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    Finally...... Mission completed! Reward: Vehicles added: T 55A (crew 100%) Slots added: 1
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    Bless you for not lurking for 5 years and then asking why your Obj 430U stats are not updating with your first post.
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    hello everyone, been playing this godawful game since a little after the beta, stuck now on the blue plateau even though i'm not the best player around, i'll try to help around!
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    Red in Life

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    The upcoming Chinese New Year missions give you bonus XP for every Raider medal you get. In 18k battles, I have exactly 0 Raider medals, and I don't think I'm at all unusual in this respect. What are they thinking?
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    long time lurker, first time poster

    That would be the perfect introductory joke for an astute lurker. They could have just done a copy & paste on one of @Luna's paragraphs from the old pinned thread.
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    long time lurker, first time poster

    I dunno, someone who's lurked for 5 years could probably do that ironically.
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    Issue Updating Stats Fixed

    Recently we had an issue updating the statistics. This was caused by the database server running out of space due to a logging error. The database has been cleaned up and statistics should be updating again, with plenty of room to spare.
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    Not too bad for 30 days spent by mostly grinding tanks, yes?
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    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    Using about half gold half AP from a panther at about 250m (195 and 234 pen) I bounced 17/19 off of a broadside 257 . . . glad I flanked and got his side. The broadside of his turret is ~260mm Continuing the WG lose/lose mantra of tanks that suck to play and suck to play against.
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    Happy Doge year!

    Happy Doge year!
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    Coupon Clipping Simulator 2k18 3,660,000 credits were saved in the making of this screenshot. Happy Chinese New Year!
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Impressions from the 1.0 test server: Incredibly beautiful update. You're going to be blown away if you haven't played it yet. The new forest garage is a breath of fresh air, too. The only new visual that annoys me is the grainy anti-aliasing - 1.0 has far more detailed and small textures/models, especially on foliage, and the anti-aliasing gets a bit spoiled when the camera is moving. This should be less of a problem on larger monitors, but it's certainly noticeable at 1920x1080. ...but a very buggy one. Almost everything is just visual/audio bugs, but there's a lot of them. Flickering shadows, silently receiving damage, ceaseless reload noise etc. There's a lot of this kind of stuff wargaming has to burn through before release date. I wouldn't be too surprised if the planned march release is held back until april or even may, just going by what still needs to be done. From my experience, ranged combat/camo abuse is coming back in a smol way. Some maps have been flattened out, which allows longer sight & engagement ranges. TDs in particular will be (even) more popular. We're still well within corridor territory, but you can do something other than brawl a bit more often now. ...but the actual map design of some of these reworked maps is still WG-tier, so that "something other than brawl" will be camp, especially for pubbies. As usual the best spots are still ten seconds from spawn. It's really a mixed bag. I like longer engagement ranges and I think unicums will do better because of them, but I've got my doubts if the gameplay has actually been improved. We'll have to see. Until WG addresses T8 & T10 balance and the failure of the new template-based MM, I'm not going be too excited for the future of the game. With that said, I'm happy 1.0 is at least an improvement over live. All too often WoT patches end up being one step forward and two steps back.
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    Put the derp back on last night. Fuck it, wasn't having fun trying to chase the 3rd mark, just gonna play for fun again, of it happens, it happens.
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    Vents, as Val would say, Optics are for pussies.
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    The Caern and Super Conq are stronger tier for tier since they don't really have competition for their niches as hulldown tanks with a laser chainsaw, but both sit at cancerous tiers. The Caern is Tier 8, and so, it goes without saying, is better but worse. The Super Conqueror is as much a benefactor of the recent changes as it is a victim. To cut a long story short, Tier 10 is currently cancer to play, with an unreal amount of goldspam - and remarkably resistant 'weak' spots, and where every game is pretty much a race to the nearest corridor so that hulldown tanks can bounce gold off each other's weakspots. I lose 100k on a good game on the 430U. So if you want to be competitve and best in tier, play the Super Conq. If you just want to have fun and be cheap, the Conqueror is probably your choice.
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    tfw prebuild is cheaper than DiY.

    tfw prebuild is cheaper than DiY.
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    long time lurker, first time poster

    join date July 2013, zero poasts until today. requesting OP's member title be changed to Supreme Master Lurker Overlord
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    T32 Review

