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    Hey folks How's everyone doing? Is patch 1.00 any good? I have only played a few games so far - like the graphics update but the maps feel.... anemic. Something feels off. Still, glad that the game got a makeover. Anyway, here's what I worked on during the Lenten Holidays here in the Philippines. This is Academy's M4A2(76) Red Army Sherman. According to documents complied by the Soviets and accounts of Soviet Tankers, they found the Sherman a really great vehicle - especially the 76mm version. They lovingly nicknamed their tanks "Emcha" - since the #4 looks close to the Cyrillic symbol for "Cha". Would highly recommend folks read Dmitry Loza's book "Commanding the Red Army's Shermans" which is easily available online. This academy kit was really easy to build, but there are quite a few nagging inaccuracies - especially in the running gear. The skids and the return rollers don't touch the tracks! Academy fixed this in later Sherman kits supposedly. I still need to add a lighter coat of dust on the entire vehicle to blend the weathering together and add metal wear and tear on the tracks + drive sprockets. Hope you like it. And this is what the pre-shading looked like:
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    I have dreamed about 3 marking the TOG since they introduced MoE system. Back then though, I had like 1200 recents or something, so it was nothing but an impossible dream. Almost 4 years later... I have finally done it ;__;
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    Newbie again

    You have Patton, all is well.
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    Newbie again

    Hey that is good info! I appreciate it zbran!
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    Newbie again

    Mate, me giving you advice on playing this game would be the equivalent of Stevie Wonder giving you golf lessons. All I can say on that is the meta is now super heavies and corridor maps. Wait until you meet the glorious Type 4 and 5.. Perfectly balanced tanks.... There is still some fantastic players still knocking around here who would be far better to give you advice on tank flavours takteks etc.. There is a new MM system which is "3-5-7" 3 top tier 5 from next tier down and 7 from the next, this has completely screwed most tier 8's as they are completely useless against most heavy tanks higher than them now. There are tier 10 lights now too, the general consensus is they are completely useless as meds can pretty much do the same thing as them, but come with more HP and pen. The alternate French heavy at Tier 9 is a really nice tank, but the tier 8 before you get to the good tank is dog shit apparently. ( I free xp'd passed it after reading some of the horror stories).
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    Hey folks. Still waiting for patch 1.0 to make/break the game. Played a few matches with the T-10M since the patch, found out that I'm still a bad scrub, and moved on to something else. Anyway, here's my progress on a Tiger I in 1/35 by Academy. I took a previously built kit of mine and practiced doing winter whitewash via hairspray technique. Also used vallejo's snow effects for the first time. Going to paint my nearly finished Leningrad Tiger I soon - so this is warmup practice for that. Hope you folks like it. Constructive criticism and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Polish vehicles thread?

    Bringing this thread back to live. (Yes call me Necromancer but I like this more than creating new threads over and over again) WG EU just released a new Video with some new information. KSUST tank will be in it. 3:32 Don´t know about you but I never rly heard about this tank before. But it seems the polish community likes it as it is even in this community made tank tree. "At the end of the line, there are gonna be completely made up things" 3:38. Who would have thought Bla bla ideas from University. Thought through. Engineering groups . bla bla Combined Tree. Starts with LT, then MT ends with HT. 3:58 Guess the Play Doh Heavy Tank we discussed in this thread it is for the T10. They scrapped the idea of using Sowjet modifications in the polish tank tree, as they would be of interest to the wide EU (and I guess worldwide) community. 4:30
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    if it were a non-autoloading light then maybe i could agree that it would benefit from food greatly, but being an auto-loader food dosent do that much for it like with most auto-loaders when running food. With a set up of BiA vents,v-stab, and optics: 15 second reload (14.40 w/food) 2.11 aimtime (2.02 w/food) 0.34 dispersion (0.33 w/food) VR 447m (465m w/food) gun-handling when on the move/turning turret drop form 0.10 to 0.09 w/food Tank/turret traverse see very minimal buffs terrain resistances get very small buffs overall the biggest buff i see would be that VR increase, and maybe the better accuracy. And maybe its just my luck, but alot of shots taken to the front of the 13 57's hull result in engine damage and frequent fires on top of that.
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    Thanks mate Really appreciate it. Thanks to all those who gave feedback as well!
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    Newbie again

    Hey, welcome back. Google wot mod hub. It's an official portal for mods, all of which should be approved by WG. Aslains modpack is on there.
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    New build

    Well for now the ball is still in Newegg's court because it's been less than 30 days since the purchase. I'll let you know how it goes though.
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    No such thing as overkill for viewrange IMO.
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    Literally just support the stronger side. Positions mean less and less as yolo rushes become commonplace. If needed, the Löwe is moderately fast enough to get into typical heavy positions without being heavily outpaced anyways. For the T34, play like a bitch in the back as second-line support that will play aggressive as hell even at bottom tier when every opportunity arises. As a tier 8 you're an opportunist. If there is an opportunity to punish a tier 10 or 9 with minimal risk, take it. You don't want them being full HP late game when they could be 1 or 2 shot instead. tl;dr support stronger flank. punish higher tiers whenever possible as safely as you can. if you get yolo'd, it's an inevitable braindead element of the playerbase you have to deal with.
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    Sgt. Pepper

    Armored Loot Box Warfare

    The reason western companies haven't really tried this (specifically North American, since you cited LoL/Dota 2/HotS/whatever nonsense exists nowadays) is because the market really isn't that big for tank arcade shooters. Part of the reason europe/russia have more games like this (even stuff like some LEGO-esque models from Italerie (or whatever they're called, my friend got a pretty good looking Elefant model from them)) is because tanks are a much larger part of their history. Tanks, from a civilian/outside standpoint, serve as an icon of a nation's possession of land. Considering that europe/russia are connected via land, people will associate with them better, especially since their nation had to combat the Blitzkrieg (still from a civilian standpoint, since you are marketing a game like this to just average joes who know just enough about their country to identify a T-34/Tiger 1/M4). The US, by contrast, hasn't really fought any wars directly on home turf. One of the big reasons WoWs saw US ships in the game before German ships was because Japan and the US were the two most famous naval forces during WW2 (and thus the US sees its fair share of Pearl Harbor memorials and other naval honors, like that stupid U.S.S. Indianapolis movie with Nick Cage (that was absolute ass) which came out a year or two ago). It simply is just not on a North American game publisher/developers radar to make a game centralized around something you can't see as easily (since US tanks had to cross the pond to fight, instead of directly fighting on home soil (like the Germans, French and Russians)). Long story short, the U.S. hasn't been as impacted by the tank as the european nations (and Russia) have. The history of the tank really flared during WW2, where the famous Battle of Kursk took place, in Russia. Where did the Blitzkrieg become most well known? From France. What is one of the the most iconic tanks? The Tiger 1 (like seriously, this thing is everywhere, even in the US, people know what this thing is), which was developed by Germany. The tank's symbol as a show of land force simply doesn't matter to the US, where we (since I am American) have to ship everything across the pond(s) (thus placing a greater spotlight on naval power).
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    T-34/85 Dragon 1/35

    Hey all. Since the game still hasn't really drawn me in (only bought the T-10 back in anticipation of the free tank) and Overwatch is still fun, I have spent more time on miniatures. Sharing with you my progress with a T-34/85 by Dragon. Older mold, but it came with free soviet tank riders. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!