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    haglar's videos (5k WN8)

    Hey folks! Thought it was about time to share my YouTube channel here. Some of you might recognize me, I have been playing with MAHOU for the past 3 years and more recently I have been hitting some top DPGs on NA. I make videos fairly inconsistently and barely anyone watches them but I think they are at least mildly interesting if not helpful. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnTJkY4XBI95BgL6WxcErlQ Some of my tier 10 3rd marks and stats. I am currently going to university and working part time as a lifeguard so I probably won't be uploading super frequently (mainly I am just super lazy). This is my last video on my current fav tank the Obj. 430U, which I also believe to have the 1st 3rd mark on NA for. pls come leave a comment so I have someone to talk to ;_; well thanks for the read guys! Also, if anyone wants to platoon to be mentored or just to boost win rate send me a message in game.
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    MFW I was thinking this 183 can only kill me if he pens me with HESH. But he is a 42%er, so he loaded AP and ammo-racked me from full hp. Obviously.
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    Love the people who do nothing, watch you push, watch you take the hits. And then sit on cap with 0 damage done, denying everyone else cleanup damage.
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    It's not. I've driven Type 5s across there several times
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    It needs one or the other. A large mobility nerf would negate the need for a bigger frontal weakspot - call it like 35 forward/10 or even 5 reverse, nerf terrain resistances a little bit so it can't power up hills the way it does now, same hull traverse speed... or make it easier to pen frontally without gold so you can't just yolo out, aim while bouncing everything, and then duck back into cover after firing. I like that it rewards aggressive gameplay, but it goes way too far in enabling bullshit yolo strats that you can't even think about trying to pull in pretty much any other tank.
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    tl;dr dude, but clearly we disagree and that's fine with me. To be fair, I get a lot of tier 10 matches in the Defender and the entire tank is ~mediocre~ at that tier anyways, so that's probably what's biasing my view of the LFP as trash. TBH I would love a pen dropoff nerf but that's because I hate HEAT rounds and love me some APCR. But it was mostly a joke, I doubt they'll ever really mess with it since pen dropoff doesn't seem to be a huge balancing factor anyways other than nerfing redline sniping... maybe that's why the STRVs have such high base pen?
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    I find the T110E3 pretty easy to pen frontally in the open BECAUSE IT'S SO SLOW. This thing is moving so damn quick that you can't hit the weak spots. I agree with @PlanetaryGenocide, nerf the armor or the mobility, but not both. Nerfing both would totally kill the tank. On the other hand, that would make it just as useful as the original Object 268. So, that's exactly what I expect to happen.
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    Ack, I just randomly checked these forums. If no one else has, I'll see what I can do to pass it along.
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    With HE of skill tanks like the shitbarn and and Type 5 you can shoot the tank and splash the ice at the same time :^)
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    whatever you do just don't fight on it as you're on such a thin area that if arty can just splash you crossing there (esp if he's down in the pocket) you will likely die. cross the first part and stay until you're unlit to cross the ice if there's arty in the game, one bad splash and your game is over regardless of hp so it's really not worth risking it over otherwise iceroad play is gud, just make sure to keep an eye on the td balcony because they might not notice you at first but they have clear free shots onto you and most of them won't get lit until they actually shoot at you so trying to stay hulldown to both the heavy area and the ridge is generally a good idea
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    > r once until on ice > drive >profit
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    Red in Life

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    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    This was my favorite thing in the patch notes...
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    Shift for Sniper Mode: why is it bad?

    I have it set to x8 and shift into it without any issues. My reason for shift is that moving your fingers while aiming screws your smoothness over (try to snapshot while changing zoom levels, it’s more disorienting if anything), and shift defaults back to your last setting. The topmost comment isn’t true (at least for me). Aim in 3rd person > adjust in x8 > fire > shift back to FULL FoV meaning I have as little time in sniper as needed for minimal tunnelvision. I press shift as I fire so we’re talking less than 0,2 seconds in sniper for snapshots. I have my sniper and arcade sensitivity the same so the transition is seamless and not disorienting at all. For 10 meter shots I just use 3rd person since at that range I can hit anything, and if I need to hit very precise I just increase the zoom to the level just before sniper mode hits anyway. I have it set that way often in brawls anyway because I get a better look of my micromanaging and if I’m actually hulldown and so on. Basically if I play macro I go with high FoV and for micro play I go with more zoom. I can’t justify the scroll wheel for zoom as I want max FoV out of sniper asap
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    (First off, someone give me my PP back kthx ) When it comes to winning and your damage output you can easily increase one at the cost of another, at least on a small level. Just playing more passive one game in a hundred is a full percentage in difference. It's all about mindset really. What you should focus on is understanding the maps and how the game flows in them. Try to predict the outcome of something that will likely happen later based on the information you have right now, make a judgement call and base what you're going to do next on that. This is a very good way to try and be at the right places at the right time, and making habit out of it. Just by looking at your sig I'm just guessing that you're pretty decent at your tanks and how to handle them, but lack in the information aspect. Do you ever analyze anything you come across in the games you play and how it will affect the rest of it? If not then that's where I think you should start. Getting a tuned aim and nice micromanaging skills will help you as well but that's a considerably easier feature to acquire. Ultimately wanting to do the right thing, knowing what the right thing is and possess the skills to execute it is how you're going to start singlehandedly winning games. That said just being on the road there to understand game flow should easily put you in the 55-60 area of winrate. And don't bother with WN8 too much, the metric is sort of broken right now and maximising damage outputs and maximising wins are two different things, and focusing on winning will eventually result in learning the other anyway. Play the metagame, the game should play just as much in your head as it does on your screen
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    WZ-120-1G FT tier 8 premium TD

    It is pretty much a t8 122-44. I have both WZ and S1 (had, too passive and boring for me), and WZ is far more enjoyable. Edit: it's a 122-44 with good viewrange and pen for tier.
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    Played it a bit. My second favorite behind the Sheridan w/105mm. Yeah you can't one clip anything but 24 sec reload doesn't ruin your game and there are so many situations where you aren't able to use all your shells in 6 shot autoloaders. If you're looking at it strictly from the point of batchat vs amx105 then of course it seems pointless, just like RU meds vs t100 or m48 vs Sheridan. If youre looking to replace your meds with these then don't waste your time. However there are these things called fun and variety.
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    Sorry but this is not a weakspot where 4-5/10 shots will bounce even if they hit perfectly. Sorry but your argument of "lets not give it weakspots" because it will be hard to play is bad. WG has for the past year developed a policy of no weakspots so we all have to shoot gold. Do you really think Type5, Chrystler GF, Defender have reasonable armor profiles for their triers?
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    I got T-55A by playing all other mission types. I have never played arty, and I don't plan on doing it either. You heroes can talk shit about arty being cancer all day long, but if you play arty... you are part of the disease. No exceptions.