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    Lorraine 40t Appreciation Thread

    To be fair, the post above him is a bit old. In my opinion, Lor. is much much better because 20kph faster top speed, 32mm more pen on standard, and a better premium round (263mm APCR vs 250mm HEAT). The M4 has a very good gun concerning alpha, shell velocity, handling, and dpm for a 122mm, but comes at the cost of being slow, big, and paper. 200mm apcr pen used to be good when the tank came out, but now is quite bad. You can't reliably pen an IS-3 from the front, let alone a Defender or VK 100.01.P, and tier 8's see tier 10 more often now in my experience. The Lor. is my favorite premium. Tier 10 matches aren't a problem when you have an autoloader with good pen and good speed. 1200 clip potential with a decent reload gives you a lot of options in any tier you play, and it plays an excellent support role when bottom tier. As said before, this tank is one of the best along with Skorp G and Lowe for whatever matchmaking you get.
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    Panzer IV D 1:35 (Tamiya, wip)

    There has been some activity in my modelling desk too lately, here are some work-in-progress photos of my current project. It's an old Tamiya kit from late 70's that I've been using as a practice model for color modulation. At this point pretty much all basic painting is done and in next stage there will be some detail painting and then the weathering starts. Comments? Yeah, double post... Sorry. Edit. No2, is it showing now? Photobucket is ****...
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    Jagdpanzer E-100 - Feels OP

    I think I can comment on this after 600 games on my JPE. Honestly I feel like JPE is just a heavy tank disguised as a td. Always use the corridors for heavy engagement if you can play peek a boo. Your armor will reliably bounce 1k-2k per game If you hide yourself partially or angle your tank after your shot. Always trade if you can trade 1v1, never trade if you are in a 1v2 situation. 420 heat just destroys everything. Goes through upper plate of any tank like it is made out of butter, so if you are somewhat decent at aiming, you will make 1k damage for every 500 - 600 dmg you take during these engagements. Which will net you somewhere between 3k-4k average damage per game very reliably. I think mine is around 3.2k since it was my first tier 10 My equipment picks are very non traditional... I run super heavy spall liner because you are the main focus of any arti especially if they have an xvm. Camo net for the open maps that offer no close/mid range play. Aka Prokhorovka. Gun rammer to shave off that massive reload time. If you sit back and try to snipe away from the heavies like a traditional td, there are 4 scenarios. - You will have a great game with nice damage because the stars just aligned right. - You will be out spotted and become the main target for everyone. Resulting in low/mediocre damage. - Enemy team will die out quicker than you can move. Resulting in low/mediocre damage. - Enemy team will kill most in your flank very quickly, faster teammates will relocate and you will be rushed by the enemy team. Resulting in low/mediocre damage. P.S. Just push non stop in a tier 8 game if you have couple tanks with you. Bounce everything, and laugh as tier 8s try to hide from your massive gun. Fun times. P.S. 2: Never push anything alone. It is easy to be perma tracked, flanked or out dpm'd.
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    Panzer IV D 1:35 (Tamiya, wip)

    Throw them on www.imgur.com so that we can see them
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    Panzer IV D 1:35 (Tamiya, wip)

    My only comment is that photobucket is terrible.
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    Best part about warthunder is how creative you can be with the decals :^)
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    never expected that owning a fast looking car would turn other drivers into idiots around it. I watched some morons last night in a legacy nearly earn themselves a darwin award trying to "race" me, and then overtaking me on a stupidly short straight, before taking a blind corner on the wrong side of the damn road way too fast.
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    The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    Watched Skill4ltu play it a bit. The tank is better top tier (3/5/7) than 50-100 or lorr 40t because of the amount of bullying possible to lower tier. But 40t is better low tier than Somua because armor is just meaningless once you find higher pens guns. Think T-54 mod 1 vs T-44-100
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    Well, an update I suppose. Texas did not go how I thought it would. Both people I was there to visit ended up coming out to me as trans in different ways as well as mixed in with some relationship drama that was going on between them at the time....they weren't out to each other either. Things happened and I ended up driving from Texas to Washington to have the transman stay with me. So far Nate has been fun to have around and is getting close to starting hormones himself. While I'm still firmly in the attracted to girls camp we have a sort of relationship and having someone to dork around with or blow off sexual needs without crossing personal boundaries has been good. I had my trimonthly check up and I adjusted what time I was taking my pills and got my blood tested. Jury is still out but I'm aiming to get bioidentical hormone levels after this round of testing. Weight is down slightly because of how much better my diet has been as well as having an exercise partner. Also "inherited" Nate's girl clothes and since our sizings are similar almost everything fit. Girl jeans + pink flannel has become my go-to for public. As well as my hair back in a pony tail decorated with ribbon. At home of course I have a nice selection of dresses. Overall a wild ride but things are looking up for now.
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    Jagdpanzer E-100 - Feels OP

    I'm surprised that a player as good as you is having issues in the tank, but 30 games is also not nearly enough to draw conclusions about WR yada yada yada conventional wisdom blah blah. I'm not gonna give you any great replays (because I don't have them), but I think you are sufficiently large and immobile that you have to pick your spots carefully and plan the engagement. Flexibility is not JPE's strong suit. As a rule, I like to be a bit in back of the heavies (unless I'm facing tier 8s, and especially if my counterpart on the other side is some bush wookie). You shouldn't lead pushes, it's much too easy to get tracked where you can't angle your armor - which you have to do, b/c this thing is not idiot-proof. Sidescraping is very viable, and if you think you can't win the flank, play even further back, b/c that 20s reload makes it easy to get swarmed. HE can work in a pinch, especially when fighting at long range. City maps are your friend, especially if you have building angles to use (a la Ensk), but you cannot simply hull down behind rubble with impunity. And your roof is large and very easy to pen, so be wary if the other team has high ground on you. I don't know how much of that is helpful, but I've managed to be at least adequate playing it that way.
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