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    I've been having a good time getting my life together, but I still haven't been able to bring myself to abandon games. They're far too much a part of me. I've found War Thunder to be a far more consistent and well put together game anymore than fucking current state WoT. ( `³´) Now we can argue over that, but, let's not. At the very least you can probably agree that the trend in game quality is on the up for War Blunder and on the down for World of Corridors... http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/Cunicularius I've gotten pretty gud. c: When I was trying to get into Bulba, I played a bit with Crabeatoff, and I was pretty anxious and that made it difficult to play to my usual levels. When he asked me to try and explain my reasoning for my decision making, I remarked to him that I did not really know, and although at that moment my ability to think was clouded, this had in large part been true for much of my time in any game. Playing well was like running or breathing, if you don't think about it, if you don't observe yourself while you do these things, and someone asks you how you do them, your only answer is, "Like this." Even when you do manage to observe and understand the manner in which you perform these actions, their true nature is obscured by an ever present level of abstraction. I know a lot about lockpicking and raking, but I am not skilled in lockpicking or raking. Just the other day, one of the new regulars at the Zen Center I frequent locked the door to the bathroom, and we couldn't find the key. Although I knew much about how the door could be opened, I also knew that I had no chance of opening it without the proper tools or skills. In War Thunder I've gotten to the point where I can begin to very adequately describe and explain my decision making. Although I can still get irritated or shaken, and have that process disrupted, I've become familiar enough with it that I can make an attempt to recover it. This was not the case in WoT, either it was there that day or it wasn't, and there was nothing I could do about it but throw myself into matches over and over again until it reemerged on its own. At least, that's what I can figure. 6w6;
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    My World of Tanks Razer mouse finally died last night and I was like... yeah, I get it.
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    Gaijoob or Wargaming? Death by Fire, or Death by Drowning? both are bad games run by shit companies i always thought this was just a place where we discuss our equal hatred for either while still playing them anyway
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    The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    Watched Skill4ltu play it a bit. The tank is better top tier (3/5/7) than 50-100 or lorr 40t because of the amount of bullying possible to lower tier. But 40t is better low tier than Somua because armor is just meaningless once you find higher pens guns. Think T-54 mod 1 vs T-44-100
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    People be like, "more TD bush wanking maps" and I'm like,
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    Personally, yeah. Vents/Vstab/Optics + Cola is what i'm currently running and I've never thought to myself "Gee i would much rather have a 1.8 second faster reload instead of being able to outspot enemy light tanks at 400m+". I've found that counter-scouting by simply popping their sixth sense and making them break off before they can spot any of my dudes (or me) is far more effective than having to use my gun to do it.
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