poorly worded first post on this. (and the title) Thanks for the answers. As I mentioned, I've just recently come back to the game. I am more than happy to allow wnX to die. I don't even have it installed in game. The answers do present me with another question which I'll ask in another thread as I think it's a bit out of context here. Again, thanks. 7T7
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    It is extremely important to dump your 1st clip as soon as it loads, load gold if you can afford it. Ideally you should be doing that with all your clips, but the first one is the most important, you should always be either shooting or reloading. Camping or waiting with a full clip is how you lose games.
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