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    The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    Watched Skill4ltu play it a bit. The tank is better top tier (3/5/7) than 50-100 or lorr 40t because of the amount of bullying possible to lower tier. But 40t is better low tier than Somua because armor is just meaningless once you find higher pens guns. Think T-54 mod 1 vs T-44-100
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    Leopard 1

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    Focus on win ratio. By that I mean go to flank where you may help your team, not your DPG. Detrack, play with armor and (even more important) your presence - many players will not make a move knowing there are K+1 tanks instead of K.
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    Well, the only way to "fuck up" your WIN8 is to have too damned much of it, resulting in obnoxious focus. So, I suggest you platoon with good players. That way they'll steal all your damage and cause you to win no matter how hard you potato (winning == moar credits).
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    BatChat 12T Appreciation Thread

    Ok so since this has gone wayyyyy off topic GG boys
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    Leopard 1

    Remember this is avg WR. So some of the tanks you mentioned may work very well for bad or average players. AMX 30B has awesome DPM so even a shitter yologing will do some dmg in it. FV4005 is very shitter friendly since lol no weakspots + high alpha. They don't even need to pen, just hit 2 shots and they hit their average t10 dpg
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    I can get over the thread spam, but i have to downvote anime crap. Fuck you weeaboos!
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    Leopard 1

    My thoughts exactly. Lets leave it at that.
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