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    First tier 10 session since new computer, smoooooooooooooooooooooooooth. (65%-95%)
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    So I bought back my 140. I don't know what it is, but I'm so much more comfortable in this than the T62a. Maybe it's the extra degree of gun depression, but I'm just performing way better. Shame the poor thing has 48% winrate and 1.9K dpg from when I first bought it.
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    i like big boobs is asking for your help

    No. No flat butts. Small shapely butts are however the real deal
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    Do we really want to play a game where a super heavy tank or assault TD can drive unopposed across mailnovka in the face of 4-5 hull down mediums with impunity? Medium tanks should utterly dominate heavy tanks, this idiotic meta where heavy tanks driving across an open field could be considered valid is just silly. This is Murazor catering to the masses that are not good enough to do anything but blap each other in the face at 50m. Obviously this is a game and not reality, but there is a reason that real tanks(TM) went away from the heavy tanks by 1950. WW III would have been fast moving T-62s, Pattons, and Leopards using great guns on mobile platforms at longer range to kill each other. Slow clunky armored heavies should be what beginning players drive until they learn to play real tanks. Instead, in the most competitive levels of ranked battles, we have games where all 30 tanks are fictional heavy tanks/TDs slinging HEAT at each other because mediums are no longer competitive.
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    yeah, it was gold spam that made tanks like the VK-B and Maus unplayable bad, forcing WG to buff the armour so much that even gold will bounce a lot (and making normal AP next to useless) Even now the armour of a Type 4 is junk, any heat shell that flies in your direction will penetrate it, so 2 morons may bounce AP all day, 1 single medium shooting HEAT will gun you down in no time, especially if you try to do what these tanks are supposed to do: cross some open space and attack ps: the whole purpose of these super heavys is drive into the open, towards the enemy, so a maus crossing campinvoka field is not ``stupid gameplay``, but it should be the whole fucking purpose of the maus, the maus should be so strong, it should win vs anything 1vs1, even with a worse driver, the maus should be ignored till the end, or get flanked by a big td / heavy and shot in the ass, but head on (arc of 90 deg) it should be unkillable. In return, the maus should have awefull firepower, since dealing dmg should not be its role, so pre buff gun is more then enough... ps: without gold ammo, and some nerfs to pre-buff status, the super heavys are actually fine, a type 5 is also almost impossible to kill head on AND has ghetto firepower. ps ps: the tier 10 TDs are ofc totally wrong, an E3 will wreck any heavy with AP, while there is not a single heavy ingame capable of killing an E3 head on (and the same for Obj 268 and badger) so they will need armour of gun nerfs (E3 with 120mm and 2500 hp, while badger can just get hp buff and dpm nerf) 268 needs a weak lfp. Its not that hard, sandbox was ok, its just that instead of nering everything to MAUS levels, and cutting gold ammo, they simply buffed everything to E5 level and buffed the armour (which is as a said 3 years ago, heavys tanks MUST dominate and WG will MAKE heavy tanks dominate..., the way they do this is retarded, but thats because all the baddies cried about sandbox, WG had chosen their end goal, all we could do is change the path, and as always the retards chose the wrong direction hence armour and heavy buffs, instead of gold ammo and (medium) / TD nerfs)
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    Well said. To assume that Poshy died from a DVT would be premature for certain but I think that some due diligence on some preventive steps for those who have marathon gaming sessions would be the point of this thread. Just Google "gamer dies from marathon session " and it will bring up several news stories about young people passing away from sitting to long while gaming. Most of us can't state that we have 100% healthy life styles and there will always be some sort of contributing factor that will be present. From my point of view I would just say please be careful and also be respectful enough of Poshy to not make assumptions on what were the if any contributing factors.
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    hello there kind people tankers wise and stuff so i guess this will be a topic for my replays and hopefully your reviews and wise suggestions first i have this very recent, like 5mins ago, battle in my favourite derpmaster t49 in which i suck but is so awesomly fun to play so i dont care anyways, in the end i was sure when i enter the cap the count will stop but it didn't and my mistake cost us the game since when the count doesn't stop? what is there that i'm not aware of? http://wotreplays.eu/site/4195244#sacred_valley-volim_velike_sise-t49