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    the 100mm imo is the best gun for the batchat. Having that extra shell on the batchat allows you to kill 3 arty. Now with the cap of 3 arty per game you can just rush into the the arty nest in your batchat and kill them all and maybe get away with it. Very therapeutic/10
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    T92 is 3-marked!

    T92 is 3-marked!
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    Played some games w/ @CraBeatOff and @sr360 at the tail end, never have I felt so inferior in my WoT career lol thanks guys
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    WN8 without 4,5k expected values for M46 and E50 isn't a real WN8.
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    B-B-B-B-B-B-OMBADIER!!!! Also, I'm enjoying my premium T49:
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    Sold: 'Sturer Emil' successfully sold. Good fucking riddance you abomination of a tank destroyer. Purchased: Rhm.-Borsig Waffentr├Ąger' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 2,040,000. Researched: Rhm.-Borsig Waffentr├Ąger researched. Undistributed experience spent: 71000. Free Experience spent: 0.
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    How Marks of Excellence work

    This formula was relayed to Deus by Major Rampage and has been validated by WoTLabs users CernoAlpha provides an excellent explanation of the formulas. Original thread is the best stuff is buried around pages 9-11. Go upvote Deus and Cerno there!
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    6 months of WoT abstinence and I barely recognize anyone in-game anymore. Shout-out to everyone who registered before 2013! Everyone else - enjoy this pristine game, forged by streams of salt, tears and whale money. Happy 2018!
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    I just witnessed the two last surviving BC's in my team (both on full hp btw) lose against a 1k hp CAX and 800hp TVP. I never understood how can have someone sub one-clip dpg in fast tanks. Now I understand.
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    Why do I get 2-3 mins+ queue time in my tier 10s with 50k-100k people online on the given server. Not like teams are balanced in the number of super heavies. What does it take so long. Is this WG solution for the tier 8 MM? It doesn't make any sense.
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    That was actually perfectly fine in context of them removing similar weakspots from other tanks. If they hadn't done that, this tank would be a wierd outlier both game-mechanically and in terms of effectivity. I personally feel that, many of the problems we have today, are a result of guns becoming too accurate. Think back to the time, when they made guns more likely to hit center-reticle and german tanks in particular had all these holes in their amor. Lower plate, MG-port, driver's hatch (if applicable), turret-cheeks, commander's cupola or hatch. They were kind of in a bad place before they changed the sigma-dispersion, but range and everyone's limited ability of snapshotting allowed them to work at least somewhat, especially since they themselves had guns that allowed them to work more reliable at range. Suddenly it wasn't an issue to hit these spots at any range and while snap-shooting and everything armored just completely fell apart, leaving only wedges and sloping as an effective means of armor which, let's face it, only allowed one branch of tanks to actually tank (not exactly helped by the proliferation of premium ammo and just generally hitting stuff at any range with the high penetration rounds). There's the curious case of the VK 4502 B, which examplifies that development more than anything else in the game, imo. It literally could not do what they wanted it to do, unless they removed all the weakspots and overbuffed the armor. So, tanks like the Chrysler K and, imo, even the 252U are a logical result of the current mechanics of the game, just as much as the current superheavy-craze. Overbuffed and weakspot-free armor is the only way to make armor relevant with the current mechanics of the game. You literally can not have a superheavy with reliably-to-hit weakspots. You can either have weakspots or great accuracy on all tanks, if you have both, it instantly obsoletes an entire part of the game.
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    Ground this out to complete my heavium collection. The armour feels significantly better than I expected, the gun significantly worse: 244 pen APCR is frustratingly low for this meta, but at least the it handles well. On the whole, IMO the tank might even be a keeper if they ever get around to unfucking Tier 8 MM.
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    At least we got the right sub forum. Locking for reasons monjardin has specified. Please think hard and read harder before you post. New blood is good, duplicating mindlessly isn't.
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    Patriot overrated for random battles?

