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    Today I learned that if you flip a tank over and leave it to die, then you get credit for the remaining damage. I got jumped by a full HP EVEN 90 and a half HP 13 75 in my T92 LT. The only thing that I could think to do was to ram the EVEN 90 while shooting the 13 75. It worked, I killed the 13 75 and it didn't seem necessary to keep shooting the upside-down diminutive tank. I was later surprised to see ~450 damage register after it timed out.
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    that gun tho

    that gun tho
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    Just spent 200 gold renaming my T49's crew members. Commander - Major Dixon Cox Gunner - Captain Sterling Archer Driver - Captain Christian Bale Loader - First Lieutenant Hardy Dix Worth it
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    Am I the only one who wishes that, like the 215b and the Foch 155, WG were to let use keep the current version of the Obj. 430 if we have it in the garage? I personally ground out this line long before the changes were announced, and the tank I'm getting in patch 9.22 isn't the one I wanted when I began the grind.
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    How can someone who speaks and understands English or any language for that matter go to castle from north base on Swamp, with a tier 10 heavy. It was the new french heavy so the guy played recently. The guy genuinely wasn't brain dead. I mean that is probably the most imbalanced flank in the game. I have only lost that flank from south, when a triple 907 platoon yoloed there from the north. This brawling meta absolutely killed every little bit of map understanding in the general population we ever had. Thanks Murazor. Big fun. /rant I just lost 8 battles in a row.
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    What a horrible horrible patch 9.22 will be. All tanks introduced are stupid. There is no need for other tanks horrible to play and terrible to play against.
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    29 games / 31% win ratio FUCK tanks tonight SPECIAL NEEDS WEEKEND in full effect
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    A complete and utter 44% shitter on an arty doing 5k damage. Fuck these people. They need to be force fed broken glass.
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    I thought this was a lost game for sure. with 5 or 6m left I had to kill a BP(oneshot), SkorpG(oneshot), and a full health T20. I almost feel bad for the skorpG.. I think he trackshotted me twice(LOL).
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    When rng says no - 12 fully aimed fv4005 shots in a row missed,
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    Doing LT-15 mission for 260. Yesterdays map pool: 3xParis, 3xPilsen, 3xKharkov, 2xWesfiled, 2xWinterberg. Today: 2x Erlenberg, Abbey, Mountain Pass, 1x El Hallouf Holy shit, i'm so triggered.
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    Is it weird that I severely miss playing with all the older players of WoT that I got to know over the many years I've played this game?
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    That feeling when you get randomly invited to your old clan you were a founding member of but left over a year ago and you don't know a single name on the member list.
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    That ping though :3

    That ping though :3
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    Elimination: Removed Maps

    Dragon Ridge - 35Hidden Village - 13 - Drive to kemp spot, hide like bitch, and wait for the first to move + Shitloads of fucked up ass brained cunt bitch ebola fucktard arty which could still consistently 1-shit you, fuck this map. 1 area to play, and no where to hide.Northwest - 29Pearl River - 42Port - 34Province - 27Severogorsk - 6 +1 = 7 the first version was without doubt one of the worst maps of all time, but the second version was actually good (unless you where paper td or light, but fuck those 2 clases anyway) Reason it was decent / good: YOU COULD ACTUALLY FLANK, since just like on ensk there are too much routes / too few campers to lock down the whole map, so you could always find a way around and fuck them up. Lots of rocks and corners, it was more or less a city map, with rocks instead of houses, and without the stupid long fire lanes (like on paris...)South Coast - 28 For those who confuse first camp 2 win version with second brawling party:
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    Elimination: Removed Maps

    -3 for Komarin (kill) +1 South Coast as mentioned before and far the most playable map among these. Taking mid from south and 9/0 from north were super controlling plays that allowed you to do so much in terms of map control that plenty of maps don’t allow today. This was by far the best small map in the game. Pearl River was removed because of pubbie complaints afaik
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    Leopard 1

    While it might be easier to compare the Leo and Super Conq today, it's important to remember that back then, the Leopard's advantages would have amounted to far more than they do today. Giving a 2013 purple the choice between your listed advantages and the Leo's 200% more mobility, several orders of magnitude more camo, 10m higher view range, and 40% more shell velocity would have been a far tougher call, predominantly because they were all usable & abusable on almost every map. And like you mentioned, the SConq is probably the most advantaged tank to compare the Leo to, considering it's overpowered even by today's standards. Compared to something more tame, the choice would have been even more difficult. It's really hard to really overstate how powerful vision dominance was in the vision meta. It was often possible to win entire flanks (or even games) without ever risking a hit, something the Conq's lack of mobility and neon-sign of a camo value would have held it back from. If vision ever became as powerful as a tool as it used to be, I can absolutely ensure that the Leopard would need very little help to become relevant again.
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    Sounds like a bad idea to me. My father plays this game and his overall WN8 is 700 and WR is 47%. Worst noticeable stats are with the M46 with 42,44% WR and 271 WN8 with 570 DPG. And I can assure he's not a bot, he's just so bad at the game it hurts by brain to watch him play. His situation really opened my eyes on what comes to messaging shitters after the game, which I dont do anymore at all. Some people are just so clueless about the mechanics and meta so there's no point in calling them out.
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    Team voting for turning bots blue

    I can find tons of reasons for people to abuse this process over their hate on unicums.
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    Cats can't drive. She's a cutie. OK WOTLABS Given that this game hemorrhages unica I've been working hard on keeping people playing this game by showing them CHODEFU - THE WAY TO THE BUTTZ. In the past couple of weeks I've recruited from within the ranks of -G- (mostly by @dualmaster333 's glorious GIFs) to get some people playing this great tank. We've had MajorIssuez, Iron, Giggles101x and GAIMER all actively playing the T49 and 3 marking it, along with a few who are in progress. This has allowed me to validate some tactics and ideas that we've been kicking around for months now. But it also helped me with my eternal equipment dissatisfaction. Best equipment set-ups The spotter - Vstab, Optics, Vents - my most run one. Vents adds a lot. Currently running this with improved versions of the Vstab and Vents. Its got 520 view range, and vents adds all the little nice things. The comfort compromise - Vstab, Optics, eGLD - this is where I ran most of my first games in tier 8. It still spots well with optics, but the GLD makes using the gun a lot easier, especially in brawls and vs mid-range MAX DPM - Vstab, Rammer, Vents - you can shoot more often. You can't see shit (47X view range) BUT you shoot all the time, and with accuracy. Pairs well with a spotter chode friend. Friend @GAIMER is going to try out GLD, Rammer, Optics as a set-up, but its not clear to me that this will be any good. YMMV.
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    E-50/E-50 M Fan Club

    Armor is actually not autopen for HEAT on the 50m. It bounces off alarmingly often if angles are involved on the UFP, and gun mantle that covers center of the turret just eat HEAT shells. It's one of the few meds that you can't engage carelessly with 22 toward center of mass or center of hull.
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    The 1000xp Raw Carry Thread

    Ping + premium = decided to play a few 10s. Both of these on swamp. Both playing yolo aggressive. It's like the tier 10 pubbies haven't learned that camping swamp doesn't work. Then some derp fun. I think about 2k of this was to their maus. Because HE always does damage.
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    The real reason anime clans are in WoT NSFW https://imgur.com/a/n1ddm