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    Japanese heavy tanks are balanced (140 turret roof pen with oho)
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    those are more Serb trolls answers then ``sane`` answers a normal dev would give
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    T-44 undervalued

    Never praise the tank before the end of the grind. It jinxes them.
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    Travel well Va1. Gotta get back on the bike myself. Don't have a personal life to salvage. Got kids instead...
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    The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    Time for those M60 buffs my Lads.
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    He still reads the forums, he just can't respond.
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    I love running 9's look for me online Egospartan Win8 around 2300 in 9's
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    You should only be allowed 10 map pings per game, with no counter to let you know how many you have used. On the 11th ping your ammo rack should detonate . . .
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    I saw a guy camping with this abomination on Muro and not yoloing like Murazor intended. Poor man even if tries to make tanks for retards players will still be retarded and play it in the wrong way.
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    Metallica, Mar 19th 2019 here in Indy. Floor tickets w/ early access is get. Amazing when you stop spending $ on this game...
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    Knowing WG this is exactly what they will do. They will just wait for enough people to grind it and then drop the hammer. They are so bad at balancing it’s not even funny. The kran went from WTF to POS in one patch in TS, S.Conq went from meh to wtf godlike by buffing, gun handling, DPM and depression to absurd level. Maus went from worst HT to Best in ONE patch.. It’s like they are clueless at how changes affect a tank. Also E5.. All it needed was lowerplate nerf because it was just stupid, turret and cupola was fine it’s an American HT that should hulldown, now it’s complete crap and S.conq has a better turret than E5 ever had.
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    Fuck this tank. My hull-down IS-7 got abused by one of these abominations slinging HEAT straight through the turret face while I missed the tiny as fuck cupola. It's fucking bullshit.
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    Forum Software Updated

    You can still upvote or downvote by hovering over the like button. I'll add some custom reactions soon! Also looking into the spoiler issue and status update issues. Edit: Triggered reaction added.
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