    Damn, man. I'd swear you start half a dozen new content-free threads a day. Have you tried browsing the forum first? It's the 3rd link at the top of this sub-forum. What does your paragraph add that isn't already in that other thread? There's no content here at all. You don't even specify which other premiums tanks that you think carry better. Please either start posting your questions in the existing threads or use a status update. You're watering down the already dwindling forum at an astonishing rate. Also, see this thread where the Patriot came in the top 3 of all tier 8 tanks.
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    Bringing the CHODE!
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    (SPOILERS) The Last Jedi discussion

    See, I felt that was actually TOO heavy handed, with the cuts back and forth between the two lightsabers. If the narration by Snoak had been the same, with just shots of Snoak, Kylo's saber, and Rei's face - Then a jump cut to Rei's face at the end when Luke's saber ignites instead of Kylo's... THAT would have been great. Instead, the moment I saw Luke's saber in a shot, I knew what was going to happen, and that Kylo had shielded his own/clouded Snoak's enough for a coup.
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    (SPOILERS) The Last Jedi discussion

    Everything the movie did in space bothered me. Some of it has already been covered. Why does the Supremacy (Snoke's ship) have guns that fire in arcs? That's about as dumb as having bombs that depend on gravity in space. First Order grew out of the Empire. Empire got beat by fighters on multiple occasions. Why the hell hasn't the FO built better anti-starfighter capabilities into their fleets? A single X-Wing can take out enough of the defenses on a dreadnought to render it vulnerable to bomber attack? How terrible are their point defense systems? And why couldn't the fleet swarm Poe with massed fighters? Doesn't matter how good of a pilot you are if you're in a 100 vs 1 situation. And the space chase? The FO can't jump a ship or two ahead of the rebel fleet? The FO doesn't have ANY ships fast enough to catch the rebs? They can't launch a fighter strike and take down/damage the engines? I saw the thing days ago and the whole space bit still pisses me off. I could write a few pages about it. Finn/Rose arc was useless. A complete waste of time. Boring throughout, poorly thought out, preachy at times, and good for nothing but wasting time. The Luke/Rey/Kylo arc, on the other hand, kind of saves the movie for me. I enjoyed almost everything there. Except for Snoke's chump death. I think this is the 3rd worst SW film to date, only beating out episodes I and II.
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    (SPOILERS) The Last Jedi discussion

    Yep. Apparently the cute aliens, the one Chewbacca was eating, then didn't (that bit was actually funny) were because the island they filmed that on was full of puffins so they had to CGI them into something else. I didn't really mind them, thought that bit was alright. But the whole casino section was awful and so felt like prequels, here lets CGI a load of weird aliens and do some funny skits with them. Rey's parents being nobodies was massively disappointing (hopefully it's a lie) and was completely disconnected from the first film where they built this up, and whilst I get that they are trying to say with Rey and Finn that it doesn't matter where you come from you can still be something (confirmed with the little Jedi boy at the end in the stables), I still thought it was better for her to have a proper lineage so we know where the character comes from. The whole chase thing? What was happening there. As people have said, bombers in space that drop gravity bombs. what? And in the first film not only did the first order somehow by blowing up what 4-5 planets destroy the entire New Republic fleet across the whole galaxy, they also despite losing their main base and thousands of soldiers, they are suddenly in control of the galaxy and have enough resources to have bought or built huge super ships as big as the old super star destroyers that the Empire had (which in the extended universe even the Empire did not have many of these) how have they afforded all that? And how is the resistance so small, it's like 400 people and about 5 ships, the Rebel Alliance was bigger than that, their Main fleet had like 20-30 ships at least, some of those must have survived and how have they not built more, IIRC the Mon Calamari homeworld is where they build all those big cruisers yet they haven't managed to build more than one in like 20-30 years? Skywalker was massively disappointing, why the hell did he leave this map to find him, when he is not interested in being found, this is Luke Skywalker FFS, the guy that was so optimistic he saw the good in Vader, yet apparently he senses a bit of dark side in Ren and decides to kill his own nephew. And then doesn't want to come help save the galaxy and his own freakin sister. Then, when they had the chance to save that bit, instead of him being there and being this cool jedi master challenging a whole army on his own, he is just a force projection of himself and he just dies from exhaustion. Very lame end. Also why bother showing us his X-Wing in the water if he is not going to use it, he is re-ignited with R2, he could have swooped in and started blowing up AT-ATs in his X-Wing and then faced down Kylo-Ren. The whole film was terribly written and staged, full of plot holes, too much forced humour, bad endings to epic characters, showhorned in merchandising opportunities and the worst bit is the massive disconnect from the first film which was promising and built up all these story lines most of which were not followed up on or were massive damp squibs (like Phasma, Rey;s parent's etc.)
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    (SPOILERS) The Last Jedi discussion

