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    QB is an idiot and DPM is overrated otherwise Bat Chat would be trash.
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    Sigh. Attempting to make a thread on the official forums discussing ping is impossible for me. All that ever happens is one or multiple mouth breathers turn up screaming "Its nothing to do with WG its all your problem because you're on NA and playing from new zealand so its your problem because you chose to not switch to ASIA!" Meanwhile other people from fucking NA itself are agreeing with me and saying "oh yeah I have these issues as well" BUT WE GOTTA IGNORE THAT FACT AND FOCUS ON THE FACT THAT FAR AWAY = BAD = ALL YOUR PROBLEM HURR DURR
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    My World of Tanks Razer mouse finally died last night and I was like... yeah, I get it.
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    My second tier 10 Kolobanov's medal:
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    Nah this is an Aussie one that got nuked, survived, sent to Vietnam, got hit by an RPG and still survived that too.
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    Holding a probably kill shot on the bulldog was retarded, QB is just . . . sigh. On the other hand, I'm glad to see them giving these things a little love and not making them as awful as they originally looked. Its gone from "Oh I want, to OMG it looks awful, back to hmmm, I want again"
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    Got myself an new dust collector
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    Fellow people who know vision and shit... thoughts on what new cloaking device the trees are? It appears a fallen down translucent tree now fully blocks vision. Note i light the VK without binocs prior to the tree going down. Wait for nocs and net, fire, not lit, all good. The crommie passes by while i'm bushed and netted not fired, so all good there, but then after the second blind shot a tree goes down and a while later the VK reappears past where the tree is covering me. Wonder how many other things are this broken?
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    why the fuck do you people still post on this forum? why haven't you all killed yourselves yet? why haven't I?