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    QB is an idiot and DPM is overrated otherwise Bat Chat would be trash.
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    WG API login

    Here's the docs on using the WG OpenID service. There's an existing IPB module to use Steam for OpenID that you might be able to use for reference or cannibalize.
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    T110E4- Because it Was There

    T30 is much stronger tier for tier. Also IX has best MM in the game.
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    The people who reworked Fjords should be terminated
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    Cuni you said you'd write me a dictionary.
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    My World of Tanks Razer mouse finally died last night and I was like... yeah, I get it.
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    Newbie again

    I tried playing again after a 2 year hiatus. Everything confused me.
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    Am I confused, or this flatly better than the FV4202? Same gun and speed but more armor...