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    The Return of Camo Meta?

    all maps are worse hands down bushes are conviently added to crossfire spots (the church spot on siegfried line from south where you can shoot through the small walkways that line up into the heavy sidescrape corner conviently has a bush placed right in front of it so you can't spot on your own) to ruin gameplay, rubble has been added in seemingly random places that totally break maps and while most people just said that maps seem flatter because of the background, most of them are actually flatter so less ridges that are workable which is really noticeable on fishermans bay, the angles you get now as a redlining td is like twice as good they also broke prokho because now you have spots from north spawn where you can sit completely safe from the middle on the hill, before you used to have small shots but now medium sized tanks are safe which is a nice meme because that map wasn't biased to the north already clueless balancing, abysmal thought put into it and probably the single worst balancing department any game company has ever had in the history of any game ever
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    Patch 1.0 - HD Maps and other things

    HD maps are effectively reverting to the old physics engine. You can't cross dirt piles, due to invisible walls. There are no short-cuts anymore. You can't slide down from elevated positions. I can do better than that. I designed the perfect map: WG please hire me.
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    First 1.0 gif? First 1.0 gif. Also my first 1.0 Ace, feels good man. This is only special because it's my second Goomba stomp of the match plus a really lucky handbrake shot into the Tortoise
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    The Return of Camo Meta?

    The camo meta was as worse as the corridor meta, they have just made some maps super base campy. IMO that is not fun for lights because in some of those spots (like the corners of Erlenberg) you are not going to outspot those TDs, especially as most bobs playing them use net and binos. Making maps more open should not mean making the entire middle section of some maps a complete deathzone with line of sight for base camping bots to shoot you. IMO it's not a camo meta, it's a camping meta. We basically have two types of maps evolving, the be in heavy tank or get out map, and the camp all round the edges and wait for someone to push map.
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    Mods in 2018

    I JUst wanT a worKing GuP mOd.....