    I sold mine and kept the T29 which is still good for crews and that guy that wants to platoon tier 7. Tier 8 is just so unfun to play now and the tier 8 prems are so ridiculous that playing a tech tree tier 8 for fun is masochism. Keep the IS-3, its the only tech tree tier 8 heavy thats still worth having.
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    I'm sure that everyone noticed the pattern of teams turning from bad to worse and games becoming even harder to carry. I don't care about wr that much but playing 5k+ games and losing became a noticeable pattern in the last half year. I don't know the exact reason nor the specialist at mm but I'm sure this "could be" a part of some sick good-bad team balancing factor. When I played my friends account with 1k wn8 / 51% I went up almost 1% by 30 games, of course that could be luck too..
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    Bismarck and Iowa were not traditional battleships anymore though, they were "fast battleships", a "sort of hybrid" between battleships and battlecruisers (though battlecruiser is a rather non-all-composing word in the first place, just look at the differences in building-philosophy between german and english battlecruisers). "Sort of hybrid" is mostly down to technological advance though, which allowed the battleship-concept to be just about as fast as a battlecruiser would be. And while the technical differentiation between BC and BB is really watered down at that point, it stands to reason to differentiate by occupation. Bismarck was not a ship designed to fight in a fleet battle. It was an oversized commerce raider (something very symptomatic of german building at the time in general: "Why build three Hippers, when you can have a Bismarck instead?") intended to outtank and outgun what it can't outrun and outrun what can outtank and outgun it. The Dunkerques and the Richelieus were similarly focused designs (although Treaty-limitations played a role there as well, otherwise Richelieu in particular would be a much more clearer fleet battleship). They were designed to hunt Graf Spees and Bismarcks and thus needed speed and survivability, rather than needing the largest guns.
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    Sums up my first day in the S. Conq. nicely:
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    Not even 2 months in and 7 fucking school shootings in the States. Then Trump administration repeals any form of restriction from the Obama-era. Come the fuck on America. Why are you a backwards-assed country? What is so "great" about people dying because of outdated ideals that originated from time of war?
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    Ranked Battles Discussion

    Could someone explain how this Super Conqueror with 0 damage beat me out for the chevron? Do you get XP for dinging shots even if you don't penetrate?
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    AMX 65t "appreciation" thread

