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    Its OK to be bad, for every unicum there have to be some 45% out there willing to donate blood. Its OK to be bad and play tier X, you probably spent more time earning it than most. I'm all about the tolerance being pretty bad myself. Just please oh please if you are bad and want to play tier Xs, don't grab a couple of your fellow 46% friends and platoon in tier Xs together. Having three tier X 46-percenters in a 3-5-7 MM is a godawful experience for your team mates . . .
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    Lorraine 40t Appreciation Thread

    To be fair, the post above him is a bit old. In my opinion, Lor. is much much better because 20kph faster top speed, 32mm more pen on standard, and a better premium round (263mm APCR vs 250mm HEAT). The M4 has a very good gun concerning alpha, shell velocity, handling, and dpm for a 122mm, but comes at the cost of being slow, big, and paper. 200mm apcr pen used to be good when the tank came out, but now is quite bad. You can't reliably pen an IS-3 from the front, let alone a Defender or VK 100.01.P, and tier 8's see tier 10 more often now in my experience. The Lor. is my favorite premium. Tier 10 matches aren't a problem when you have an autoloader with good pen and good speed. 1200 clip potential with a decent reload gives you a lot of options in any tier you play, and it plays an excellent support role when bottom tier. As said before, this tank is one of the best along with Skorp G and Lowe for whatever matchmaking you get.
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    Panzer IV D 1:35 (Tamiya, wip)

    My only comment is that photobucket is terrible.
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    My views have softened a bit after a second viewing. I largely agree with your points. Some people hate Luke's death. I thought it was poignant, well handled, and necessary. And I'm absolutely certain we'll see his force ghost in IX. Speaking of force ghosts... Yoda's actually uses the force to affect the material world. That's a game changer. I want to see if that was a one off thing, or if we might see a force ghost battle at some point. I didn't take issue with Leia's force use. We've known she's strong in the force, she's just never put in the same kind of training as Luke. I totally buy her being able to tap into it at the brink of death. On sacrifice... ehh. I think they took away what would have been the most meaningful one. When Finn was going to ram the siege laser. It was a strong character moment. He spent the first film trying to run away. He's back to wanting to run at the beginning of this film. But through his actions and experiences, he's come to view a cause as more important than his own life, and is willing to make a sacrifice. Then, it gets sidetracked by a thoroughly boring character. It would have been better if Poe did that. Have the "one man against the world" character telling someone else to live to fight another day. I'm torn on the hyperspace ram. As a visual spectacle, it's incredible. If this were a standalone movie, that'd be my favorite moment. But it's not a standalone movie, so it forces me to ask too many questions. Why not use this technique more often? Slap some engines and guidance systems on an asteroid and Boom! Instant death star killer. I'm mostly on board thematically, save for one major flaw. Something that may be my biggest gripe at this moment. It the film betrays its own philosophy in a major way. Luke is critical of the old Jedi order. He calls them out, and rightly so. He states that the Jedi religion must end. In one of my favorite scenes, he explains the force as a natural phenomenon, rather than a power that Jedi/Sith have some right to. And in that scene, it has a very balanced light/dark motif. In the temple, you see the image of the Prime Jedi, who is balanced light and dark. Yoda helps Luke let go of the books and the tree, insisting that something new should follow. Then it gets thrown away at the end, when Luke tells Kylo "I will not be the last Jedi." Perhaps this will be cleared up in IX. Maybe Rey becomes a balanced force user, embracing the light and dark, growing beyond the dogmatic Jedi, and defeating dark-side only Ren. It did for me. When Luke explores the Falcon. Then runs into R2. Suddenly, 30 years drop off of his tone of voice, if only for a moment. He says nothing can get him to help Rey. And then... R2 shows him the old "Help me Obi-Wan" message. That was my Star Wars moment.