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    Really nice when you finish it with a great game
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    It's probably because they have real backgrounds now instead of whatever shitty mountain skyboxes they used to use
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    Focus on win ratio. By that I mean go to flank where you may help your team, not your DPG. Detrack, play with armor and (even more important) your presence - many players will not make a move knowing there are K+1 tanks instead of K.
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    Literally just support the stronger side. Positions mean less and less as yolo rushes become commonplace. If needed, the Löwe is moderately fast enough to get into typical heavy positions without being heavily outpaced anyways. For the T34, play like a bitch in the back as second-line support that will play aggressive as hell even at bottom tier when every opportunity arises. As a tier 8 you're an opportunist. If there is an opportunity to punish a tier 10 or 9 with minimal risk, take it. You don't want them being full HP late game when they could be 1 or 2 shot instead. tl;dr support stronger flank. punish higher tiers whenever possible as safely as you can. if you get yolo'd, it's an inevitable braindead element of the playerbase you have to deal with.
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    stop playing slow tanks, play more mobile premiums if you have the ability to as they have way better carry potential. at least then you can "relocate to where the dmg is" but also similar to what is being said above id stop focusing on Wn8 and focus on winning, Wn8 tends to follow not to far behind if you do that.
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    Well, the only way to "fuck up" your WIN8 is to have too damned much of it, resulting in obnoxious focus. So, I suggest you platoon with good players. That way they'll steal all your damage and cause you to win no matter how hard you potato (winning == moar credits).
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    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE though tbh i don't care i'm just glad to have it done with and I"m gonna use orders on SPG15.4 inb4artyhate
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    Tanks & WN8 Expected Stats Updated

    The latest tanks along with the 2018-03-30 WN8 Expected Values table are now live on the website. Cheers!
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    The added textures to rocks and crap make it feel like the map is an actual place which helps as well. They might have also unified the scale across the maps because there were instances where the building and environment sizes were different between some maps.
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    its because all the maps have all the background now past the actual map border. so instead of it just fizzling out into fog and nothingness, theres actually terrain and mountains and detailing past the map border, which makes the maps feel way bigger.
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    I shouldn't be allowed to go shopping alone... I went to go buy some packaged carbonated water. However, being me, I also bought some other stuff, namely: Couple packages of crisps, couple packages of candy, three bottles of champagne and couple cups of pudding. The saddest part? I already ate all the pudding, one package of Haribo Gummy-bears and finished one bottle of the champagne. And I regret none of it. pls halp
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    I'm always looking for platoon mates at higher tiers. Just add me or send me an invite...
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    I suck but am more than happy to run IXs and am also desperately looking for new toon mates.
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