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    You can also give yourself a +8 to RNG rolls by playing the 268 4
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    So recently I was mesmerized by the brilliancy that is Fjords, so I checked on Vbaddict the WR on maps based on spawns. I was surprised when I discovered that if you spawn as team 1 on most maps you get a higher chance to win. Problem is that certain maps like Live Oaks give you a 58% WR chance to win if you spawn as team 1; another example is Cliff is similar with 57%. Other maps like Stepps, Overlord, Sand River and others give you an advantage of about 54%. Instead only on few maps and mostly on Encounter mode (except for Mountain Pass), give a advantage to teams spawning in base 2. Now you may think that 7 or 8% is important but not huge, however according to Vbaddict, if you play on for example Live Oaks and spawn in base 2 you get a 41% chance of winning. So between the 2 possible spawns there is a big 17% difference chance of winning. This proves that WG has done a horrible job at reworking maps. Also very interestingly as unbalanced as Fjords may be, the difference between the 2 spawns is only 6% but probably due to higher drawing chances. Link to Vbaddict: http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics_maps.php?tier=810&tanktype=0&nation=0&modeid=0&team=0&groupby=5&fieldname=won_lost_ratio
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    Sounds more like D&D than Wot
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    Update 1.0.1 world of tanks

    Just keep grinding Obyect 268 V-4 comrades, all is well
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    M35 Marathon Megathread

    The XP requirements here are pretty serious stuff, achieving the full 312,000 base XP required to finish the marathon is going to be a lot of work. If you're used to a premium account and the occasional booster, 312k base XP is enough to go from T1-T10. That's not too difficult if you had a month to finish, but with only 2 weeks you're going to have to be very committed. It's a little more manageable if you try to hit as many of the achievement-based unlocks as possible, but you're still looking at hundreds of games to finish the last few stages. The only way to do this as a casual is to finish the first 6 or 7 stages and purchase the rest, which I assume is WG's plan. (also the premium looks fairly boring imho but what do i know)
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    M35 Marathon Megathread

    Or you could just play4fun and keep your sanity.
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    They seem.... reasonable? Not UP nor broken, and fitting in their respective lines pretty well (although 430V2 line is all kinda messy). So where's the catch WG?
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    Possibly near the end, but that allowed me to stay alive with the HP I needed to win. Id rather sacrifice others in a pub so that I can still win it, than put my tank on the line and possibly lose. Competition and platooning allow communication, so we're able to focus and support. Pubbies wont/cant make the plays your friends would