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    Having contracted a life threatening strain of man-flu, I've been unable to play the game since the new patch dropped :-( . But after consuming copious amounts of drugs the WHO and CDC have informed me I should be ready to go Sunday!
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    Empathy, compassion, and understanding are in short order throughout most of the world. Thankfully this thread has about 100 pages out of the current 105 pages that are chock full of those three aforementioned things that are so lacking in the world beyond. This thread has been one of the most honest, compassionate, beautiful things I've ever witnessed on the Internet. It's what keeps me coming back to it. And regarding Miko, I'd really rather we keep the ratio of compassion to bullshit in this thread at the really amazing level it's been at for years and not ruin it with memes and fuckery. So basically, if you don't have something nice, supportive, compassionate, emotionally honest, intellectually honest, or at the very least honestly inquisitive to say then please go elsewhere.
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    I'm slowly figuring out the derp lyfe. Two games before this were both over 3k damage. Onward to 3 marks and more butts!!!
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    Once upon a time a man named Murazar once saw a high damage replay on youtube where a retard yolorushes a bunch of imbeciles in a 263. The following night he had a wet dream, a brilliant idea for a new great addition to the game that is called World of Tanks. He was he went to work on it soon after and turned his wet dream into reality but alas, as zealously as he was he wasn't a very smart man.
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    So, it seems that Overwolf records your most used keys and shows you a comparison with the average across other users. I find it funny that my most used key is "W" while the average player just pivots in place with "A" and "D".
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    Obj 430U

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    Depending on how you are going to go to Texas (if you drive through Texarkana or Longview) shoot me a PM and I'll buy you lunch. I don't post much, I'm just an old white guy, but lurk this thread, and anytime somebody struggles to find a little happiness - it makes me happy to see them progress and succeed. Thats surely worth a taco.
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    The E 100 Brick Club

    I always load HE for my first shot on open maps. The number of LTs or BC 25s that have eaten that first HE round or been tracked in the open by it is gif-worthy. If the opportunity does not present itself, then I just blind fire the HE round into a likely looking bush 16 seconds before I arrive at brawling spot. Finding out after the game that I did 900 damage to a CDC or Skorp G = priceless.
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    With 9.22 WG have finally fixed the OP 907. Now it's no longer OP, 430U is here !
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    For these two on flat ground it's actually potentially viable to gold HE the rear. I tanks.gg'd it and at most shots you'd have while on the same elevation you're looking at 76-80mm effective. So if you really want to ball out... there's that. Personally, I'll be using HEAT unless I'm on a hill behind them. Just figured I'd throw that one out there.
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    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    Yeah, they've let all too many hoi polloi in here now. Pit me an olive, would you, my good man?
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    you donĀ“t need to. Just use the link and search for the tank you need the info for. Than you should get the numbers.
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    To put it simply, not many of us (as in trans people) have the energy to deal that kind of interaction. Many of us also deal with those kind of attitudes day in and out, even from our own families. It's even cost people their jobs and lives. It's not about political correctness, its about fatigue. When you catch enough shit for so long from so many people all saying the same things, you would start to become intolerant to it too. We do make light of our particular issues though. (See subreddits like /r/transgendercirclejerk). However you must clue yourself in to the tone of the conversation. This thread has helped many of us in this community come to terms with ourselves, or figure out what was wrong with us in the first place. It's very much a support thread with a side of education, most replies are just respectful to those involved, not a thread with many worn out memes that do little more then annoy at best. I've called myself a "filthy tranny" in jest (though I'm neither filthy or a transvestite [trans people aren't transvestites just fyi]). Like with all things though, there is a time and place. If you have questions then feel free to ask them...normally or respectfully. I'd prefer that this thread stay the way that it has for 100+ pages now. We can shit post attack helicopter memes elsewhere.
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    Or we could not, because it's hysterical and hyperbolic and it's soapboxing rather than answering the OP's question.
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    Obj 430U

