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    guys, I bought a thing the other day its sooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooood
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    Fuck, couldn't mark it in less than 100 games. But for reference, expected is around 5100-5150.
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    Hey folks. Still waiting for patch 1.0 to make/break the game. Played a few matches with the T-10M since the patch, found out that I'm still a bad scrub, and moved on to something else. Anyway, here's my progress on a Tiger I in 1/35 by Academy. I took a previously built kit of mine and practiced doing winter whitewash via hairspray technique. Also used vallejo's snow effects for the first time. Going to paint my nearly finished Leningrad Tiger I soon - so this is warmup practice for that. Hope you folks like it. Constructive criticism and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!
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    What? You yearn for the winning combination of (a) horrific stats while being (b) sadly, demonstrably not a bot, while having (c) the douchiest wot handle I've probably ever seen? Well, I aim to please: I would bet large amounts of $$$ that this guy hasn't been within the same zipcode of the opposite sex since the last time Mom kicked him out of her basement.
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    Too late, for an achievement, but still...
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    Huzzah, we're back up, praise @Never
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