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    You should only be allowed 10 map pings per game, with no counter to let you know how many you have used. On the 11th ping your ammo rack should detonate . . .
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    The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    Finally all my data collection every 30 days has some use... Here are the last recent values I grabbed for the old Object 263 against the new 30 day values for the 268-4 Data is filtered for players with 10 or more recent games in the tank. Please note for all charts that quantity of data is low. While the average WR in the tank for higher WR players in the 263 appears to fall above the average of the 268-4, there are only 5 players in the 263 average against over 50 in the 268-4 average. Number of players between 46 and 55 overall WR are more comparable.
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    AMX M4 mle. 45

    If you had used the 105 and spammed gold you would have looked back fondly on this tank. Now you are cursed to find a worse insult for the 65t.
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    Forum Software Updated

    The forum software has (finally) been updated to the latest version. Hopefully the old bugs were all ironed out to make way for the new ones. Some thing changed, including the reputation system. If you're interested in the nitty gritty, here's a rundown. Let me know if you find anything broken!
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    Forum Software Updated

    Nice one never! Everything seems to work great
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    Looking for platoon mates T9

    It most likely said it didn't post even though it did, so he tried again. Had this happen before.
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    r9 270x to 1050 ti

    ~20% faster on avg as long as you buy the 4GB version
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    Forum Software Updated

    You can still upvote or downvote by hovering over the like button. I'll add some custom reactions soon! Also looking into the spoiler issue and status update issues. Edit: Triggered reaction added.
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    T-44 undervalued

    I've had the tank elite for a bit now and continuing to grind through (started it just before they announced changes to the Russian tree, so yay I guess?). I actually find it's quite competitive in tier 10 games for a tier 8 medium because it has no 'bad' areas while also not having any outstanding areas. It has enough pen (both standard and gold) to counter most threats, except of course superheavies from the front, but then it's a medium and really shouldn't be able to engage superheavies higher tier from the front. It's mobile enough to flank. Has a reasonably small profile so can do a bit of camo spotting in bushes. Gun handling is actually pretty darned good. Has a little bit of turret and hull armour (the former enough to troll higher tiers on occasion, the latter enough to troll lower tiers on occasion). I actually don't mind playing it at all, even with the dodgy tier 8 MM.
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    Forum Software Updated

    Nice! Can you add custom reactions or are those the only three? I would love some reactions using our current emote suite - particularly , , , and Also, while i'm here @Never, do you have any idea why my spoiler tags are fucked? I could only ever have one spoiler tag, everything that came after it would nest in the initial one if there were any line breaks at all, which meant no embedding gifs in different spoiler tags for each one since gfycat embeds automatically add line breaks that can't be deleted For example: [spoiler]test[/spoiler] [spoiler]test2[/spoiler] results in the proper behavior: but [spoiler] test [/spoiler] [spoiler] test2 [/spoiler] results in this garbage:
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    No bugs so far
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    Looking for platoon mates T9

    I am on around 7 est till 1 am ish most weeknights. looking for people to run t9's with. E
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    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?