    Yep, as per comments in the other thread, a lot of this stuff bugged me too. Gravity bombs v spaceships. Why? Why not just fire all those explosive as missiles with propulsion? I'm not even upset about the 'science' behind it (gravity in the ship to give momentum, gravitational effect of the target given it's clearly quite a massive object etc.) but logically it makes no sense because it would be the least efficient way of attacking an enemy capital ship, given we know they have the technology for missiles. Yep, the New Republic was apparently a pacifist organisation with no apparent military. Unwilling to confront another organisation (the First Order) that clearly has no intention of living peacefully alongside you, unable to stop them getting their hands on a whole lot of old Empire military tech, and then rolling over and dying despite said enemy losing their super-weapon after one shot (which must have taken a ridiculous amount of resources to build. If the First Order's standard military was so powerful it could take over all of known space so easily, why bother with the super-weapon in the first place? Just build more of these 'fleet and base killing' dreadnoughts and go roll the enemy. The villains are ridiculous. We know nothing about Snoke. Who is he? Where did he come from? How did he get so powerful with the Force and yet escape everyone's notice for so long? How did he get inside Kyolo's head? How did Luke and Leia know that he was the one responsible for turning him (unless they're just assuming that after the fact)? Why is he intent to raising a new Darth Vader when he isn't a Sith? What is his motivation for trying to Take Over The Galaxy(tm) now all of a sudden? Apparently, all of it not relevant because he gets sawed his half. Okay. Once that happened, it was obvious Kyolo wouldn't turn, because there are otherwise no antagonists. I actually don't mind his story, it's one of the better bits of the movies. He's a young guy that feels betrayed by his master and struggling to live up to an expectation set on him. He wants to cast all of that off by killing everyone. It's more interesting as villain backstories go. But he's such an attention-grabbing emo teen it's impossible to like him. I give kudos to the performance by Driver though, it's pretty convincing (as in enough to make me dislike him as an actor now). As noted, Phasma is a joke. Falls for the lamest of all sucker-punches and falls into the fire. May or may not be dead, but right now, who cares! It's entertaining in places, but the writing is so bad that it feels hollow as a movie, like it just sits there on its own and doesn't contribute anything towards an overall narrative. Average.
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    And bombers that drop gravity bombs! Vs Spaceships! And the First Order that needed a secret weapon to blow up the Republics Capital , now seems to have a fleet large enough that they just took over the Republic without any issues at all And a Fleet of Ships chasing the rebels can't actually catch them, or send out their fighters to attack the rebels..."because" And the Super Powerful Leader of the First Order who managed to rebuild the First Order out of the Empire's remnants just dies...because And a fleet that has 6 hours of fuel..which is apparently more than enough time to fly to another planet, look around, get thrown in jail, break out of jail,and fly back to the fleet . And Captain Phasma, who we were told was such a badass in Episode VII, then were promised to see her redeemed as a REAL badass in Episode VIII..gets dropped into another pit/ And a visit to a salt planet , which is Hoth pt2 ,except much less cool. I didn't love VII that much, I did love Rogue One, this one...this one was crap. Really liked Mark Hamill..had no idea he could be so good, and I really liked the "fuck it all I'm going to live on a planet where I have no real responsibilities" , but that was about it.
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    T34 boomstick

    Vstab, rammer, egld. People seem to dislike it and it's often helpless but i enjoy driving it sometimes and making credits. 2nd line, TD positions. It's a tier 8 T30 minus the fear factor. It'd be great if they gave it a 440 alpha hit!
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    Just getting the thread started as I received this email: X4 Announcement Presentation live on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/egosoftofficial Live on: Saturday 26th 15:00 CEST, 1PM GMT, 9AM EDT I won't be awake for it but I'll be looking into it after. hyped. I believe the company is one which can learn from a launch like Rebirth.