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    I think you confused being agressive with being the first tank to push enemy tanks already in the defensive positions. Generaly speaking you want to be agressive as early as possible to get FREE shots/spots on the enemy tanks before they come into their position. For example. If you come first to Mali windmill area, enemy will have to bleed alot of hp to even try contesting it on the even ground with you. What you shouldnt do (most of the time) is be the first tank to push if youre in a stalemate situation on a flank. Your hp is worth more then your teammates hp because your teammates like losses 56% of the games he play. It might be better to maybe slow grind them if you have a micropositioning advantage or even change the flank completly and engage again where you have an advantage. Sure there are situations where you have to be the first one pushing but those are rare imo. Second question reminds me of something @Kolni said a while ago so maybe he can explain it better. Short version is that being able to pull of 1v3 is cool and makes for a fun replay but not getting in anything that isnt 1v1 is better and makes for more consistant win rate/dpg/insertyourownstatofchoice.
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    Famous Kolni post #2525253454545 Read team comps thoroughly - When there's a lot of big guns, which is fairly common on T10, you have to adjust to it. Pushing up gets riskier because you can get punished harder, even when there's only 1 or 2 of them they can still blap you if you play into them. This is something you need to learn to circumvent it and prevent it from happening at all. So how do you do it? Put yourself in their shoes. Where would you go? Where would you be based on this information that your team is giving and the info the enemy team is? Or are they windowlicking braindead mongoloids that won't ever move? Common camping spots should be considered, and that they could have moved up and what the maps allow for. On a map like Tundra for example there's very few places a TD can sit on and have tanks running into their shots. Those places are best left alone until you gain advantages elsewhere until the point where it basically doesn't matter if you get caught by it or take a hit. On a map like Ruinberg however where the big alpha TDs have an easier time not camping and actually playing the city puts you in a trickier situation, especially from the south where you're naturally disadvantaged on the field so playing city is the better option. Now you need to time reloads, not poke on corners you don't have vision on and constantly keep your micromanagement up to still deal out damage since it's a riskier angle. Even worse is that you're basically running against the clock due to the field being won sooner or later, so until you can time these things and put yourself in a situation that would counter yours and prevent it from happening you're going to get caught by these things. This is much easier on lane maps than open ones due to vision control. Follow up on information. Have they been spotted anywhere? How is that area looking in terms of winning/losing? Have they pushed up, stayed or perhaps relocated entirely? What's their mobility? How far can they have gone? Where should they be now? - These are all questions you should be asking and answering to deduce what the possibilities are. This basically goes for any tank, but keeping track of the really big guns is the easiest and also the most important since one poke can cost you everything. Keep track of the minimap constantly, treat the enemy team as a wave rather than single tanks and you can control it better. When the information is simply not enough you have to start taking more procautions. Avoid checking corners that nobody's checked. A trick to this I picked up from MOBA games is that treat all areas you have absolutely no vision of that anything can be happening there, the enemy team can do anything on areas you don't see. This is how people get blown up by five tanks pre-aiming a corner. Same rule applies to big guns. Don't check areas you don't have vision of, and if you must then figure out a route and way so you can stay as safe as possible. This means little exposure and cover to get into after doing it, just in case. Execution. Get good at fighting them. They have a huge alpha but also a huge reload, a lot of people won't rush shots and others will. Use both to your advantage. Give shots that can't pen, or just poke very quickly so they have to rush their shot if they want to hit it (play the odds pmuch). You'll notice that a russian medium can sink 3 shots into a TD still waiting for a good shot he can pen, it happens frequently. TDs hate missing shots over everything else, but not penning them is the same. Force them into bad-bad decision. On reload they're XP pinatas. 15 seconds is more than enough to get a positive trade out of it. For aiming, check your grip. If your mouse goes downwards while pressing your grip is probably poor. Your palm should block the mouse from doing any free movements combined with thumb and pinky. Palm should be on the surface you have your mouse on, and the actual grip is whatever's comfortable really. I run a claw grip.
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    I swear, I didn't read your comment before titling this. Describes the OP's question quite well, actually. Stayed somewhat defensive, as in I tried to never trade 1 for 1. But, I was taking every opportunistic shot I could while never allowing myself to be full exposed and isolated to multiple enemies
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    I have similar problems, I tend to overextend at the start of the game way too often, or I just don't pay closer attention to team comps. It happened to me several times that I went really aggressive for example on Arctic region, I started from south with my med and pushed along water through East, seeing my team heavies are slowly following. But instead of continuing, they stopped short in the second line and just camped there and I got immediately crushed by the enemy push while my team just watched from the back and unsurprisingly got rolled later and we lost. I can have good games sometimes, but I have problem that I just too often autopilot to known good starting position without examining what my team really does and then dying with almost no damage. I kinda hate that you need to be really fresh, focused and relaxed for having great game sessions. Way too often I'm just too worn out from work so I do one stupid mistake after another, as I'm mentally tired. I know I should stop playing in this state but hey, it is hard when you looking forward to get home and you WANT to play the game, get your daily multipliers or missions or whatever.. but you just can't help it from playing badly.