    Because nothing warms my frilly little heart on Valentine's more than the cold embrace of death, I ground out the entire 180k XP needed to finish the 65t this morning in a single sitting. I hope I choke to death on a massive cock before this garbage heap of a vehicle crosses my mind again.
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    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    Mini review after 30 games The tank has many absurd strengths at the cost of almost as many handicaps. Tank is defos broken, probably slightly overpowered as well. Here is why: The gun: 7/10 (4/10 if you don't spam HEAT) The gun can pretty much be defined as: like the T-10's but worse. Pros APCR as standard 315 pen HEAT Decent DPM Decent bloom 40 shells allows good mix of everything Cons APCR means your shells travel at light speed to miss their target two times as quickly as they normally would 248 APCR means you bounce off E75 and IS-7 LFPs, HEAT spam is a must (i.e. AMX 30 problems) 2.66 aim time means you're no T-10 when it comes to mid range snapping .37 accuracy is manageable - if it weren't for the shitty APCR pen, derpy gun and long aim time Expensive to run due to reliance on gold. Tall tank. Can be difficult to find shots with -5 gundep. Basically, you don't play the 257 for the gun. I rate the firepower below all 120 mils at this tier, below the WZ and the T-10 (and the 705), but around the same level as the German 12.8s and the the ST-I. The armour (Stalin's moustache/10) The armour doesn't really work when you show your front, and the turret is worse than you'd think, BUT - this thing is tougher than a Maus when you're being flanked, and is the god of reverse sidescrapes. Also, you meet IS-6s. My weeb friends call this tank the iron pantsu panza with the lewd tracks, and they're not wrong: Pros Hull is shaped exactly like pantsu and is capable of taking as much HEAT as you'd expect from your typical anime cum dumpster. Tracks are absurdly thick and the ribs of the suspension count as multiple layers of spaced armour so even extremely high caliber HEAT get's absorbed Good turret (sans the roof, the mantlet and the cupolas), esp the sides. 1.9 k HP Diamond LFP is probably EVEN smaller than an EVEN's. Nearly unbeatable in a reverse sidescrape (godmode against APCR). The high slope of the upper side hull means you can take fire from a 30 degree-ish arc and still remain impenetrable. Cons Shitty pike with low base thickness and steep angles - becomes like 210-ish if angled. Overmatchable roof + cupolas Lower side hull 45mm thick - means theoretically overmatchable by 150mm calibre guns or above, BUT - most 150 mm guns are mounted on platforms the size of a bus which simply reliably find shots on the zone. Ammorack issues + driver dies all the time Unlike the IS-7, can't simply push into enemies and facehug them - you have to tease them by flashing your pretty arse and get them to dump their load on your skirt. Overall: not an IS-7. Armour is not exactly retard proof, nor can it hulldown as well as a T-10. There is a specific way to use this thing's armour, which once mastered, allows you to hold off tier 10s with minimal support. In a reverse sidescrape, enemies need to overextend to pen this thing. Mobility (7/10) Can't really flex like a true heavium, but a true heavium doesn't tank Jagdtiger shots while tracked in the open either. Top speed is low, but agility is monstrous. Pros Cannot be flanked 50 kmh top speed 15 HP/T Cons Shitty terrain resistances a la IS-7. Top speed is a lie: goes 38-ish on flat ground Can't turn on a dime Can't really ram on flat ground Overall: play a T-10 if you like fast heavies. The mobility of this tank is used for brawling 24/7. Why is this tank broken? Well, it's cancer against low tiers because of the nature of the armour. And it's cancer against high tiers as well because it can just, reverse, poke at a stupid angle and laugh manically as you absorb 340 pen HEAT magically with your Soviet hovercraft hull. I expected this tank to be a heavium, and it terms of the gun and mobility, it would have definitely been one - if and only if it didn't have this Tier 11 armour scheme, doing things that even the IS-7 cannot. AS IT IS the tank has what is effectively superheavy levels of armour with a decent-ish gun, and on top of all that, heavium mobility. Lastly, IS IT FUN? Yes if you like assault tanks and yes if you like the IS-7. If you prefer the 5A to the -7, you'll probably prefer the T-10 to the 257. And a big 'NO' if you like balanced tanks that are good for the game. PS for best results run with the stock turret
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    Shenanigans probably. You need a special tag to post There. Watching a JP streamer play his 430u, see an IS m with a kac logo but can't see a name. Watch said is M get dismantled in about 4 shells. Must be fun playing tier 8's hey @Ezz
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    Sounds like a bad idea to me. My father plays this game and his overall WN8 is 700 and WR is 47%. Worst noticeable stats are with the M46 with 42,44% WR and 271 WN8 with 570 DPG. And I can assure he's not a bot, he's just so bad at the game it hurts by brain to watch him play. His situation really opened my eyes on what comes to messaging shitters after the game, which I dont do anymore at all. Some people are just so clueless about the mechanics and meta so there's no point in calling them out.
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    Post Your Camo Ideas!

    So this new system has allowed access to something I've always wanted: classifying my tanks for sorting. Fortunately the quantity and selection of emblems handed out like candy for years has given me a lot to work with to vaguely match the concepts I want markings for to allow easy recognition at a glance. Mastery badges now represent straight up overpowered tanks. Clovers represent tanks that have shown a tendency to win games despite all logic saying they shouldn't. Ghost emblems represent cursed tanks that lose games over and over for inexplicable reasons. "Play at your own peril." The rook represents tanks in the active process of grinding to the next tier. Warning triangles are for premium tanks that are kinda crappy, but become playable as long as a strong (3+ skill) crew is used. "Do not play this with a weak crew." And finally, there are Meathead-Certified Shit Tanks, as an ever present reminder you paid actual, genuine, United States dollars for this unplayable garbage, which shall remain empty and alone in your garage to hide your shame from the world. Meathead's gaping maw looking you straight in the eye and laughing at you. Looking straight into your soul, and laughing at you. LAUGHING.
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    Post Your Camo Ideas!

    I call this one "The Ronald"
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    Post Your Camo Ideas!

    Exclusive supertest footage of the new premiums coming for 2018!
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    Hellcat Appreciation Thread

    I'm not going to pretend to know which of the two are better, but the gun handling difference is beyond huge. The numbers for the Hellcat's bloom values are hellish. 0.36 track/0.20 turret? Holy cow. That's 183 levels of gun bloom on a chassis that has twice the top speed and acceleration - it makes the KV-2's bloom look like a 62A's. I mean, yeah, the aimtime/pen/acc makes it nowhere near that bad, but if we're just talking about numerical improvements here, this is by far the most obvious. .36/.20 vs .23/.16 is absurd.
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