    So if the borderline OP SConq and 5A is now the new standard for being balanced I think we crossed a line.
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    T-44-100 has better power/weight AND ground resistances now than M41 90. That's balancing, boys!
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    I got T-55A by playing all other mission types. I have never played arty, and I don't plan on doing it either. You heroes can talk shit about arty being cancer all day long, but if you play arty... you are part of the disease. No exceptions.
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    @dualmaster333 gets credit for this Obj 263/263B (Tier 9 TD) Front: Splash engine deck (30mm) Sides: HEAT (80mm everywhere) Rear: HE/HEAT (50mm, avoid hitting spoiler) Summary: Load HEAT because you can always take the side if you can't get the booty Obj 268v4 (Tier 10 TD) Front: Upper plate (100mm) or splash deck Sides: HEAT for rear half of superstructure, everything else HE Rear: Huge 45mm goodness Summary: Just throw HE at it Obj 430 (Tier 9 medium) Front: Steeply sloped portions below the turret are only 40mm Sides: HE for splash Rear: HE (40mm hull butt, 63mm turret back) Summary: HE effective from all directions Obj 430U (Tier 10 medium) Front: Deck is only 30mm, splash if you can Sides: Spaced armor above tracks, no good shots Rear: 45mm booty, 63mm flat box on back of turret Summary: HE all day, erry day IS-M (Tier 8 heavy) Front: 40mm deck, everything else is thick Sides: Thick armor everywhere, 120mm above tracks possible to HEAT but not very large Rear: HEAT, sloped 80mm hull, 120mm turret Summary: HEAT for butts, otherwise HE and "nice angling bro" Obj 705 (Tier 9 Heavy) Front: 40mm deck, 60mm roof, thick everywhere else Sides: Spaced above tracks, steep angles, just stick to HE Rear: HEAT! 60mm hull, 70mm turret, too sloped for HE but large and HEATable Summary: HEAT for butts! Obj 705A (Tier 10 Heavy) Summary: Same story as 705 - HEAT for butts! Obj 257 (Tier 9 Heavy) Front: Nice 45mm sloped sections under mantlet Sides: Some space armor, not good HEAT territory Rear: HEAT for large, sloped 70mm butt Summary: HEAT for butts
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    Your use of words is either socially awkward or baiting. In any case, I don't think penalizing you would serve anything. Censure for political corectness is as harming as narrowmindedness is, and I loathe both. You seem to have an issue with lebals and getting frustrated when people don't behave you see fit for that label. You give the clear example for women. Feel free to think that way obviously, just don't force that view on others. Regarding the question, though I am someone who biologically and in terms of sexual orientation falls well within what is average, it seems quite simple to me. Adult people love and respect adult people who love and respect them. You don't need much labels for that. If you nonetheless wish to ask yourself questions, ask the following. Biologically and evolutionary a minority of individuals is born with external or internal gender characteristics of both sexes or of a sex that does not align with their chromosonal make-up (we all develop from the same embryonic template anyway). So, if for what matters, namely the way your phycial make-up determines your thinking, you are female and you like men, but have physically male characteristics, are you then straight or gay? The answer logically seems to me to be both but also that the question is nonsensical. One could argue that after a gender transition at least for society the answer is more "clear", at this point she would be straight according to social norms. On a personal side note, this need to "identify" with a group is to me something American. "LGBT", "African-American", etc... all those labels for sexual orientation or race. And then they wonder why people make such disinctions based upon those labels... It's human to have an us vs them mentality. Putting labels enforces this.
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    Was he firing improved gold too?
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    Madner Kami

    Conway Toleration Thread

    Clarification: Bloom-modificators are tied to the suspension (for hull traverse and hull-movement) or the turret (turret traverse, d'uh). Thus I percieve these hidden stats as part of the chassis, not the gun itself. Besides that, the Conway has actually pretty damn good turret-traverse bloom. Where it completely falls apart is any sort of hull-movement and this the entire crux of the vehicle. You have no armor, you have no camo, you have no positional flexibility (very limited gun-depression and elevation), so you are automatically forced to move a whole lot more than your tank's properties actually make sense and, thanks to the lack of positional flexibility, often overexpose yourself. The funny thing is, that the brits have three vehicles on tier 9, that try to do the exact same thing, namely Conqueror, Tortoise and Conway. All three fit the exact same gun (and it is a good gun, even for a TD, as what it lacks in alpha, it offers in accuracy, shell velocity and sheer brutal DPM). Tortoise has top DPM and armor to make the gun work and while lacking a turret, it has positional flexibility as the gun has a wide arc and darn good gun-depression. Conqueror has decent enough armor, decent mobility and some positional flexibility, so gets the least DPM, but still is no slouch in that regard and it also sports the, by far, best soft stats. Now the Conway is stuck with the mobility-trope and sacrifcies the armor of the Tortoise, but retains the brutal DPM. Wierdly though, it has less armor than the Conqueror, but is just barely more mobile than the Conq for some reason (red flag #1; a problem the entire Centurion-lineup was fighting with and the Conway inherited it from there). Although the Conway gets the fully-traversable turret, it still has way less positional flexibility than either Conq or Tortoise (red flag #2). And to add insult to injury, it also has the worst soft stats out of the three, so it's increased mobility (compared to the Tortoise, which has just slightly better soft stats), really screws it over badly (red flag #3). As it stands, the Tortoise does the brutal DPM-submission way better, as it can aford to keep the gun singing even and especially outside of camo-cover and when it comes to the flanking DPMer role, the Conqueror is basically just as fast and is able to stand the ground much better still, not to even talk about snapshooting, at the cost of about 900 DPM, a trade any sane mind would take instantly. Fixing the Conway means lowering the soft-stats to be somewhere between Tortoise and Conq, as well as making it more mobile than the Conq and giving it more positional flexibility, as increasing the armor isn't something that would make the vehicle stand out between it's peers. Adressing just any one of these factors, leads to an underwhelming tank.
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    It is bad enough that tier 10 platoons exist at all. Why are they allowed to be top tier? They are not a single bit better than arty players.
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    The STB is bad just sell it. For mine I think I had around 5-5.5k combined when I three marked mine years ago. Although around 4.5k combined would probably be enough now.