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    Researched: Object 430 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 260000. Free Experience spent: 0.
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    AMX 65t "appreciation" thread

    The upgraded turret on this is more of a trap than me. Seriously, swap those things around, what wargaming did here makes absolutely no sense. It'd be pretty bad either way, but if they transferred the stats over to the stock turret the thing would at least be competitive with the worst T8 heavies. Right now we're all just playing a tinfoil Liberte. I dont know about worst T8, but if you take some TDs out of the picture it's a serious contender. The only good thing I can say about it is that it's up there with the Emil for "most annoying ridge peeker". The Liberte turret is a really messy target, especially on a slightly faster tank, and unlike the T32 it can actually pen you. That's basically its only gimmick though, and it isn't even that impressive of one.
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    New Soviet tier 10's and their comparisons (clicking full size and zooming in will help with clarity)
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    3 Marked My Jpz E100 Lmao

    3 Marked My Jpz E100 Lmao
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    Well this was a good day , marked this tank in current meta
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    New Russian Tanks Coming with Update 9.22

    You mean spaced part? Ehm no. 90° direct into the sides tanks.gg gives you ~220-258mm. And this is totally non angled. Above the spaced you get your 200 pretty much the same as on the IS-7. Spaced armor is as blackholy as it is on all Russky Heavys. Just below the spaced there is a small area with ~200mm. A bit lower and the fun with the angling starts. Only a fool would call this a weakspot. Angle a bit and you get numbers up to 500 and more. Cool story. This side armor is flat out better than the IS-7s and it is a tier lower. And as usual pike noses get worse if you angle it. But hey. Even angled too hard, it still gives you 250-260mm protection without the flater shoulders the IS-7 has to deal with. Facing an enemy who is not willing to shoot gold you are safe. Not being able to get tracked with dmg is just the cherry on top. But hey it has an overmatchable roof. Definitely balanced. We are discussing numbers here and not feelings. And just by the stats comparing it to other tanks we can already see a picture. And just because there are no "going ham" videos of a tank which has been released just one day ago that does not mean the tank is good to go. I don't even know why this should be an argument at all.
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    AMD (Ry)Zen

    APUs come at $100 for the 4/4 8 CU chip, or $170 for the 4/8 11 CU ship. Ultimately depends on what he wants.
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    The Object 705A aka what the E-100 "Gr8 Turret M8" wished to be. All these new Russian tanks are a pain in the dick to play against though, as crappy as their guns may be.
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    its pretty good now after the gun handling buff, without a doubt the best cred maker with nothing even coming close.
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    >tfw patrol duty on the IS

    >tfw patrol duty on the IS
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    If the whole T-22 fiasco should have taught you anything it is that you shouldn't under any cicumstances allow players to democratically punish players. If anything they should implement a Karma-system where people can compliment other players on the team who are not total dicks who then in turn may get a reward if they recieved X amount of Karma in Y amount of games, this would help alleviate the toxicity of all the dipshits seemingly infesting the random battle mode.
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    Team voting for turning bots blue

    I can find tons of reasons for people to abuse this process over their hate on unicums.
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    The real question is: why does the 705A have a dick on the turret roof?
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    It's Armour is reliant on lack of knowledge, I love going head to head with another one because I can put holes through everything. Most players don't know that a leopard has better Armour than it, they're always shooting the strongest parts. The speed is what I love honestly, outpacing 907's and then bullying mediums keeps me going. I've been writing up a review on the wz 5a, 113, 260 and IS 7 recently. But I'm not sure if I really like it. Would anyone actually be interested in me finishing it?
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    IS what gun do you use.

    Better estimates from ST (I think): IS-M (HT-8): 58,000 XP --- 2,550,000 credits Object 705 (HT-9): 144,900 XP --- 3,570,000 credits Object 705A (HT-10): 162,300 XP --- 6,100,000 credits Object 257 (HT-9): 142,700 XP --- 3,560,000 credits Object 430 (MT-9): 142,950 XP --- 3,460,000 credits Object 430U (MT-10): 287,000 XP --- 6,100,000 credits Object 268 V.4 (TD-10): 215,300 XP --- 6,100,000 credits
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    Leaving base is over rated. New WG model will be 28 tanks hugging perimeter red-ring of fire while a pair of T-100LTs circle one another in the middle of map trying to spot other teams bush wookies. Besides, WG will probably just sell the WTE-100 during the WGL GF as a tier 8 premium in a $300 bundle of joy.
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    God Have Mercy On Us (WT E100 P)

    Whether it's competitive or not is kind of irrelevant, what it is going to be is cancerous, and tier 10 already has enough cancerous stuff as it is. We've got Type 5s, half the tanks being hull down invincible pretty much, HE spam right left and centre, base camping tier 10 TDs ready to take half or all your HP for daring to move out of your own base, Swedish TDs that you can't spot firing at you from 150m and half the tanks on tier 10 can't pen and still far too much arty about. Plus I reckon there are far more base camping ledges and broken red line spots about on maps these days that the Waffle E100 could easily take advantage of that probably didn't exist when it was around and looking at the HD maps there will be even more of these stupid spots. So once you have battled through the hull down Bagers, the HE spamming Type 5s, the 3 arty focusing you all game, the never spotted Swedish TD spamming you with 350 pen APCR every 5 seconds, the odd yoloing Bat Chat.......... Then it'll be great fun to add the 2800 damage in 8s as more variety to being hit for 1k by some bot in a JpE100 or 1.5k by some bot in a 183, in an elevated, bush cover/hard cover, unflankable spot that he had to drive 50m to get and that is all he has done all game.
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    Need new headset - halp?

    If its just for games, then the Hyper X Cloud 2s have super comfy pads (optional mesh pads to swap out leather with).
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    AMX 65t "appreciation" thread

    I'd agree with the terrain resistance buff, struggling to hit 25kph on hard ground was just painful. Changing the upgraded tracks to have better terrain resistances makes sense. The other change I'd suggest would be to switch the turrets around- have the now stock turret be the upgraded turret, and vice versa. That way, the Liberte turret would lead to an increase in gun handling, VR, gun depression, and survivability- instead of being forced to choose between various combinations. This alone would make the tank a lot better in it's fully-upgraded form. I don't think you can really "fix" the armor on the top turret, the tumors are too big and I'd be afraid of T110E5 copula syndrome, where the "weakspots" troll both ways- that's just not fun regardless of which side you are on. Any buffs to this tank would be welcome, my hope is that WG takes things slow (and by that I mean minor changes until it's up to par instead of massive, UP-to-OP changes *cough Caer*). Knowing WG it'll be a bit before this tank sees any love.
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    Nah, you have to TK, then apologize and act like it was an accident, then offer to toon with him as a sign of goodwill. Then you're guaranteed the second TK.
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    B-B-B-B-B-B-OMBADIER!!!! Also, I'm enjoying my premium T49:
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    Streamer Partnership Program

    LOL spasma i wouldn't even try bro, this guy has no idea what he's doing. Completely clueless on how to run and operate a website. honestly. its not even worth it. just artificially inflates your views I wouldn't put this dudes logo on my page if he paid me
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    What the Roma camo should look like.