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    Have a good motivating playlist, or sing to yourself to calm your nerves. I personally queue the BeeGees "Staying Alive" when things get hairy.
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    Also, you can try quick peeking with just your turret, especially on ridges and stuff. That way you will most likely spot them(and they you) when you get back into cover safely. If you can track them while quickly spotting them even better. There is a difference between early game aggressiveness and mid-late. Early usually if you are in a fast tank you can get to choke points/spot them before you spot them. While during the later, tds and such can set up position to pre-aim, so they are more likely to hit and pen you. When you push mid-late game use terrain and limit the line of firing you are exposed to as little as possible i.e. avoid being cross fired by the enemy, and as much avoid going to areas which haven't been cleared of enemy position and keep an eye out for where enemy tanks were last spotted or even if unspotted. Xvm can help with both of this if you still need time or can't keep track (last spotted location + enemy currently spotted/initially lit and unspotted/unspotted till so far).
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    Straik is posting videos on Youtube almost daily right now. His ability to keep his gun hot in a central location while avoiding taking any damage is pretty impressive.
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    http://www.vbaddict.net/heatmaps/ I personally like to watch @BigCheese256's youtube channel when it comes to aiming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOyXOlpFQB2W2orgaSFoubA Look at how he uses 3rd person to minimize exposure, and to get quicker snap shots. When I first came across his content, it blew me away from a pure mechanical stand point
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    There are 'Heat Maps' which will show where most of the action takes place. Then, use your experience you gain with playing the game to realize which angles feed into those spots, and where are the biggest and thickest booshes.
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    I haven't found the rev's role out yet really. It's too slow to be anywhere needed, its agility is alright, but the 40kph top speed is really limiting. So it can't get where damage is needed quickly. It cannot make situations on its own either, because of the non-existent armor, so right now I have a tank that can't get to situations quickly enough to help, and isn't capable of creating situations either. With the t-34-3, I could get to spots quickly, and I was pretty much able to run away as well when it was necessary. I could also spot at the start of the matches due to the pretty good camo. I could hardly ever snipe with it though, as the gun was shit for it, but it wasn't needed because I could just get close and then run away. And if there was no one to support, I could easily just start brawling somewhere on my own, the turret was really good, even the hull armor was usable sometimes, but I pretty much became a tough turret with a 390 alpha gun when it was necessary. What I'm saying is that the t-34-3 was ALWAYS usable somewhere, and I could almost always carry battles with it. I had no trouble with the penetration due to the tank's nature, I could easily maintain ~2,1k DPG, and I even platooned with regular t8s (HEAT spam was necessary then though). And that tank only got better afaik, as I only played it before the buff. Compare the revalorisé to it, what does it have? Yeah, a gun, but nothing else. Anyway I don't wanna hijack this thread with the rev anymore, mention me somewhere else or pm if anyone wants to reply to this.
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    Hmm. I think what your problem is, you arent checking the team compositions properly, and aren't learning where big TDs like that habitually set up. The best advice I can give you, is to check the team compositions im the countdown, or even on the loading screen, take note of which tanks they have, and take a a guess as to where you might expect them to deploy. You also should take constant notes of where you see TDs and such set up and where they generally position themselves, not just the enemy TDs, but your own TDs. Then you can learn, for each map, where TDs habitually position themselves from both spawns, and you can figure out which positions you can use that are safe from those angles. Gradually, you'll find yourself able to loom at the team list, notice that hey, they have a Grille 15 on their team, expect them to set up in this position, so if I plan on heading to that flank, I should make sure I play in a way thats safe from that angle. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of trial and error, but you'll eventually get there. On your second point, if you find yourself losing all your health early game, you're probably being too agressive early on. Its often better to find a forward, safe position, and feel the enemy out, let a few tanks get spotted, figure out where your team is going and where their team is spotted, and minimise risk to yourself before you commit. In this way, there will be less surprises when you do try and push. You'll see that that TD was previously spotted in that position, so you need to be weary of it. Along with this, in conjunction with the previous point, you will find yourself slowly being able to see whats spotted, what hasn't been spotted, and take a guess as to where those unspotted tanks may be.
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    After playing again for 3 days (sorry guys if you have been on my team) I have decided that there isn't all that much difference between the AU server and the Sing server.. This is surprising given I was told that Asian players were the reason for others being 47%ers...
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    If it truly is JUST base XP only (so no premium bonus, no X2 daily, no boosters) then it's fucking ridiculous. Even for a good player base XP per game is maybe 800 turf, that's 390 or so games in 14 days, or 28 games a day every day, no shortcuts. For the vegetables it'd be more like 45 games per day for 14 days. Maybe playing a particularly good tank will squeeze a little more out, but the quantity of sheer tryhard going on will probably tamp that back down. But then these have long slid toward more of an optional discount mode. If it's base I'll do something remotely useful with my existence instead, as much as the thought pains me.
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    The game does it for me by shitting itself down to 10 fps